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on May 30, 2016
DANGEROUS METAL STRAINER INSIDE POURING SPOUT - The kettle comes with a very fine, built-in metal strainer on the inside of the of the pouring spout. After using the kettle for 17 months (Jan '15 - May '16) the metal strainer appears to have corroded and broken into several pieces the largest being about 3/8" x 1/4". including several smaller fragments I noticed it today when pouring a cup of hot water into a cup. I can assume from the jagged pieces and the remaining fragments around the edges of the spout that this has been happening over period of time with smaller fragments going unnoticed and likely consumed. Because we have never used the kettle to heat anything but clean, fresh water I don't see the need for this extremely fine strainer in the first place. The tap water in our area and in our town's water system is excellent and the regular safety and health testing of the is among the best in the nation. There is no reason to believe that the tap water is the cause of any corrosive action in this short period of time. If there is some reason, that I don't understand, that requires the use of a fine metal strainer then it should be manufactured such that the strainer is on the outside lip of the pouring spout and can be easily inspected and replaced. Metal fragments of this size, similar to metal grill brushes, can cause serious intestinal injury if ingested. How do I report this issue to Hamilton Beach or Amazon to assure a proper explanation and or resolution?
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on June 1, 2015
So I bought this kettle back in March but I haven't used it since I moved out and forgot about this at my parents house. When I came over today I decided to test out with a couple of boil cycles to get rid of any leftover manufacturing residue/chemicals/ etc since I don't want anything other then water in my kettle. The first two times I boiled, I noticed that little curved pieces of plastic would rise to the top after the kettle was done boiling.

Interestingly enough, the third time I didn't find any plastic pieces in the water. I emptied out the kettle and illuminated the bottom with my flashlight to see what had happened. So in the bottom edge of the kettle where the side and the bottom are attached, there is a hard plastic lining acting as a seal between the two fixtures (see attached pictures for a better idea of what I mean). A good chunk of the plastic lining was missing as it appeared to be broken off during boiling, which is how I found those little plastic pieces floating around. So now I'm stuck with a kettle that breaks off plastic pieces due to poor manufacturing and I have no box to send this back with. This kettle is not healthy, nor is it worth the 35$ price tag.
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on November 8, 2017
Although it's a very cute kettle, it is very inconvenient. The lid is very small, so it's pretty problematic if you'd like to clean the pot on the inside. The handle felt unstable, I wasn't sure if that was intentional or a design flaw. The inside water filter kept falling down. I loved the color and the shape but I need it for daily use so functionality is a must, I had to return it.
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on February 6, 2013
I love this kettle! It's cute and functional with very minimal (super minor) drawbacks.

What you should know:

-The first kettle I received was defective and never turned on. Amazon is amazing. Two days later I had a working replacement before my return had even made it back to Amazon.
-It's a little big, but pretty enough that you don't mind the space that it takes up.
-It boils water pretty quickly. It's much faster than boiling water on a stove or in the microwave but a little slower than my old (ugly) plastic electric kettle.
-The position of the handle is not in a good place for removing and putting on the lid of the kettle. It's definitely not a deal-breaker but they could have done a better job design-wise.
-Even though it's made of steel, it's light enough to hold with one hand without getting tired.
-It's designed well enough that you never feel like you're going to accidentally touch a hot spot.
-It does lose heat pretty quickly but, it boils it so quickly again that I really don't mind.
-Everyone that has visited our apartment wants one!

If you just need to boil water quickly and don't care about aesthetics, go for a plastic electric kettle because the price can't be beat. But if you want a kettle that does the job and looks good doing it at a reasonable price, I highly recommend this kettle!
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on January 6, 2018
I had a glass Hamilton Beach electric kettle, but it shattered because that is what glass does. I purchased this because it looks very nice, it reminded me of my grandma’s old kettle, it costs less to boil in an e-kettle than a stove top, and it is made out if metal. It boils quickly and does a great job.

The negative. It is a bit annoying to pour water into the kettle. I would also like a beep or even a whistle to let me know it is done boiling. I would also like a thermometer to know when the water temperature is perfect for coffee or tea.

Overall, I am glad I bought it.
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on August 21, 2011
a good looking kettle, no big surprises. still works after 6 months.

one caveat, the top lid doesn't go on perfectly without a bit more attention than would be ideal. when you pour hot water, if the lid is not on perfect, steam escapes and may burn your hand. You will likely quickly learn to make sure the lid is pushed all of the way down, all the way around.

ok, caveat two: to get out the last bit of water, you have to really turn the kettle far due to the noncontinuous shape where the spout meets the body of the kettle. Clearly there's a trade-off between form and function. If you put an extra quarter cup of water more than you need, you'll never have an issue with this. of course boiling a bit of extra water every time is inefficient, so to those who find inefficiency deplorable, consider a differently shaped kettle.
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on January 21, 2016

- This thing is HUGE. 1.7L is a lot of water and it still heats very fast.
- Looks great. Other cordless electric kettles of similar quantity are much more visually bulky for the size.
- It also has a handy marker inside the pot for the fill level, so you don't need to strain your neck to watch the exterior bubble level as it fills.
- Auto shut off is great. No need to run across the room when the kettle starts whistling.
- Balanced, easy pour. There are no levers or locks you need to hold open to get it to pour.

I have been a staunch opponent of dedicated kitchen appliances for years, including rice cookers (use a pan!), electric kettles (my stove generates heat just fine, thanks) and all the other gadgety nonsense out there. However, we needed a portable electric kettle for a Christmas party last December and I haven't stopped using it since.
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on July 23, 2016
Received my package very quickly and I just love this product! We have turned our home into a B&B and our breakfast often involves hot tea, and also apple cider and cocoa. The need for hot water was great and at unexpected intervals. So I did a trial run to see how quickly the water would be hot, and it only took a couple minutes! It heated the whole pot of water quickly and it was much faster than the stove or microwave. The pot is a beautiful bright red color that POPS and I just love the balanced feel of it when pouring. I would highly recommend this stainless steel (best!) electric teapot from Hamilton Beach. I am already wondering how I operated without this teapot! I would not hesitate to order this again, or recommend it to anyone. LOVE THIS!
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on January 10, 2018
I spent a good amount of time looking for an electric kettle before deciding on this one. It seemed like every single electric kettle product has a least a few horror story reviews about some awful malfunction, but I went with this one because it had the highest rating average. I've had my kettle for about a year and a half and it still works perfectly fine. My only regret is not going for one with a sleeker design. Aside from that, I don't have many complaints about the kettle other than the top being annoyingly close to the handle and the limescale, which obviously isn't specific to this particular product. Overall, I'm satisfied with it.
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on December 25, 2017
We use a lot, cool old school look and the color. Heats no better, no worse then other we have had. The only bad thing is the lid, you take it off like an old kettle, not spring loaded like others we have had. We have had this for over a year with no problems. This one by far is my favorite.
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