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on April 21, 2013
The game these days is to reduce quality until the customer notices and stops buying your product. Hanes has officially crossed the line with this one.

I've worn their socks for a while and ordered the same thing I bought a couple years ago. Each sock weighs about 33% less, because they're much thinner than the old ones. And they're much less comfortable. Probably will wear out sooner, too.

I think I'm done with Hanes.
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on May 31, 2015
I've been buying Hane's Cushion Crew socks in black for years, buying a dozen or so every few years and getting rid of the damaged ones. The style has changed slightly with each round of socks, which i first thought was annoying but helped to match batches of socks after a laundry cycle. While the design changed slightly, I was satisfied with the quality each time, which prompted me to choose this brand over and over.
I was expecting the same quality when i placed my most recent order in April 2015, however, what i received were socks that were thinner than what i would expect to find at a dollar store. I was about to immediately return them but I ordered them because i needed socks, so i gave them a shot. They were less comfortable than the previous ones, mostly because you could feel the elastic threads instead of being protected by any sort of cushioning material. I wore a few pairs and dealt with it (and the week of black fuzz on my feet that accompanies a new set of socks, as another reviewer noted)
Then I washed them. They came out completely pilled and terrible looking. Since I also washed several generations worth of these socks in the same cycle, it was easy to see that this latest batch of socks is not up to the previous quality standards, see my attached photo.
I will be attempting to return these to Hanes, as I would rather go barefoot than wear these again.
review image
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on August 5, 2017
I've been trying to find these socks for 2 years, give or take. Go Amazon. I formerly bought them at W., but they quit carrying them and I bought a different brand until they quit carrying those. All gray socks appear to becoming a rarity. The six pack cost me close to double compared to the last time I bought them and there is a less expensive option I tried at W. They are worth the additional cost. Of all I've purchased the Hanes socks are the best. They simply have the thickest sole material. I wear these 99% of the time and I purchase more about every 6 months. I throw them out as soon as I see the start of a hole somewhere. They keep their elasticity until the end. I don't like saggy socks.
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on June 3, 2013
They are extremely thin! They have virtually no cushioning. I will be interested to see how they holdup in the future.
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on March 9, 2018
Who has grey socks? Not anyone you know, cause you have grey socks and now you’ll always know what ones are yours.
See for example you get home from work/class/wherever, and your roommate Doug... well, he’s in the kitchen... making the last hot pocket.... and wearing YOUR socks.
Ok so what do you do???
Say something like:

“Hey man I know you’ve been treating those warts... (by the way they look much better)”.

“but ya since you haven’t done laundry basically ever, I gotta be clear, stop stealing my socks!”

“.....and my hot pockets”

But Doug insists that’s not the case.
You don’t know Doug’s LIFE.

.... and now you’re outta food, outta socks, you end up getting warts on your feet.
they’re painful, you miss work cause you can’t walk. you get fired.
You’re broke, your significant other ends up leaving you for Doug! ...Of all people.
And you cry.


You get the GREY Socks

..You come home from work, see ol’ Doug warming up YOUR last hot pocket, wearing YOUR GREY SOCKS.

—— BUT! This time you call him out! —-

“ Doug! I know you best NOT be wearing MY grey socks with those Nasty crank daddy feet of yours!”

“Especially since I KNOW I’m the ONLY person up in here that’s got the grey!”

***Doug is frozen with fear, he’s been caught! He’s scared, a bead of sweat starts to come down his forehead, as he mumbles and wrings his hands anxiously, thinking of what to say to say to save himself ****
*You interrupt the mumbling with a scoff, and head towards your room* “that’s what I thought” you say.

*** The microwave Dings just you’re walking through the kitchen, perfect timing***
You snatch up that tasty Hotpocket that’s rightfully yours...just in time and for a moment, everything is right and just in the world.

You then exit with a flawless MJ Spin, complete with the croch grab directed at Doug.

*He trembles with fear and jealousy at your sweet dance moves, and audibly curses his wart riddled feet, shaking his fists in the air.*

The next day :
You get up, There’s a brand new box of hot pockets in the freezer, a printed amazon receipt on the counter, with a sorry note.
Doug got you some new ones.
You wear them, you end up making all your wildest dreams come true.
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on January 25, 2013
After washing all 6 Pair and wearing 4 pair, I am going to give them to Charity. The Quality and Workmanship seem fine, and they look just as Pictured, but the "elastic" above the Ankles of the Socks is so strong that it restricts my circulation. Believe it. This is different from other Hanes Socks (of the same/similar description) I own and wear.

The deep creases in my Legs down to the Ankles & minor pain in the Calves (after wearing them for a while) reflects the problem. It is worst with my strongest (thickest) Leg. I don't see this as a problem for anyone else who has slender Legs -- although mine are neither fat nor skinny. This would be something to pay attention to if you have muscular or swollen Legs, or even more so if you have circulation problems. I see that as my problem & not the Manufacturer's. But I won't be ordering them again.
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on August 21, 2017
I had previously bought this same sock (Hanes black crew) from the same vendor on Amazon for about the same price. They were great. I still wear most of them. I wanted to buy more, so placed another order. The second set of socks that arrived are not the same. Not even close. They feel like a cheap counterfeit version of an excellent sock. More-or-less same shape and color, but not quite. More-or-less carries the Hanes logo in the same place and style. But a much, much worse fabric that's uncomfortable, hot, and all-around not good. As I appear to be not the only one with the same experience, buyer beware!
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on April 3, 2017
Very good gray sox. They seem to be the same as the ones I bought about 5 years ago, except cosmetic changes: the toe seam is now gray (does not show, if you wear them with sandals); the "Hanes" lettering on the sole is now red. You only see that when you wash them, so this change is either neutral or a plus, depending on perspective.
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on December 7, 2015
They fit well and I like the way they look, but oh my lint.

I originally purchase some off brand black socks from Amazon only for my feet to be covered in lint. I was hoping by purchasing a name brand product I wouldn't get stuck with it, but these socks are just as bad.

I'll take my sock off only for the underside of my foot to be covered in a blanket of black lint. Then the lint gets stuck in my carpet after I put my foot down. The only thing I can really do is crawl to the bathroom after I take my socks off so I can wash my feet off in the tub, which will clog my tub eventually.
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on March 22, 2013
First off they are size 6-12 like the picture. I figured the pic was generic and I would receive larger socks (10-13) like the name of the item indicates. On the package itself the store I bought them from had an inventory sticker that said 10-13-Grey. Strange.
Anyway I wear size 13 shoes and these socks fit me well enough if a tad snug at first. The elastic feels fine and my feet can breathe in them. The soles feel a bit thin though,They are listed as "Active Work Crew Sock" so I kinda figured they'd have a little more padding or more durable construction. They are actually just "Cushion Crew" like the picture. They aren't bad socks or anything, they are just standard size 6-12 Hanes crew socks, but grey.

Edit: They fixed the title of the item to reflect the correct size, so I figured I should bump my review up a star. BTW I've had these socks for months now and they have held up nicely. Although they were snug at first, after breaking them in they are quite comfortable.
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