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on January 16, 2015
Very convenient since the kettle is wireless. Boils pretty fast even if it's almost full of water(about 3mins). It shuts off automatically when boiled to max. Before the switch shuts off automatically, you can still see if water is boiled through the measuring transparent area.
I think it's cool that the wire is not attached directly to the kettle, so if it did tilt over sideways by accident it would shut off automatically.
Great product and bigger than expected.

Edited 4/12/15
(check photo)
I have been using this almost everyday to boil water for my coffee. I always just rinse it out with water after usage.
I just realized looking inside where the metallic coils are. It has rust on the coils already. I had this for couple months only.
I can't get the rust out and have to throw it away now unless I just use it with the rust.
Besides the rust, this kettle boils pretty fast but still useless now.
Hope this update helps others.
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on January 20, 2017
I've had this too easy teapot for three years and Iove it. It boils fast and holds a lot of water. I'm on my second one now, since I did break the first.

It's pretty sturdy, but do avoid dropping it!

Water doesn't/never tasted plasticy.
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on February 25, 2016
We have had this electric hot water kettle for a couple years now. It holds a good amount of water so you can fill 4-5 large mugs with hot water at a time. The top.opens all thecway and has a large opening to fill it with water. Also it has a lever you lift to open the top. A lit of kettles have a push button that wears out and gets harder to open the more its used. We drink hot tea all day long and use it for bottles for twins, so it is in use ALL the time. It has held up and we have had no issues over the years. Previoulsy we had a different brand that stopped working after a year. We are so happy this one is going strong! The only con is that it is not really fast at heating the water. It takes several minutes. It doesn't matter for tea, but if your using it for bottles for crying babies, a couple minutes can seem like forever. We still live it and most pleased that it is still working like its brand new. I highly recommend this product!
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on September 29, 2012
So to start with i use to this to make mostly tea (loose leaf in a defuser) and coffe (french press).

*boils fast, typically i only boil 1L at a time, it takes 3 minutes and 35 seconds to boil from room temperature.
*Plastic, this is nice because it makes it safe and easy to handle without getting burned.
*No plastic taste in the water, i only use filtered water so if it did it would be very obvious. Now that being said i did fill it to the max 6 times and boiled it and dumped the water when i first got it to clean it.

*There is only one con, and that is that it doesn't make any noise when it is done other than the fact that it shuts off. If it wasn't for this fact it would have 5 stars.

If you are looking for a very reasonably priced electric kettle that works great than this is for you. I would buy it again in a heart beat.
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on October 9, 2016
Nice electric tea kettle that boils water quickly and is light to carry about. It shuts off automatically as long as the lid is all the way down. BTW, I use this daily to boil water to pour on weeds that are growing in sidewalk cracks and other tough spots. 4-7 seconds of boiling water on the weeds' leaves kills the weeds within an hour or so, and I pull them out the next day.
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on August 1, 2016
This is an excellent electric tea kettle. It boils water quickly and efficiently. It holds almost 2 liters of water which is really important because many of the electric kettles out there have tiny water capacities. Usually that's not much of a problem because even the most caffeine addicted coffee drinker only needs what, 16 oz of coffee at a time? Sometimes when I cook I boil water in this kettle then put it into a pot, because it just boils faster than heating the water on the stove. Or when I make coffee for a large group of people I like to use this pot to make the water because it can handle the volume. Besides the volume, this pot is black, which is nice because it doesn't get dirty over time like many of the white electric kettles. This kettle is also extremely simple, it has 1 button and 1 light so you know when it is on or off. It shuts of automatically after it boils due to an internal sensor so it is safe, I never worry about it causing a fire.

Currently I'm on my second kettle now after 3-4 years of heavy use because the first one eventually died. But I'm more than comfortable paying 20$ for a replacement. If you want a simple appliance that you don't have to think about and works well, get this kettle.
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on November 16, 2016
I returned this because the handle was so thick, it was uncomfortable for my small hands to hold it. I bought the Proctor Silex 1 Liter electric kettle instead, and that one is great. The other really bad thing about the design is the power cord comes out of the front of the hot plate. That makes no sense to me. So when it is plugged into the wall, the power cord has to curl around to the back, so that the steam comes out away from the cabinets. Look at the photos they provide and you will see what I mean. Poor design.
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on December 12, 2014
Ok, so it is made out of cheap plastic but I didn't buy it for looks, so meh. There is a metal (stainless?) heating element in the bottom and I have read some reviews that talk about rust but I figure if you keep the lid open the water dries out before any rust appears. Plus rust, iron oxide, is fairly harmless in batches of less than say a pound, so not a lot of worries there.

In the open position the lid tends to lean forward and shuts at small provocations, but not a big enough problem...just keep your fingers out of the way.

Fits down on a handy base and disconnects easily at pouring time.

And (here is the best part) it easily takes more than the recommended 1.8 liters without muss or bubble over.

Easily worth every penny.
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on January 12, 2016
1.8 liter
1500 watts
looks O.K.
fair value
off-on switch handy
Must hold the lid open when filling
Slow to heat: 55 degree tap water: 1.8 liter= 8 minutes; 1.25 liters = 5 min 15 sec
doesn't seem to sit solidly on base (not a show stopper)
included instructions are horrible.
Instructions say you must manually turn the electric kettle off when it begins to boil.
I was ready to ship it back but I read the description on Amazon again and decided to try it out. The automatic cut off works just fine.
Yeah, I'll keep it but it isn't as good as the Rival kettle that it is replacing. It's worth about what I paid for it.
On Edit: 1/17/16
My wife hates the kettle because it is so awkward when she tries to take the filled kettle from the sink to the heating platform. She said that if she has to do this more than once or twice a day she would have a sore wrist. Indeed, the balance when the kettle is filled seems to be horrible. The handle is too large for convenient lifting if you have smaller hands.
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on December 20, 2014
Far from the fanciest, but it does the job.
We've gone through a few of the more expensive versions from other manufacturers. Two had lids that opened via push button. Both opening mechanisms eventually broke.
We had an all-stainless Cuisinart kettle. We started smelling that awful burnt-plastic odor when in use. I took the base apart and found charred insulation and melted plastic. This is after months (not years) of ordinary household use.
This Hamilton Beach is a replacement for that Cuisinart.
It's a little slower to boil water than some of the others, being only 1500 Watt rather than 1750. But not enough slower to make a real difference.
The included instructions said to boil three pots of water, discarding each, before first use. Having done this, we've experienced no odor problems whatsoever.
My one gripe - I consider it important enough to deduct a star - is the uselessly short cord. It's a bit under two feet. If I'm too incompetent to be trusted with a 3 foot cord, I'm certainly too incompetent to be around boiling water.
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