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on March 16, 2016
I should just throw out my frying pan!! I am absolutely delighted with this product. I've made salmon, chicken, turkey burgers. asparagus, peppers & fajitas with this grill. Food comes out deliciously and extremely fast! Plus it's healthy! I would definitely recommend this product. It's well worth the price.
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on January 7, 2017
I was looking for an indoor grill for our annual ski cation. I wanted to be able to cook big fat steaks in our cabin. This grill really amazed me! The first thing we cooked were 5 oz. bacon wrapped filet mignons, we set it for 425, then hit the sear button and it gets to 500 degrees, when it beeps you simply put the steaks on and the grill does the rest. It comes back down to 425 and you have perfect steaks in 6 minutes. The first time we tried it I noticed that no juice was coming out, that's because it's all in the steak! Amazing! You can easily expirement with different foods. Bacon turns out perfect, wings taste delicious, everything is great on this grill. I would pay $100 for this!
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on June 10, 2011
We had the big white foreman grill for a quite a few years and we liked it, but it did have some limitations and it had reached the end of its life. So I went searching and found the Hamilton Beach Super Sear. This is a little smaller, but it allows for different temperatures. We can still cook bacon at a lower temp. and get some of the best bacon or we can set it high and get perfectly cooked steaks in no time at all.

1. One of the few that can sear and it works great!
2. A good size, appears to be well built.
3. Be careful it gets very hot and you need to only touch the protected parts.
4. Main complaint is cleaning: Not a problem for us as with the Foreman grill we were used to using wet paper towels to wipe it out. This is an easy way to clean it, do make sure you clean it after it is partially cooled down as this grill gets very hot.
5. Grills that have removeable plates get complaints about clip breakage and they don't get as hot. We had one that we got rid of because it didn't work as well as the Foreman grill.

We love this grill more than we did the Foreman and we were quite happy with the Foreman.
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on April 22, 2013
Despite being lifelong householders my wife and I recently moved into a condo for the first time. To say we were outdoor grilling fanatics is an understatement: since 1995 we've grilled meats, sausages and veggies outdoors 2-3 times per week, all year round. Despite the amazing views and amenities of our new home we both dreaded the condo's strict "no grill" rule that would change our diet. This terrific electric grill solved the problem 100%...and as sacrilegious as it may sound to other members of the grill cult...we like this MORE than our old outdoor grill!

HOT HOT HOT - Our first concern was that electric grills are generally awful because of the lack of grilling power. Not this one! The 500W elements have plenty of power and sear meats perfectly.

EFFICIENT - Because it is grilling from two sides at once we've actually had to decrease cooking times. And no big tanks of propane to lug around, go empty or fill for $15 per tank!

EASY TO CLEAN - The non-stick coating and drip cup make it very easy to clean. UPDATE June 23, 2013 - Originally I did not recommend getting the special sponges George Foreman GFSP3 Sponges, 3-Pack because it was so easy to clean the grill using Teflon tongs with a few wet paper towels. Well the sponges make this easy job even *easier* and more efficient! Soak them in water with a bit of soap, use them with the tongs allowing the water to drain off. Buy 'em! As others note, the cooking plates are NOT detachable but this isn't really inconvenient at all. The Teflon surfaces are easy to clean.

COMPACT TO STORE - At 14 x 14 and under 10 lbs it's the size of a waffle iron.

HEALTHIER - There's certainly much less charring with this method (burnt meat is identified as a carcinogen) and the grilling surface is immaculately clean every time. But note that you can still crisp duck, beef, port and chicken fat with a little bit of technique (sometimes separating the fat from the meat you're cooking).

CAVEATS - Here are three things to note to make sure this is right for you:

VENTILATION - When you put a nicely marbled rib eye on this baby at 500 degrees it puts off some smoke. We have a 1200 cfm vent fan over our range and that's where we set the grill to cook. If you don't have potent ventilation, don't even consider using this indoors.

PORTIONS - We are cooking for 2 persons. It fits two steaks. We cook our veggies while the steaks are resting This is NOT the device you want when you have a group coming to your annual BBQ. Great for 2 people.

CORD - A minor detail but the cord is real short. Depending on your plug locations, you'll probably need a short, heavy duty extension cord like this one Stanley 31526 Heavy Duty 6-Foot 125V Extension Cord, Beige.

BONES AND ODD SHAPES - While this grill is far faster (and we think far better) than our old gas grill for cooking some items (e.g. steaks, duck breast, skewered meats, sliced squash, asparagus) it's trickier with meats that have large, irregular bones. It still works, but can take a bit of creativity so that the two lids close evenly over the meat. Sausages, however, work fine.

For other helpful tips on condo living see my tips about mounting a large flatscreen TV to a metal stud wall here Toggler 50425 Toggle Anchor, Steel, Meets FF-B-588-D Type V Specifications, 1/4"-20 Threads, Pack Of 10 and the best folding tables for TV dining here Spiderlegs LD1527 Wooden Folding Laptop Desk/Tray Table.
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on April 1, 2017
I have tried a few different grilles like this over the years, and this one is the best that I have tried so far. This grill cooks quicker than I expected, and does a good job on both chicken breasts and steak - I haven't attempted anything more exotic than that yet :)

Cleanup is a bit of a pain, but it isn't bad enough to make me not use it, and that is saying something, since I am generally a pretty lazy excuse for a human being. The most annoying thing about this grill to me is that when you open it to remove your food, any grease that is on the upper plate runs down and drips onto your counter top behind the grill. Maybe they offer a tip for this that I didn't read (see the lazy comment above) but I find that I have to put some tin foil down to prevent a mess, especially if cooking something that is greasier, like a hamburger.

I use the sear feature quite a bit, and chicken and steak come out with nice color, juicy, and evenly cooked. The recommended cooking times seem a bit excessive unless you are a fan of overcooked food. I am not.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase, and my search for a countertop grill has ended.
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on February 9, 2017
This grill is so good. I've had George Foreman grills before, but I like this one better. I love that you can control the temperature. Also, since there are plates on the top and bottom, it makes for faster and even cooking. It's not that hard to clean - I use a grill brush when the plates are still hot and then I'll wipe down with a damp paper towel before I put the grill away. Definitely a great purchase!
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on March 29, 2013
Non stick coating is good. Never use metal utensils on it.
We always spray it w/ non stick spray or brush a little olive oil on it before cooking and don't have a problem. Food will stick if you don't do that but not to the point of destruction. Can be easily removed, just not as easy if you would have used the oil.
Heats up fairly fast although I'd like to see it heat a little faster and a current temp display would be great. Has a nice 'goal' temp and will beep and show the temp when it gets there, but no climbing indicator.
Has a great searing temp tho. Lid hinge works great with different size foods but youll want to keep food to similiar thickness, obviously.
Clean up is no problem either. A little heat helps a great deal, either as it's cooling down or just let it heat up for a minute or two and stuck on foods slide right off.
Love the drip pan too. Big enough for the juiciest meats but small enough to push out of the way when not needed and not get lost.
Nice size of the overall machine. Only (minor) problem we encounter is with the lid open it bumps up against the bottom of our upper cabinets. We can't pull it out on the counter enough for it to clear the cabinet when the lid is open. Might want to check the dimensions if you have a similiar set up. Not a big problem for us tho.
Really like the stainless steel finish on the lid. Handle is nice and stays cool, although the rest of the unit gets quite hot when in use. Definitely keep away from small hands. Cord is a good length. Not too long but long enough to move where you need it.
Food cooks very nice on the standard 425 temp. Have gone from frozen 6 oz burger to on the bun in under 10 minutes.
Whole unit wipes clean w/ soap and water but can't go in the dishwasher. No need though. Easy enough to wipe clean quickly. We've cleaned dried cheese to stuck on fish clean off quickly, by just wiping down with a damp cloth and the unit on for just about a minute.
Nice for grilled veggies too. and no smoking like my old indoor grill so no smoke alarms going off.
I've seen only one other unit I would have purchased had I not gotten this one but it was almost twice as xpensive. If you're looking to marry cost with quality, this is a good choice.
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on May 2, 2017
This purchase was actually the 2nd one of these I had. The first one lasted for 8 or more years, and just recently started to have problems with the controls.I loved it so much that I wanted to replace it with the same model.
This is very easy to use, just plug it in, position the drip cup below the spout, hit the power button and choose your temp (you have a choice of either 350 or 425). If you want to use the sear feature, you then hit the sear button. This makes the grill heat up to 500 degrees for about 90 seconds to do a quick sear, then it reduces to your chosen temperature. I have fixed everything from beef tenderloin steaks to chicken breasts, to burgers, pork chops and even veggies. The grill is very versatile and gives great results. I grilled a steakhouse cut tenderloin steak, using the searing feature. 3-4 minutes for a perfect medium rare steak. I found that the cook times suggested in the manual are a bit long, but you can experiment to see what works for you.
I would advise using Pam for Grilling sprayPAM No-Stick Cooking Oil Spray especially for GRILLING with High Temperature Formula, 5 oz - Made with 100% Natural Vegetable Oil ! Great fot less or Fat-Free Cooking! on your grilling plates, it is designed for high temps and doesn't leave a residue.
Cleaning the grill is reasonably easy. Note that this grill doesn't have removable plates. The directions tell you that when you have removed the food to turn off the grill and put wet paper towels between the plates while it is still hot. When the steam starts to subside, open the grill and use tongs to grasp the paper towels (which should be somewhat damp) and wipe down the plates. I have found that this gets off 95% of the food residue off the plates..maybe a little less if you are cooking something with a sticky glaze. If your grill requires more cleaning I recommend the George Foreman cleaning spongesGeorge Foreman GFSP3T6 Custom Grill Sponge 6-Pack. They have 2 sides..a scrubber and a regular sponge side, and are ribbed at the perfect spacing for cleaning the grid. a little bit of soap and water and the grill comes nice and clean. You do have to be careful to not get water in the control panel. I usually use the sprayer on my kitchen sink turned low, and tilt the grill so the water flows thru the grease drip spout.
The grill stores easily, as it will sit upright and stores the cord under the grill and has a small footprint on the countertop. The finish is brushed stainless steel and wipes clean with a damp cloth.
I have used other grills including a George Foreman and this one is far superior in my opinion. I have seen other reviews complaining about the plates not being removeable, but I like the fact that this makes them less wobbly than the removeable grids on other grills. For me, the superior grilling performance outweighs any slight inconvenience of not being able to pop the plates in the dishwasher.
So if you want great grilling results, get this grill. You won't be sorry.
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on August 23, 2015
Does not work for us. We have used a prior version of Hamilton Beach 25332 Easy-Clean Indoor Grill for over a decade, and have been very happy with it. The surface of the non-stick coating was coming off, and we were looking to upgrade. Mistake.

Pros- Well made, easy to use, cooks great.
- Specific temperature setting
- Setup to grill at 500 degrees for 90 seconds then drop to the set temperature for the desired time.

Cons - Grill plates not removable for cleaning
- The previous grill had a timer to set to shut the grill off when done, this one keeps running until you turn it off.
- We have standard counter size - surface 25in depth, cupboard depth 12 inches and up 14 inches from the counter surface - THE GRILL ONLY IS BARELY ABLE TO OPEN TO ACCESS GRILL SURFACE. VERY difficult to use without the lid closing on our hands.
- Drips on the counter when trying to clean, which our old one did not.
- Their cleaning method of putting a wet paper towel on the grill seriously steams our cabinets - I fear with as much as we use it, the steam will ruin the cabinets, and this method does not clean the grill very well.
- Much more work than Hamilton Beach 25332 Easy-Clean Indoor Grill

We bought it, tried to adjust to it for two weeks - we will keep it, box it up to give to somebody, maybe put it on a family re-gift list. Order placed for Hamilton Beach 25332 Easy-Clean Indoor Grill today.
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on April 10, 2017
I bought this item because of the reviews. I was kind of skeptical at first, but after using the grill, I really like it. It is a great way to cook meat. It works well on burgers, steaks, and thinner chicken breasts.. The cleanup is a little bit of a bother, but worth it.
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