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on July 27, 2012
Read many reviews on this toaster but it seems everyone was just happy with the way it looked on their countertop because of the beautiful red color. I decided to give it a try after researching toasters for three months and I have to say this is by far the best toaster I have ever owned. Have cooked frozen waffles and toast both turned out very nice, also english muffins turn out very well. Very pleased would recommend this product.
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on October 26, 2014
Ok to start I'm just a regular 28 yr old that likes stylish, effective, and a good price/quality of a product. 4 stars ONLY cause I got it today. Packing was just like going to your local Wal-Mart. Everything included. Since I can't upload my picture I'll explain..
Pros:1. The toasting is what it should be. If the knob is turned to 3 (1-4) it's perfectly Brown. I tried my blueberry bagels and they fit easily and extra. I don't use the bagel button cause I like both sides toasted but it works too.
2. Ok that "chemical smell these fools are talking about is a lie. Anytime you buy any toaster NEW it will have the same 1st time smell. It's not even a big deal. Barely can even smell it then it's don't fret. If it didn't have that smell it means it be USED.
3.'s under $30
4. Looks nice near my other black and silver appliances
5. Power supply cord is I'm about 2 reason to be longer!
6. I could definitely see how my old one slowly lost power over 20 years of use because when I turned this on the red electrical lines had a nice red glow
6. Just get it if this is your$$ range
I'm not positive but I feel like the knob (1-4) will probably give out meaning not responding in correlation with the number to toaster...soo just leave it on 3 and that's fine for my bread. Pretty much stick to a number and you'll be fine. My bagels are "Thomas blueberry pre sliced bagels" (average thickness of a good bagel) and it fit perfect.

I'll write another review a few months later
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on August 11, 2017
I bought this toaster through Amazon in 2014. It has been used moderately, I'd guess once a day during that time. Yesterday it quit working: the toasting lever won't stay down, the lights don't come on, even though it will heat up if I hold the lever down. I wrote HB, and got a rapid nice reply, offering me any toaster I wanted from them with 30% off, which will probably make the price about what it would be on Amazon; that's why I'm giving it as much as 3 stars.
But what I *really* want is for HB to tell me how to repair it! I will bet they have had this happen to dozens if not hundreds of these toasters, and they know exactly what the problem is, and how to fix it; but their lawyers won't let them tell a moderately handy consumer like me, lest I botch the repair and burn my house down. So now this gently used appliance is going to the landfill; it's a shame...
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on March 15, 2015
I give it five stars for the toasting functions, and probably about three for the quality of construction. Metal toasters seem to be the current preferred style, in contrast to the plastic-bodied ones that dominated the market a decade or two back. These stainless steel toasters are nothing like the metal toasters that were manufactured fifty or sixty years ago with highly-polished chrome-plated heavy steel bodies. This Hamilton Beach unit, in common the other 'affordable' metal ones I've seen of late, is relatively thin stainless steel with a brushed finish. It feels lightweight and a bit insubstantial, as though a good squeeze could dent it. The brushed finish has some unevenness and laps; it's not like the finish on a high quality stainless steel refrigerator or dishwasher. However, it is certainly on par with what's in the stores, and I guess the quality is in line with the price point.

On the other hand, I have been a magnet for lousy toasters over the past twenty years or so. Some of the expensive ones I bought had wonderful construction but couldn't bake their way out of a paper bag. So, I am very, very pleased to have a toaster that evenly browns toast, waffles, bagels, et al. In summary, your most earnest consideration of this unit would surely be wise.
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on September 12, 2015
I love this toaster! It really toasts the bread. Over the years I have bought several toasters and none of them worked properly. One side of the toast would be slightly brown and the other original color, would have to put the bread in again and have to stand there to pop it back up so it wouldn't burn, but one side would always be lighter than the other side. If you were to change the setting the toast would burn.

This toaster is very consistent, always toasts both sides the same way.

My friend's elderly parents were complaining about how they toaster worked and were frustrated having to watch their toaster all the time and never getting the toast done right. So I bought them one of these toasted and they were thrilled. Her father called me up the next morning and said "It really makes toast". Oh, the little things that make people happy.
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on March 29, 2016
I'm sure this is a very nice toaster, but it just doesn't have the 'oomph' I need for my daily use. I bought this because I was had turned our old one up to 10 and then would select 'bagel'- which is essentially turning it up to 11, and I am JUST barely getting our English muffins toasted the way we need. With the new one, I have turned it up as high as possible and used the defrost setting. It is just barely browning the muffins. I know bread slices and muffins are two different kinds of bread, but if the old one could handle it, why can't a new one? May be OK for bread, not up to the heavy stuff.
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Top Contributor: Cookingon February 17, 2014
This is a great little toaster. I shopped and did research for quite some time before finally deciding on this one. Depending on your needs which may be different than mine, this toaster is excellent. I have come to trust this brand. There are more trendy brands out there with quadruple the price to match but they don't have the years of experience behind them in certain items. Those crazy prices rarely really give you what you pay for i.e., more for your money than a simple item from a humble brand. Anyway, back to the toaster itself; the features that are important to me are had by this toaster, such as the cancel button, the level of darkness (which works perfectly), defrost, and bagel. Honestly, I haven't used the bagel selection but everything else is great. The look is fun and pleasing and it cleans up well (very important). Comparable and even identical items at Target and WalMart were more expensive so I went with this one offered by Amazon. Best to you.
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on February 5, 2014
Purchased this for $20 with free shipping, which is an awesome price. Great design and over 500 reviews! I have an old toaster which started to toast my bread unevenly after about 3-4 years... time for a new toaster! I put the toaster setting to medium and my first 2 pieces of bread toasted uneven (outside edges toasted brown only on one side, much browner on the other side...) so I took out the bread slices and pushed down the button and looked inside. I looked at each of the 4 sides and observed each had different areas that were red, yet other areas had no red at all (red meaning heating element on). And the side that only toasted the outer edges - just the outer edges were red. Then I turned up the heat (button) to all the way hot - still uneven red heating element (some pink, others bright red). Luckily I had my old toaster handy and did the same experiment - yep, it looked exactly the same! Sending back the new toaster and ordering another one. I'll do the same experiment with the new one too. Hopefully it was a lemon. Why buy and keep a new toaster if it performs the same as a used/old one? By the way, I did notice many of the reviewers liked the looks and design of this toaster - wondering if theirs browned evenly...
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on December 24, 2014
Agree with the others; I'm disappointed that the heat setting has to be at 5 all the time, it's highest setting, to toast anything. And if you're toasting two or more batches, the second batch will probably have to be run again.

Also, the bagel button can only be pushed after you start the toasting process. It would be better to set it before the toasting process, especially when doing more than one batch.

UPDATE 2016.03.10: I'm removing one star and would remove the single remaining one if I could. I've had enough poor performance. This is just a waste of money. I just toasted an english muffin with the setting just a bit above 5. The muffin edge that was at the top of the toaster was a little too crispy and the bottom was barely warm. The case of the toaster was warm to the touch. Does it look nice? Yes but it's not art, it's a toaster and it does not perform it's basic reason for existing.
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You would think all these different companies making toasters could make them so they could work properly and last a long time after normal wear and tear but a lot of companies cannot.Just check out all the bad internet reviews on toasters.You don"t have to spend a lot of money to get a great working toaster.All the different functions work properly on Hamilton Beach 2 slice toaster and it will last a long time.I use it to make grill cheese sandwiches.Put two slices of bread in then press the Bagel setting then put the shade setting on 5.On the bagel setting the side heaters are off only the middle heater is on.Butter toasted side of bread.Put a piece of cheese in between bread, put on paper plate.Put in microwave for 1 minute.You have a grilled cheese sandwich without all the burning.Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster - Brushed Metal
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