Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker
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on November 10, 2014
Mornings are hectic for everyone, and sometimes we don't even have time to eat a proper breakfast because we are in such a hurry, so during my quest to find a quick and easy way to get breakfast, I stumbled upon the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

This device is super quick and actually helps you make a breakfast sandwich in 5 minutes or under! Who doesn't have 5 minutes to spare for a great breakfast?!

There are different "layers" of this Breakfast Sandwich Maker; the main cooking plate, the egg cooking plate, and the top lid. They all are made of a non stick metal and they are removable making cleaning a breeze.
When I'm making breakfast in the morning I use an English Muffin, Roasted Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Salt, Pepper, an Egg, and sometimes Avocados if I have extra time.

How to use the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker:

Plug in the Sandwich maker and let it heat up for about 5 minutes, the green light will illuminate when it's heated properly
Lower the first ring down onto the main heating plate, and add your bread choice (English muffin, bagel, small pancake etc)
Put on cooked meats of your choice if desired, and cheese. At this point you can get creative the sky is the limit! Think about adding Avocados, Tomatoes, Sausage, Ham, Turkey, Chicken. Anything you can think of works!
Lower the egg plate down onto the top of your last layer, crack your egg and add it to the plate, pierce the yolk if you wish.
The directions say now you are to add your bread topper right on the uncooked egg, but I don't like that idea so I put the lid down and let the egg cook until it's solid on top then I add my bread.
Let this cook for a couple minutes until your egg is done then slide out the Egg plate and your sandwich assembles itself!
Lift up all of the rings carefully and remove your sandwich!

I absolutely love the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. I am able to easily and quickly make myself breakfast without too much effort and without making myself late in the morning. This Sandwich maker can also be used for other sandwiches too, whatever your mind thinks up will work with this. The entire sandwich takes only a couple minutes to make, and cleanup is super easy, just lift out the rings and toss them in the dishwasher.

I would recommend the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker to anyone that finds themselves too busy to make breakfast in the morning, or someone like myself that loves different kitchen gadgets. This would make a great gift!
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on December 5, 2013
First things first.

This cooks one sandwich at a time -- most people will find this silly to mention, but there are negative reviews on here that mention that as if it were a surprise.

It takes 5 minutes to cook -- this is stated on the product marketing material, and being electric, it takes additional time to warm up like-every-other-electric-heated-appliance. That warm up time is less than 5 minutes, after which you can make sandwiches back to back at 5 minute cooking intervals. Cleaning between sandwiches is a snap, I usually just use a napkin.

It only accepts sandwiches that fit in it -- really? Yes, this is mentioned in negative reviews as well. Believe it or not, if you want to make a sandwich in this appliance, you will have to find bread that fits in the thing, say, like, english muffins or mini-bagels. Oh the trauma!

Now some caveats... you'll need precooked meat to go in the maker. It will not fry bacon. If you looked at the picture and thought that it could fry bacon in the position it's in, in the same amount of time it took to do an egg on top, you might need to reassess your culinary expertise. My work-around for this... precooked bacon that I place in the machine by itself during warm up, the meat is crispy by the time the maker is ready to go. No time wasted. Also, it will not make the inside of the bread crispy, since this is not touching any heated surface... see bacon remark above. I have not found this to my disliking, and rather like how it melds the sandwich altogether into one eggy, cheesey form. Others that want each item perfectly segregated might have to look elsewhere.

I did find that if you are finicky like me and prefer the traditional breakfast sandwich arrangement... bread-cheese-meat-egg-bread, that you will have to cook your sandwich upside-down, in other words, in the bottom compartment place the top bread, then cheese, then meat; close the tray, and in the top compartment crack the egg and place the bottom bread. When finished, slide open the egg divider thingy, open the machine, and turn the sandwich right side up, and voila.

As mentioned, cleaning is easy. The middle part completely comes off, it just unhinges and can be washed separately. If cooking sandwiches back to back, I don't find this entirely necessary, I just quickly wipe all the surfaces with a napkin and get going. (my pre-cooked bacon routine above has the added benefit of making it even easier to clean) However, the non-stick surface alone does its job terrifically, with or without bacon grease.

Overall I love the maker. I have a delicious breakfast sandwich in about 9 minutes from turn-on to finish, and have only one small item to clean afterwards. If I were feeding a family, of course I wouldn't depend on a single maker, but if you assumed you could, I'm sorry, but you're not so bright. An on-off switch would be nice, as I feel like the wear and tear on the plug would eventually be too much, but I paired my maker with a simple outlet switch I already had so I can leave it plugged in all the time, similar to this: Leviton 1469 W Plug In Switch Non Grounding
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on December 18, 2013
I'm gadget-crazy and bought this on a whim, and I'm pretty impressed. I read Nick's review several times and took all of his advice. Suggest all new owners do this. My sandwich came out perfect the very first time! I used Pam spray, English muffins, ham, cheese, and an egg. Heated it up a little past the recommended time. Set a timer for five minutes. Used tongs to lift up the compartments and whaddya know! A perfect, cute little sandwich! I pulled it out with a plastic spatula and set it on a tiny cookie rack to cool so the bottom wouldn't get soggy. Nothing leaked, nothing stuck. Very compact and tidy. Let the contraption cool, then rinse and wipe.

The booklet that came with the thing suggested using frozen pancakes from the supermarket as the "bread." I bought some frozen waffles instead and plan to try them tomorrow--I'll have to trim them a little as their diameter is slightly larger than the cooking compartment.

I'm thinking waffles, bacon or ham, thinly sliced apple, cheese, and an egg (or not). Or kaiser roll, corned beef, swiss cheese, and some sauerkraut for an nice Reuben. Or just cheese, apple, and onion, on a bagel.

UPDATE- Dec 19, 2013.


I made my sandwich this morning using frozen waffles. Hehe. The waffles were a l-e-e-e-e-t-l-e bit too big to fit in the compartments, so I trimmed the edge with a pair of scissors. Then (this is the really good part!) I took the cut-off edge and lined the sides of the egg compartment, so when I broke the egg in there, the rim of waffle material contained it. SO CLEVER! (Feel free to notify the Nobel Prize Committee.) I put waffle on the bottom, a slice of cheese, a thin piece of ham folded over a schmear of apricot jam (those who don't like to mix their sweets and their savories can just gag and move on), then the egg in its compartment lined with waffle material, topped with the second waffle. Five minutes cooked everything nicely. I removed the sandwich and put it on a small rack over a paper plate to cool off. By the time I finished my morning tasks, it was ready to eat.

If precise timing is of the essence, suggest you set your timer for 4:30, to give yourself 30 seconds to run from the far corners of the house to rescue your sandwich. Five minutes was the outside limit to keep from over-browning the waffle. With an English muffin, it doesn't matter so much as they are made of sturdier stuff.
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on September 29, 2014
Here I made a breakfast sandwich with english muffin, Havarti, ham, brown onions, red bell pepper, mushrooms, and egg. THIS is NOT as EASY as indicated by the video that HB uses as a demo. This device works but it requires a bit of testing/learning to get things right. The end result is a great sandwich that is VERY HOT and not suitable to eat right away. Must let cool for 3-4 minutes before even THINKING of eating it.
It's best to have some cheese on the bottom bread as it helps the meat/fixings adhere to the bottom bread. The bottom portion of the sandwich must cook for a minute or more BEFORE you even add the egg. Once the egg is added to the egg plate with ring #2 on it, you must lower the top plate to cook the egg for 60-90 seconds before you add any more fixings or the top bread. I added mushrooms, onions, cheese which is extra and doesn't matter to the end result of adding the top bread to the egg and cooking for another 3-4 minutes. THEN you slide the egg plate out so that it falls to the bottom bread. At this point, I found that returning the egg plate to ring #2, and lowering this and the top plate down onto the sandwich heats from on top AND compresses the sandwich with the weight of the device. DO NOT PRESS DOWN, the weight of the top assemblies are enough to compress it and radiate heat.
I took a goodly amount of time to test and review this unit so your comments are appreciated.
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on December 27, 2013
Saw this for the first time on a advertisement in my local paper. Did some research on the WWW and Youtube, seems everyone is happy with it. Bought two for Christmas Presents (the second one was for me) . Have been cooking an Egg McMadeAtHome Sandwich for a few days, works great.

Since I use to work at McDonalds when the Egg McMuffin was first invented, if you want as authentic as McDonalds, You need to melt some butter or margarine, then using a cooking brush, or squeeze bottle, spread butter on both inside portions of the English muffin prior to cooking each side, thats how they get the buttery taste in each egg mcmuffin. also:

1 Use a non sick cooking spray or swab with melted butter around both cooking rings and slide plate each time you are cooking a sandwich, in order to avoid it from sticking.

2. McDonald's uses the same size square American cheese as Kraft does, so if you go any bigger, you are going to have a problem with runnage.

3. If you want less clean up mess, pre scrape off the under bottom of the English muffin, seems those crumbs get every where.

4. Have everything pre-prep to go, if not your bottom muffin slice is going to get over cooked and burnt, don't dilly-dadlly around, put everything on when the green light goes on, if not you'll be eating a breakfast brick!

5. Lesson learned the hard way! Always double make sure that the egg cooking plate is in it's push back postition
"non-moveable" position! A couple of times, I thought it was properly pushed back, but wasn't, so the entire egg slipped down thru the open slot to the bottom portion of the sandwich and cooker, with broken egg and egg whites dripping and oozing all over the place and cooking element. (won't do that again)

6. Another reason I like it, its small and compact, I guess you could use it in an RV or Camper, easy to stow away.

Even thought it did take only five minutes to cook the sandwich, it took about 10 minutes for the sandwich to cool down to safely eat it in my opinion.

Wish it had a built in timer, to let you know when it was done cooking, just incase you step away for some reason.

Yes, I will buy again as a practical gift when needed. A great practical gift to give
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on February 9, 2014
I update this review occasionally , I suggest you copy the permalink at the bottom of the review to find it again at a later date.

Update 5/27/2015: a new version is coming out right now with a built in timer similar to the dual version of the product.

Update 8/20/15: HB has come out with a Breakfast Burrito Maker it's essentially the same tech but large enough to take a put the tortilla in the bottom, scrambled egg mixture on the egg plate with cheese, vegatables, etc... on top cooks for 5 minutes. You drop the cooked egg and other ingredients and roll up the tottilla around it. You can also use it for omelettes. As with the original, I'm sure it's only limited by you imagination.

HAVE YOU BURNT YOURSELF? don't do that! read Misc Tips below.

Note: No. I do not work for the company. I just really like the unit. And want to help people get the most from it. Frankly, anyone that thinks I work for Hamilton Beach or anyone connected to this device, is an idiot.

Note: Since I've been ridiculed for some of the things in the next two sections. Let me preface it with: I know that some of them are a stretch. What I was hoping you'd take away from them, is that it's more your mindset and not necessarily the device that makes it a 'only does one thing' appliance. Things are uni-taskers once you decide they are.

Mini oven: In reality the unit is a mini 300 degree oven and you can bake things in it.
1) Pillsbury Grands Biscuits: preheat the unit, create a disk of crumpled aluminum foil about 1/8th inch thick using the rings as a guide, one side should be relatively smooth. Place it in the rings smooth side up, and spray with a little Pam. Pre-heat the unit and place the biscuit on the disk. Leave the egg plate in the open position (unless you want a flattened biscuit) and close the unit up. Give the biscuit about 10 minutes and check it, adjust your time as needed. The disc of aluminum foil will cause the time to fluctuate depending on the thickness etc.... But it's reusable. Frozen biscuits take a little longer.
2) Pillsbury Ready to Bake cookies. Use the disc, or a couple layers of foil, and place one cookie on it, flatten the cookie a bit if It would touch the bottom of the egg plate when the unit is closed. Adjust the time for the cookie a bit based on it being cooked at 300 degrees instead of the package temperature, the thinner the foil the faster the cookie will cook but it may burn the bottom as well. You can use the egg plate for a second cookie, but use a layer of foil in a 4 inch circle under the cookie, so when you slide the egg plate open to drop the cookie out, it doesn't get squished against the side of the ring. Hot cookies are soft.
3) Yes, I've made small pies in it with crescent roll dough, and a can of pie filling. I fashioned my own pie plate from layers of aluminum foil. The lid from like a peanut butter jar will give you the basic shape. Just don't cook the plastic lid. Bake the crust first. Also muffins / mini cakes using the just add water mini mixes and a clean tuna can. 11/17/14: these days I use a 3.5 inch ramekin I bought off Amazon instead of a tuna can for these little projects.

Note: in the comments below another user suggests she gets good results using parchment paper in stead of foil, I haven't tried it yet but I agree it actually might work better for at least some of the uses.

What else can you cook?
1) Rubens: Cut rye bread circles, using the rings as a cookie cutter, or I use a 4 inch plastic storage container. Put the pastrami on the egg plate during preheat. then carefully add the bread to the bottom section for the cook and drop the pastrami on top, put well drained sauerkraut on the egg plate give it about 3 minutes then add a slice of Swiss cheese on top of the sauerkraut and the top bread. Let it cook for another 2-3 minutes. You can Add the thousand island dressing on top of the meat just before dropping the sauerkraut and cheese then remove the sandwich, or remove the sandwich flip it over remove the bread and add the thousand island dressing and put the bread back on and flip it over again.
2) Tuna (or chicken) melts: mix your tuna ingredients, I like pickle relish tuna (and optionally raw egg. Don't make it too liquid.) Put in the bottom bread, put the tuna mix on the egg plate and let it cook, open the egg plate so it drops on the bread, put a layer of cheese onto the fallen tuna mix, leave the egg plate in the open position and close the unit back up. Let it cook an additional couple minutes to melt the cheese.
3) Hotdog sandwiches: Cut slits 3/4 of the way through 1 side of the hotdog, about 1/2-3/4 inch apart. The hotdog will then curl in a circle to fit on the egg plate. Let it cook for a minute or two before you add the other ingredients. You could, if you wish pour a scrambled egg in to the center. I do and then top it with chopped onion and green peppers, Cook it till firm. The hot dog will pretty much come to the top of the egg ring so the top bread, I use bagel thins, will just sit on top. I cook the hotdog and egg without the bread with the lid closed for most of the time and then at the end add the top bread to warm it up and toast it a bit. Makes a great sandwich.
4) all kinds of other things, there are at least two cookbooks out for it. Although, you'll probably not see my recipes😉 use you're imagination! S'mores would work, but they'd be a bit messy.
5) and of course for college kids, you can cook most canned goods in the can, on the bottom plate after all it gets to slightly over 300 degrees, open the can and let it heat up. I'd put down a layer of foil to catch any overflow and to protect the Teflon finish some what. But other than that, you've got hot spaghetti o's, or ravioli, hot water for coffee, hot chocolate, soups etc... Of course a lot of these things can be cooked in a microwave if they're allowed and one can afford it. If not this is a very compact cooking machine for just about every thing. You could even use a cleaned out tuna can, to bake a muffin/cake in. See mini oven above. Jiffy Muffin Mix, Blueberry, 7 Oz Use you imagination! And it's just $24 bucks.
6)Waffle Bacon &Egg: defrost walmart waffles so they're somewhat pliable. Put a waffle in each layer while the unit is pre- heating. After the unit is pre-heated, doesn't hurt to give it a minute or two longer, I nuke the precooked bacon on a paper towel for 40 seconds to make it crisper. Remove the waffles, and place the side that is less crisp down on the heating plate and add your bacon. Drop the egg section add your egg and place the less toasted 😥side of the waffle up. Let it cook 5 minutes remove the sandwich. Lift the egg and waffle off the top and add a small amount of maple syrup to the bottom and add the top again. Or just pour syrup over the top and use a knife and fork.
Egg Size: I did an experiment... I cooked a sandwich with a scrambled mixture of two large eggs with 1/4 cup diced potato and tomato. I gave the mixture 6 minutes to cook, I used bagel thins as the scrambled egg mixture pretty much filled the egg section. I let the egg cook by itself with the lid closed till it formed a skin on the top (about 3 min) before adding the top bagel piece. Since the top bagel piece has the full weight of the lid on it, it browns faster, so I started with the inside facing up for a minute or two until it was tosted and then flipped it over for the final minute... It came out great, too much egg for me, but fully cooked. Point is, people saying you can only use small eggs don't know what they're talking about. You can easily use a jumbo egg just give it a minute or two to set before adding the bread if you're worried about leakage. And if you want to add extra ingredients bagel thins give you lots of room.

Adding milk and other fluids to the egg: you can add them to the egg to make an omelet patty, or I some times add Tiger Sauce to my egg. Use a separate container to mix up the egg and other ingredients, and pour it very slowly on to the plate so if it starts to leak you can stop quickly until the egg that's in there has time to set and effectively seal the egg plate to the side ring. Be sure to give the unit a good preheating time, wait a minute or two longer after the ready light comes on. Wouldn't hurt to put a piece of foil under the rings with the sides turned up to catch any runoff.

Breads: I'm sure there are others, so far I've used the following breads with success. 1) Thomas English Muffins... The bottom section of the muffin seems to be larger. Use it on top of the egg and flip the sandwich when you remove it. 2) Bays English Muffins in the refrigerator section of the supermarket... Better fitting than Thomas and I think a better muffin. But if one side is larger use that side on the egg. 3) De Wafelbakkers frozen pancakes... Three flavors, fit just right, might be sold under Walmart's brand name also. A Mc Griddle. 4) Walmart frozen waffles... Fit snugly, I like them. 5) Thomas Bagel Thins fit snugly and leave good room for ingredients. 6) Lenders bagels in the refrigerator section fit ok thicker, but a little smaller in diameter, than the bagel thins. 7) A 4 inch plastic storage container ( Or the rings in a pinch) works well as a cookie cutter for most any other breads, I use rye and pumpernickel a lot. 8) if you experience burning (depends on the bread) use aluminum foil as a sheild, or delay adding the bread until the egg has set up somewhat. 9) Also if you put in the bread for the preheat the sides toward the top and bottom heating elements will toast somewhat. And then flip them over for the cooking cycle. 1/10/15: more breads that fit and work well... B&M canned Brown Bread, this is baked in the can from the same company that makes the Boston Baked Beans. It's a rich hearty Brown bread . Cut 1/2 - 3/4 inch slices. French bread loaves are easily found that are 4 inches or less in diameter also., you might also find corn bread ,or bran, muffins in the stores bakery that would make a good sandwich also.

Fruits and vegetables: fruits are best added after cooking. vegetables have a lot of water, I will either nuke them first, or cook them on the egg plate before adding the egg. The water will seep out, naturally, so I put a square of aluminum foil under the rings with the edges lifted up to catch it. If you're cooking them mixed in with the egg, give the unit more time for everything to set. If you just want them crunchy/raw add them after you remove the sandwich, or lift the egg section partially before dropping the egg, and toss them in then. However, I regularly add diced green and red bell peppers to the egg and let them cook together

Dried vegetables: since I live alone, it's not always easy to keep fresh vegatables in the house. I keep a supply of Harmony House dried vegatables on hand. I put a tablespoon of diced potatoes, a teaspoon of diced tomato, a teaspoon of bell peppers, and a teaspoon of onion in a small container. Add a small amount of water, and microwave a little over 30 seconds to reconstitute. Once it cools a little bit I stir in the egg, and pour the whole thing on to the egg plate. It comes out pretty darn tasty. I'm not against adding the diced jalapeños peppers to it either. Of course, they're also good for fortifying canned soups (especially for college kids) or just making your own quick soup on the fly. Check out:

Salsa: these work really well, nd give your sandwich a southwestern flavor. Drain two heaping tablespoons in a wire mesh strainer and stir into the egg in a smal container. Then pour in to the preheated egg section. I use the black bean & corn salsa an some cilantro for a pseudo Huevo Ranchero flavor, you can cut corn tacos to fit for the bread as well, or add a couple corn chips in the bottom on top of your muffin with the cheese. Droning the salsa is the key, the more liquid you get out of it the better. It wouldn't hurt, depending on the amount, you add, to give the unit n extra 30 seconds or so of cooking, just to make sure the egg-salsa mixture is set.

Meats: Jimmy Dean sausage patties are shaped wrong cut them in half horizontally and layer the two pieces on instead. Jimmy Dean Sausage Crumbles work also, add them to the egg. Walmart brand frozen sausages, in 3 flavors, work well, I like the Spicy. I nuke the pre-cooked bacon for about 45 seconds wrapped in a paper towel, I like it crispy. Canadian Bacon or any Cold Cut works fine , no nuking. Make sure you thaw any frozen meat. All meats have to be pre-cooked. 11/28/14: Walmart has frozen beef fajita seasoned meat , defrost it first and in this case put the cheese on top of it as they are pieces and the melted cheese will help keep it on the sandwich. Makes a great steak egg and cheese sandwich.

Cheese: if you place the cheese on top of a whole slice of meat and then drop the hot egg on it, there will be no place for the now liquid cheese to go. Except, out the sides and all over you, and maybe the counter tops also. If the meat is chunky and broken up that would help, but the hot egg will still make for a bit of a messy sandwich. You'll want it to cool down for a few minutes. American Cheese has one of the lowest melting points of the cheeses by design. if it melts too much for you, either add it after you're done cooking, it'll still melt, or use other cheeses. Whichever, for most sandwiches I recomend adding the cheese in the bottom section fully on and next to the bread and only one 1 oz slice. (If you want more cheese add it afterwards) So it melts into the bread and not all over the machine and your counter. If you add the cheese on top of the egg, you'll have a mess to clean when you take out the sandwich. Although I've added crumbled goat cheese (and many other things) in with the raw egg. Lately I've been using Sliced Smoked Goulda. Yum!

Some like it hot: for a spicy alternative you can use pepper jack cheese, or diced jalapeño stored in with the egg, Franks hot sauce, tiger sauce work well too. Horseradish goes well to and gives you an interesting favor profile too. If you're not used to this kind of heat from chiles or horseradish be careful and use them sparingly at first.

Misc Tips: 1) breads vary, if your bread burns too easily use a couple layers of foil to shield it, or add it a little later in the cooking process.2) open each section one at a time and the rings will stay in their grooved track in the hinge and not come out in your hand. 3) don't over fill the bottom section if you're using the egg plate in the closed position, as it will lift the rings out of their groove. 4) There is sideways play in the rings. You can set the egg section down on the egg plate hinge instead of on the bottom ring, and then the egg can seep out. Make sure the rings are firmly seated before adding the egg. 5)Always make sure the unit is thoroughly pre-heated in the closed position before adding an egg to the egg section. 6) A timer is essential for good reproducible results.

Power: Need a power switch? I use this Belkin Conserve Power Switch

Replacement ring assembly:
Type in 25475A as a model number and press search.

It's here!: the Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
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on March 14, 2015
I was really impressed! Wasn't sure how the egg would turn out but it was great! Saves time and money. Just make sure you read the instructions and you won't have any issues. And use smaller eggs, I read some reviews the state the egg ran out and that is why...
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on January 30, 2014
First, I want to mention that the day I purchased this marvel of a cooking apparatus, I also bought an Xbox One. I was much more excited about the breakfast sandwiches I would soon be enjoying than playing Madden.

English muffins do not need help being amazing. They are a versatile and delicious in so many ways. This sandwich making device pushes those tasty circular bread products to an entirely different level. The amount of different items you can put between the top and bottom of an English muffin is astounding. (I even toss in some salsa or hot sauce if I'm feeling crazy!)

As a single man that eats mostly frozen burritos and toast, I feel that Hamilton Beach has exponentially multiplied my culinary skills.

My only complaint is that if you place to many tasty little animal parts in the bottom portion, it can be tough to close when cooking time commences. That is something I should probably address within myself, a personal problem mostly.

Cleaning this thing is easier than using it. As I stated earlier, single bachelor, I am not fond of cleaning... anything. The egg cooking portion basically cleans itself once the thing cools down. A thin membrane of cooked egg white dries and raises itself completely away from the previously heated portion. I actually defies gravity, and logic for that matter. I simply grab this levitating crispy egg white and toss it in the trash. (I ate it one time, don't do that)

People at work have become slightly jealous of me because i bring my Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker (I actually named it my HamiSammy Maker) The aroma of delightful hints of melty cheese and cooking eggs fills the entire office, you can practically hear people drooling, which is disgusting, but I like it.

The first time you remove your freshly cooked delicacy from the HamiSammy Maker, you will want to jump right in, *CAUTION* these things can be quite hot, resist every urge, let it cool down for a minute, you will be glad you did. It is much harder to enjoy a treat with a burnt tongue.

The last thing you need to know, unplug the machine when you are done. (seems obvious, right?) I made a breakfast sandwich one night after I had a few too many to drink and forgot to disconnect the cord from the wall. I'm not certain that this thing will overheat and ignite some of the items in your kitchen, but I wouldn't push your luck.

Buy one, if you like it, enjoy it daily, if not, give it to a young single dude that has poor dietary habits and walk away feeling like you've made his world a better place.
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on December 11, 2015
My boyfriend sent me this sort of as a joke; we both thought it was both ridiculous and brilliant to have a McMuffin maker in your house. And then I tried cooking with it for the first time. Holy crap, it's AMAZING. I ended up using frozen waffles for the bread; you have to trim them just a tad, but they are the perfect amount of crispy, and less prone to burning than English muffins. I love experimenting with this, and have built some truly amazing sandwiches. Waffles, eggs, avocado, Swiss, and ham. Waffles, egg, corn salsa, jack cheese. If you can fit it into the rounds, you can make a sandwich with it. The panel under the egg slides out easily and cleanly when the egg is cooked (I find 4 minutes is perfect for cooked eggs with runny yolks), and the whole middle section can simply be tossed in the dishwasher.
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on October 9, 2015
After getting this product a few days ago, I have been very confused as to what all the fuss was about in the reviews. I was very skeptical of buying this product because there were so many negative words being said about the meat/egg not cooking, the bread burning, or the product not being able to fit anything..

However, I am very glad that I went through on the purchase. This is an amazing little thing. These 1 star reviews make it seem like it has over a million and difficult steps, but it was easy as 1-2-3 on my first try..

All the problems seem to come from people that lack any common sense whatsoever. Of course the egg won't cook fully if you don't preheat the thing first. Of course the bread will burn if you leave it in the whole time because your egg hasn't cooked yet (and you haven't preheated it). Of course some things won't fit, like big bagels . Of course you don't put in raw meat (seriously? what happened to education?)..

1.) Preheat. Wait like 30 seconds after the green light if you want to be safe.
2.) Put the bottom bread in with pre-cooked/cooked meat, vegetables, cheese, etc..
3.) Put the egg in, salt/pepper it if you wish, and place the bread on top
4.) Wait 4-5 minutes..

Not hard to follow, fellow Amazon users. Do not listen to the product reviewers that clearly missed a huge part of a necessary education.

EDIT: It is now May 26, 2016. The Hamilton Beach text that is on the top and front has almost completely worn away, but I can of course live with that. Product is still working 100%. I've been using it literally every single day with English Muffins + Various Local-Bought Cheeses + Meat (Sometimes) + Egg.
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