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on April 16, 2012
Like many people, I was inspired by the "Fat sick and nearly dead" documentary. I can not compare it to other juicers as this is my first and only one I own. I did do a lot of research however, and for what its worth, the Hamilton is one of the cheapest ones on the market. Will a extra $200 get you a better juicer? I do not know, however this does get the job done, very well.

I have so far juiced, carrots, apples, ginger roots, celery, kale, broccoli, lemons/limes, spinach, and mango. All produce varying amounts of juice, but for the most part the pulp that comes out is pretty dry. I have re-juiced the pulp to see if I get more anything but I get a few drips out of it at most and do not find it worthwhile.

The one issue I have with this however is cleaning the metal centrifuge thing is a pain in the rear. It comes with a brush and it really is the only thing that can clean it. The rest of the plastic that comes in contact with juice or pulp is dishwasher safe, but if you don't clean it immediately it is pretty ineffective. My tip is to hand clean it RIGHT AFTER you juice. If you leave anything with pulp on it, it will make cleaning 10 times harder. I guess my only other thing is, due to the height of the machine, the cup that catches the juice is some what small. I make anywhere from 1-2 quarts of juice at a time so I have to dump the juice into a pitcher a few times.

Another tip: if you line the pulp collector with a plastic (grocery) bag, you don't even have to clean that thing at all.

All in all, if you want a great juicer but don't want to spend the big bucks (>$200) this is the way to go. Just know that with healthy choices, comes cleaning chores.
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on June 17, 2013
I am one of countless people who saw the documentary " Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead", and then jumped onto the juice wagon. The cost for most other juicers was pretty shocking. I did a LOT of research.....I read reviews, reports, watched youtube video reviews, comparisons, and demonstrations. It seemed too good to be true that much of what I read said that this $50 juicer was comparable to a $300 Breville. I finally decided to try it out, and heck, if it was not that great I could invest in a more expensive one later. That was four months ago, and the juicer is still doing it's job great----I have been very happy with it. A friend of mine has the top-of the line breville with all the bells and whistles, and we make several of the same recipes.....yet I get many more ounces of juice then she does. I actually use half the ingredient amounts of the standard mean-green recipe and get 24 ounces of juice, where as my friend with the breville uses the full ingredients and often gets less ounces. So this saves me money on produce as well.

Overall, if you are new to juicing and fear that it is too expensive for you to get a juicer-----you really do not need the expensive breville! This machine will do what you need! I juice everything in it----greens, root veggies, berries etc.....and it gets the job done.

The only negatives is that the little pitcher it gives you is only 20 ounces, yet many juice combos produce more juice then that. So I use a pitcher bowl under it, or a 32 oz mason jar. I also like to slide a vinyl cutting board under it to reduce vibration/ movement, and to catch any drips. It also only has one speed, but I really have not had a problem with that, and have been able to juice all types of produce without any problems. Additionally, I found the mesh part scrubs up really fast if I use the spray setting on my faucet.

Happy juicing! If my feedback was helpful for you, please click and let me know! :)
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on January 12, 2014
We wanted to try juicing as a healthier lifestyle choice starting the new year. Since we weren't sure how we'd actually like it, we didn't want to spend a ton of money on a really expensive juicer. We found this one and based on the price and good reviews, decided to try it out. After using it for about a week, I can honestly say we love it!! Starting off your day with a veggie/fruit juice really sets the tone and make you feel energized and ready to make healthy choices.

As far as the machine, it is pretty nice and sturdy except for the plastic clips that hold the containers together. They work fine, but I am a bit concerned that they could break easily after prolonged use. I will update if that is the case. The rest of the machine is pretty easy to use and take apart to clean. As other's have suggested, clean it immediately and all of the pulp will simply rinse off with no scrubbing or anything. The only thing that needs a bit of manpower is the metal filter/sieve as the tiny bits of pulp need to be scraped off. I make my juice, and then immediately rinse off everything and scrub the filter. It probably takes maximum 5 minutes. Just enough time for my juice to chill on ice. The machine is loud, so don't plan on doing this while others are sleeping without getting the stank eye from them.

We have juiced a wide variety of fruits and vegetables- multiple types of apples, oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, pineapple, kale, spinach, cucumber, ginger, celery, tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic, you name it. We've tried both sweet and savory juices and they are all delicious. We also made some pure fruit juice and let me tell you, once you've had fresh orange juice there's nothing like it! One suggestion on greens-small piecey greens do not juice well in this machine. I've tried broccoli slaw and chopped kale and both basically flew through the chute into the pulp bin. Bigger, leafier greens will work better.

Here are a few tips for new users:
-Juice in the am before eating anything else. This will allow you to get maximum vitamins/minerals absorbed and maximum benefits
-If you want to keep it healthier, only add 1 piece of fruit. 1 apple will add a lot of sweetness, so you don't need to go overboard (unless that's what you like ofcourse) Carrots and beets also have a good amount of sugar, so keep that in mind. Lemons/lime add a "sweet sour" taste without as much sugar too.
-Peel oranges/tangerines/lemons/limes and remove core/seeds from apples to remove a bit of the bitterness.
-Drink your juice asap after making it; it will start to oxidize and lose vital nutrients. I have read you can keep juice in an air tight container for up to 12 hours if you need to make in advance, but you will lose some of the nutrients compared to freshly made.
-The bag in the pulp bin is nice, but honestly it takes a whole 1 min to dump the pulp and rinse it off. I think it's kind of a waste of plastic bags, but if you don't mind then it does save a tiny bit of time.
-Personally I like the juice better on ice; it's more refreshing and it kind of dulls the flavor a tiny bit. Hot spinach juice can be a little hard to handle first thing in the am.

Overall, I really love this juicer and don't regret purchasing in the slightest. It may not be the most expensive high quality juice on the market, but it fits our needs and does the job perfectly. I highly recommend!

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on October 22, 2017
Okay I could easily give this juicer a five star because it works like a charm juicing all my favorite vegetables. However it is very very hard to clean. It's NOT dishwasher friendly and unfortunately my model does not comes with a brush. REALLY? Something as simple as a brush that would make cleaning way easier and less tedious. How could they not include the brush in all models? Why let the consumer go through the trouble of searching for the appropriate brush to clean the stainless steel filter mesh. Is anyone aware how HARD IT IS TO CLEAN THIS FILTER MESH?????. Especially if ginger is involve. I love the efficiency in which it extract juice from my fruits and vegetables but I have not use this juicer in about 4 months because every time I think about cleaning it after use I am deterred. I use my vitamix instead don't have to worry about the tedious task of cleaning then.

( I don't want to hear that kit is dishwasher friendly because it is definitely NOT!!!)
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on February 2, 2015
I searched high and low for a dummy-proof juicer for my husband, who complained that our other "glorified" juicer was too complex. I read the reviews, compared options and cost compared and came up with this as the best option. I DID NOT GO WRONG!

We are the owners of the "as seen on tv" product that costs 5x as much as this. We seldom used it, mostly because the cleanup involved was ridiculous. This juicer completely changes the game!

What you have here is a very modestly priced juicer by a great company, that does a better job than my high priced version, and is easier to clean up after, which means we use it more.

We juice all kinds of fruits and vegetables, (even citrus)...though I should warn that as with other juicers that juice "peel on" citrus peel can leave a bitter taste, so if that's a problem for you, take it off...but just know you are losing most of the nutrient value if you do. This juicer does strain out the pulp (which comes out quite as a juicer it's very effective). (If you are looking for something that puree's the meat of the produce, use a food processor or a citrus juicer for citrus....not this kind of juicer).

One very important tip: ALWAYS rinse the parts immediately after not allow pulp to dry on the plastic or metal pieces...if you do, everything I said about this being an "easy clean-up" will be null and void. Also, there is a brush that comes with the unit for cleaning the metal filter part. DON'T LOSE THIS :) It is apparently included for reason!
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on May 30, 2014
I don't know if this is the best gift to by your wife (hinting something), but I purchased for wife's birthday. Knew nothing about juicing other than you put fruit in their and juice comes out.

I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that we may or may not use (most small appliances we buy collect dust). So I went with something with good reviews at an affordable price.

Pros: amazing juicer that takes whatever you throw In it into juice. It's that simple. No fuss, just juice.

Cons: loud!, not fun to clean.

The rundown: I believe there is a formula that rates juicers by the amount of juice produced from fruits and veggies, but have nothing to compare this unit to. Friend of mine has that $400 juicers that are said to be the best in the world, but I could buy four of these for one of those. Clean up takes a little longer than I think it should, but using plastic grocery bags in the "catcher" helps with the cleaning. Juicing is expensive and my thought is to not invest so much in a unit unless it does produce more juice. Again, I couldn't tell you how much juice should come out of specific fruits or veggies.

I purchased 6 pack of glass bottle with blue plastic lids here on Amazon (way too expensive) but is the only way to go for those being healthy on the go. You can also buy "Voss" bottled water that comes in glass bottles and reuse those for less.
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on December 31, 2013
Like most other reviewers I bought this after deciding to make a lifestyle change , then I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I was positive i was making the right decision. I read the reviews before purchasing any product on amazon and the reviews are what lead me to this juicer. I was on the brink of buying a Breville however the price of this juicer at 800 watts is what got me interested in this one. at half the price of the Breville. i've only had this juicer for a short time but here is my review.

1: Noise: its not as loud as I thought it would be....yes there is noise but I could still talk in my kitchen without yelling and still be heard.

2: Juice Quantity: I juiced 3 apples and four carrots and i almost overfilled the cup that was provided with the juicer..i think it may be a 12 oz cup. The pulp was mostly dry and it looked like chopped Styrofoam

3: Clean Up: There is basically four parts to clean up. the blade itself , the cylinder the blade sits on , the feed chute top and the glass. Im not counting the pulp basket because like other reviewers I put in plastic grocery bags in it to save on clean up. I found that spraying the plastic pieces with hot water pretty much cleaned it well. The blade itself i also cleaned with hot water and the brush it came with...pretty simple and easy.

If you are a novice juicer like me then I believe that you will be making a very smart choice in purchasing this juicer. I will update this review frequently to let you know how it is operating.
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on May 26, 2014
First, the price on this juicer is excellent when you consider most juicers are $100 and up. I decided to give it a shot from all the positive reviews. It was working great the 1st day. I used it twice that day. I even cut the fruits and vegetables smaller just to make things easier and preserve the machine as long as possible. Day 2 I attempted to juice the same ingredients and the engine just quit cold turkey no warning. I unplugged it allowed it time to rest to see if it had just exhausted itself temporarily however, It did not turn back on again. It's another great day for juicing and here I am without a juicer. :( Will be returning for a full refund and using that money to purchase another one. I was hoping that for once I wouldn't have to spend more to get more. Great in theory however, the engine isn't so strong on this one. After careful research I may purchase the Omega 350 HD which has a long term warranty and high consumer ratings.
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on November 18, 2013
I'm new to juicing and chose this affordable option for my first experiment since I didn't know if I would even like it or continue juicing long term. I am very happy with this juicer. It is not too cumbersome to clean, you just have to do it right away before the stuff hardens, then it is difficult. This is true of the cup(s) or containers you drink your mix out of. A dishwasher, for whatever reason, just dries it on there. You need to rinse all clinging chunks off the cup with a dish-cloth, your hand or whatever. Then I just use the dishwasher for the large plastic parts and I hand wash the metal mesh blade/strainer with the included brush and tiny bit of soap.

Now, I have no doubt that other more expensive machines might do a better job, but I don't know why you would need anything more than this one. I like to add carrots and celery into any juice I am making. It is affordable and mild-tasting. For sweetness add apples(s). I will often buy a good 100% apple cider and add that to my juiced vegetables for the mixture I use for my daily breakfast. The mixture I get from this HB Big Mouth juice extractor is similar to the thicker type of liquid apple cider provides.

If you also have a food processor or blender you can use both and get your healthy greens juiced and blend into fruit smoothies. Try to reduce packaged foods and eat fresh and you are on your way to feeling better and getting healthier. I lost 5 pounds the first week I juiced. Now I've continued to lose about 1-2 pounds a week. I have more energy and much, much less cravings.

The documentary 'Hungry for Change' changed my life. I am a sugar addict but never fully understood the relationship between food and the brain chemistry that kept me wanting more. I blamed myself, which fueled a depression I then would eat to fill! A never-ending cycle. Now I eat for health, and as long as i avoid my triggers or eat them sparingly I am much more in control of my body and I feel better physically and emotionally.
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on November 16, 2013
This machine is awesome! If I'd known how much easier juicing would be with this one instead of the smaller juicer I'd been using, would have switched long ago. The big opening up top makes all the difference in the world, plus cleanup is way easier by putting a plastic grocery bag in the part that catches the solids. It's all easy to clean, though the basket takes about as long as with any juicer. One thing to mention is that though some say to wash the basket in a bowl of soapy water, don't do that until you've first ran water over it in the sink and brushed away most of the stuff caught in it. I found that the holes/teeth are so fine that they re-catch the bits that wash out into the bowl every time you lift it from the water, so you think it's not washing out. :^) Sometimes knowing the least little thing like that can make cleanup so much easier, lol... It makes more juice than my previous machine, as well, leaving very dry remains in the side container. Really, no complaints at all with this machine, other than I should have bought it sooner.
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