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on December 3, 2011
My wife and I have been using this juicer on a regular basis for a few months now, so we have good idea of what it can do. This is a good juicer for semi-regular use making quantities of a quart or less. We ask a lot of our juicer making four or five quarts at a time a couple of times a week. After about four months of regular use, we've noticed that the cutter/basket is getting a little dull, so we aren't getting as much juice from our produce, and it doesn't cut as quickly. The good news is that replacement baskets are only $12 on the Hamilton Beach website. This compares to around $50 to replace the Breville equivalent part. The bad news is that I just went to order a couple and they were out of stock, so I'm stuck with the dull one for now. For this reason I'm giving four stars instead of five. I may change that to three if they don't get the cutter/baskets back in stock soon. Update: The Hamilton Beach website now has them in stock. I ordered two and they were quickly delivered.

We've notice the following about using the unit: If you plan to do larger quantities, you might want to consider a more upscale unit. Depending on what you are juicing, you'll usually need to clean the cutter/basket to maintain efficiency after a quart or two. After that the screen tends to get clogged and you'll loose some juice into the pulp bin. Apples, cucumbers and the like do fine without clogging the screen, so I start with those. I'll do the carrots last since the pulp seals the little holes in the screen pretty quickly. Pineapple and ginger fibers seem to get caught in the cutting teeth, so I also do these at the end. The top also slowly fills up with pulp, and you'll need to clean it to keep going after a couple of quarts of juice making. Just pop the top and scoop it out (make sure the motor stops spinning before you remove the top); you can do a more thorough cleaning once you're done. Again, if you're just making a quart or two, none of this should be a problem.

Cleanup is fairly easy if you do it right after juicing. Most of the pulp rinses right off, but the cutter/basket takes a little scrubbing, and you want to be meticulous because once the pulp dries, it's really hard to remove.

Some folks have complained about the pulp in the juice. We actually enjoy the texture and prefer it this way. It seems like we're drinking something substantial. Just to be clear, it is still very much juice/liquid, it just contains some pulp too. We especially enjoy juicing a couple of beets into the mix for the flavor and the rich red color.

We make larger quantities of juice each time, because we don't have the time it takes to scrub and prepare the fruits and veggies every day, so we keep some in the fridge for the busy days. It's recommended that for maximum nutritional benefit you drink the juice right away, but it seems to keep and taste good for up to three days in the fridge. For folks that do daily juicing of smaller quantities, this unit should give good service at a very reasonable price.

Note: When I first plugged it in, I couldn't get it to turn on. After fooling around with it for a few minutes, I discovered that the top latch arms must be secured in very a specific way or it won't start. This is a safety measure to ensure that it won't start with the cutter/basket exposed. Now that I know what I'm doing it starts right up every time. Make absolutely sure that you have the top exactly in place before you send it back as DOA.
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on April 11, 2012
I purchased this juicer after reading the book "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" in which they recommend very nice juicers ranging from $300-$400+. After checking Consumer Reports in which this Hamilton Beach juicer is one of their recommended buys, it seemed to be a no-brainer. This thing rocks! Leftover pulp is dry dry dry, I can't imagine any other juicer doing a better job of extracting all the juice. And it doesn't matter what it is - apples, oranges, cucumbers, carrots, leafy greens like spinach and kale, it makes juice of them all with ease. And clean up is a snap (and I HATE appliances that are not easy to clean, and usually end up not using them just so I don't have to clean them). This juicer comes with a handy little brush that gets in all the little spaces and cleans the filter with little to no effort. Very few pieces - just rinse the 4 pieces with hot water and brush clean the filter and that's it! Easy peasy.
The one reason I didn't give it a perfect 5 stars...
No container included to catch your juice, you must use your own receptacle which is a pain if you're making any more than one large coffee cups worth. You have to do multiple cups of multiple veggies and fruits and mix them all together in the end.
Couple cleaning tips: Spray the pulp container lightly with pam or non-stick spray lightly before using and the stuff will slide right out. And, after all juicing is done, put a small amount of hot water through the juicer - this makes the filter much easier to clean.
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on July 5, 2015
Like everything that I get from Amazon, I bought this Juicer on my own accord and nobody has paid me to give this review. The Long and short of it is that I love this Juicer.

The Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor arrived already assembled inside the box. All I did was remove the plastic and little cardboard pieces that protected the sides and certain parts of the unit. The box contained the Juicer, a Manual, and a cleaning brush. On page 4 of the Manual, it shows and lists the parts & features of the unit. This particular model does not come with a Juice Cup (at least mine didn't) (which is not a problem at all). So, once you receive your order, remember to check if you have everything you need to operate the Juicer.

I went ahead and washed the parts that can be washed, and wiped the rest that I couldn't wash. The Juicer is very easy to put together as it is to take apart (for cleaning).

The motor is very strong. I was able to feed into the chute fruits & vegetables with the Food Pusher with no problem. What really impressed me is the amount of juice it is able to extract from the produce. The juice was smooth, no tiny seeds or particles or remnants of the produce in the juice that came out of the Juice Spout--which is what I expect from a juicer. There's some fizz, but if you stir the juice, it easily incorporates.

The unit is very easy to clean. The cleaning brush that came with it was very useful when cleaning the Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Strainer Basket; but you can also use an old toothbrush. I say this because an old toothbrush has softer bristles than the (free) cleaning brush that came with the Juicer. I used the cleaning brush today, but will use an old toothbrush moving forward. The washable parts of the unit can be cleaned very easily by running it under the faucet (that's what I did), and wiping the non-washable parts with a wet, soapy, paper towel to soften any sticky residue, then wiping it again with just a wet paper towel to remove the soap. The Manual states that the washable parts are dishwasher-safe, so you can do that, too, if you like.

I am attaching some photos to show the following: (1) that there are no broken parts; (2) that the unit came complete with all its parts and already assembled; (3) that it is easy to take-a-part and clean, and then easy to put back together; and (4) the first couple of juices I made from whatever I have in the fridge.

The pitcher contains 3/4 of a cantaloupe; and the large mason jar contains one regularly-sized Fuji apple and six large ripe strawberries. They were delicious! :-)

Update: I made a Banana & Strawberry juice, and found that while it did extract juice from the bananas, there was left-over pulp from the it. I think this juicer can be "pulp-y" if softer produce is used. I'll find out as I try-on recipes from the books that I got, and will let you guys know. At any rate, I still love it.

I hope this helps anybody who is in the market for an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, strong/powerful juicer that extracts a lot of juices.
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on June 21, 2016
OMG! I absolutely love this juicer! I ordered this and then read a majority of the reviews and began to get concerned that maybe I had not made the best selection in a juicer. Just received this juicer yesterday and used it immediately upon arriving home. I could not be happier with this juicer! Very simple assembly required to use, a monkey could figure this out! Many reviews indicated that this juicer was extremely noisy, on the contrary! This juicer was no more noisy than your average high quality blender one might use to make smoothies, salsa, etc. It was actually much quieter than my coffee bean grinder or perhaps a close second. Seriously though people, what do you expect from something that obliterates your fruits and veggies into virtually pulp-less drinkable juice?? I did not find this juicer to be overly noisy at all!

I also saw a ton of complaints about veggies and fruit flying out of the big mouth food shoot. Really?!! Common sense tells anyone with half a brain that the grinder inside is whirling around at quite a significant speed. Why in the heck would you drop food down the shoot while it is running? That is just complete ignorance. I found that I could stuff a great amount of food to the top of the shoot, literally, then held the food pusher on top as I flipped the switch to not be problematic. I honestly believe that it is good to give the juicer that little moment of rest between each load to keep the juicer from overheating, those people who choose not to wait for the grinder basket to stop spinning/power down the juicer between loads is just begging for flying food, their juicer to overheat, and for it to quit working.

I also took the advice of several reviewers and used a plastic bag in the pulp waste container. This made for very quick clean up. Additionally, this thing was an absolute breeze to clean! I highly recommend that you clean it immediately after use. Do not leave it sitting or your will have a problem cleaning it, but honestly the only part I had to scrub was the grinder/screen basket in order to get the pulp residue off the screen. Common sense tells you that the screen basket, again, is spinning a very fast speed sucking all the juice it possibly can from your produce that along with the slight heat of the machine and air will dry that pulp out very quickly so do not waste a moment cleaning it out or your will have a problem.

Additionally, I took heed to more reviewer advise and juiced my carrots lastly. The carrots really do clog the screen quickly. I did my carrots in 2 stages, rinsing in between in order to get the most juice possible from those babies. It was really not a big deal to remove the grinder/screen basket (once it stopped spinning) and rinse it with warm water, then replace it back in to the juicer to proceed.

This juicer is very powerful and made a lot more juice than I expected. I love it! I plan to use it regularly and I recommend this particular model to anyone looking to juice on a budget! You really get bang for your bucks on this model! Seriously, you do not need to spend $150 - $300 for a juicer unless you are opening a juice bar in the mall!

The juice pictured was my first batch consisting of 1 med. golden delicious apple, 1 beet (3" diameter), 2 lg. celery stalks, 1 in. peeled ginger root, 1/2 peeled lemon, 3 cups spinach leaves, and 7 lg. carrots. That is a lot of juice there! Very tasty too!Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 3, 2017
I am so happy with this juicer! First off, I wanted to explain how I got it. It might help you get a better deal because the prices of this juicer seem to fluctuate all over the place. I came here and saw it for $45. I felt it's worth that and more because it has an 800 Watt motor and a lot of good reviews. There are even many 400 Watts in this price range but the 400 Watts are really more citrus and very soft fruit. The 800 Watt is what you need if you want carrot juice. But, I still wanted to see if I could get a better deal.

I searched in Amazon Warehouse Deals and that's how I found mine - it was $35. Right after I bought this, I'm not sure why but then I copied and pasted this into the search box: Hamilton Beach 67602A. When I did that, I discovered I could have gotten a recertified one for only $24! I almost cancelled and ordered again but just decided to forget about it. I would have saved even $10 more, but whatever. I'm still very happy with what I have and the price I got it for. I see the price has gone up too, yesterday it went up to $51 and now it's $53. So, sorry if this is a bit of a rant, but point is, if you search a bit on Amazon, it may save you some bucks.

Since mine was a "Warehouse Deal" it didn't come with any of the original container or even a user guide. It looks like they put a bubble sheet on the bottom and then threw in separate pieces of my juicer everywhere inside. When I got it, the sheet had worked its way up and all the pieces were exposed to crash together and when I opened it, it kind of reminded me of a jigsaw puzzle. A very nice juicer jigsaw puzzle and magically, nothing was damaged and it was all in pristine condition. It was easy to put together with no instructions and the only settings are On or Off. I quickly got it together and as my first test, I put in 32 oz of raw uncooked carrots. I am so thrilled, it just effortlessly made carrot juice out of them, it's so strong!. I got a little over 16 oz of juice out of 32 oz raw carrots.

The sound it makes when juice (in my mind) is not unpleasant at all. It kind of sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I can deal with it. I also did some research and found a lot of bread recipes for juice and veggie pulp. I hate to waste food. Take a look at the carrot pulp in my picture. That is going to make some absolutely amazing carrot bread. The only downside is cleanup. That's probably going to be true of any juicer. If I could find a juicer that would make juice this good and then clean itself up, it would be awesome. But with this, you should clean it right after juicing, it's about 5 min to take it apart and rinse. That way you won't get weird things drying on it. Well anyway, this is a great juicer and would recommend you buy one.
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on July 17, 2016
The product came, on time, in their frustration free packaging (it was packed well but I'm used to that!). There were no instructions but I did find later find them on another similar Hamilton Beach juicer. On the front page and when I scrolled down. It did give me some information and 2 recipes that were recommended. There was no brush included as indicated and no cup (you need a tall glass so that juice does not squirt out as is "juicing") included but not indicated.
I've made several glasses so far and for $50. it's good. You do need a brush for clean up (toothbrush is what I'm using) and it has to be washed by hand.
I was going to send it back. I mean really, no instructions and I have to look them up on each time or print them out. Then I remembered, the price was right. If I had to do it over I would have spent more for stainless steel. This is plastic.
No one is giving me this for my opinion. How does everyone get in on that!!?
PS I did buy the 3 year warranty...just looking at this. I think I'll be using it. I'll get back to ya if this crashes within 6 months.
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on May 7, 2013
I don't eat enough veges and I wanted to start getting more nutrients so I figured this was the best alternative for me, to buy a juicer and juice fruits and veges every night. I know this isn't the best replacement and nothing will be better than eating the veges whole but I needed something convenient and simple. So I began my research into juicing and started researching all the types of juicers (brands, models, and types). Something to know about my purchase is that this is my first juicing/extracting machine and I wasn't looking for the very best but just something that was highly recommended and good enough for what I needed.

I read up on all the different brands and models and types, and I read a lot of different reviews for many juicers and ultimately I ended up choosing the HB BMPJE. I believe I purchased the juicer back in January 2013 and have used it "almost every" night since then. 4 months later I'm still using this juicer and have no complaints or issues with it at all. I was very happy and very satisfied with my purchase. Sadly, since this is my first ever juicer I can't compare it with anything else but this juicer did exactly what I read it would do and I didn't expect anything more. I'm sure the more expensive machines are "better" but as I mentioned, I just needed something to juice my veges and fruits at night and this does exactly that very well. This juicer is nominated by Consume Reports for being best value blender and also had tons of good reviews on it.

I usually blend 2 apples, 1/2 a cucumber, 2 carrots, and 2 celery sticks with the leaf. This easily blends 20oz+ of juice. There are many great veges and fruits to choose from for juicing but I mainly like this combo because they have a high amount of juice in them and water so it extracts a lot, and it comes out better tasting. I tried spinach, broccoli, and kale but it didn't extract that much, or as not nearly as much as these do. The main thing that I noticed once I started juicing was that my face cleared up A LOT. I don't have bad acne but I would get some here and there but ever since I started juicing I've noticed that it's helped so much and I rarely ever break out anymore.

Cleaning, maintenance, and assembly is simple and easy. I put in a grocery bag in the extract compartment so it makes cleaning easier. Honestly, I might get hate for this, but I simply just rinse the parts in hot water right after using the juicer (I do scrub the metal juice wheel thing with the brush every time), I'll only use and scrub with soap once a week.

Only 2 "issues" I would like to bring up with this juicer. 1.) The juicer can get loud but it's not ridiculously loud. 2.) The extract and pulp aren't fully dry, which means the juicer doesn't extract 100% of the juice but it still does the job and does it well. I recommend having patience and taking your time when you put the veges and fruits in, slow pressure will allow the most to extract rather than forcing it down the hole (giggles).

Do I see myself upgrading later on to a "better" juicer? No, this does exactly what it says and does what I need it to do well. I highly recommend this to anyone starting off or replacing another juicer. Only gave it a 4/5 because I have nothing else to compare it to.

Hope this helped.

***Update as of 12/23/13
The juicer still works properly with no leaks but it has gotten significantly louder, more high pitched. I'm not sure why but I have to put a little extra pressure on the top side to keep the sound from being noticeable.
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on September 12, 2017
It is very easy to clean and disassemble. The motor is powerful enough to grind anything that fits into the large diameter feeder tube. It is noisy like all juice extractors. It is not a heavyweight anchor it sits on your counter. It is easy enough to pop the two pieces the top off and Tuckett into a cabinet. My feeling is that it will last as long as any other juicer. Also, you do How to make sure that the two clips on the side are firmly down in nothing obstructs them because they are the safety switch. I had a different user who safety switch was a small button that fit against the top container. Well, that broke in about three weeks and I had a toss the juicer. How to make sure that the two clips on the side are firmly down in nothing obstructs them because they are the safety switch. I had a different user who safety switch was a small button that fit against the pop container. Well, that broke in about three weeks and I had a toss the juicer. And that one was quite expensive even when I got it on sale.
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on January 24, 2018
I am a Health teacher at a Middle school in Seattle and I bought one of these to have my students try "juicing" as an alternative way to consume their daily servings of "veggies" in a fun and different way. I brought a huge box full of vegetables and fruits to have the students try juicing their own mixes and they loved it! But most importantly, this juicer held up to the rigors of middle school students. The first item we received had a defective latch that wouldn't allow the machine to operate unless we physically held the latch down so that the juicer could work. But with Amazon's amazing return policy, a replacement machine was sent and worked perfectly. I love that the juicing blade is made out of stainless steel so that it will last a long time. Cleanup is a breeze if you do so immediately after use. If you let the bits dry on the blade, it will be very difficult to clean. I also use the brush that was included to help scrub the blade mesh clean, which helps a lot.
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on September 23, 2017
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor


Inexpensive - under $50

Efficient - extracted pulp is not watery

Easy assemble/disassemble - for cleaning


A bit loud - 90 to 100 dB

Overall I’m quite pleased with this juicer’s performance. I read reviews and watched videos before deciding to purchase the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor.

Juiced: Carrots, cucumbers, beets, celery, tomatoes, apples, pears, broccoli (not recommended - too over powering taste), peaches, plums, and grapes. Looking forward to trying ginger root and other fruits and veggies.

Have not tried squishy fruit (bananas) or leafy items (kale).

The juicing process literally takes seconds once your fruit/veg selection is washed. Be sure to stir the juice before removing the “head” (foamy top). Most of that mixes quite well and doesn’t taste any different.

For best results use a veggie bag for the waste bin for easy clean-up. If you refrigerate the bag of pulp, you can reuse it 3-4 times before throwing it away or adding it to your compost pile.

Likewise, for best results clean all removable parts as soon as you’re done juicing. The plunger, top lid and strainer outer sleeve clean easily with running water. The strainer is just a tad more intense. Use the included brush to FIRST gently scrub the strainer’s outer mesh under running water, then rinse the inside, then gently scrub the inside and rinse again. The entire cleaning process takes less than 5 minutes.

Some folks recommend soaking items in water if you cannot clean them until later - I agree.

As for the sound - it’s pretty darn loud. 90 decibels just to start the machine and up to 100 dB depending on what hard fruit/veg you are juicing. However, like I mentioned earlier - juicing takes under a minute.

What? What did you say???

Refrigerator Humming - 40 dB
Vacuum Cleaner - 70 dB
Garbage Disposal - 80 dB
HB Juicer - 90 dB
Chain Saw - 110 dB
Jet Engine - 140 dB
Godzilla screaming after stubbing toe - 260 dB
review imagereview imagereview image
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