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on July 6, 2011
I really like this case. It's very well made and provides excellent protection for the Macbook Air. I especially like that I can fit my MBA inside this sleeve with a Speck SeeThru Satin case on the computer itself.

Unfortunately,I've had the same problem with the Bubble Sleeve that many others have from what I've seen online.
I read about the fragile zippers and so made a point to try and be careful with mine. Nonetheless, after the Bubble Case had taken only it's second trip away from home inside my well-padded Targus laptop bag, I pulled it out to find that the RUBBERIZED ZIPPER HAD SNAPPED IN HALF. The problem is that the actual, metal zipper inside the pull doesn't extend through the length of the (once) nice-looking rubberized zipper pull. This is exactly where it snaps off, apparently really easily.

It's a bummer of a flaw that leaves the case looking somewhat cheap, especially since the 'pulls draw attention to themselves and get compliments. Now, people comment on how "that case looks brand new and the zippers ALREADY broken?!" Not what I wanted since I use my Air for work and want it to make a professional impression when it comes out of the bag. My Hard Candy Bubble Case kinda let me down in this respect.
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on October 28, 2013
I recently bought the late 2013 Macbook Pro 13" Retina and was in the market for a brand new case but there's no brand dedicated for the retina laptop, and only for Macbook Air/Pro combos at best. I wanted a sturdy and rigid case for protection from accidental drops and that will not get smushed inside my bag full of textbooks, so neoprene cases were out of the question. After hours of research, I narrowed it down between this HardCandy case and the Booq Viper Case - both of which are hard cases. I ultimately chose this case for the following reasons and never looked back.

-Aesthetic design - unique design, received many compliments.
-Bulkiness - the case adds minimal bulk to my laptop.
-Bubbles strategically placed on front and back of the case (15 on each side) provide an extra layer of protection when dropped.
-Shock-absorbent rubber bumpers help protect the corners of the laptop when you zip the case and holds the laptop in place. The bumpers have velcro attached and are easily detachable so you can adjust it to fit your laptop.
-UPDATE - the rubber bumpers are smooth on the edges, not jagged as suggested in one of the Amazon pictures.
-Snug fit - BIG SELLING POINT - the main reason why I chose this case over the Booq case. While this case is made for Macbook Air, the dimensions of which are slightly larger than my Macbook Pro Retina, this case provides removable rubber bumpers that can be adjusted snugly to hug the Macbook Pro Retina.

-The metal zipper only goes up to half of the rubber piece and is prone to snapping off and breaking if pulled from the rubber end. Just hold the rubber portion close to the zipper when opening the case and that should be fine.
-pricey at $50.

Overall, this is a great investment if you need adequate protection for your laptop. I was hesitant at first because no reviews mentioned whether it would fit the Macbook Pro 13" Retina, but I'm glad I bit the bullet and bought this case, because it worked out in the end. A definite must-buy if you're in the market for a Macbook Pro Retina case.
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on June 12, 2015
I depend on this cover and it hasn't failed me in over 3 years. The inside has 4 rubber corners to ensure your laptop stays in place. I was afraid my USB mouse connector that I left in the computer USB drive might interfere with the case, but it does not! I use this case anytime I leave the house with my computer. I even take it in my flimsy totebag when I have a quick trip day trip. It's not just for airline travel, its for ALL the times you leave the house with your computer.
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on January 9, 2013
I looked at a lot of cases before I found this one. Almost all of them are going to run you around $40 to $50 or more if you want to go the designer handbag route. I personally don't need my case to say it was designed by anyone. A lot of them are simply neoprene sleeves with no structural integrity to the case. Of the cases that have some sort of rigidness to them, the two that stand out are Thule's and Hard Candy's. Unfortunately Thule doesn't make a version for the MacBook Air specifically; it's MacBook Pro version may or may not work for the Air, but I didn't want a case that wouldn't fit snugly.

The Hard Candy case does exactly that. The outer shell isn't extremely hard but it's got structural integrity. The bubbles don't stick up too much but add that extra buffer between the laptop and whatever you might drop it on. The zipper functions smoothly and, when the case is open, kind of curl back so there's little to no chance of the zipper touching your notebook. Inside is soft (I think neoprene though I'm not sure). One of the best features are the corner cushions. They do a couple things. One is they add even more padding to the very fragile corners of the Air, about a half an inch more. Second, they adjust so that the laptop is snug in the case and doesn't wiggle around. They work well while the laptop is in the case. If you want to work out of the case and possibly tilt the Air in your lap, the corner pads won't keep the Air from sliding out. It's nothing major, but an enhancement I would like to see is that the corner padding slightly overlaps the top of the laptop so that it doesn't slide. It would make closing the laptop a little more of a chore so there is some trade-off. Other than that, no complaints here. I feel like even if I get a smaller computer next time, I might still be able to use this case since the corner padding can be adjusted so there's that possibility too.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 11, 2014
This is the best low-profile case I've found for the Macbook Pro 13 Retina that fully encloses the system and can withstand a drop by itself. I also bought and compared Booq's three Viper cases: Sleeve (VLS-13), Case (VC13), and Hard Case (VHC-13).


Hard Candy:
14.5" x 10.75" x 1.9" (depth includes 0.3" dimples)
13.5" x 9.75" x 0.9"

Viper Case:
13.7" x 10" x 2.1" (depth includes 0.3" ridges)
12.6" x 8.9" x 1.1"

No Viper directly competes with the Hard Candy. The closest analog is the VC, but laptops thinner than the original MBP 13 will rock on the depth axis. The Viper Sleeve is lower-profile and snug with an rMBP 13 (the Air will still move a bit), but the design diverges: magnetic opening, nylon/glue exterior. And while the neoprene sleeve integrated into the Viper Hard Case will hold any system tight, the case is over two inches thick because it leaves interior space for papers and pens.

The optimal system for each case:

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve - rMBP 13, Air 13
Booq Viper Sleeve - rMBP 13, Air 13
Booq Viper Case - MBP 13
Booq Viper Hard Case - MBP 13, rMBP 13, Air 13

If you don't mind feeling the VC compress with a rMBP, or if you prefer to have space to stack papers, it could be an alternative to the Hard Candy. Neither case has interior pockets. Both are designed for in-case use, have a zipper on three sides and a ballistic nylon exterior, and attempt some level of protection.

The VC design differs in a few ways:

* The zipper is metallic and more robust, though also sharper and more likely to scratch if you're not careful in how you remove the system. Pull tabs are unbreakable nylon. While I couldn't damage the Hard Candy's zipper pulls, others have had worse luck (perhaps a bad batch of rubber?)
* The interior is a mesh with thin padding. The Hard Candy has a cheaper felt lining with no padding.
* It has three hard nylon bumper strips that protrude as far as the Hard Candy bubbles.
* It has two elastic straps to keep the top of the case flush with the system's LCD when in use. The Hard Candy has none; the back will flop back unless you tuck it under.
* There are no adjustable rubber corners on the inside of the Booq, though the zipper protection liner is somewhat thicker.
* The Booq smells like chemicals for two weeks. The Hard Candy doesn't smell.

My quality impression is 8/10 for the Booq and 7/10 for the Hard Candy, mostly because of the latter's low-rent interior. Still, they're alike enough that the choice comes down to your size preference.


I used the accelerometers in my phone and a tablet to measure G-force from a series of drops. Lower numbers imply slower deceleration and less probability of damage. The setup: two test positions (corner and flat), five drops per position to an oak floor, from 38" with the phone and 26" with the tablet.

The contestants:

1. Viper Case (VC13)(equivalent to the VHC-13)
2. Viper Sleeve (VLS13)
3. Hard Candy Case (BSL-MACAIR13)

The results: (Average G / StdDev)

Phone | Corner
1. 1.85 / 0.27
2. 1.84 / 0.15
3. 1.97 / 0.22

Phone | Flat
1. 1.86 / 0.16
2. 1.65 / 0.31
3. 1.66 / 0.13

Tablet | Corner
1. 4.67 / 0.13
2. 4.16 / 0.36
3. 4.08 / 0.70

Tablet | Flat
1. 4.41 / 0.14
2. 4.06 / 0.64
3. 4.15 / 0.20

Some general thoughts:

First, the bubbles on the Hard Candy case work. For flat-sided drops, it consistently registered numbers 10% lower than the Booq cases.

Second, the Viper Sleeve is better than the Viper Case (and Hard Case by extension) for corner drops. The semi-rigid molding line makes the distance from the device to the edge at least 1.4cm. It's 1.2cm on the Hard Candy (including the bumpers) and only 0.9cm for the Hard Case. The molding line deforms when dropped. That and the short empty space where the edge tapers add cushion that the other two can't quite duplicate.

Third, while the Hard Candy had the best average corner performance with the heavier tablet, variability is very high. I actually did seven trials for that one. I suspect it'd do better with a machine that filled the interior. It was, however, pristine after this test; the other two show some wear.


This Hard Candy has the best fit and the most protection of any low-profile case for a MacBook 13 Retina. It's equally at home in a bag or by itself. I'd have liked the interior straps from the Booq Viper Case, but otherwise, the design is nearly perfect. I do think it's overpriced at $40; $30ish would be about right for this level of quality. The Booq case is a strong alternative if you want a more professional look and upscale build, less some protection and fit.

If the case is destined to stay in a padded bag and crush forces aren't an issue, neoprene will be more convenient and even thinner.

For significant protection on all sides in an unpadded bag that opens on the long axis, the Viper Sleeve will be more convenient still, very safe, and slightly thinner.

For a thicker case designed to be used alone that has similar protection, a larger interior, and handles, try Case Logic's QNS-113. It's a deal at $25, or half that if you catch you a 'Like New' copy from Amazon Warehouse. For the same objective less the handles and some protection, the Viper Hard Case is compelling, but expensive.
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on December 20, 2012
I gave this item 4 Stars ("I Like It") despite the fact I am returning it. Not because of any obvious or developing deficiency or problems with it. Nice looking, seemingly well made product and certainly appears to offer substantially more protection than many of the "thinner" neoprene/foam sleeves available. But for me the primary shortcoming of this item is it's weight! I finally broke down and bought an Ultrabook to replace an older 12" laptop that weighs in at 4 pounds 7 ounces. My new 13.3" Ultrabook weighs 3 lbs. 1 oz. The weight savings may seem small but it is not insignificant to the ease and transporting it through airports, etc. HOWEVER, use of the Hard Candy Case adds back 1 lb. 1 oz., essentially negating the savings of my new lap top! Not a good outcome if weight savings is your aim. So unfortunately it goes back for one of the less substantial, and lighter neoprene sleeves, proving once again, "You just can't have it all!". BTW, for others looking and not concerned with the "weight factor", this Candy Case fits an Acer 13.3 Ultrabook like it was made for it and the movable (Velcro) corner "guards" hold it snug and secure and are likely to provide extra protection for the vulnerable corners in an accidential drop.
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on December 2, 2013
This prime eligible and ships in 2 days. The product itself is is very high quality and fits my ASUS UX32VD well. It was not made clear when I purchased this product the the rubber corner protectors on the inside had Velcro on them and could be moved to the position of you choosing. If you are like me, and do not own an Apple notebook, this case may require some slight modification to the rubber feet in order to give your ultra book a snug fit. The modifications require little time, and are fairly easy to perform with a pair of scissors, or a sharp knife. If you have an ultra book with less bull-nosed corners simply cut off the center of the bend in the rubber corner brace, that way it will be a more of a 90 degree angle. This, along with having Velcro on the rubber feet will allow you to custom fit it to your ultra book.
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on December 4, 2014
I love this case. I never worry about my air regardless of where I go. I throw it in a tank bag on a motorcycle, pannier on a bicycle as well as backpacks and duffle bags when driving, flying and hiking. The case gets knocked around but the air inside is always unphased.

ONE WARNING: Make sure you have the case right side up before opening. Unzipping the case upside down - especially if the case is at any angle (or in my case wobbling on my other hand) results in the air sliding right out the gap before you get it all the way open. The hooks that secure it inside are on the bottom, thus gravity pulls it free and out in one swoop. Use the little red tag to know up from down and you'll never have an issue. After two years the only scratch on my air is from opening it upside down.
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on August 23, 2011
I was really pleased with this case when I took it out of the box and tried it out. It's a perfect fit for the 13" Mac Air, and the interior corner tabs are attached with velcro so you can adjust just how snug you want the fit. After two weeks of light use (I tend to use my iPad more the the Air) i took it out of my briefcase one morning and saw that one of the branded rubber tabs attached to the zippers was snapped in half. I found the other half inside my briefcase. Nothing out of the ordinary had taken place, briefcase wasn't dropped or any other incident that would have created stress on the case, so i think the rubber tabs are just of poor quality. I was disappointed to return the case, but this is supposed to be a high-end brand and I expected higher quality. This is the only aspect of the case that found any fault in, and the tabs on mine may have been an exception that should not have passed a QA inspection, but be warned.
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on February 16, 2012
I had a hard time finding a case made specifically for the Samsung Series 9 laptop, but the dimensions between it and the MacBook Air are very similar, so I decided to give this case a try.

So far, the case has performed very admirably. The rubber feet inside the case are adjustable (hook-and-loop), so I simply adjusted them slightly to fit my Series 9. The fit isn't exact, but pretty darn close, and close enough to do the job. The bubbled exterior provides great protection without adding too much bulk and thereby defeating the purpose of a small-and-thin laptop.

The only complaint, as others have mentioned, is the quality of the pull-tabs on the zippers. The zippers themselves are fine, but the rubber tabs on the outside are quite brittle and are guaranteed to begin separating from the metal tab within days of use. Personally, not a deal-breaker for me.
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