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on October 4, 2008
Here are my opinions based on 3 weeks usage. First, this oven occupies a lot of space. Dimensions are 18"w X 13-1/2" h X 13-1/2"d. Remember, if it is to be used under a cabinet to allow 6" for heat to escape. This unit gets quite hot and radiates heat in all directions. It needs plenty of space all around. Definitely, nothing should be placed on the top. It does heat up the kitchen when used for more than 15 minutes. Performance-wise, this unit is quite good. Interior space is very large and the convection feature makes excellent use of it by circulating the heat evenly throughout the interior volume. It will accommodate an 8 pound chicken. The unit is equipped with a rotisserie, but I haven't used it yet. I bought a toaster oven cookbook and I cook things with this unit which I have never attempted before in a toaster oven. It deserves high marks across the board, but there are reservations concerning toast. Using convection, it toasts bread more uniformly than any other toaster oven I have used. However, the controls have no special provisions for toast and the timer cannot be set precisely enough. So, if you are particular about the shade of your toast, you need to keep your eye on it and stop it manually.
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on July 27, 2008
I almost didn't buy this oven because the price was so low, I figured it had to be problematic. But the other glowing reviews convinced me to try, and was I pleasantly surprised!

We use it out on our screen porch as our "summer oven," and it gets heavy use almost nightly -- chickens, roasts, potatoes, casseroles, you name it. The heating is even and steady, and the results are dependable. I especially like that it doesn't have any computerized elements that can fail...it is simple, based on time-tested analog technology.

Can you believe, we are expanding our summer kitchen...so we just bought a second one of the same model! I'd highly recommend this to anyone who needs a good, dependable, affordable workhorse.

Exterior dimensions are approx. 15 deep X 13 high X 19 wide.
Interior USABLE dimensions (measured from bottom rack to upper heating element) are 12 deep X 12.5 wide X 8.5 high.

Appearance is not flashy, in fact it looks cheap: black plastic and stamped metal. (At that price, who cares?)

Cleaning is easy with the pull-out crumb tray.

*** UPDATE *** We have now used these ovens for 2 years and they still work great.

*** ANOTHER UPDATE *** Year three. Still working, maybe not getting as hot as they used to. Am buying two more of the same model to replace them.
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on May 6, 2008
Best priced oven and size of oven for the price. I use it almost everyday, it cooks pizza just like it says. I have used the rotiserrie 4 times now, got to be sure you tie the chicken well. Hard to find the string ties, but you can use the 100 percent cotton thick yarn string that you crochet with. I toast sandwiches, cooked fish, just about everything, you can sqeeze in it. Yes, it does get hot all over the outside. just dont sit anything closer than 5 or 6 inches on top or sides or back, so it will get plenty of air,and not get stuff around it too hot. Suggest buying your own 12x12 pans and glass ware, because the pans included start to warp, and wont sit flat. But you can still use them to catch grease. Overall i love it, and would buy it again and again.
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on April 6, 2011
After reviewing a number of different toaster ovens including those recommended by the major consumer reporting magazine we chose this model. The magazine recommended the HB Set and Forget, however, since we entertain some we liked the idea of the larger unit and the rotisserie. As yet we've not used the rotisserie, thus the 5 star rating is tentative.

The appliance has worked well and performed as specified. We checked the temperature on the high end with an oven thermometer and it was within tolerance.

It is large so you will need both a wide space (sides of unit get quite hot), and, vertical space since it has the rotisserie.

We would recommend this unit for anyone who may need the larger capacity (2 pizza) or who entertains enough to justify it. As usual Amazon and their partner came through in timely shipping and damage free delivery.
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on July 31, 2008
I wanted to buy a toaster oven for two reasons: 1) I didn't feel like heating up the house when it's 100F outside and 2) I really hate my regular oven (always have a problem with getting the things baked evenly as the source of the heat is on the bottom, and you don't really want to broil your cake to get a nice brown crust). So I was looking for something compact, yet large enough to serve most of my baking/roasting needs. I also wanted it to have a convection and rotisserie options. Having researched dozens of toaster ovens, my husband and I chose this one, and I can tell you that we're very happy with our choice. It has all those things I was looking for, and the price is unbeatable (especially with free shipping).

I've had it for about a month, and have used it extensively for all kinds of things: roasted potatoes, two pizzas at once (note: when you bake two pizzas or anything else using 2 racks at a time, it's a good idea to rotate the baking sheets halfway through the cooking time, which is what I did with pizzas and two sheets of roasted potatoes), numerous batches of blueberry muffins (to my surprise, I could fit 16 muffin cups on a baking sheet that came with this oven - a full batch of muffins!), chicken, a chocolate cake...I absolutely love this thing! It's bigger than it looks because it's quite deep, yet it fits nicely on my counter under one of the cabinets. While the exterior does warm up when it's working, I didn't need to move it from underneath the cabinet (although I do take away a basket of tomatoes that normally "lives" near this oven when I use it).I love the convection feature a lot - it saves time and - finally - allows even baking. I haven't used the rotisserie option yet, but am certainly planning to. The only thing I don't use it for is actually toasting of bread - we have a regular wide slot toaster and are happy with the way it works, so no reason to.

I don't think I'll be going back to my regular oven until Thanksgiving - too bad I can't cook a turkey in this one!
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on June 13, 2011
I am an avid shopper and have tried many appliances, plus do a good amount of research before buying things. We purchased this toaster a few years ago and have been very very pleased with it until just this last week. Somehow, the timer mechanism broke and the toaster oven turns itself back on. Luckily, my husband and I were home the first time this happened. We had just finished making something for dinner and were watching tv. I suddenly smelled the smokey/baking smell of the toaster oven and told my husband that he forgot to turn it off. He was bewildered becaues he was sure he turned it off, but did so again and came back to the tv. Twenty minutes later this happened again and we both went to take a look at it. The baking light was back on and the toaster was at a full 400 degrees. We set it to off one last time (because I had to see this for myself), and it happened once again. Using it one last time the next day, I noticed that after the bake time is done, somehow the timer mechanism keeps ticking and causes the dial to turn back to the on position. I unplugged the toaster for safety and we have thrown it out.
During the time that it worked, this thing was wonderful... but the issue with the timer is just unacceptable. If someone was not home, this could EASILY have started a fire. Buyer beware for this toaster oven.
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on June 13, 2008
I've had this product for just over two months prior to my review.
The Hamilton Beach 31199 Counter Top Oven has a lot of room inside to cook just about anything. The first thing I made was a 4 pound rotisserie Ribeye Roast. It was perfect!.
I've found that I use this oven more often than my microwave for heating things up. Previously fried foods cook better in the convection oven than in the microwave.
The oven seems built well. The bottom crumb tray is a great feature.
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on January 19, 2010
This is just the toaster oven that I have been looking for. You wont find a counter top toaster oven this large in the department stores. This oven is extra tall, but yet still fits under your kitchen cabinets. In department stores, you'll find them extra wide, but not extra tall. This is an actual oven. You can put a whole 5lb chicken in it. I I've had it for 2 weeks, and so far I have baked 2 chickens (whole). I seasoned the chicken, wrapped it in an oven bag, closed the bag with a tie, placed it on a pan and put it in the oven. The chicken took 1.5 hours to cook on a 450 setting, but that's because I did not pre-heat the oven. But it was well worth the wait. The chicken came out so tender that it almost fell away from the bone (From the oven bags locking in the moisture). The next time I baked a whole chicken, I preheated the oven first to 475. This time it took only one hour instead of 1.5.

BROILING: IN YOUR REGULAR TOASTER OVEN, HAVE YOU EVER WISHED THE FOOD WASN'T SO CLOSE TO THE TOP ROD, CAUSING POPPING OF GREASE, MAKING A MESS, ETC.? With this big oven, you can place the rack mid level so that the food you're broiling is not right up against the top heating rods. I broiled red snapper fish the other day. Because of the size of this oven, you can broil up to 4 large pieces of fish at the same time. I placed the rack at mid level, there was no popping of juices all over the place. The oven was still clean.

ROTISSERIE FUNCTION: I have not yet used the rotisserie function because string is necessary to tie up the wings and legs for whole chickens, and I didnt have any string available. I will be using the rotisserie feature in the near future when I'm ready to make a pot roast.

But for now, the next items I plan to bake in this oven are a bunt cake and a peach cobbler.
By the way, although this oven gives off heat(it is an oven you know)it will not make your place unbearably hot like your regular oven. Apartment dwellers like myself will absolutely love this oven. It wont heat up the whole apartment like your regular oven. LAST WONDERFUL THING: YOU CAN LOOK THROUGH THE GLASS AND SEE IF YOUR MEAT IS DONE. My opinion is that "You should buy it". I dont know why they dont sell this big oven in department stores.

Update:April 2010. I've had it for 4 months now. Still satisfied.
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on April 27, 2015
Purchased in 2011 and still...yes, still going strong. My love affair with Microwave ovens and Microwaved food ended in 2011 when I could hardly remember where I parked my car after work. Short term memory loss was making me into a fool and problems with my nervous system, such as not being able to concentrate for any period meant I needed to understand what was happening and to find out if this is normal? Well, no..it's not normal and switching to a convection based oven to reheat stove cooked food means you are using natural, directed energy instead of microwave alternating energy to reheat and destroy the nutritional value in the food. No more short term memory loss, no more joint pains, and no more catching colds or flu. Prevention is better than cure.
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on July 28, 2008
This is an amazing oven, well worth the price. Everything we made so far, from simple French Fries to complete chicken rotisserie style, came out perfect. Things that should be crunchy (like fries or the bottom of a thin crust pizza) will be crunchy, count on it. The oven is large enough to fit a 4 pound chicken and still rotate it and the meat stays a LOT juicier than any rotisserie chicken you buy at your grocery store. Use fresh chicken, it makes a real difference.

The controls are simple, self explanatory and feel robust. The oven heats up very quick. This is essential to me since I often attempt not so trivial dishes that start out with low to mid temperature baking or convection baking and end with a phase of high heat broiling. Since it sits on a counter top and has a relatively large opening it is very easy to clean ... if there ever is something to clean. Most of the time wiping it with a paper towel just does the job as there hardly is anything at all. The only thing I regularly wash is the crumb tray, which is a very nice thing to have.

You need ample space for this oven since the sides and top get pretty hot. You don't want anything sitting closer than 12 inches. Especially not while you run it for two hours at maximum heat to grill that chicken. We don't use our dining area as a formal dining room, but rather as a kitchen extension with plenty of counter and cabinet space. So that isn't a concern for us.

We am very satisfied with this product.

A guy named Jan
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