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on March 15, 2017
Great Peanuts movie. There always seem to be sublte lessons learned in all peanuts movies and this one is just to let people be who they are without trying to change them. Poor linus wants to keep his blanket but his grandma wants to get rid of it. Of course Linus wouldn't be Linus without his blanket. If you like peanuts you have to get this one.
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on June 10, 2015
As a huge "Peanuts" fan I have to love this one too. This is mostly a feature for Linus and the fact that all the other characters hate his blanket, this includes Snoopy, Lucy and all the rest except for Charlie Brown. Who is al always the supportive friend. Lucy tells Linus his Grandmother is coming in a week and is going to remove his blanket for good. What we have is Lucy kidnapping his blanket and burying it and all sorts of other forms of psychological torture. But Linus comes through at the end.
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on April 15, 2016
crazy cute movie for my lovey loving daughter who is sometimes told she is too old for things. The big answer - we are never too old for a little comfort, and frankly, if that's what helps her - we are in. Love that she can learn this lesson from sweet Linus, and of course Charlie Brown. Such a sweet tale - you won't be sorry you gave this one a go!
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on September 23, 2012
What's not to love about the Peanuts Gang? This blu ray looks/sounds great, interesting special features and stays true to the strip. Keeping in tradition with the older specials the music is jazzy, the drawings are old-school and still uses children for voice actors. The only bad thing, is the pacing seems a bit slow. and at times it seems like they are trying to fill each second with a gag from the strips that they sometimes makes the storytelling a bit uneven. But, overall, a great collection of classic jokes and characters. It is sad Charles Shultz passed away, and he is definitely missed during this movie. While the story is taken directly from his classic strips, back in the day Schulz would come up with new material to fill in the gaps or to bridge the main story with the side-gags. One can not rate this along with the christmas special or any of the three main holiday classics, as those cartoons are so iconic and part of the american fabric, that nothing today could ever compare to them. Peanuts is a family tradition, always has been, and will probably not being a part of our culture. But, this is a great little show in its own right. And those who try to compare the innocence and charm of the original strip with cartoons of today are morons. Even Seth Mcfarland has a respect for Ol' Charlie Brown and the gang. Todays cartoons are too snarky and crude, and at times raunchy. Peanuts have always been funny, but not in an overly cynical way. The writing is clever and the jokes/charm are in every single panel. It's hard to read a Peanuts strip and not smile. This type of humor and writing is missing in today's world. Everyone is always trying to be too vulgar, always trying to get noticed with profanity or suggestive innuendo. It's great to see that the great American traditions are still as powerful today as they were in the 50s and 60s. And Charlie Brown and his friends are a testament to how much people love storytelling that is real, and clever. There are no fart jokes, no off-color politically incorrect jokes, no making fun of the handicapped, no racist or sexists jokes, just good ol' fashioned fun and clever word play. I love Peanuts, and wish they would redo all the old shows onto blu ray. I thought they'd do that with the sets that go in chronological order, but they haven't yet. While I do love the fact that this movie is made from classic strips and I look forward to more like this in the future. I can't help but hope the older stuff gets a decent blu ray treatment. This movie is very charming and sweet, and worth every penny. Anyone who likes great humor and old-school values will love this movie, even if you are a small child or a grown up you will love what this movie has to offer. It has a longer run time than the older cartoons. But it's not overdone, just paced a little slow in parts. The amount of material wasn't the issue though it was simply the pacing. But, overall it was done with love. And it shows.
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on July 12, 2011
This is my first review on Amazon, but I feel I need to write one because I have been a lifelong Peanuts fan and I own just about every Peanuts special. I feel strongly about this movie because Peanut's animation is near and dear to my heart. When I first saw the DVD in the store I didn't get overly excited because truthfully, the quality of the Peanuts shows has been really low for quite some time. As far as I am concerned, the era of A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown All-Stars, You're in Love Charlie Brown, He's Your Dog Charlie Brown, and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was the greatest. The artwork of the later specials was more complex, but they lacked the charm of the 1960's specials. The cover of this particular movie gave me a clue that this could be something special. Linus and Snoopy are drawn in Schulz' 1960s style and the title hints at a sixties book series (Happiness is a Warm Puppy). I decided to give it shot and purchased it. I was elated to find that it done in the style of the original specials! It looks just like it was made around the time of It's the Great Pumpkin or A Charlie Brown Christmas! Even the story is cute and based on actual stories from the 1960s strips. I think Schulz would be proud of this effort. There are also neat things in the movie that a hardcore Peanuts fan would appreciate (I won't give them away). All in all, I hope they continue to make more like this one. If they do, I will continue to buy them. Even my fourth graders enjoyed it on their rainy day recess time!
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on March 4, 2017
if you like the book you will love the movie
for any peanut fan
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on February 7, 2012
Like Linus being deprived of his blanket, Peanuts fans have been going through withdrawal since Charles Schulz left us 12 years ago. When I found out they had made a new Peanuts special, I said, "Good Grief! How could they?!" Because the creator was not at the helm, I was fully prepared not to like this. I was very happy to see that the folks who put this together got it right! They perfectly captured the angst of the Peanuts strip as well as the look/sound/feel of the early Peanuts TV specials from the 60s.

Stephan Pastis, the writer (who does "Pearls Before Swine," my current favorite strip), Andy Beall, the director, and Jamie Simone, the voice director, all deserve the appreciation of Peanuts fans, as do the producers, who took a chance on this project. All involved clearly love and respect the work of Charles Schulz and have treated it with tender loving care.

Minor quibble/question: The trademark "Linus and Lucy" theme music is noticeably absent. Strains of Vince Guaraldi's "Little Birdy" can be heard, though, yet I didn't see his name in the credits.

Now, how about a "Pearls Before Swine" special? :)
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on March 29, 2011
Happiness Is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown was highly anticipated, and it does not disappoint. If you're looking for a light, fun animated Peanuts special in line with all of the holiday classics, Happiness Is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown is NOT it. It is, however, perhaps the most true reproduction of Schulz' Peanuts comic strip I've seen in animation.

Cartoonist Stephan Pastis' (Pearls Before Swine) writing is very much felt in the darker more melancholy mood of some of the scenes in this film. This reflects the darker tones present in the Peanuts comic strip in a very honest way that hasn't been done in any of the previous Peanuts animation.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this film is the painstaking efforts to harken back to Peanuts golden age, effectively freezing the characters as they looked and sounded in 1964. The beautiful way in which this was accomplished almost makes this film a period piece.

One hopes that there will be many other new Peanuts animated productions of this caliber from the Craig Schulz/Stephan Pastis production team.
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on February 20, 2015
A heart warming story of one young boys trials and tribulations of trying to kick his habit once and for all, along with the help of his friends and family. True Happiness comes in many forms. Fun for the entire family.
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on February 18, 2016
The continuing adventures of the Peanuts gang. This animated film film is based upon the adventures of the various members of this beloved comic strip which ceased with his death in 2000. The film reflects the style of the previous films and much has been done to keep the spirit of the originals as their adventures continue.
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