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on June 13, 2008
I read the reviews on this juicer and wondered why some gave rave reviews and others gave this juicer rotten reviews. Since most of the reviews were positive, I decided to take a chance and buy it. I'm glad I did.

The Decision - Out of all the top reviewed juicers on Amazon, Epinion, Best-Juicer-Reviews, and ConsumerSearch, this had the longest warranty (1 yr), highest horsepower motor (1.1 hp) and lowest price ($69). All of the top rated juicers have wide mouths (3+ in) and are dishwasher safe. This is why I bought it. The juicers I looked at were Breville BJE 200XL, 800 JEXL, BJE 510XL, Jack Lalanne power juicer and Hamilton Beach 67650.

The Good - It juices fast, it is easy to clean (5 min by hand, no dishwasher), and is inexpensive. Most of all, it saves me time. I could eat fast food (no more cooking and cleaning as this is dishwasher safe) without having to eat fattening drive-thru food. It is fast and nutritious.

The Bad - It is not cheap to operate because you waste a lot of food in the pulp, especially if you make juice from soft fruits and vegetables. If you are making juice from hard stuff, it will be very efficient. The pulp will be a fine, moist dust. There is very little waste. However, if you are making juice from soft fruit, it will make a lot of soft, mushy wasted pulp. This juicer is perfect for hard stuff like carrots and broccoli stems. For soft stuff like watermelon and spinach leaves, I'll use my blender instead. Or, you could try re-juicing the pulp to extract more juice out of it. Or you could do what I do to avoid wasting the juicy pulp: I feed my dog the pulp.

The Conclusion - The faults with this juicer are not faults with this particular model, but a fault with all centrifugal juicers (spinning knife blade used to juice). A masticulating juicer would produce less waste but would be much slower to operate. It takes a much longer time to make a cup of juice with a masticulating (grinding gears) juicer. A citrus juicer makes citrus juice only.

A perfectionist or very frugal person would probably opt for less wet pulp waste by buying a masticulating juicer such as an Omega 8005. A person with a busy lifestyle would probably prefer a fast juicer that is easy to clean like this one. A person who drinks citrus juice a lot would probably buy a citrus juicer. If you are making wheat grass juice, then buy a wheat grass juicer.

Depending on what you need, you may get a different juicer. However, for the price, it is impossible to get a better general purpose juicer. I will re-review this juicer in a year to give a report on it's durability.

6 months after the purchase, a friend of mine "borrowed" it and never returned it. I haven't visited this friend in a while so I don't know how it's holding up. For what it's worth, it can stand up to at least 6 months of daily use.
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on December 17, 2011
I'm new to juicing so I bought this juicer based on reviews from various consumer reports and on the advice of friends and from the reviews on this site. I am MORE than happy and very, very, very pleased with my purchase.

(1) It's very sturdy. The straps securing the top piece to the base are metal and sturdy.
(2) Incredibly easy to clean. The machine comes with a brush for cleaning the screened basket, but I find a kitchen sponge with the nylon scrubbie stuff on one side works best.
(3) Cleanup (washing three pieces by hand) takes less than 3 minutes. It's so easy I'm willing to juice just a grapefruit and lemon for a mid-morning or morning drink knowing it takes about the same time as washing a glass. It's actually easier to clean than my hand squeeze manual juicer!
(4) Toggle switch is easy to use and seems very heavy duty (metal)
(5) Sturdy. This isn't a lightweight appliance. It has a substantial heft to it and does not bounce or even move around while juicing.


(1) Be sure and put down a paper towel or kitchen towel under the drink spout. It will drip a bit after removing the juice holder. Not much, just a few dribbles, but if you have beet juice or carrot juice it could stain something.
(2) I'm new to juicing so I didn't realize that having a slow and fast speed is an advantage (according to some books I've read since). This doesn't seem like a big con to me though. It might later when I'm more anal and obsessed with juicing or if I become a juice groupee or something.


(1) Use a plastic bag on the pulp collector to make cleanup easier unless you are saving the pulp for soups or composting it. I simply fill it with water and dump the pulp on the compost pile right outside my door, or scrape the pulp (carrots, beets, celery etc) into a container to freeze, then rinse out the collector.

(2) You can also use BPA free plastic sports bottles to collect the juice and store in the fridge for use later in the day. Don't try to juice for the week unless you plan on freezing it. The taste varies a lot after only a couple of hours. Drink it right away!

(3) One half, or one whole apple or pear makes ANY kind of juice taste awesome!

(4) Many people experience a violent reaction to carrot and/or beet juice (ie. severe vomiting and sickness). This, according to most of the juice experts I've read or talked to, is a "detox" reaction. Solution: Don't use carrots or beets or introduce them slowly and in small amounts to other things you juice.

(5) When you get started juicing juice ONE vegetable or fruit at a time to get an idea of what it tastes like, then start mixing things to taste.

(6) It doesn't take as many vegetables or fruits as you might think to make a glass of juice. The suggested juice per person per day (unless you are on a fast etc.) is about 8-10 ounces.

(7) Use very little soap when cleaning and make sure you rinse EVERYTHING thoroughly with hot water so you don't get a soapy flavor to your juice. I just use vinegar and hot water, no soap, when cleaning. Vinegar kills 99.9% of all bacteria (more than bleach!) and is safe to drink/taste.

(8) Remove ALL seeds and pits (oranges, lemons, limes, cherries, apples etc) BEFORE juicing. Some pits can be poisonous (they contain cyanide).
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on January 7, 2017
It's hard to believe that I've had this juicer for over going on 4 years! I use this on a fairly regular basis to juice fruits and vegetables at home. It's somewhat easy to clean--actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I've juiced cucumbers, beets, apples, ginger, strawberries and carrots with no problems. I have tried these peeled and unpeeled. Peeling helps cut down on prep time but takes more cleanup time. I find that especially with ginger, if I don't peel it I have to be real careful and feed only a few pieces in at a time, otherwise it may jam. It's served me well over the years and I don't have any complaints about it!
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on December 10, 2011
After seeing the documentary "Fat, Sick, and almost dead", I decided to try out a semi-juice diet where I replace one of my meals with a juice for few weeks. From past experience, I have generally bought something like this in excitement, used it for few weeks, and then never taken it out. So this time, I decided that I will buy something that is more budget-friendly, yet decent.

After some poking around on several review sites and Consumer Reports, I found that the Breville blenders are good, but somewhat on the expensive side (their cheapest well-rated models are around $150). So I decided to try this model - ConsumerReports seem to like it, and Amazon had decent reviews for this one.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase. In fact, I think this is as good as the $120-150 Breville juicers around, except that this one does not have a metal brushed body. The motor speed on this one is better than the Breville Fountain, and this one is just as easy to clean. I know this because a friend bought the Breville fountain, and I used it a couple times.

This one juices hard-vegetables very well. Celery, Carrots, Ginger, Cucumber, etc are juiced perfectly with decent yield. Apples, Oranges, and other "soft" fruits/vegetables have lower yield and more waste. I found this to be true for the Breville Fountain too though.

While the juicing was very good, there were a few flaws I noticed, for which I removed 1 start from the review:
1) Carrots juice well, but I see small bits of carrots get thrown out of the top shute immediately after inserting the carrot in (even before I can put the pusher inside). This creates a little bit of mess.
2) There is one spot in the waste basket where shredded waste builds up. This is near the plastic at the top. I believe there is one customer photograph (not mine) which tries to depict this on Amazon.
3) Cleaning is super simple - you take the parts out, rinse them in water. Optionally, you can put them in dishwasher after rinsing (I do that once a week). However, the strainer basket is not dishwasher safe. The manual states that all the plastic parts are dishwasher safe, so the strainer (which is steel mesh) does not seem to be safe. Cleaning the stainer basket is a little bit of an effort since you have to scrub it under running water using the provided cleaning brush. The Breville fountain was slightly easier to clean in this situation.

Overall, for less than half the price of the cheapest well-rated Breville juicers, I would recommend this in a blink. It has the same flaws that the Breville juicers have, and juices just as well. Cleaning is easy (except for the strainer basket). For most vegetables, this is an almost perfect juicers. Soft fruits (oranges, grapes, etc) juice slightly less effectively since more waste is produced. If there are question, feel free to sound them off in the comments and I will be happy to reply.
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on August 3, 2011
I've been using this machine almost daily for a few weeks.

All of the pros & cons have been covered very well by hundreds of other reviews. I read them all and based my decision to purchase on the consensus that this is a very solid, effective machine at a very good price compared to other brands.

Look, I'm an engineer and very analytic and picky about any device/gadget/appliance I purchase. The fact is centrifugal juicers are pretty simple machines and you can spend (a lot) more money and get slightly higher levels of looks, engineering & reliability (maybe?)... basically a more refined version of the same thing.

My advice would be to go with this juicer if you are new to juicing, because:

1. Once people realize how much money & time it takes to juice regularly, many juicers end up living in the back of a cabinet.. seldom used. Not a big deal with this unit, but it might bother you to think that you have 2, 3, or 4 hundred bucks just sitting there because you convinced yourself and your spouse that the expensive Breville was necessary. You might end up selling it to ease the guilt and now you have no juicer for even occasional use.

2. You will get the full juicing experience with this unit. You may become a hardcore juicer and use this unit so frequently that you wear it out... excellent, you got your 70 bucks worth. Now you can step up to an expensive model if you choose... with a clear conscience, knowing your investment is going to get plenty of use.

I admit, I looked hard at the Brevilles and almost went with one in the $200 range because it really must be "that much better". I'm really glad I didn't now as this Hamilton Beach really does work well and lives up to the majority of positive reviews here.

5 stars based on performance & value
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on January 9, 2013
Cost: The HB Big Mouth Juicer cost just under $60 (with free shipping from Amazon). This was a huge factor in my purchase - I wanted a reliable juicer that wouldn't break the bank. Some juicers can get up to like $3,000! Bananas! (can you juice a banana? I will find out...)

Ease of Use: I have a few thoughts on this topic...
- The manual is brief but that's ok, the machine is very easy to use. The manual also provides a page on juicing tips and techniques which I found to be super helpful. It also gave some ideas about what to do with the leftover pulp and how to make almond/soy/rice milk! Nice!
- It took me about 2-3 tries with this juicer to feel fully confident using it. There is just one on/off switch on the base which is straightforward but it took me a few tries to get the rhythm of feeding the produce and plunging it without produce shrapnel spraying out through the top of the cover or bouncing around too much on the blade.
- It also took me a few tries to get the pulp container to sit just right - the first few times I used it I had some leakage at the top corners but that was quickly resolved by just getting a tighter fit under the cover. One helpful thing the manual suggests is to line the pulp container with a plastic bag for easy clean up. I started doing that mid-week and it really worked! I didn't have to wash, or even rinse, the pulp container when lining it with a plastic bag.
- The noise from the motor is a bit loud. I've been juicing at 6:30AM most mornings so I may also be hyperaware of the noise level I'm making that early, but I do wish it was a little quieter.
- The HB Big Mouth Juicer is billed as "Big Mouth" because you can allegedly fit whole fruits into it. The box shows a whole apple but I had to cut the apples I used up into quarters before they fit into the opening. I'd say the size of the food chute, realistically, is better for something kiwi-sized to stay whole.
- I love that there are no filters or accessories that you need to buy to work the juicer. Fancier centrifugal juicers use filters but I think that's a hassle.

Clean Up: All of the HB Big Mouth Juicer parts are dishwasher safe (minus the base, of course) which is a big plus. However, I find that handwashing each part takes no more than 3 minutes and is very easy. The cleaning brush that is included with the juicer is extremely helpful for cleaning the basket/blade. I just use a regular sponge with hot, soapy water for the rest. Clean up is a breeze whether you handwash or use a dishwasher. I also prefer to handwash because I've been using the juicer every morning and don't run the dishwasher every day. Handwashing the basket/blade is gentler and I can make sure I've gotten every little bit of pulp removed. Bottom line - a simple rinse will get every piece of this juicer spotless, the basket/blade requires a scrub though.

Juicing Outcome: It takes a lot of produce to create one cup of juice. The volume of juice really depends on how water-based the produce is. For example, I found that apples, lemons, and cucumbers yielded larger volumes of liquid than kale or ginger. That said, adding ice or water are perfectly fine for me to stretch the juice to fill a 12 oz. mason jar.

Overall Thoughts: I'm in love with this juicer. I think in just one week of juicing every day I've already gotten my money's worth. You really can't beat $60 for a juicer that is this easy to use and clean up. It is a small investment in something that will impact our health in a huge way. That alone is totally worth it.
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on March 21, 2013
The wide mouth accepts large pieces of fruit and vegetables. It came with a hint to use a plastic grocery bag in the pulp catching container and this is a life-saver. I just lift it out and discard the whole bag. I bought this particular juicer for my daughter. I have had mine since last November and it works still very well. I also bought this model juicer for my other daughter as a Christmas present. Her family also loved the juicer. Between her two teenagers and my daughter, I think the machine was overused and it burnt out a couple of weeks ago. So far my juicer works well for me. I use it once a day or every two days. It is definitely not made for heavy use.
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on September 22, 2013
Reluctant to spend up to $500 to get on the juicing bandwagon, when I know darn well my enthusiasms wax and wane, I looked for best-reviewed inexpensive models and decided on this Hamilton Beach. I have nothing to compare it to, but am happy with how it operates and how easy it is to clean. I suspect there are juicers out there that will extract more from your fruits and veggies, but for my limited needs, this is wonderful. The instruction manual recommends putting a plastic bag into the pulp receptacle, and I do. Everything but the mesh strainer pretty much rinses clean, and they thoughtfully provided a soft long-handled brush for cleaning the mesh.

I do find myself juicing more often lately, and may invest in something more heavy-duty down the line, but if you're unsure about whether this is a phase or a life-style, or are just not willing or able to spend more, I'd recommend this model as a good value.
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on January 4, 2013
This was our first juicer. We wanted something good quality and inexpensive. Thank god for amazon reviews because that is what helped me end up choosing this one.

*Easy and quick cleaning (all juicers are going to take a few minutes and some effort to clean up, I wish more people could know and consider that when they write reviews on any juicer)
*You can place a plastic shopping bag in the pulp bin for even more convenient cleanup.
*Very powerful
*Fairly compact

*LOUD AS HELL and actually made me worry about our eardrums/hearing damage

I'd like to offer some pointers for making the most of this juicer.

-The blades will become clogged with plant matter that ends up turning into an almost cement-like substance. ALWAYS IMMEDIATELY at least soak the basket in water and never let it dry, even briefly. This was a huge issue for me and had I known how important this is I could have saved myself many hours of soaking in all kinds of solvents and lots of chipping away at the gunk.
-Rejuicing your pulp will get you a little extra juice and is well worth the small effort
-Always READ the instructions before using any juicer. There are certain things you must avoid doing or you will end up wearing it out or breaking it way ahead of schedule.
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on May 7, 2015
Easy to use and a GREAT product for the cheap cost...I've had this juicer for about 3 years and it still works just as well today as the day I received it. I always wish I could get more juice out of the produce I put in, but that's probably more likely in a $300 juicer.
Tip: put a plastic bag in the bin to catch the dry product. Clean the filter as soon as possible to prevent the filter from clogging.
Overall, I have VERY happy with this purchase and would buy this same juicer again. I recommend it to all of my friends that are looking for a cheap juicer.
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