Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach 49980Z Single Serve Coffee 2-Way Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker
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on December 20, 2011
I'm only an owner of the product for 1 day, however I have brewed 6 single serves and 1 pot and so far, it works as described.

What I really loved about this machine was/is the concept. However, when I was deciding to purchase, I thought that it required the Senseo pads for the Single cup brew as there was very little info in the product features.

After receiving it, I was pleasantly surprised that the single cup brewing contained a little permanent filter that can be used with standard coffee grinds, awesome don't need to pay for the Senseo if I don't want to. It also came with a pack of 18 senseo pads as well.

Last night was perfect test of the single cup concept. I had already programmed and prepped my 7AM standard coffee brew, however I still wanted a cup of coffee (this happens often). So I switched over to the single cup and brewed my cup, then switched back and pressed the program button to ensure it would still brew the main pot at 7am. Worked like a charm!! Before I would have had to brew the entire 6 cups that were ready, toss out most of it and setup my morning brew all over again.

So far, very happy with the product. I will adjust review / rating as required, but so far 5 stars.

Update : 12/29/2012 - 1 Year later

It has been a year and the machine is holding up well. No leaks, no cracks, not even surface wear. If I were to notice one thing from day 1 to day 370 is the single cup brewer puts out about 4 drips after it shuts off where as it didn't do that 6 months ago. Again, that is the ONLY thing I notice after a year of use.

We brew about 1 pot in the main craft in the morning, and at least 3 cups on the side using the permanent filter every day. If it were to break today for any reason I would say it was worth the price and would purchase again.
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on October 27, 2011
Have had this coffeemaker for a few weeks and am extremely pleased. Very simple to operate, makes super hot coffee and love the idea of making a pot or just a mug/travel mug. The single serve side utilizes Senseo pods which are quite good and easy to find in my grocery store. You can also use non-pod coffee so options are limitless. It took me a lot of time to find the perfect coffeemaker for my household - some of the reviews are scary (flooded kitchens). I absolutely love this coffeemaker - and since I can also make just a cup of very hot tea, this has everything I could need.
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VINE VOICEon March 22, 2012
just retired a $300 High price FANCY Coffee maker ...with all the bells and whistles on it., to the garage...... It made the WORSE cup of coffee I have had in years... Instant tastes better...
So I wasn't expecting to fall IN LOVE .................. Well Hamilton Beach ... I LOVE YOU and YOUR DESIGNERS. You listened to the people and what they hate and what they Love.. And married them .. To make this lovely item to grace my Kitchen
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.............................................................................

I have been on a quest to find a Coffee maker that meets my requirements.SIMPLE AS THEY ARE :
#2 Carafe pours without dripping and doesn't have to be tipped upside down to get the coffee out
#3 Easy to set up without needed a Learners Manual to run it
#4 Clean up is easy
*********On the wish list but NEVER expecting to find it ,was the single cup function that I looked with envy at my friends fancy dancy high priced K model..Brewers( just couldn't' swallow the $50/ lb price tag for their coffee.)

Well low and behold along comes this Hamilton Beach.. And to make it even SWEETER .. It makes LOOSE LEAF TEA in the single serving side !!
Can you see me giving a HIGH FIVE. And Dancing around my Kitchen.?? Yes it made me that HAPPY.

Ok so here is the scoop.. BUY IT... You won't be sorry............................. You can look at the pix's and read the description but just look at all the 5 STARS REVIEWS.. We can't all be crazy.
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on December 26, 2011
My 20 year old GE under cabinet coffee maker gave up the spirit and my wife has been wanting to try a Keurig. Not me, I grind my frozen beans and immediately brew a pot. Besides, that K-cup stuff gets pricey compared to buying whole beans. So, this rig seemed to strike a good balance.

After owning it for a month, I remain quite pleased with this model. My wife gets to have her Senseo flavors while I enjoy the traditional method. While I won't critique the Senseo flavors, they are far "greener" than the plastic K-cups. (I have I mentioned how much I hate plastic water bottles strewn everywhere?) The Senseo pods easily disappear with a flick of the in-sink waste disposal.

The travel mug is OK, I suppose, but it probably wouldn't be my first choice for travel since it uses an O-ring lid compression seal instead of a screw on lid. The Senseo side of the coffemaker also allows for ground coffee or drop some instant coffee (yuk), cocoa or tea bag.

There is a water sight indicator on the carafe side just in case you need to remember if water was previously added.

The only possible negative is the clock/timer setting in that it is easy to accidentally change the hours or minutes while handling the unit. The clock has no lock feature. No biggie, really.

If anyone seeks a dual purpose coffeemaker, this Hamilton-Beach product is just the ticket.
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on November 29, 2015
This is a really great coffee maker, if you would like to have the option to have a single serve or a coffee pot full of coffee, then this is a great coffee maker for you.
It DOES state in the description there is no travel mug included.

-Single serve or carafe option.
-Permanent mesh coffee basket on single serve side
-Not a long power cord, it is about 1-2 feet long
-Can schedule times to brew within 24 hours.
-Single-serve side multilevel cup rest adjusts/stacks to fit all cup and mug sizes.

-No permanent mesh filter on the carafe side, you gotta purchase paper filters or a permanent mesh filter.
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on March 4, 2015
This coffee maker is the cream! I like to think I'm a unique butterfly, alas i accept i am another in the crowd. This coffee maker handles the average persons requirements, daily morning coffee and your weekend brunches. On the carafe side of the house, you will not be marveled of its design. It is your, come to be expected, 12 cup, drip, paper filter, coffee maker. Its 12 cup reservoir, separate from the single brew side, has a handy see though fill gauge on the right side. In some cases this may be useful, but i like to fill my carafe to measure and pour it into the reservoir. The controls, front and center are simple, either or, single serve/carafe. The on/off button is placed below. The clock keeps time and gives the option to program a delayed brew, providing a blue glow when set. This coffee maker provides a bold brew setting... I don't know what this affects, I tried with it on and off, coffee is still black in the end. Moving over to the single brew side. This is what allows for a 5 star review, the thing is well designed. 1. Permanent loose grind, fine mesh, coffee filter. 2. Adapter for coffee pods. 3. Adjustable cup base. The reason I like it so much is, because prefer vacuum insulated mugs; the size of these mugs, big and tall, prevent me from a simple process with other coffee makers. Check out my photo, that is a 16 oz vacuum insulated mug, pretty big, but it fits! All i had to do was take out all of the adjustable bases and viola! The reservoir may only state 14 oz but it can do almost 20, just ignore the max fill line. It produces good coffee, with good coffee.
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on October 9, 2013
After trying a Keurig and hating it, I still really wanted a single brewer but also needed a pot for weekends when my husband has coffee too or we have company. I was tired of wasting coffee if I ended up not wanting a second or third cup. Found this one from HB and decided to give it a try. After about a month, I LOVE IT! Helpful things for you to know:

1) It's not much wider than my old Gevalia coffee maker.
2)You can raise the single side to brew just a mug of coffee (or tea). And what I never saw in the description or the reviews is that you can actually remove the insert on the single side so that if you have a tall travel mug you like, it'll fit. I have a 7.5 inch tall Bodum mug that I love and really wanted to be able to brew into, and it fits just fine when I remove that insert.
3) You will definitely want your own travel mug, as the one it comes with is no good. The top doesn't screw on (just sets into the mug) and doesn't close. It's made for brewing the coffee, and that's it. I don't even use it. You're fine to just brew into your own open mug/travel cup.
4) The filter on the single side is mesh, and I have never once had grounds in my coffee. I fill it about halfway full with my own ground coffee, and this brews a nice 15 ounces for my Bodum travel mug. (And FYI, that's about the max you can brew on the single side...about 15 oz of water hits the max-fill indicator.) Then I just pull out the filter, tap it into the trash and rinse it clean. There is an insert, too, for using coffee pods like Senseo, but I just use my own Starbucks coffee. You can buy single sized cone filters that will fit into the single side if you want, but it's totally unnecessary. The filter on this thing works great. I tried it both ways and saw no difference.
5) The carafe side is nice. Uses a basket style filter. It does pour nicely, which is great because my old pot dribbled down the front while pouring. Not this one.
6) The machine did have a plastic smell when it came out of the box. Per instructions, I ran a cycle of vinegar through both sides and then brewed 3-4 cycles of plain water. No smell after that, and none since.
7) I like the option of Regular vs Bold brew.
8) You cannot brew both a pot and a single cup at the same time, just to be clear. There's a separate water reservoir and coffee basket for each side, and there's a switch on the front where you choose either single or carafe.
9) I have also put a tea bag into the single side coffee basket and brewed myself a cup of tea.
10) The clock is backlit while the machine is in use or while you're setting the clock or programming for morning. Some people complained about the clock being too dark. I don't understand this issue. I have about six clocks in my kitchen, so I'm not crazy-dependent on my coffee maker clock! And when you need to program anything, it lights up. A non-issue!
11) You can program either the single or carafe side, which is awesome!! Just program the machine for morning and either prep the single side or the carafe side, and be sure the switch is set to brew the correct side.
12) Single side brewer turns off after your cup is brewed (no warming plate on single side). Carafe side shuts off automatically after 2 hours.
13) Most importantly, the coffee comes out great. Hot and tasting just like it should. I drink it black. :-)

All in all, it's exactly what we needed! Brews a great cup or carafe of coffee, and I'm not wasting any more of my expensive coffee!
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on July 8, 2012
I really wanted to like this coffee maker. We bought it based on the rave reviews, and the fact that we love our Hamilton Beach Toastation, which we've had for many years. It started out really promising: it's very sleek looking and compact, and the programmable coffee making feature was wonderful. A few early minor complaints: the filter basket holder has ridges that make it hard to clean, and the lid to the carafe is permanently attached, so you can't easily wash it in the dishwasher. Also the clock (which I liked) has no battery life, so you have to reset it anytime the coffee maker is unplugged. But really, like I said, these were minor complaints. The major problem was that two months after we bought it, it suddenly just died. No clock, no power, no nothing. I called Hamilton Beach, and they said to cut the electrical cord off and mail it in, which I did, and a replacement arrived a week later. I was happy with their customer service, and hopeful that we had just had a dud unit. Alas, today (about six weeks after the replacement arrived) it stopped working too. This time the water valve seems to be broken, so no water is getting from the reservoir into the coffee grounds. Disappointing...
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on November 15, 2011
UPDATE May 2014: This machine is still going strong, and the coffee still tastes great.

I bought this coffee maker a few days ago to replace a dated Hamilton Beach 12 cup machine. It solved having to purchase both a new 12 cup maker and a single cup brewer such as a Keurig. The single cup brewer uses the Senseo Pods which although don't have as many varieties available as K-Cups it does produce better tasting coffee.

The single cup side is perfect for making 1 or 2 cups when you don't need to brew a full pot. The carafe is on a hot plate and will stay warm for a couple of hours before it automatically switches off.
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on March 14, 2014
I purchased this approximately six months ago. The large, main area stopped working about four months in. I contacted Amazon to ask what to do, since it was less than a year old and in the warranty period. They told me that I needed to contact Hamilton Beach (they provided the link, which was incorrect, and I had to go searching for it myself), which I did. I contacted them twice by email, spaced a week apart, and once by telephone, where I was put on hold and the representative never came back. I gave up. Now on my counter sits a product that is basically useless to me. The small side works, but it sure isn't convenient to have to always brew coffee, one cup at a time, when there's a house full of people. Had I wanted to do that, I would have purchased a Keurig in the first place.

I'm angry. I'm angry at Hamilton Beach, and I'm angry at Amazon. I'm sad. Until this point, I've never been anything but happy with Amazon. Eighty bucks is no small thing for us these days, and it sure would be nice to be able to brew a pot of coffee. Don't bother with this machine, because when it stops working, you are out of luck.
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