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on May 11, 2015
Extremely disappointing is an understatement. I had been trying for so long to replace some 100% cotton Hanes boxer briefs that I got a couple of years ago. Those boxers fit perfect, got softer with age, and held up great (and were not in goofy colors). They were made out of what I believe is called jersey material which has very fine vertical lines in the fabric. After hours and hours of searching and reading on Amazon I had learned that other guys were also trying, without success, to replace the same briefs and it appears Hanes has stopped making them and replaced them with cheap material. This pack sounded like the closest thing, so I gave them a shot and hoped against hope that they would work out OK. Based on the reviews I ordered large waist size just to be safe (I usually wear a size US size 34 jean). I could tell they were going to be too small when I opened the package. They are a made of a cheap feeling cloth material, very thin, they hug my legs ridiculously tight, they DO ride up a little and won't go back down on their own (meaning I have to tug on the legs constantly all day to pull them out of the crotch area), and they DO have a tag glued into the waistband (it is flat, but it IS a tag). I hate most of the colors. Still, I decided to put them through one washing before writing a review in case they got more comfy after a washing. Even though they are really, really clingy (which on a hairy guy results in itchiness, ugh) they do have a strange clump of extra material in the pouch area. So, in the mirror, they look skin tight with a little baggy area under the ball(s) pouch. I thought this clump in the junk trunk might shrink up in the wash, but it didn't. The legs and waistband did shrink though - so now they cut into my waist and strangle my legs, but there is still this huge pouchy clump of material that bunches up between my legs when I sleep (I wear boxer briefs to bed). To be fair, I ordered several other brands of boxer briefs for comparison and they all suck. I don't know what I am going to do except keep wearing my beloved older Hanes until they fall off from age. I won't buy anymore new Hanes though, because I really hate these (did I say how disappointed I am? how much I hate them? Ok).
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on June 19, 2015
Buyers be ware... The product seems to be of reasonable quality, however, 2 of the briefs had small 3/4 to an inch holes in the front just below the waist line. I found these right after opening and looking them over and no doubt the holes will only get bigger with wear. Very disappointing. I considered sending them back but it is just too much hassle to go thru... I guess I'll know better next time. Consumers should be mindful of quality control. I'm surprised something like this wasn't detected before packaging. As for the other 2 pair, a little tight but they seem to be good to go.. Guys who fit medium may want to consider going with large. I'm a true 34 waist and they are indeed a little snug - especially in the crotch. Hope you're transaction is more positive.
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on September 21, 2011
Product: Hanes Classics Boxer Briefs
Rating: 4/5 (very good)

There are two basic styles of mens boxers, and which one you prefer is a matter of personal preference: Loose, or Conformal Stretch. The former simply hangs free, and the latter conforms to your body like lycra. This particular product is of the conformal variety, which is what feels best to me.


(a) Smooth seams - the Hanes uses a flat overlay triple-stitch waist band, which is very comfortable, and is thankfully free of the ridge-like 'rolled seam' favored by other brands. These lay flat, don't create an annoying 'panty line' if you're wearing say, cycling shorts over them.

(b) Good seam design - the Hanes use a stitch that's obviously designed for stretching, whereas some other brands I've seen use sub-par stitch pattersn that are not optimal for stretching. Take this simple test on a new pair: grab either end of the waist band and give a modest tug, stretching the waist band ... if you hear stitches popping, the manufacturer picked the wrong stitch design, and that the shorts probably wont last long.

(c) Comortable leg length, soft material, and no annoying buttons.


(1) So far, about 1 pair in 8 arrives with minor mis-stitching. They need to pay better attention during the inspection stage, to catch stitching defects before they go out the door.

Bottom line: recommended. These are the most comfortable, and well made, boxers I've tried yet.
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on November 13, 2014
Ordered the assorted grey colors, received white. Contacted seller who negotiated a partial rebate (10%) instead of return/replace. He was willing to divulge their lack of quality in the order picking ability, but acted surprised that I care about the color. Sort of an unprofessional and time consuming process for me compared to other returns I have made on Amazon.
Product quality: I ordered the same product here 2 years ago with much better quality. Center seam is now a single raised stitch run instead of flat and comfortable, fabric is thinner, and 1.75" shorter at the leg.
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on January 1, 2016
I don't feel comfortable returning underwear or these would have gone back. This was my third time buying these. They usually wear out at the band in a couple of years, so I just buy more around that time. For the price I thought that was reasonable. These however have been changed in design significantly. They run small and have a seam now that runs right across the buttocks where you sit.... Also the back dips lower than the rest of the band. There were wrong colors, undersized pairs compared to the rest and one pair had holes. I thought I was buying what I had purchased in the past. Little did I know.
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on July 6, 2011
after a dozen washes the waistband stitching comes apart from the brief.

every few years I replace all my large size boxer briefs. I've tried Fruit of the Loom years ago, which held up well but bare more skin than I want. I just retired my Champion, which cover more like Hanes, but fall apart at the seams and became thread bare before their time. Champion waistbands also failed prematurely, and not because I'm sized wrong. So here I am giving Hanes a try, since they have the long modest look I want (they go from my belly button about a third of the way down my thigh), with a good price and reputation for quality. The Hanes feel noticeably thinner and lighter than my Champion did new, so I'll update this review after a year or two of wash and wear to see if they held up any better. If you can get these direct from Amazon Prime, that's great... if you get these from one of the many third party order fillers here, just be aware they may take 2-3 weeks to arrive, as they may not email you a tracking number when they finally get around to shipping.
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on August 9, 2011
When I first received these Hanes Classics Men's 4-Pack Multi-Color Boxer Brief Underwear, I was pleased with their fit and comfort. After a couple of washes ( on gentle cycle in cold water and without over drying) I noticed that the there were little strings coming out around the waistband on a couple of pair. Not long after this the stitching continued to come apart and the waistband began separating from the boxer briefs.

I therefore cannot recommend these. I can however recommend the Hanes CSWB Boxer Briefs. They are comparably priced and seem to be better made with a nice comfortable fit.
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on December 23, 2013
These are good boxer briefs overall, but they tend to be a little large around the legs, with a ton of extra material for the fatter people of the world. A medium in these fit more like a large in other brands, though the waistband itself seems fairly accurate. In fact, the size small fits larger than a medium in other brands as well. Since I wear boxer briefs to avoid the bagginess of boxers, this is a bit annoying. They also tend to ride up a little, becoming increasingly uncomfortable unless I adjust frequently. Finally, they're a bit too thick, making them feel a little bulkier than more expensive, more sheer-fitting underwear.
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on July 7, 2011
Having tried several different brands of Boxer/Briefs over the years, and never being truly happy with any of them, I figured I'd give these a shot. Man, not sure what others are experiencing with the 'tight' fit on the thighs. This was my main concern, along with the usual over-all quality considerations when ordering something like this on the net. That being said, these are the most comfortable and well fitting B/Bs I've ever had. Strong, properly proportioned material weight/thickness (Goldilocks syndrome - "Just Right"). The fit around the thighs are perfect, for me at least. I am 205lbs, 6'2", average build (thighs a little on larger side if anything from many years of athletics), and again, was worried about the fit, but no issues at all. Most important, the elasticity lasts a full day, so your not wearing stretched out drawers later in the day. Perfect for working out, but just plain all around good fit and feel. Not to mention great price...

Highly recommended, even sight unseen.
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on July 26, 2013
these have been my go-to boxer/briefs for the last several years. they fit perfect, for me anyway, and although I typically don't like underwear with the pee-holes in them, these are acceptable. No guys really use that, that I know of. I mean, not that I'm the king of knowing about how guys go pee, but I'm just saying that I am not going to go and take a survey. I don't use them, so most men must not use them. anywho, I'm basically saying I've worn all different kinds of boxer briefs from calvin klein, hanes, champion, nike, blah blah blah, and these are my favorites. they are durable, and can taken quite a literal (as well as figurative) beating.

would I recommend these to you? You're darn right I would.
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