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on December 17, 2013
Get it now! Really I watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead & decided to do the 60 Day Juice Fast & I literally saved my life. I had a 2 mini strokes at the age of 23 with Hypertension Stage 2 and Diabetes. I needed a really good juicer & saw some great reviews about this 1 it was also a lot cheaper than others and performs the same. After 10 days I lost 15lbs in a month 30lbs & after 60 days I am no longer a diabetic I don't take any HBP meds & I have lost 63lbs total.
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on April 16, 2012
Like many people, I was inspired by the "Fat sick and nearly dead" documentary. I can not compare it to other juicers as this is my first and only one I own. I did do a lot of research however, and for what its worth, the Hamilton is one of the cheapest ones on the market. Will a extra $200 get you a better juicer? I do not know, however this does get the job done, very well.

I have so far juiced, carrots, apples, ginger roots, celery, kale, broccoli, lemons/limes, spinach, and mango. All produce varying amounts of juice, but for the most part the pulp that comes out is pretty dry. I have re-juiced the pulp to see if I get more anything but I get a few drips out of it at most and do not find it worthwhile.

The one issue I have with this however is cleaning the metal centrifuge thing is a pain in the rear. It comes with a brush and it really is the only thing that can clean it. The rest of the plastic that comes in contact with juice or pulp is dishwasher safe, but if you don't clean it immediately it is pretty ineffective. My tip is to hand clean it RIGHT AFTER you juice. If you leave anything with pulp on it, it will make cleaning 10 times harder. I guess my only other thing is, due to the height of the machine, the cup that catches the juice is some what small. I make anywhere from 1-2 quarts of juice at a time so I have to dump the juice into a pitcher a few times.

Another tip: if you line the pulp collector with a plastic (grocery) bag, you don't even have to clean that thing at all.

All in all, if you want a great juicer but don't want to spend the big bucks (>$200) this is the way to go. Just know that with healthy choices, comes cleaning chores.
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on July 1, 2014
This is a very nice juicer. I have no complaints, it was everything that I hoped it would be according to everyone's post that I read before I bought it. It gives the maximum amount of juice from your fruits and vegetables ...I mean I get cups and cups of juice, it is absolutely great!!! This juicer is definitely perfect for anyone who is interested in getting healthier. If you want to remove toxins from your body,and you want to feel great. If you want to stop eating processed foods, artificial sugar,or you want to lose weight. This is the perfect juicer to get you started. I love it!!!! Oh and please do not let me forget to comment on how easy it is to clean that always matters because when juicers are too much trouble to clean that's what makes you not want to juice at least not long term anyway and you end up not juicing anymore because it's just to much darn trouble. But this is very easy to clean and it even comes with a little brush to clean it with,plus here's a little tip I got from another blogger. If you put a bag in the pulp bin before you start then you don't have to worry about cleaning it when you're done just toss the bag out. Unless you're going to use the pulp to make something delicious.
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on July 25, 2013
This is a fantastic product, especially for the price! I purchased a Jack Lalanne juicer for over $100 and then got this one for much less. This one is much better! It works faster and gets more juice out of the produce. It's pretty easy to clean, just be sure you use the scrubbie that comes with the product so you don't dull the blades. This is a great buy! I have a few friends who have purchased it and they all really love it too.
*Juice tip - if you are adding apples to your juice, use Granny Smith. They add more flavor than any of the red varieties. (Be sure to core the apples; apple seeds are somewhat poisonous.)
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on October 29, 2014
Buyer Beware: One of the plastic prongs that come out from the base and fit to the top attachment was broken. I contacted the warranty department of Hamilton Beach. They agreed that the unit is under the warranty. However, I was asked to pay shipping charges of $16.87 (for the item worth $59.00) to get the replacement. When I asked whether it was their policy for all the appliances, they said yes. So I am going to stay away from Hamilton Beach products. Just sharing my experience with you, folks.
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on March 28, 2014
This is my first juicer and I am impressed. It takes good sized pieces and come right apart when I am done. A quick rinse under warm water has it sparking. The handy brush works perfectly to clean the juicer with minimal effort.
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on June 18, 2017
It's decent, a good starter juicer or for someone who will juice but not on a daily basis.
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on April 29, 2012
We were able to borrow a Breville from a co-worker when we first started juicing to determine what we thought of it. We then bought this juicer. I cannot see a noticeable difference. In fact, I like it much better because you can put a bag into the waste bin of it and halve your clean-up time! I think its really easy to clean and makes great juice! We have had it for almost 5 months and are very impressed.
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on November 1, 2017
Bought this a year and a half ago and it still works as good as the day i bought it
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on June 19, 2017
Awesome... make enough juice for 3 ppl every 2 days. This machine gets a work out. 😀
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