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on July 24, 2014
This is the definitive version of the movie, for me. Finally someone has given this movie the treatment it deserves. The restored picture is pristine and the soundtrack is much better than the previous "remastered stereo" versions. For me this movie is so much about the song soundtracks than anything. Ultimately, I still prefer the old soundtrack, because it seems they have perhaps somehow used current technology to merge the stereo and the mono versions (??) to make them work better with the song segments during the movie. When I listen to those old mono mixes of the songs (from the actual album and the UA soundtrack album) they will always sound the best to my ears but the newer audio, (which gives you an option of either: 5.1 surround, stereo, and mono) does capture the spirit of the song segments much better and transfers from the songs to the dialogue much better than the "remastered stereo" attempts from before. They are synched up well also, even though that renders the songs to be a 1/2 tone lower and slower due to the fact that the original film was made with them at a slower speed. However, now gone is John's double tracked voice with the heavy reverb at the beginning of If I Fell, along with an attempt (on the stereo audio selection) to fix Paul's cracking voice on "was in vain." the second time through the chorus, but the soundtrack fits in there with the dialogue so much better and still sounds really great. If you've seen the movie as much as I have there's always things that you'll catch that you never saw before. Its timeless and so nice to finally have a treatment of the film that does this film justice.
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on January 26, 2015
my mother always said "your either an elvis man or a beatles man" i love both , and a hard days night is an all time favorite , i can watch it over and over . i notice something new almost every time . this dvd has outstanding picture and sound . on an upscaleing dvd player or a ps4 or 3 the music is phenomenal . i enjoy it so much . i'm getting old .but when i was a youngster in the sixties we listened to music all the time . there was no internet ,and only 6 channels on tv . it was simpler them . the beatles were and still are a rock and roll phenomena that has no equal ... except maybe elvis . hard days night rules .
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on April 29, 2013
"A Hard Day's Night" was written by Alun Owen, and directed by Richard Lester. It was released in 1964, at the height of Beatlemania. The documentary-style film chronicles the Beatles arriving at a theater, rehearsing, and performing in a BBC television special. At one point, the Beatles hold a press conference. Reporter: "How did you find America?" John: "Turn left at Greenland." Reporter: "Are you a mod or a rocker?" Ringo: "I'm a mocker." Reporter: "What would you call that hairstyle you're wearing?" George: "Arthur." Reporter: "Do you often see your father?" Paul: "No, actually, we're just good friends." Musically speaking, Ringo may have been overshadowed by John, Paul and George. In this movie, once Ringo steps out from behind his drum kit, he steals the show from the other Beatles! No film evokes memories of my childhood as much as this movie does. I vividly recall sitting in a movie theater, and listening to girls my age screaming every time one of the Beatles was on-screen. The video quality of the Blu-ray version of "A Hard Day's Night" was crystal clear, even seen by a misty-eyed, middle-aged man reliving his childhood!
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on May 11, 2017
The guys, the music, spending 90 minutes with them.........well-worth the purchase.
So glad I own this now, and besides, I LOVE JOHN LENNON.
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on April 12, 2017
Hold on...Hold Tight.
I'm standing in line at the Fox Theater in Fullerton, California. The line went AROUND THE BLOCK. ALL of us couldn't WAIT to see this movie. Talk about Beatle Mania...So.Calif. Fox Theatre....
I've been waiting 40 years, to see this again. I was FULLY infected The "mania". I'm STILL not sure what happened there! My best friend, JAYE R. was COMPLETELY in love with the Beach Boys, at the time....but she's had two Older Bros. who undoubtedly steered her that way. That was p'rolly cause they were a number of years OLDER. ME, being "older child" followed what my heart sent. Not The BB, but Beatles.
I went "Beatle-mania Crazy", along a lot of other girls. I fell in love....George, of course.
Watching this film made me Beatle Crazy again. They were SO AMAZING. THEY WERE, weren't they???
I never knew Beach Boys. (Lately,tho', I've come to appreciate the music of Brian Wilson. "Love and Mercy" is kinda amazing!)
All I can REALLY do, is remember, with such GREAT love, all the music of those incredible years. There will never be music like that again....ever.
I feel sorry for us. We had it. We let it slip away. It was so.....MAGICAL...THAT '60's-70's music. We'd rocked ONN!!! The Beatles, The Beach Boys...were the soundtrack of my teenage years... and, as I lived, they slowly died.
I LOVED those years. Whenever I hear one of "those songs"....YOU know the ones...I'm transported, back to High School,(good AND bad).
The BEATLES were the major soundtrack for HS life. Elton, Rundgren and The Boys came next. All their music helped me make it through HS. WITHOUT them? I might not have lived through it. THAT'S the truth.
It's really something, that music can bring us through SO MUCH. I'm so very grateful for the influence it had over me.
Watch this movie again. It could rejuvenate you! Yes, it could! Singing those songs, again, is a magical and healing experience...and they seemed SO
Please...just watch it again...relive being that teen age person. It's a RUSH!
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on January 2, 2014
My wife got this for me as a gift and there were a few things odd about it. First, the cover is NOT the same as advertised here on Amazon. Underneath the "Collectors' Edition" taglind at top, the word's "A Hard Day's Night" is nowhere on the cover. And it's a COMPLETE picture of the band,not like the four pictures in their own "frames". And second, There's French writing on back cover and spine as well. It has the Miramax logo,Alliance logo, a "Canadian Home Video PG rating" logo, the Dolby Digital logo,and the code 1-where this disc can be played. It's a single disc movie. My question is this: Did I get ripped off or is this a legit copy from the actual Miramax home dvd studios?? I haven't opened it yet,fearing it's a bootleg. Amazon says they don't sell bootleg merchandise,but they've been duped before with The Beatles Mono Box sets. Thanks
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on August 17, 2017
A charming, comical, innocent look into Beatlemania. I always find it interesting to see a band as legendary as the Beatles being presented (in their early days) as a "teen pop sensation" more than a legitimate, "real world" band. The humor in this is quite modern, and the music is all very well done, as one would expect! (:
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on September 17, 2017
Should be required for anyone under the age of 30. It's the Beatles, what can be said. Just a fun movie with a great soundtrack.
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on August 23, 2014
I had seen this movie many years ago, when I was just a kid. I have been reading "Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years: 1" by Mark Lewisohn and decided I wanted to see their movies again. I actually really loved it - the music was fabulous (of course) and the silliness of the film was delightful. I also enjoyed seeing something of the young Beatles that I was reading about and their distinct personalities. The humor and quips in it made much more sense to me as an adult than they did to me as a child. I thought it was a really fun and enjoyable film!
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on August 28, 2013
First of all the packaging is nothing like what is shown in the description. It may be that the cardboard cover is missing or maybe never existed. The back refers to Canada film ratings.

Inside you get a Blu-ray disc that is not near as clear as the DVD. There are spots on the film, sort of like going to the movies back in the sixties ... Then, there is no scene selection. You have to watch the film beginning to end each time or fast forward. I played a small part on through my TV speakers so I can't comment on sound quality. No scene selection on the Blu-ray when included on the DVD, what gives there.

The extras included are interviews with non-Beatles. I don't even know if they had anything to do with making the original film.

Buy the DVD or wait for the Beatles organization to put this out on Blu-ray. This copy not worth the money.
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