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on August 22, 2009
This is a good mat for the price. However, there's a couple of negatives I've found in my own use of it. First, during vigorous exercise on a wood floor, the mat tends to move around a lot. It may have better holding power on a carpeted floor, but it slips and slides a bit on wood. Second, when doing extreme workouts or when it's really hot out and you're perspiring more than usual, the moisture on the mat turns it into a skating rink. Be careful. I keep an extra towel handy to keep the mat dry.
It is very comfortable and appears to be durable. My mat had an initial newly-manufactured smell, but it was slight and went away very quickly.
Again, the price is great and the overall quality is good.
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on October 21, 2010
I've been using this for a variety of workouts recently from the P90X program.

I'll start by saying for plyometrics this thing is a godsend. With just a bit of attention to how you're jumping it's so thick I feel very little impact most of the time.

For yoga floorwork it's amazing. I can spend 5 minutes balanced awkwardly on one knee and never have (the knee) get uncomfortable.

For any exercise that spreads you out and places pressure on the mat though it's subpar for 2 reasons.

1st: It has absolutely no texture and is VERY smooth. It's also waterproof. Even a tiny bit of perspiration on your palms (or dripping off your face) makes keeping your hands in place for some push-ups and poses almost impossible.

2nd: Even if you can get a grip, the foam will stretch and give rather a lot. I've noticed a slide of about 2" when doing things like downward dog. Definetly not ideal, and for yoga I'm almost certainly going to have to replace it.

The softness of it is also a bit of a problem sometimes with the memory of the foam. It likes to indent to (and then stick to) shoe soles sometimes. It can also make balance poses tricky when you realize suddenly the foam you're balanced on is about as smooth as a teenage concession worker's face.

As far as smell goes, it has a bit of a rubber odor but that disipated quickly. And within 48 hours of unrolling it it had become quite flat.

Overall: as a mat for floorwork like crucnches and jumping/impact exercises its actually fantastic. It's very comfortable and takes out a ton of impact. For things that require careful positioning and places any tension on the mat though it's miserable so don't expect to have this be perfect.
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on March 17, 2012
I bought this mat (just ordered a second one) to use with P90X and Insanity. I was worried about the impact of doing plyometrics and jump squats etc on my carpeted floor in my basement (underneath which is a very thin carpet pad and cement).

The mat will start out rolled up and after a day or two will be flat if you just put something one each end. One side of the mat where the straps that wrap around it connect to the velcro will actually velcro itself into carpet pretty nicely to hold that end down. The other end will move around and stretch a lot though if you are jumping around side to side or doing downward dog type Yoga moves. I recommend putting a chair or weight on the other end to keep the mat stretched out and not moving around on the floor so much.

As others have noted, if you sweat (you will if you are doing P90X or Insanity!) the mat will get a bit slick since it doesn't soak up your sweat. Also, if you exercise barefoot like I tend to do, the mat will stick to your feet once you start sweating so I highly recommend wearing at least socks when doing heavy exercise using the mat.

Even with the downsides I listed above, the mat is very comfortable and thicker than many others you can buy to use with Yoga or P90X so I prefer lowering the impact and can deal with the few annoyances. I just ordered a second mat to make a larger area so I can do pushups and switch positions without having to move the mat in front of my screen. I highly recommend a foam mat of any sort though if you are planning on doing plyometrics at all, your knees and ankles will thank you!
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on March 24, 2015
I love this mat to do floor exercises and yoga. It is very thick, comfortable, and easy to wipe down when finished.

I took away one star because it does get scratched up easily. There are a few small rips starting in the mat already. It is still usable but it only gets light usage from me and I don't wear shoes on it. I either do barefoot yoga or am doing abs laying down. But that is my only complaint.

I like that it has the straps to keep it closed when it is put away. And it is super comfortable! Much better than a regular yoga mat, especially when I am putting pressure on my knees. I just hope this lasts for a while. I will update if I have any more problems with it.
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on November 22, 2013
I purchased this for my Insanity workout because of my bad shins and the workout was leaving me in some pain each night. I workout in my unfinished basement on the cement floors so this was a big part of it. I can see what the others reviews mean when they can see some ware fairly quickly, but I've have mine for a month and nothing drastic just a small amount of ware. Within the first two days I notices a dramatic difference in my shins. This gives great cushion, I don't feel like I'm in pain each night!

The only downside which isn't the products fault, are my cement floors. I'm constantly moving the pad back in place, very annoying. But I found "Ruggies" at BB&B and they grip and hold the mat in place. Usually meant for area rugs but I gave them a try and they work! I'm not fussing over the mat during my workout any more.
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on July 4, 2011
I was hesitant to get a mat. I thought it was a waste of money and I could just use an old blanket for a mat. Bad idea.

This Harbinger mat makes a world of difference and makes workouts much more bearable. The mat is thick and soft making sit-ups seem too easy to be effective, yet they are. Another great benefit is that the mat stays in place on the floor. Once the curl is flattened out, it keeps its place. Sweating all over it seemed like it would be a problem, but not so. I thought it would absorb it and become gross and smelly. But a couple swipes with a towel make it like new. One last feature I love is the durability. I do a lot of kettlebell routines, and I have to move around on the mat with waffles on. So far it's held up like a champ.

No complaints on the mat. Quite the contrary. The Harbinger mat has brought a little less pain to the workouts and I'm grateful for it. I made the right choice.
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on July 13, 2010
I just started working out again, and I purchased this mat to help. Here are the pros and cons as I see them.


1) Very thick and not uncomfortable.

2) Long when rolled out, plenty of area.

3) Rolls up tightly and quickly for a thicker mat, easy to store.


1) Very foul chemical odor you will have to get used to. If you are prone to getting headache from strong chemical odors, this is not a good buy for you.

2) It tends to bunch and slip when you use it for calisthenics. I stopped using it all together for calisthenics and just went for an old blanket. Stopping every ten seconds to adjust the mat is frustrating.

3) It takes a long time for the "curl" to smooth out of the mat, and that's annoying.

So, I would say that this mat is great for things like yoga and Pilates, exercises that are not as jarring and fast. For higher motion and more "jarring" workouts, it will take some time for the mat to adjust and become more useful. So while I am not at all dis-satisfied with my purchase, it is pretty clear to me what the pros and cons of this item are.

Recommended, with notes.
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on December 10, 2013
I've had this mat for about five years, and it still holds up well. There are a few chunks and tears because of my abuse, but I bring this mat to every exercise class (about 3 or 4 a week), which gives you an idea of its durability. It totally saves my knees when working out on a hard surface. In fact, I originally bought the mat for a boot camp that was held in a parking garage. Comfy hands and knees while working out on concrete!

Yes, it does tend to slip on wood floors and can become slick when sweated on a lot. I find that if I wipe down the bottom side with a Lysol or Clorox wipe that it will stick a bit better to the floor. I haven't tried any nonslip bath-type stickers, but that might also work.

Overall it's comfortable, durable, and a good buy.
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on March 22, 2015
We originally purchased this mat for general use but I now use it for yoga. Some comments: Smell was gone after a few days. The extra thickness makes a significant difference - especially working on certain poses. I have not noticed a problem with slip even with HAWK yoga although there is a little "give" on changing positions. As for durability, after our dog tore one end, I have continued to use it without problems. I am however planning on purchasing another but perhaps not Harbinger because of lack of choice in design and color.
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on May 27, 2015
i thought this would serve as a nice yoga mat but it does not. definitely do not buy it as a yoga mat.

it's more of an exercise mat. the material is quite cheap for such a good brand. i use it on my wooden floor and it slips and slides way too much for me to enjoy any exercise. i'm not sure if it would work better on a carpet.

for the price, it could do a lot better. i've stopped using it mainly because it's too thick, it's sticky to my feet and it slides nonstop on my floor.
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