Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable Brewstation Summit Dispensing Coffee Machine (48464)
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on March 1, 2011
Like many of those who wrote reviews, I also owned previous models of the H.B. Brew Station. They were hard to fill without spilling some water. They wore out after two/three years of constant use with very little upkeep by me. They earned their keep. I bought a H.B. Summit 12 cup last week; and before setting it up, I went to this site to check some reviews for suggestions and help on what I might encounter with the new brewer. (This approach is backwards, I know) Had I read the reviews beforehand, I would never have purchased the product. Comments like very messy, cannot see how much coffee is being dispensed, coffee drips all over, can only use a paper cup, coffee is not hot hard to program............... good grief!!!

Here's what this 71 year old man experienced in his first week with the "POT" I used the old gold mesh filter I used on prior brewer. Makes the same very good cup of coffes as others before it. I plugged it in, yes, a short plug. filled it to 12 cups, found it much easier to fill than prior machine; Set warming time, pushed "ON" It brewed quickly, I pushed my large thick ceramic cup against the fill bar and watched it fill quickly with hot coffee! no spills, no chills. There was no dripping from the spout. Yes, there was some water vapor coming from the top of te brewer, I and my wife are having NO problems with the machine, Really, people!! This, by the way, is my first ever review of a product. I felt it necessary to respond to the bum rap this product was getting. No, I don't work for, or own stock in H.B Co.
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on January 5, 2011
I'm a mother of three kids, ages 6 and under, so needless to say, coffee has become pretty important around our house! My brother-in-law has an older model of the brewstation, and I have always loved using it at their house. I love that it has no carafe to clean or break, and the unit itself only needs to be cleaned once a month.

My coffee is always piping hot, and stays hot for up to 4 hours after brewing. The program feature works great every time. And I'm really not sure why so many people are having problems getting the coffee from the spout into their cups. I have never had even a drip of coffee spill while filling my mug. I tend to be a slow coffee drinker, and use a travel mug most of the time. Even with a thick walled mug I have not experienced any problems.

I have had some condensation water spill when I lift the lid, but I had that with my old coffee pot, too. And being in the kitchen, I grab a towel or a sponge and just wipe it up. Not a problem, in my opinion.

I am having trouble understanding why the brewstation is getting such poor reviews. I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could. I really love it that much!
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on September 13, 2012
I purchased this because of the price in spite of negative reviews and I am glad I did. I have not a single problem with spilling or overflowing. I am adding a photo to show me using an extra tall and wide mug with it with room to spare. I opened the packaging, set it up according to instruction, brewed coffee. Every morning I get up, come downstairs, press any mug I own against the dispenser, fill with hot coffee, consume. It almost seems like some of us are getting a different product than others. Don't hesitate to buy this. it works perfectly as advertised.
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on March 26, 2013
We received this Brewstation as a gift, and it seems like a great idea. Who wouldn't like dispensing with the carafe? However, after the coffee sat in the coffeemaker for 20 minutes, I could begin to taste a change in the coffee, and after 30 minutes, it definitely had that distinctive flavor of coffee that's been on a burner for too long.

The manufacturer claims that the coffee tank is insulated, but it is a very thin amount of insulation. A small heater underneath the coffee tank heats a small rectangle of metal at the bottom of the coffee tank. You can hear a "sizzling" sound all the while coffee is heating.

- Convenient to not have to deal with a carafe
- Coffee tastes great, if you drink it within 15-20 minutes after brewing
- No problems with pouring water into the tank using the removable coffee tank
- Travel mugs fit fine under the dispensing spout

- Coffee begins to taste burned after 30 minutes in the heated coffee tank
- Manufacturer says to not clean coffee tank in dishwasher
- Coffee tank has many nooks and crannies and is difficult to hand wash

If you drink your coffee quickly after brewing, this might be just right for you. It could also be handy if you have company or in an office setting, as self-serving is fast and easy without a carafe.

However, if you dislike the taste of coffee that sits on a burner for too long, and a pot of coffee lasts you for several hours, you probably won't like this Brewstation.
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on May 13, 2010
The electrical cord is 25 inches long to the very tip of the metal prongs. Otherwise 24.5 inches cord length including the plug part you hang onto. Leaving you 24 inches for the cord itself. Our previous Brewstations all had this same length of electrical cord. This model does not have a turntable on the bottom. The only time we needed turntables were on older Brewstations that had to have the water poured into the base from a certain side to avoid spilling or to aid in viewing the fill level markings. This model has ALL the previous fill markings and some new ones. Very handy for older eyes. The MAXIMUM coffee mug height is 7 inches if you hold the mug vertically. (If you hold your mug at a angle and use your finger to dispense against the mechansim you can fill anything.) 7 inches is plenty tall for all the standard travel/commute mugs holding 16 oz. The lid does dribble all over the place when you take the Brewstation apart for cleaning or making another pot. Just remember to lift the lid slowly and tap it with vibration as you open it. You will leave condensation water from the lid running down the back of the Brewstation about the volume of a 50 cent piece. The lid cannot be removed. You can wipe up the spilled water by simply running a sponge, papertowel, etc around the back. Remember, this is water and not coffee. If you position a papertowel at the hinge you prevent problems. The Brewstation does dispense/dribble down the back of your coffee mug once in awhile. The first time you notice this and before your next pot of coffee you clean the pot out and then fill with a few inches of clean water, lift the pot so you can see under it where the coffee dispenses and manually trigger the release mechanism to allow it to flush coffee grinds out. End of dribbling. There is a domed filter screen permanently attached at the point where the coffee leaves during dispensing. This lets small particles of coffee get by apparently get into the valve seat. Brewstations make GREAT coffee. House guests almost always end up buying their own. ALWAYS buy the latest model Brewstation with the highest numberic model number as you get the latest features that way and improvements and fixes. LOVE the Brewstation.
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on January 5, 2012
I have owned this coffeemaker for only one week, but am happy with it so far. About three years ago we broke a glass carafe and got a new HB brew station 47374, which was the predecessor to this model. It appears to be identical except for a bit more chrome coloring on this model. It had terrible reviews which were primarily due to coffee leaking and even possible fire hazard. We got one anyway because we were tired of having to pour and clean the fragile carafes and have been happy with it. We never had any problem other than small leaks that were due to coffee dripping down the side of the cup during dispensing. We also tried the more expensive 47454 model, but returned it because it leaked internally the first time we used it.

1. One hand dispensing, (but sometimes need to steady unit from sliding).
2. No fragile carafes to clean or break.
3. Appears to brew better than our old Mr. Coffee.

1. Visually awkward to see time setting due to low side location.
2. The last cup will sometimes leak during dispensing because of low head pressure. I resolve this problem by pouring the last cup manually from the fill bucket.
3. There will be water leaking down the back of the unit when the lid is lifted during or after brew. This is due to the steam condensation on the lid dripping down the back when raised.
4. This unit is noisy. The heating element which the base of the bucket sits on, makes a hissing type noise whenever it is active. This was not noticable on the older unit.

All in all I still like this coffee maker despite its shortcummings. It brews tasty coffee, is easy to use and easy to clean. Please note that this review is for the 10 cup model number 47380.
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on March 14, 2016
WOW what a deal! When I received notice of The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker on sale, I read the reviews and decided to purchase it. I finally used it today and was very very impressed. I used Santo Domingo ground coffee and it was exactly as I wanted. I followed all the instructions and l cleaned the machine before using it. I then proceeded to fill the carrying tank with water for 12 cups, poured it into the machine placed the empty tank on top, inserted the filter and placed seven heaping tablespoons into the filter. Closed the container, pressed the strong brew and on button. Minutes later a very full body and hot mug of coffee. What I love the most was the fact that there is no carafe! The coffee is brewed inside and stored by a warming place for up to four hours. It kept it hot! Being able to take a mug or a cup and just pour what you want is such a great idea and it works well. At the end, when we were finished all 12 cups, cleanup was simple and we set the machine on to a timer for tomorrow morning. Very pleased with this machine and you will as well.
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on February 29, 2012
Many people have written bad reviews on this Brew Station and I would like to respond to some of their Complaints.

Short Cord: To receive a UL listing for a kitchen appliance, you must have a short cord to prevent the appliance from getting knocked over into a sink full of water without unplugging. All good kitchen appliances have short cords!

Hard to fill your cup: Our unit has rubber non-skid feet and does not slide when you fill any type of mug, small, large, tall, short, thick and/or thin. The release bar is firmer than prior units but not all that stiff.

Leaks and/or doesn't stop driping: The manual states "clean it" this has been true on all of our brew stations, if you do not clean it or get grounds in it, it will drip.

Weak coffee due to large holes in basket: We use the standard Mr. Coffee paper filters as we do not like the problem of washing a permanent filter. No problem and our coffee turns out well without the bold setting and we like strong coffee. Then again, we use good premium full roast coffee (Ravens Brew Brands)
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on February 22, 2012
I just purchased this "BrewStation" from a local retailer after my old drip machine (with a glass carafe) died. I have to admit that I am a "coffee snob" and often use a French press (the preferred method by coffee enthusiasts) to brew my morning Joe. However, when I don't have time, I use a drip machine. With that being said, the BrewStation is a very simple and convenient coffee maker with plenty of upside:
The combo water filler/coffee "basket" has a handle and a pour spout that makes filling the unit a breeze. I really like not having a glass carafe sitting on a hot plate (which only burns the coffee and gives it a bitter taste); one less thing to wash. Also, the pour valve on the unit has a solid seal that doesn't leak (so far).
Now with the downside:
It has a spot for a water filtration cartridge, but you have to purchase the unit separately. Second, the space between the base of the machine and the pour spout is only big enough for a standard 6-8oz mug. I usually drink from a travel mug, so what I end up doing is moving the BrewStation to the edge of the counter and tilting my mug so it hits the button. Finally, the last two cups of coffee come out slowly. The machine is gravity fed, so you have to be patient with the last cup or so.
Overall, I think it is a very nice machine that will suit my needs just fine. Hopefully, it will work for you also.
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on July 7, 2012
Ok, so I did some research before buying this at my local target. Wow. There are so many negative reviews, that I almost didn't buy it. I wanted something that can do Ice Coffee, hot Coffee. So I ignored the negative reviews, and went with this one. I'm totally shocked at how people can be so damn picky. First off. This does everything I need it to. Some of the complaints were the spout to close to the back of the maker, so it drips? How thick of mugs are you using people? I have never had any problems with the design. I have ZERO drips in the drip catcher.
I love how easy it is. It's super convenient to use. I love that the "bucket" comes out to fill it with ice. That's awesome. I love how easily it is to fill a cup up without the pot. Of course when it's low (under 2 cups) it's going to pour out slow. It's gravity that is making this pour. So when it's low. It's less pressure/gravity people.
I hate people that want the quality of a 200 coffee maker, for 50 bucks. Imagine why our economy is so bad, you cheap butts!
I love this coffee maker. I think the price is awesome. But I wasn't expecting much after all these reviews. But I have to say. This is an awesome coffee maker. I've had it over a month and there hasn't been one thing I hate about it.
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