Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach 40870 Stainless Steel 10-Cup Electric Kettle
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on February 3, 2010
***Update 2/25/15****

Both kettles I have purchased are still going strong with daily use. Couldn't be happier. I had given 2 away as gifts and as far as I know they are also working well.

****original review****

So after spending a little over a week searching for a suitable kettle I have definitely found the perfect match. I recently received a 6 cup teapot and wanted to keep it in my room along with an electric kettle to replace going into the kitchen and brewing cup after cup of tea.

My criteria
- Stainless steel with as little plastic contact as possible.
- Hidden heating element.
- Simple functions, the less bells and whistles the less to break
- Good spout
- Inexpensively priced.

What I like about this kettle:
- It met all my criteria.
- After brewing and discarding 4 kettle fulls there is no discernible aftertaste.
- No plastic contact inside, there is a plastic water level but it isn't in direct contact with the largest body of water in the kettle. Also, the tube for the boiling shut off is made from stainless as well, not plastic which is really nice.
- Is real metal not just plasticy coated metal imitator I saw on a few of the models.
- The inside bottom is a stainless plate with the heating element underneath making clean up easy.
- The outside bottom is plastic and gets warm not burning hot so it can be placed onto a surface.
- Slides onto the base easily.
- Auto shutoff works well.

What worries me: I say worries because it isn't a problem right now but may be a few months down the line.
- The lid opens with a button which if it breaks could potentially be a problem, not to fill the kettle as the spout provides adequate room to fill it with, but to clean it.
- After two brews i took the little filter out. I am using it only to heat water and only with filtered water so to me it seems unnecessary.
- The switch at the bottom, it doesn't seem flimsy per say but it does seem to be a little loose, its not a push button so I worry it may give out.

Duh, or common sense things that people seem to have an issue with:
- It gets hot. Yes. It's supposed to. Since the body is stainless steel, which is a good thermal conductor, it will be hot. The handle provides ample room to grab though.
- It will be heavy if completely full. Yes, water in larger amounts does get heavy. The kettle itself isn't much heaver than a standard coffee carafe so it should not add much to the overall weight.
- It can be a bit loud. Its boiling water, the kettle doesn't have any sound or heat insulation so yes you will be able to hear it. Honestly for me its not really a bother. The kettle sits on its own table next to my desk and I find it kind of soothing. Plus if I am heating water for green tea or white tea I can listen in and shut it off before it comes full boil.
- Along those lines, if you leave water in it for some time yes the water will cool. It is not a warmer nor is it a thermos that will keep it to the same temperature all day.

I am very satisfied with this product. I have already recommended it to several people and it has been serving me well. Its not a fancy appliance so it does its job and doesn't require a tremendous effort on my part which was exactly what I was looking for.
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on January 31, 2012
Mostly, I like this electric kettle. It looks decent, works well, price was reasonable. I use it just about everyday.

This kettle did have one major issue - the latch that holds the lid in the locked position disintegrated in just over a year... just beyond the warranty period.

I'm not hard on stuff - people always remark that everything I own is in such great condition. So with that in mind, either I got a lemon or HB is making lemons.

I contacted the factory - they don't offer replacement parts for this.

Had it not been for the broken latch, I would have given this kettle 5 stars.

You can see a photo of my broken kettle latch in the product photos above.
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on October 22, 2009
Researched electric kettles no end without finding a good buy with good performance. Picked this one up at Costco, trusting in the return policy.

I've had no thought of returning it: Heats fast, and the hot water has no taste or smell. Base is light but stays put--it's no effort at all to set it on the base or lift it off.


* The metal outside gets hot. Fortunately, you have no reason to touch it. The handle is large and comfortable and your knuckles are protected from accidental brushes, so the heat of the metal is not likely to matter.

* The trigger on the top of the handle opens the lid. A minor annoyance: this usually flings a few droplets of water about. If you use the trigger to open the lid just after boiling, though, those droplets will be very hot. Fortunately, there's no reason to do this unless you're starting another kettle-full just after finishing one. When you're pouring normally, you'll be pouring through the spout and the top needn't be open.
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on May 9, 2012
I went thru three cordless electronic kettles like this one and was not satisfied, but this one is a keeper, I love it, it boils water fast, keeps it hot/warm for a long time, water doesn't taste funny, no problem with top not opening properly, it's all around the best that I've used, I'll recommend it to everyone~~~
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on January 16, 2016
Do you guys still use this kind of kettle? Terrible!
I bought Hamilton beach 1.7L electric kettle in Costco two years ago. One month ago, it broke. But this is not the point I'm going to tell. My point is The Terrible Thing I have found in the lid: the plastic lid has turned grey in the inner side! But the worst thing is I can cut the plastic lid with my nails! Terrible ! I don't know how much toxic chemical substances I have drunk! I hate that I haven't found this earlier. And I also hate this terrible kettle.
Don't buy this kind of kettle with plastic lid, no matter what brand it is! Just for your health!
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on July 7, 2010
After lots of research, I opted for this one. I drink hot tea every day and wanted an easy and safe way to make hot water, without using the microwave or turning on the stove. This electric kettle did the trick!

- Kettle can be removed from heating base and carried around.
- Wide, sturdy handle for easy carrying and pouring.
- Very minimal if any dripping while pouring, really great pouring design.
- Heats water very fast.
- Automatic shut-off once water reaches a boil, very nice feature.
- Very simple switch for on/off and red indicator light tells you it is in the process of heating.
- Minimal plastic, mostly stainless steel parts that touch the water.
- Metal mesh filter inside pouring spout to catch mineral deposits. I don't really have a need for it, but some might. Can be removed.
- Kettle can be placed at any spot on heating base, no need to line anything up.
- Heating portions are internal to reduce corrosion and damage.
- Boil-dry prevention; it won't allow the unit to turn on the heating element if it detects kettle is empty.

- Measuring indicator is behind handle, so not the easiest to read while holding.
- Product guide states minimum water to boil should be no less than one liter. This is excessive for some of my uses, but not a big deal.
- Uses a lot of power fast to quickly heat up that amount of water, actually tripped the breaker!
- Lid is spring-loaded so when you push the button, it flings open and if the water is hot, it will fly back on your hand or arm. Though there is no real reason to open the kettle up when it has boiling hot water in it, it could be dangerous especially for kids.
- Small opening makes it more difficult to clean, though you aren't to put anything other than water in it so only minimal cleaning is required.

Noise: You can hear the kettle heating the water, and it sounds much like a kettle on a stove. There isn't a whistle, but you can hear the water boiling. When it shuts off, there is a 'click' as the switch flips off. I like that, lets me know it is done.

Heavy: Remember, the more water is in it, the heavier it will be. You can't touch anywhere but the handle because it is too hot (and stays hot for awhile). The handle is sturdy and thick enough to pick up the kettle, but if you have weak hand/wrists and it is full, BE CAREFUL. Use a potholder if you need to touch the other side for balance.

Overall: I'm happy with my purchase. You can easily spend a lot of money on an electric tea kettle, but I don't see the need to, this one from Hamilton Beach does a fine job.
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on December 23, 2014
Just received my tea kettle. I ordered this one specifically for the large 10 cup capacity. After taking it out of the box, I see 1.7 L on the size measuring window. 1.7L = 7 cups. HOW does this happen?? My 2 star review is temporarily high due to the fact that I put water in it, heated it, and it worked. I will post after it is used Daily for a time. Simply dumbfounded on how the mathematical error was allowed! It's stated all over the outside of the box! Heads up, Amazon!
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on August 5, 2013
Very happy, but previous kettles have had a leaking issue after a year or so. Hoping this stays working for longer. Works really well at the moment and am very happy I bought it.

UPDATE 8/11/13 Guess this one was worse than my previous buys! As soon as the 30-day return period expired, this kettle has started to leak. I can't believe the poor quality of product offered by a well=known manufacturer. If readers have suggestions for a kettle that does not leak even after a year or so of use, I would appreciate knowning.
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on July 4, 2012
I loved this kettle until about 6 months of use and now the lid will no longer shut. The small plastic closer has been heating and worn down. I drink lots of tea, so it was turned on 2-3 times a day. But, it did heat fast, work well, until now. When lid is not closed it does not turn itself off. Still, considering replacing it with the same model.
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on May 3, 2015
Bought 7 months ago from Amazon. Now leaks hot water from seam of spout everywhere. Piece of JUNK. Need to find a new brand. Crazy that a well-made simple appliance like this is so hard to find.
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