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on January 20, 2014
You might wonder why two different brands/models of kettle that look like they are made of the same materials and look essentially the same are priced so differently... Well, looks like the difference is in the way they work, not necessarily durability or hardware quality.

This kettle is great if you want a very basic electronic kettle. It lets you set a temperature, has a "keep warm" setting, and heats up pretty quickly, and the thermometer seems pretty accurate. The biggest issue (which may entirely be a non-issue for you) is that it heats the water right past the target temperature. Whereas fancier electronic kettles seem to have mechanisms that enable them to hit the right temperature (ie: easing up on the heating as the target temperature draws closer), this kettle seems to heat at full power until it detects that the water is at the right temperature, then stops heating... which usually goes something like:

- Set temperature setting to 180.
- Start kettle
- 140...
- 150...
- 160...
- 170...
- 180... Cool, the kettle just turned off...
- 185...
- 187...
- 190...
- 192... Well, crap, better open up the lid of the kettle and wait a bit...

Now, as I said, this may be a non-issue for you. You can be smarter than the kettle and set the target temperature to be a bit lower than what you actually want, or turn it off a bit before it reaches the wanted temperature, or you can simply wait for it to cool off to the desired temperature...

It's annoying though. The whole point of buying an electronic kettle is that you won't have to monitor the temperature yourself with a thermometer. With this kettle, you end up having to do pretty much that, except you get a built-in thermometer and an electronic display...

Other than that, I don't have any issue with the kettle itself. Made of nice stainless steel and looks pretty good. Mine came with a little dent on the plastic lid, and a small scratch inside the kettle, on the bottom, but it's not like it prevents the kettle from being a kettle.
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on October 1, 2012
I've been looking for a programmable kettle that didn't cost an absurd amount, and I think I've finally found it. This replaces my old on/off boil kettle also made by Hamilton Beach - the fact that kettle lasted for 5+ years (and was relatively cheap when I bought it) was a strong factor in my decision to buy another Hamilton Beach.

Pros (some of these comparing to some other kettles I've tried):

1) Nice brushed stainless exterior.
2) Push button handle to open the lid - a nice change from the detached lid my previous kettle had.
3) Pour can be controlled fairly well for pour-over coffee.
4) Temperature adjustment in 5 degree increments. That means I can set this to 195F and get exactly the results I want. Others I've tried only had a few settings.
5) Fairly accurate thermostat. I've tested this with my old standby the probe thermometer (which I've used to make coffee for years as well), and this kettle is always within a degree of my other thermometer. Both might be horribly inaccurate, but at least they are consistently inaccurate together.
6) Live thermostat reading on the display. This tells you exactly how hot the kettle is while it's heating up. That's handy for timing things.
7) 1 hour "keep warm" setting which periodically re-heats the water. Either this works really well, or the carafe holds the heat in better, but I'm experiencing no heat loss during the time it takes to make coffee. My old kettle would lose 10 degF in the time the pot took to brew. Either way, I'm loving this kettle.
8) Solid feeling. It's not super heavy, but it doesn't feel cheap.


1) Hard to read LED display - this thing's a pain under our under counter lighting in the kitchen. It's *good enough*, but crap. An LCD display would have been a *lot* better.
2) Really unresponsive and hard to use UI. There's a few buttons to press to change target temperature and if you get it wrong, you'll set a start timer instead. The display flashes between two pieces of info a lot of the time, so it can be annoying to wait for the info you want.

All in all, given it's "only" $50, I'd say this kettle is a great deal.
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on November 25, 2013
I had this kettle for 3 months and it stopped working. I emailed the company and they were happy to send a new one if I paid the $15 shipping. I felt cheated, I already paid about $50 for this kettle and I didn't feel I should be putting another penny into it if I don't know whether or not it will work 3 months from now. If I had read the negative reviews of this product better I would have invested the money in a better kettle. I also have a Bona Vita Gooseneck variable temp kettle that I absolutely love, but this Hamilton Beach product is a total bust PLUS less than satisfactory customer service. Read the reviews, if you're going to spend $50, save another $50 and get a better one.
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on January 3, 2017
I've purchase four of these kettles. They last me approx 1 1/2 - 2 years. I currently have one in the box that I haven't opened. It is going to be the replacement for when my current kettle doesn't work anymore. It is starting to take longer to heat up. Now before you say that it should last longer, let me tell you that this is the most used appliance in my kitchen besides the fridge. We use the kettle several times a day.

I've looked around and I always come back to this kettle. It has multiple settings and will keep the water hot for you if you don't immediately get up. There is also a temperature reading on it so you know what temperature it is currently at. (I find this great for other things I need water for - when making bread in the bread maker - some recipes call for 110 degree water).
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on November 10, 2017
Never had an electric tea kettle before. Researched online and found this model to have all the features I thought I'd need (not glass cuz I'm pretty clumsy banging things around first thing in morning, auto turn on timer for morning so I don't have to wait for boiling water, pot turns on base so handle can be in either direction, ability to remove from base so I can take pot elsewhere for serving, keep warm feature for one hour after boiling).
Just tested the kettle out... And maybe it's just cuz I'm an electric kettle newbie.... But this thing is amazing! Where has this been all my life? It heats up the water so fast I doubt I'll need the auto timer for the morning... Lol. Has a good sturdy handle and feel to the pot. Doesn't take up a huge footprint on my counter... It's stout looking but not too heavy when full. I like the look of it... The spout opens fully with one press of the button... Large mouth to fill with water. Design of pot is simple (which means easy to clean). The metal portion does get quite hot to the touch... So use caution.
The only thing I'm concerned with is the seriously short lifespan of this product which I was aware of due to some sad reviews. But... Since its so inexpensive, I'd figure I'd give it a try.
Would definitely consider gifting this kettle to someone! It has all the bells and whistles for you to learn what you want/don't want in an electric kettle due to so many features.
Also excited in a newbie way about making quick boiling water for hot chocolate, instant coffee, instant noodles and oatmeal!
Update after 9 days of use :
have been using kettle daily for past 9 days at least 5x per day. Loving it! As expected, we didn't find the need to use the auto timer in morning since it makes the boiling water so fast. What we did discover is that we make use of the temperature setting. One tea drinker drinks tea without milk and doesn't need it scalding hot/ the other uses milk. So it's nice to be able to have a hotter setting for the milk user.
It's louder than I expected... But not obnoxious and only makes the boiling noise for a short time. Also helps that during the one hour "keep warm" period you hear that noise as a reminder to have another cup or make more.
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on November 16, 2017
I love these kettles.
Best feature is the programmable on time. Set it so the water is ready when I wake up.
Also like setting the exact temperature.

I did have one break after a couple years (parts in the actual kettle). This happened when I pored cold water into the hot pot without much water in it.

Update: 1st one lasted 3 years, second one only lasted one year. Dropping 1 star.

After a web search and looking at other comments I thought I'd try the fuse replacement (I should have done this before ordering the second kettle.)

Thermal Cutoffs Fuse 192C 192 Degree 10A 250V Replacement Part for NEC SEFUSE SF188E (pack of 5)

Unscrew bottom (will need special bit), find the old fuse and un-crimp it and put in the new one. Now I've got two working Kettles.

And I'd agree that the failure was probably caused by a very quick, large, temperature change (adding cold water to kettle when it is hot, etc.)
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on June 8, 2017
I've had a different brand kettle with a temperature setting, but nothing accurate--just a dial. I had to figure out where to put the dial for the right temp, but even then was not accurate. This actually is. The controls are in the base, not the kettle. Big plus! Can set in 5 degree increments. Again, close and fine enough. When testing with 1 liter of water, it warms right the temp, but take the last 10 seconds after it turns off to "top off" the temp to where you want it (actually turns off a few degrees below the set point to allow the residual heat from the element to warm the water the rest of the way).

Only small gripe, but not enough to take off a star, the top lid opening is a little small for my hand. Our water is a little hard. I like to rub the bottom after heating to remove residue.
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on November 7, 2015
I bought this Hamilton Beach Kettle for the tea I drink every morning. My last electric kettle lasted 5 years. My mom had said she'd had lots of problems with Hamilton Beach products, so I bought the Amazon Extended Warranty for this kettle. The kettle worked well for 6 months, then the heating element stopped heating.

Additional Warning: I tried to use the Amazon warranty I had purchased, but was told that the Amazon warranty only kicks in after the Hamilton Beach warranty expires one year from purchase. So, I called Hamilton Beach, where a representative said they will send me a replacement, but since it has a "limited warranty," they will charge me $11.50 for shipping. (Eventually, they said they could lower the shipping rate to $7.99 for the replacement.) I declined, since it seemed to be throwing more money at a questionable product. In a few more months, my Amazon warranty will kick in. Maybe I'll try again to see if Amazon will offer a better return policy.

Bottom line: Costco also sells this kettle (though without the programmable feature). Next time around, I will purchase through Costco, because it offers a much easier and less costly return policy.
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on August 17, 2016
This kettle just decided this morning to stop working. I've had it a little over a year and I have used it most mornings since I purchased it. The thermostat on it worked well and it wasn't too terribly difficult to figure out the binary code used to program the thing. Oh you don't know binary code? Weird. I guess Hamilton just figured everyone knows that stuff.
I suppose at just over $.07 a day to own it isn't a terrible investment. But I was hoping that the cost to own would be much closer to $.001. Is it too much to ask that not everything be disposable. I'd buy an expensive one, but if you spend anytime reading those reviews, you'll soon find out they don't last much longer.
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on December 4, 2016
I bought two of these (one for my office at work, one for home) based on the good reviews and features. The office one broke in three months. Since I liked the kettle for the price I bought another to replace, hoping it was just a fluke. That one is still working, but now my home unity has stopped heating. So that is 2 out of 3 that have gone bad, so I'm skeptical of this kettle's longevity.

They get used about 3 times a week for coffee/tea, so they are not heavily used.

They still power on and register the temperature of the kettle, all buttons seem to work...but it will simply no longer heat.

I won't be replacing with another Hamilton Beach.

Now the third and final one gave up after 18 months... 100% failure rate in less than two years on three units. These things are garbage.

Ok, after this third one died I decided to take a look at it. I found that the ring in the middle of the base has several contact pins which are used to power the kettle, and after enough times of placing the kettle down these pins can become bent to where they no-longer make proper contact.

To fix the kettle I just shaved a wooden chopstick enough to where it would fit between the rings and then gently pushed the bent pin over to a bit: I only had one pin which was causing the problem. It immediately worked after that. I wish I'd taken the time to do this to the other two that I simply trashed.

Clearly, you should unplug the base, but I would also suggest using a non-conductive object (like I said, I used a wooden chopstick) just in case there are capacitors in there that hold a charge after being unplugged.

For reference, all three of mine that failed would simply stop heating, but would still register when the kettle was placed back on the base (temperature would display). If your kettle is displaying different symptoms I'm not sure this would work.

I'm bumping the review up to two stars simply because it is an easy fix, but yikes...this will most likely happen to all of these that get used enough.
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