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on January 13, 2013
It's perfect for on the go used as an auxilliary, lightweight and functional. Viewing angles are limited though, typical of non-TFT.
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on January 15, 2013
I purchased this screen because of my stay at home job. I gave it a chance but with a little skeptics since it was the cheapest screen out there.

I have been using this screen for 6 months 8 hrs a day and so far so good. I am very happy with this screen because it is very clear. The menu options are very easy and customizable. The screen resolution is 1366 x 768. You can make it as bright or as dark as you need.

I would recommend this for anyone on a budget needing a cheap quality monitor.
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on July 22, 2013
I was shopping for a monitor for the navigation station on my sailboat. The last one had survived in the marine environment for almost 10 years but was starting to get dime sized black spots and I figured I had better replace it rather than have it die on an ocean passage since we use the computer for all of our electronic navigation.

We use a laptop as our ship's computer and keep it stowed away in a safe, dry, place. We use it with a remote keyboard, mouse and monitor.

My requirements were not what most monitor shoppers are looking for and I was willing to pay more that the average market price to find a monitor that would meet our needs. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that one of the least expensive monitors on Amazon was the best match for my requirements.

We needed a monitor that was small enough to fit into the space we have available. This one worked although a little smaller would have been better. I had to move a couple of instruments around to get space for this new monitor.

I wanted a monitor that used 12V DC through a brick type power supply. This was one of the few offered on Amazon where the specifications did show what voltage was supplied by the power supply. An internal power supply was not acceptable. I cut the wires from the brick and hook them directly into the boat's 12 volt power and it works fine. That way I don't have to deal with all the power that is wasted using the brick to convert wall power into 12v DC.

Everything on our boat can experience a rough ride so I wanted a monitor that was light so it was not subjected to strong forces where it was accelerated as we jump over waves.

I wanted a monitor that accepted our standard cantilevered mount hole pattern. This monitor did not and I had to make up an adapter plate to get the monitor to fit on our mount.

The performance is fine for both our navigation software and the the software that runs the email program for our marine Single Side Band Radio. Neither of these applications is as demanding as gaming.

We also use the monitor for watching movies on the long night watches at sea. it works fine for that.

It does suffer from some AC hum that shows up as horizontal bands the move up the screen when our big battery charger is connected to dock power. This problem does not occur when we switch off the charger so Im sure its due to AC interference resulting from the large transformer in our charger. The interference pattern is not seen when the charger is turned off. Its not really much of a problem. The bands are very light.

This monitor was well packaged, included the required VGA cable and the power supply.

Check back in 10 years and Ill let you know how it held up compared with our original MAG monitor. If it only ;lasts 5 years it will be cost equivalent to the MAG monitor we just retired.
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on May 5, 2013
Regarding pricing, this is the absolute cheapest LCD monitor you can get from Amazon. This monitor, table clamp mount, and DisplayPort to VGA cable, all cost me $100, shipped. I am using it as a secondary monitor for my X220 laptop, which uses an IPS LED display, which I will cover later. For the price and my purpose, it gets 5 stars right off the bat. Upon initial inspection, this thing is super light, like 3lb. It's barely 1" thick and uses a dinky power supply, which leaves the transformer external to the body, giving it such a small footprint. The monitor is smaller than I thought, but the perfect size for my tiny desk. It almost feels like it will snap in my hands. But anyway, it's the exact footprint I needed to get back some of my precious table space and giving me the secondary display I need to supplement my 12.5" laptop LCD. So starting with 5 stars, here's where some points get knocked off...

My X220 uses an IPS LED panel, which provides the richest color quality and image quality to date. Because this monitor is VGA analog only, do not expect digital quality output such as DVI. Sitting my laptop next to this display, it's painfully obvious how different they are. Colors are far too washed out, back light too bright, and edges slightly bleeding into each other. Users used to using VGA displays will not notice as much but anyone using modern DVI, DisplayPort or HDMI monitors will be sorely dissapointed. So long as you are using this for light office work or 480 or 360 video, it should be fine. Do not anticipate using this as a primary display because reading text on it will give you eyestrain. Ding 1.

With the brightness all screwed up and colors washed out, I immediately went to try the color presets on the monitor. No combination of presets and the Intel HD color calibration would work. No matter how hard I tried, the colors came out too dark/bright or washed out. The issue is that the LED back light is so intense that it causes what little color output of the LCD to wash out. At best, I found that using the Eco-profile, which is power saving, works - mostly. The eco profile brings the brightness all the way down and contrast slightly up, which lets what little color output from the LCD actually show. Also, it's the only setting that doesn't give me eyestrain. Because the panel is so thin, the LED light is right up against the LCD, so at normal brightness, it's like staring into a light bulb. The calibration is so poor and difficult that I'm going to have to ding another star here.

In general, this display works beautifully so long as its a secondary display for occasional use only. If you plan on reading documents on it, don't bother. It's great for providing a Windows desktop space to throw some extra browser windows, email, or calendar. Because of its analog nature, it will take some calibration using Windows 7 built-in font calibration tool to get text to come out readable. Currently watching Hulu on that display while doing personal finances on the primary laptop display, and writing this review, on my primary display, of course ...

So the rundown:

Price starts this item at 5 stars
ding 1 star for analog quality color/clarity
ding 1 star for poor calibration ability
Total stars: 3

PS: I wrote this review once over but did not see it come up on Amazon, so wasn't sure if it was submitted properly. Feel free to ignore if you see duplicates.
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on February 17, 2014
This is the 3rd time I've purchased this monitor(hl161abb) on Amazon with my review being removed from Amazon every single time.

This monitor would be great - IF IT WORKED.

Like I said, I've had this monitor, 3 different units, sent to my house. Every single one of them have the same exact problem. The problem is, The buttons will stop working after a while. So, after a while using it, you won't be able to turn off the monitor anymore, or adjust any of the settings. The only way to restore the buttons to function again is to unplug the monitor and plug it back in.

In dealing with the frustration with this product, there is one other option, the same brand monitor but a different model- the hl163abb. Unfortunately the brand(Hanspree or Hanns-G) doesn't recognize this as one of their products. I called to inquire about it and they said they didn't make it. I showed them the weblink to the hl163abb monitor they have for sale on Amazon but still couldn't pull up any information on it. It's not on their website either. For those curious, the hl163abb model might not fit what you're trying to do. The differences are, the monitor is a touch taller, uses less power, has the ports on the back of the monitor instead of underneath, and the deal breaker for me -the monitor doesn't tilt.

In searching around. This is the only LED monitor this size that you can find and for this price. What you get with it is good, if only the buttons would work.The picture quality is great, the colors are great. It's as light as a piece of paper. That being said, the support if you run into problems with it is awful. They will charge you to ship the monitor back to them to look at it and said it would take 3 weeks just to look at it after they receive it. Also, their phone support suggested to e-mail them as it's easier to respond. They never responded to e-mails at all and eventually the e-mail address said to try another address as that e-mail was no longer the support e-mail. I decided to return the monitors to Amazon when I had the same issues with the 2 monitors originally sent and their support never responded. With the 3rd monitor sent, it does still have the same problem however I use a fix for it. I have this monitor plugged into a power switch. I just turn it off and on again when I want the buttons to work again. Typically though, I only use the buttons to turn the monitor off, so I use the switch to turn the monitor on/off now.
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on February 22, 2014
I needed a very small monitor for the side of my desk, to sit next to my Apple's big monitor, because I wanted to re-hook up my Dell PC to use along with the Apple. I really missed my PageMaker, Word Perfect, etc programs on the Dell, and I didn't want to be constantly unplugging one monitor, and plugging in the other. Now I just unplug from the Apple one HDMI extension where I keep my printer and keyboard and mouse, and plug it into the HDMI that's attached to the Dell for those three (if you use wireless, you could probably avoid that step as well). So now I have it all -- and I'm really happy with it. It measures 11-1/2" in height, and about 14-3/4" wide once assembled - not much larger than my in-boxes. It's just right, so far (after only several days) -- the perfect size for occasional use, at an excellent price. I looked in several stores, and online, and found nothing else this size. It came with an installation CD, but I just plugged it in and it worked.
The only weird thing -- after I had it all working nicely, I notice a piece of paper hanging down from the bottom that could be seen from the front, so I pulled it off, thinking it was part of the cellophane wrapping I'd removed. And guess what it says! It says 'if you remove this sticker, it invalidates the warranty." I could not have read it unless I'd unplugged the whole thing and turned it upside down. A disappointing surprise from, and a poor introduction to, the Hannspree people! and that had to cost them one star, because now I have an item with no warranty, or otherwise they'd have gotten 5.
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I recently bought this monitor for my fiancee who has a really small place. Despite the fact that monitor prices have really dropped in recent years, she just wasn't interested in anything big due to the limited space she has. A look around both Amazon and locally will tell you that monitors smaller than 17" are really hard to find. This was one of the very few choices for this size on Amazon, and there was hardly one to be found anywhere locally. The price is definitely right for this baby, and after getting it hooked up, (It arrived with a defective cable that I replaced and the company promptly reimbursed me for), it looks and works perfectly. The colors and image are both bright and clear and we are both very satisfied with it. Just be warned that this really is a small monitor. Picture a 15 1/2" laptop screen on a stand and you will have a pretty good idea of what this looks like. Small for sure but great quality for the price on something that is quickly going the way of not being available for too much longer... : )
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on September 26, 2014
My prefers small monitors and this one is the perfect solution. Good picture and easy setup. The only problem we encountered was the VESA holes for mounting on the stand. They weren't in a standard square pattern. The monitor is so light, though, that using the top two hols was fine. There may be a way of using the bottom two, but I haven't been able to find it. Good value for the price.
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on July 6, 2013
Both of my old 24" LCD monitors went out on my secondary (Linux) PC, so I needed a replacement.

Since this isn't my main PC, I didn't need a large monitor.

I've had bad luck with Asus and Acer monitors, but have been very happy with my large Hanns-G monitors on the main PC, so I had no worries about buying a smaller unit from them.

I also wasn't worried, because the only negative reviews I read on any site were people complaining that it was smaller than they thought it would be. I knew exactly what size it would be and knew it would not be a problem.

The only surprise (and it was a Good Thing) was how light it is. 2.4 pounds! I can lift it with two fingers! I grew up with 24" tubes that would break your back if you had to move them.

The picture is very bright (I might have to turn it down a bit), the buttons are easy to see (much better than the previous 4 monitors) and it has the best tilt range of any monitor I've ever owned (which is about 15-20).

The (non-grounded) power cable will cover three plugs on a power strip, so you may want to get a wall wart.

The only connections on the back are the small, round power & VGA.

I would definitely recommend this. I wish I had use for a few more of these!
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on February 6, 2017
This thing has been being used; and somewhat abused regularly for like 3 years. The only gripe I had was it seemed "ghosty" when I first used it the first year- but it wasn't grounded right. After making a new power connection hookup with a more solid ground the picture is crystal clear! This thing has been on the road, it's been all over- like I can't believe it still works. Please HANNSPREE MAKE MORE OF THESE 161ABB!! I need them!

Thank You!
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