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on February 3, 2010
***Update 2/25/15****

Both kettles I have purchased are still going strong with daily use. Couldn't be happier. I had given 2 away as gifts and as far as I know they are also working well.

****original review****

So after spending a little over a week searching for a suitable kettle I have definitely found the perfect match. I recently received a 6 cup teapot and wanted to keep it in my room along with an electric kettle to replace going into the kitchen and brewing cup after cup of tea.

My criteria
- Stainless steel with as little plastic contact as possible.
- Hidden heating element.
- Simple functions, the less bells and whistles the less to break
- Good spout
- Inexpensively priced.

What I like about this kettle:
- It met all my criteria.
- After brewing and discarding 4 kettle fulls there is no discernible aftertaste.
- No plastic contact inside, there is a plastic water level but it isn't in direct contact with the largest body of water in the kettle. Also, the tube for the boiling shut off is made from stainless as well, not plastic which is really nice.
- Is real metal not just plasticy coated metal imitator I saw on a few of the models.
- The inside bottom is a stainless plate with the heating element underneath making clean up easy.
- The outside bottom is plastic and gets warm not burning hot so it can be placed onto a surface.
- Slides onto the base easily.
- Auto shutoff works well.

What worries me: I say worries because it isn't a problem right now but may be a few months down the line.
- The lid opens with a button which if it breaks could potentially be a problem, not to fill the kettle as the spout provides adequate room to fill it with, but to clean it.
- After two brews i took the little filter out. I am using it only to heat water and only with filtered water so to me it seems unnecessary.
- The switch at the bottom, it doesn't seem flimsy per say but it does seem to be a little loose, its not a push button so I worry it may give out.

Duh, or common sense things that people seem to have an issue with:
- It gets hot. Yes. It's supposed to. Since the body is stainless steel, which is a good thermal conductor, it will be hot. The handle provides ample room to grab though.
- It will be heavy if completely full. Yes, water in larger amounts does get heavy. The kettle itself isn't much heaver than a standard coffee carafe so it should not add much to the overall weight.
- It can be a bit loud. Its boiling water, the kettle doesn't have any sound or heat insulation so yes you will be able to hear it. Honestly for me its not really a bother. The kettle sits on its own table next to my desk and I find it kind of soothing. Plus if I am heating water for green tea or white tea I can listen in and shut it off before it comes full boil.
- Along those lines, if you leave water in it for some time yes the water will cool. It is not a warmer nor is it a thermos that will keep it to the same temperature all day.

I am very satisfied with this product. I have already recommended it to several people and it has been serving me well. Its not a fancy appliance so it does its job and doesn't require a tremendous effort on my part which was exactly what I was looking for.
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on August 12, 2015
Not sure why this is a number one seller. I suggest not wasting your money on this item. After little over a month the mesh inside the electric kettle broke off. This is an important piece since it filters the water and does not let any mineral accumulation come out. Not sure how it happened but I was not able to get a replacement through Amazon since it had been over a month. They recommended I contact Hamilton which I did but after speaking with them they could send me a replacement but had to charged me shipping of $10 dollars. I didn't think it was fair since I had just bought it and was going to have to pay more for the same item. Save your money people and get something else.
review image review image review image
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on April 19, 2016
I would not purchase this item again. The effort to make it look sleek and stylish has hindered its usage. The lid doesn't open wide enough to get the faucet into a good position and the strainer and lid attachment hardware narrow that area even further. The top rim is angled in relation to the bottom so it's hard to tell how much water you've added while filling until you set it on the counter.

Sometimes water leaks out around the switch while heating and while I'm not sure of it, I think it's getting splashed into the wrong internal area while filling if the water runs over the hinge assembly.

I gave it two stars because it heats water.
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on February 27, 2014
This kettle seemed nice for a while,especially as I was looking for a stainless steel and not a plastic one. I've been using it on a daily basis and it was doing the job - some features weren't very convenient, like the water gauge being hidden under the handle, or the minimum amount of water being very high (1L!), which is not very efficient in terms of electricity and waiting time for the water to boil. But now it's been in use for two months and developed quite a lot of brown dots at the bottom which look suspiciously like rust. I can't send it back - it's too late, and so I guess I'll have to accept the fact that you get what you pay for. Too bad.
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on September 6, 2013
I got sick of running downstairs to the kitchen every time I wanted a cup of tea at the end of the day. Or, sometimes the middle of the night, as the Yogi Kava Stress Relief has become my go-to, non-drowsy-non-headachy-the-next-day, natural sleep aid. I have a small refrigerator in my bedroom, and I put this kettle with my teas on a silver tea tray on top of it. Perfect and convenient!

I have really been trying to eliminate plastics in the kitchen/food storage area. It's almost impossible to completely avoid it, but I figure every little bit helps reduce contact with nasty, breast cancer causing chemicals. At the very least, eliminating hot beverages coming in contact with plastic is a no-brainer.

The view window on the kettle is plastic, but somehow I think they've managed to keep the hot water out of contact with it. As nearly as I can tell, anyway. The inside of the kettle has a smooth, stainless steel plate covering where the handle is attached, which is where the view window is located. It seems as though a small amount of water is siphoned off to the view window area, but the main vessel where the water is hot is all stainless. They include a spout filter that is metal mesh and plastic, to reduce scale, but that pops out for cleaning and I just left it out. I use filtered water for tea anyway, so I don't anticipate a real scale issue. And as others have noted, the heating element is outside, making cleaning a snap. You also don't have to fit it just so when placing it on the element. There is just a small mound in the middle, which the hole in the kettle fits right over.

I ran 3 kettles full of tap water through before my first pot that I drank, as per the directions, and there is NO discernible flavor! Yay! And I have a crazy-hyper sense of smell, so ANY off flavor is not going to pass my palate test!

The cord is short, but I would assume that's a good thing. They recommend unplugging it when not in use. Yeah, umm, sure. They also recommend dumping the water out each time so the idle kettle remains empty, to reduce the advent of the dreaded scale monsters. Again, yeah...never gonna happen. The whole point of this contraption is to reduce my trips down to the kitchen, not increase them. If you don't use the kettle daily, you might not want to leave water just sitting there for days on end. But otherwise, I chalk these little recommendations up to the "CYA" portion of the legal-eze.

If you wait for the kettle to complete it's full cycle, which includes a rolling boil, and the kettle then shutting itself off, it takes about 7-8 minutes filled to the "Max" line, with room temp-ish water. However, any self-respecting tea drinker knows that rolling boil is too hot for most teas. You can hear the water heating up, and when it starts to quiet down, I flip the switch off, and brew my tea. The first pot I made was at the FULL boil, and it was way too hot to drink, even if you had used it for instant coffee or Ramen noodles. The time to reach the hot-enough-to-make-a-beverage-but-not-scald-your-lips-off-your-face temperature is significantly less, about in the 3-4 minute range, though I haven't timed it exactly.

LOVE the pour spout, by the way! It does NOT leak! And the handle is ergonomically positioned so as to not feel like it weighs a ton when full.

Oh ya--like the other reviewer said--just put a finger or two on the lid when you pop the button open, and it won't fling water. It's not rocket science, but some seemed to struggle with this. All in all, I'm pleased so far (only been a few days) with this little kettle! If that should change with time, I'll update.
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on March 27, 2015
This product came to me DOA. Would not turn heat up. Indicator light would not turn on. Tried different outlets and read the manual for idea. No luck.

Amazon handled the situation perfectly. They paid return shipping including UPS pickup. I couldn't be more satisfied with Amazon here. They're great!

But I'm almost glad this kettle arrived broken. I noticed a few flaws even without being able to use it. The handle is bulky and unwieldy. The lid flings open. The size of the kettle is very large - much larger than I imagined. And the top entry to the pot is so small, and the lid doesn't open that wide, so you will never be able to get your hand inside to clean it. I also found it slightly annoying to fill, and found that the pouring wasn't perfectly clean.

I ordered the Chef's Choice 673 Cordless Compact Electric Kettle to replace it, and I am so happy that I did. It's a little smaller volume-wise, but WAY smaller in terms of overall size, making it much more manageable. The top opening is big enough to get my hand into, and the lid doesn't fling open automatically. I love it.
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on June 11, 2013
I initially was happy with the product, it heated water very quickly. Unfortunately, I realized that a metallic or plastic smell and taste with my tea was due to the kettle. Before use, I followed the instructions and then some for preparing the kettle before use. I determined that it was not worth using for tea; sadly, after the 30 day return period.
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on April 12, 2016
For the price you're paying, it's a pretty solid piece of kitchen appliance. My family and I are big tea drinkers, we use this at least 3-4 times a day to boil water to make tea, mix baby formula, and even make pasta and soups! It definitely cuts down cooking time. A full pot takes about 7 minutes to boil. Great feature of it turning off by itself when water boils.

The appearance of the kettle is cute and minimal. The only not-so-great feature is the lid on top (where you pour cool water in) is not that big and it does not open that wide. I can see how it can get difficult if you are trying to fill it up with tap water. We use a Brita pitcher so we can adjust and tilt the pitcher to aim at the opening better to avoid any spills. For us, it's not a deal breaker. The kettle will last you a few years. We even got one as a gift for my parents. Pretty sturdy for the price.
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on October 11, 2015
I wanted to wait until I've used this for a while before writing a review....I've now been using this electric kettle for just over 3 months, and it's great, I'm still lovin' it!! I was a tad apprehensive after reading some of the reviews but decided not to let the negative ones sway my decision in purchasing this. The convenience of being able to have SUPER HOT water so quickly is great! Sometimes so hot that I have to add an ice cube to whatever hot beverage I'm making with the water. I've not noticed any discoloration or rusting spots down inside like some reviewers had said. Though it says to empty when not in use, I never do because I like to be able to just go flip the switch down when I'm in the mood for a hot drink. I've also not experienced any leaking as some reviewers had stated that they experienced. I had to make a lot of Jell-O today and by the time I got out the bowls, whisk and boxes of Jell-O the water was ready....very quick!! Now I just hope I'm not jinxing myself by bragging it up!
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on September 15, 2016
I've been using this electric kettle for years now! It's served me well, and is still doing its thing even today. It's sturdy, but not too heavy, and is perfect for dorm rooms, bedroom shut-ins, and lazy people with unprepared cup noodles within arms reach (like me!).

One thing I will note is that if you want to clean this, you'll need a scrubber/sponge with a longer handle, as the opening at the top is too small to even fit my hand in. This has never been a huge problem for me, as I clean it frequently so nothing builds up, but it is something to consider if you plan on using it infrequently. It may also build up a tiny bit of rust on the inside if you leave it wet and unused for a while, though I fixed that with a thorough cleaning before my next use.

The little on/off tab on the back is easy to mistakenly trigger to "off", though not so much "on" as the springs default the other direction.

All in all, I do love this kettle. Maybe not $35 +11 shipping love, but the price I bought it at was much more reasonable. If you want this, I'd keep an eye on the price to see if it drops! <3
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