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on October 9, 2012
My old Sony surround amp did not successfully survive the move to the new house. Since I had a Harman Kardon stereo amp I decided to buy this amp for the surround sound system in my new media room. I am not disappointed. The entire system was very easy to hook up to my new 3-D plasma TV. Four HDMI inputs were just right for all of my components. The remote is clear and easy to use. The sound from my Bose speakers is crisp, clear and most of the time too loud for my wife. Bass thru the powered sub rocks the whole house.
The included microphone for balancing the entire system in the room worked great. When you set in the mid point of the room you hear all of the sounds from each speaker, perfectly balanced as you are supposed to. I did not want to set up a 7.1 system. 5.1 is fine with me.
For the money this is a very good amp.
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on October 29, 2013
Well this receiver was to replace my 7 years of sherwood 8601. Let me start with a con. Automatic surround seems to get logic 7 moive whatever the analog input is - the manual says it will choose between movie, music, and game. Well this receiver doesn't have a simple dsp shifting on its remote. you have to get into osd or push buttons on the unit. Related to this, the included remote sucks. When you change the input, the whole remote setting changes. No additional dsp setting like sports, theater, hall, etc... you will be surprised that how basic this unit is. you will spend more time on how to use the remote rather than the unit itself. If you don't count hdmis, this one has less functions than my former 8601.

However, this one sounds good. clear and deeper. This is making me want to sleep in front of my tv. Automatic eq is great though you will bother your neighbors during the process. I wrote more cons than pros. Well. this unit does one thing well - making good and robust sounds without gimmicks. If you want better sound than other convenient functions, get this. Plus, this looks good. If you need more dsp options, get something else.

I connected this to SLS q-line gold speakers (4ohm) with my own DIY pyle woofer. It handles the speaker very well. To compensate its lack of network function, I use sony s3100 wifi bluray for cd, dvd, bluray, streaming, and DLNA. Chromecast will not turn on without external power. Well you can get power from the front usb which is meaningless since it doesn't get any input - the usb is exclusively for firmware update which hasn't been updated yet. I somehow miss sports dsp and still struggle with the remote. Still, I love the sounds it makes. Pretty sure it will handle better speakers too.
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on June 28, 2015
This unit has great sound, but setup is very cumbersome, and HK customer service is absolutely awful. The on-screen menu is very limited, and the on-line only user guide is extremely unfriendly as well. The hdmi passthrough system failed within 30 days of use. After several conversations (each of which included at least 30-45 minute hold times) with reps that were clearly in Asia, I was not able to get the unit to function properly. I was then told I could ship the unit to their repair center in California, but at my shipping expense. So, I could either spend $60 to ship this $250 unit to Cali and hope for the best, or just deal with it. I chose to go with a Yamaha receiver that could handle the job and just use this as a stereo receiver. Very disappointed with both the build quality and customer service of HK, and will not be buying anything from then again.
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on November 10, 2013
I purchased this from Amazon. I had some issues with the volume not getting past 50% of it's capability and also had some issues with the lights on the front of the unit not illuminating.

I ended up resetting the system, first the basic reset which fixed the light issue and then a processor reset which fixed the volume issue. With the processor reset all saved settings are wiped out, so they must be reset.

Calling HK support was bad. I ended up finding the full manual (which doesn't come with the receiver) online which helped me figure it out. I went to the HK site to download the manual and when I picked the English version it was actually the German version for some reason, comical.

I had this receiver on a switched outlet originally which I think was the cause of most of the issues. Since moving off of the switched outlet I have had no more issues.

All in all I'm happy.
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on September 20, 2013
The main reason I purchased this unit was for the Optical audio output. This unit is able to accept audio via HDMI and pass-through the audio to a Toslink Optical output. This feature is crucial for Astro gaming headsets. I used to have to switch out optical cables when switching from XBOX to PS3 and haven't been able to use them for Wii U. With this A/V receiver I able to send all audio signals out via one single optical cable to my Astro A50s. This has been a huge benefit for switching consoles and gaming on Astro headsets. The decoder for Blu-Ray is solid as well and the unit looks very sleek and modern. The USB slot on the front is not for AUX units like an iPod. The font USB slot does provide power for a Google Chromecast which is very convenient. Obviously your quality of speaker has a lot to do with the sound quality of this unit. With solid JBL studio speakers this unit really shines. The ability to set crossover freq on center, FL, FR Sub, SL, and SR allows for some solid sound tweaking.

The cons with this unit is no active HDMI pass-through. If for some reason you wanted the source signal to pass through directly to the TV you wouldn't be able to. The unit has to be powered up in order to see and hear the A/V signal. The unit also has issues with some PS3 games and their audio codecs. The auto-speaker calibration is not very functional.
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on May 8, 2015
I have had this unit a little over two years before it failed. Surprising given that the Sony that it replaced had been working fine for 25 years. The unit display went out so there was no visual indication of what device was selected or at what volume. Tech Support was terrific and responded to my email promptly with instructions on how to reset the unit once they determined what the issue might be. The reset did not fix the unit and Tech Support was able to identify a local repair center. After looking at a repair bill in that could run into hundreds of dollars I elected to replace the device. Moore's law of computers came into play and I was able to replace this receiver with one that has more features and costs less by a different manufacturer.
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on October 2, 2013
After 3 weeks of daily use the front display lights went out. After calling the HK service phone number listed in the owners paperwork I was told to return it to Amazon. HK service was quick and professional once I got to the tech who tried to trouble shoot the problem.
The unit still functions properly but without the blue illumination indicators.
I called Amazon and requested a replacement..
I was told by Amazon that they could not exchange the unit for a new and identical because the item was out of stock.
I requested an upgrade to the next model up and offered to pay the upcharge, but my request was refused.
When I looked on Amazon for a suitable replacement, surprisingly there were multiple Amazon venders still offering the item I was just told was unavailable.
The cost was now much higher than the price I paid, which I assume was the real problem.
In hind sight I should have paid the sales tax and bought from Best Buy or WMart.
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on September 23, 2013
I purchased this unit on 9/16, received in on 9/19, returning it on 9/23. I did extensive research on this and other products before deciding to go with this unit. It actually worked well with all of the components I currently have. The only issue I had with this unit is that I could not get adequate bass response. From CD to Blu Ray to my PS3, this unit would not reproduce low frequencies to my satisfaction. I own a HK Avr-240 that has a power rating of 50w per channel. This unit did not come close to the low frequency reproduction of the AVR-240. I tweaked everything that I knew to tweak but no results. I have a pair of JBL e80's and nothing I did would produce acceptable bass reproduction. Other than that, it worked fine. I love the bells and whistles, ease of set up, and connectivity capabilities. Maybe it's a bad unit. May consider another in the future. HK usually puts out very good equipment.
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on September 24, 2013
So the receiver has been awesome. I've owned it for over a year. Sound quality is great, all features function as expected. The display options are a little limited, but it does what it needs to for a great price.

But the WARRANTY oh my. I spilled an entire glass of water into the heat vents after returning from a night at the bars... fried every board imaginable. I call Harman and ask to buy specific parts, they say, oh send it on in you're under warranty. But... I destroyed it myself. "No problem, one time exception". Now I have a brand new receiver sitting on my desk. I guess that's what you get when buying a reputable brand. Anyways, I love you Harman I hope the tides of the audio business go your way.
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on March 6, 2013
I bought this to replace a failing Onkyo system. I was trying to find a AVR that was good / high quality without all the extras (mostly network-based crap) that I won't use. It turns out that that is a difficult thing to find these days. All the higher end AVRs seemed laden with lots of useless crap. Sigh. So I found myself buying an older model of AVR that had been replaced in HK's product line by a crap-laden model.

I've been using the unit for a few weeks now and am reasonably pleased with it.

Setup was relatively painless. The auto equalization with the microphone is a nice feature, but I found I needed to go back and do some minor adjustment to get the balance just right. Most notably the center front channel was set to way too low of a value for my taste. I prefer to actually hear the dialogue in a movie, rather than have it drowned out by environmental sounds in the other channels.. ;-)

One other pet peeve I have is with the remote's behavior relative to the overloading of the source keys. I want to use the remote to select the source (e.g., HDMI1, HDMI2, etc), but I do NOT want that same keypress to switch the focus/control of the remote to that device. Call me odd, but I don't find universal remotes useful. I prefer to use the remote that came with the unit -- the controls are generally better suited to the function of that device. As such, it is a pain the butt to have to select AVR to get the AVR's control back to the AVR's remote.

Also, I wish that the there was a way to permanently set the dimmer. Those front-panel display lamps are distractingly bright and it is a pain in the butt to have to reset the dim every time I turn the unit on.

Otherwise the unit has been working like a champ and I'm quite happy with it.
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