The Hangover (Unrated)

7.71 h 47 min200918+
After a blow-out bachelor party, three groomsmen wake in their Las Vegas hotel room to find the groom is missing and they can't remember a thing about what they did the night before.
Todd Phillips
Bradley CooperEd HelmsZach Galifianakis
English [CC]
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Heather GrahamJustin BarthaJeffrey Tambor
Todd PhillipsDaniel Goldberg
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

Jessica K ImhoffReviewed in the United States on October 14, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
No Hangover Here!
Verified purchase
I really love this movie! I have watched it so many times and I still laugh hard!
Four men embark on a crazy weekend in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you are ready to laugh until you pee your this movie!
Dallia FReviewed in the United States on October 5, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Fast and efficient way to rent movies
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Love this movie and couldn't find it anywhere
H. BalaReviewed in the United States on March 14, 2010
4.0 out of 5 stars
"I didn't know they give out rings at the Holocaust."
Verified purchase
Man, I know there's nothing at all funny about a car door accidentally slamming into a baby's face... except I couldn't help laughing, anyway. I say THE HANGOVER deserves all the good buzz it's generated. There were so many crazy and laugh-out-loud moments in this film, I was non-stop cracking up. The film's premise sets you up for a compelling mystery, turns your head with its hints of what must have been one hell of a forgotten wild night in Vegas.

Three hung-over friends wake up in a sorely trashed suite in Caesars Palace, and with no memory of the night before. In rapid order they find, among other peculiar things, a tiger in the bathroom, a baby in the closet, a chicken clucking around, and that one of them has lost a tooth. And also that the fourth guy in their group has gone missing. Much of THE HANGOVER details the guys' piecing together various clues, retracing their steps, trying to find out what the hell happened the night before and just where is their missing friend... who's due to be married the next day.

You assume, going in, that you know what to expect. Crude humor. Maybe some silly slapstick. A healthy serving of raunchiness. And, mind you, this is the same director that did OLD SCHOOL and ROAD TRIP. And, yeah, we do visit the same landscape, all of the above stuff mentioned. Except better. I don't know if I can pin-point it exactly. THE HANGOVER doesn't have the heart of KNOCKED UP or KNOCKED UP's sweet unlikely romance, and I do think that Heather Graham should've been given more scenes. But I think the screenplay is really good. Then there's the smart execution. The dialogue is outrageous and wicked funny and there is a minefield of memorable one-liners. The core players, while not exactly given deeply explored character arcs, have sharply delineated personalities and these guys certainly play off each other effectively. The leads are each saddled with his personal albatross. Stu the straight-laced dentist is living in relationship hell, constantly bullied by his overbearing girlfriend. Phil the school teacher is larcenous and immature and an unrepentant instigator. And oh dear God, Alan... Alan is overweight and a man-child and weird as [...]-all. Doug, well, Doug's gone missing.

A sweet-natured hooker, a simpering Asian crime lord, a singing Mike Tyson, and more. One improbable thing after another keeps piling on, and you can't help but get suckered in if only to see how everything fits. And while not everything does get explained away - like, what exactly was up with the chicken? - you'll find that enough light is shed on the unrecollected crazy that went down. It's advised that you stick around for the end credits, as even more 'splainin' unfolds.

THE HANGOVER has no pretense about what it is. It aims for low brow laughs, and it hits the target more so than it misses. I frankly don't think it misses that often. It for sure doesn't try to impart life lessons, except that you maybe do learn one thing: nothing good can ever come from bachelor parties in Vegas. But we knew that already.
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on October 7, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Wolfpack goes wild in Las Vegas
Verified purchase
When The Hangover was released in 2009 it was by far the funniest movie of the year. I have watched it again and again since then and it still gets a laugh. The movie is a hilarious take on the buddy film starring Bradley Cooper as Phil, Zach Galifianakis as Alan, and Ed Helms as Stu. They go on a bachelor party for their friend Doug (Justin Bartha) in Las Vegas. As Phil says at the start of the movie, things got out of control and they lost Doug. The Hangover then recounts their crazed day of partying.

What is so good with The Hangover is the series of one liners, jokes and ridiculous situations. For instance, Doug is getting to use his future father in laws car to drive to Vegas and is told “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except herpes that will come back with you.” Then Phil collects money from his students for a field trip, but then pockets it for his trip to Vegas. When they get to Vegas and they check into Caesar’s Palace Alan asks the desk woman whether it was the real Caesar’s Palace. She asks him what did he mean? He asks whether Caesar actually lived there or not. Then the insanity begins. They wake up with a tiger in the bathroom and a baby in a closet, and away they go. They’ll run into an Asian gangster Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong), the police, and Mike Tyson amongst others. It is just one hilarious situation after another.
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LWWInMNReviewed in the United States on June 12, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Laugh out loud movie
Verified purchase
There are very few movies that cause me to laugh out loud but this is one of them. I had never seen it in the theater but have watched a few times and enjoyed it each time. Yes, many of the jokes and setups are juvenile but who cares? The characters are well- played by a good cast and the settings provide interesting backdrops. Zach Galifianakis plays the perfect family black sheep while Bradley Cooper works to maintain some level of normalcy...with some success.
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Steve KuehlReviewed in the United States on December 11, 2009
5.0 out of 5 stars
Hilarious film, a good overall Blu
Verified purchase
I finally got to see this film and the Blu gave a nice first viewing, and even doing the rated/unrated back to back it still kept me laughing.

The Blu clarity and sound quality are solid and there were no failings even with the volume of night sequences. The desert shots were done adequately so there was no light saturation or blur - overall the presentation in both versions makes them a good investment for being one of the few comedies you might buy on Blu. The unrated runs eight minutes longer and contained nothing that would warrant the usual attraction for being titled as such. By the time they get to the roof to start the night there were four brief sequences added in, including some extra dialogue in the opening house scene, a little more with that abusive girlfriend and a fun spot in the hotel room. The main difference between the two would be a funny one minute scene as they take the tiger back to Tyson's house (elevator addition). Otherwise, there are no R rated additions like some would look for.

The supplements are a mixed bag, and after investing the hour it takes to get through them all (except the commentary) none of them stand out as a must see.

Standard Special Features (2 Disc DVD and BD)
* The missing pictures. 100 added photos from the camera, a few funny ones but they felt like the pics you would screen out before you share with your buddies (10 shots from the same angle, where you get rid of the other 9 and save the best one - they keep the other 9 here).
* Map of Destruction. Has 15 spots they filmed on a selectable icon map that takes you to a brief clip regarding making-of info. The Tyson one was the most interesting for me as the others are all either too short or not interesting.
* Madness of Ken Jeong. This guy doesn't work for me other than brief shots in a film so his "improv" here wasn't funny.
* Action Mash-Up. A brief Stooges style mix, forgettable.
* Three Best Friends Song. Funny in a movie, not funny as a long version when they can't sing.
* The Dan Band. The clean version of the Fame song.
* Gag Reel. Now this was funny, only goes a few minutes but they were having fun.

BD Exclusive: (BD Live)

* Cursing Mash-Up. My player took a few seconds to download/stream it and it only lasted a few seconds, most customers get a chuckle out of it when I screen it in the store, but just ok as a supplement.
* Iron Mike Online Teaser. A decent rendition of him singing the In The Air Tonight. That played well and customers thought it a much better trailer than the standard ones we have seen 100 times.

Theatrical BD Version:

* PiP Commentary with Phillips and the three main guys. I usually love commentaries but this one stunk. I was expecting a great deal of humor, funny stories and cool info, but instead they were just sitting there looking bored, especially Cooper, I honestly think he was there to watch the film. Galifianakis sat there until minute 16 before he really said anything. Every once in awhile Todd would say something interesting about the film making, but don't watch this if you want the laughs.

A fun movie with plenty of laughs on a good Blu that for some of the low prices I have seen here and elsewhere it will feel like a good investment.
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C. LoescherReviewed in the United States on June 12, 2009
5.0 out of 5 stars
The Opposite of a Headache
Verified purchase
The Hangover is a compelling anomaly of a comedy, one that easily could have been just another movie where a group of thirtysomething dudes get drunk and into all sorts of trouble. The method in which its story is told, however, sets it apart from its comedic kin and makes it all the more hilarious and brilliant.
A small group of friends, pretty boy Phil (Bradley Cooper), lady-whipped Stu (The Office's "Andy," Ed Helms), socially inept Alan (awesome newcomer Zach Galifianakis), and groom-to-be Doug (Justin Bartha), decide to go to Las Vegas for a final free-roaming, binge-drinking evening away from their normal lives, two days before Doug's nuptials are set to take place. Predictably, the drinking begins early upon their arrival, and not surprisingly, the antics begin. The best departure about The Hangover, however, is the intelligent structure of the story from there on out. The bachelors awake the next morning to discover that not only do they not remember a single thing from the night before, but also that their man of the hour, Doug, is missing and nowhere to be found. It turns out that, for reasons the film so elegantly reveals, that the men had been drugged. Their hotel room is in shambles, a baby is found in the closet, and a tiger has set up shop in the bathroom. The three friends are in similarly puzzling positions: Phil finds a hospital bracelet around his wrist, Stu is missing a front tooth, and Alan yet again finds it difficult to locate a pair of pants.
From that point, as the viewer, you're taken on a journey throughout Vegas with the film's three main antagonists, to determine what happened to them and their ride home, Doug. You find out just as much as the three friends do, and at the exact same time, about their night out, which drives up the anticipation of whatever following humorous event the friends discover. The interaction and comedic chemistry between Phil, Stu, and Alan is amazing; the casting couldn't have been done any better. The Hangover also contains cameo appearances from several unexpected characters, including Mike Tyson and several actors who starred in 2003's Old School (one of director Todd Phillips's fantastic previous works). The dialogue and language is crude and offensive, yet appropriate and rip-roaringly funny, and there's even bits of karmic plot points that round out the movie as an extemely well-accomplished work of raucous, constant humor.
Up until this point, Old School only had a small handful of competitive equals, but The Hangover is so confidently funny that it eclipses many of said competitors with ease. Even if somehow you don't begin to enjoy the movie from its opening moments, you'll be unable to stop being washed into the swirling miasma of curiosity and humor that The Hangover possesses. Chock-full of one-liners and hilarious moments, The Hangover is a treat, and unlike hangovers we've all had, will be one you'll be more than pleased to undertake a second time.
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teols2016Reviewed in the United States on May 11, 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars
Three Men...
Verified purchase
All that's missing is a baby. No, just kidding. This film does just fine without that. Yes, there is a baby, but that's only a brief part of the overall mayhem and hilarity. I will be honest...when I first heard about this film and saw it's trailers, I suspected it might be one of those slapstick comedies of which we've all seen a dime a dozen. But no, everyone put in that extra effort and as a result, The Hangover was something more. I did find the two cops in the interrogation scene a bit over the top (the cops from "Horrible Bosses" might have been the better choice), but I'll let that go..this film is too good for me to go and be petty. After all, I'm naming it my second favorite film of all time. Of course, this film's success can be largely attributed to its three leading men. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis display a chemistry that properly develops throughout the film so the trio grows closer as we simultaneously come to sympathize more and more with their plight. Ken Jeong is the wild card that every comedy surely wishes for and his unpredictability as an actor and in his character's role makes him the perfect foil for the three leads. I have been a fan of Justin Bartha's since the first National Treasure film and feel that his talents were underused in this feature. But I suppose that someone had to be missing for this plot to work...maybe the producers should have used someone less talented. Then again, Mr. Bartha delivered such a strong performance in his brief time on the screen that it perhaps strengthened his friends' quest to find him as an audience would surely want for his safe return at the same time as any of the characters. Someone else who didn't see nearly enough screen time was the waiting bride Tracy, played by Sasha Barrese. They ought to have had her go out to Vegas to lead in the search for the missing groom. But having a level-headed, take-charge person in this search party would have probably sped things up by a lot and ruined pretty much all comedic aspects of the plot. So ultimately, it is good that the producers don't listen to me as this film would otherwise be very dull. Instead, it is my favorite comedy of all time and my second favorite movie of all time. Watch it and you'll see why and perhaps give it similar rankings on your own lists...if you're as geeky as myself and actually have those lists. Enjoy.
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