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Harman Kardon AVR 3600 7.1 Channel 3D Ready A/V Receiver with iPod/iPhone 30-pin Dock (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

3.0 out of 5 stars 43 customer reviews
About the Product
  • Dolby Volume maintains volume across all your content no matter what the source while also improving surround sound performance at low listening level
  • High-current, ultra-wide-bandwidth amplifier generates 80 Watts per channel for uncompromised realism, dynamics and subtlety from music and movies
  • EzSet/EQ automates room-equalization and system-calibration for simple system setup and optimal audio quality in any listening room.
  • Included Bridge III iPod dock plays back music and movies from your iPod, iTouch or iPhone in rich, room-filling detail
  • Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding delivers high-resolution sound from today's Blu-ray discs for the ultimate home theater experience
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Product Description

Product Description

7.1 Channel A/V receiver with HDMI repeater, audio/video processing and upscaling to 1080p A powerful, 7.1-channel A/V receiver with HDMI 3D plus Dolby, DTS and Logic 7 surround sound.The feature-laden AVR 3600 receiver is just what discerning surround-sound enthusiasts need. The feature list is long and impressive: Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding for full compatibility with Blu-ray Disc media, DVDs and music CDs; Logic 7 processing to deliver an exhilarating, fully immersive 7.1-channel soundscape for movies, TV shows and video games; and Faroudja DCDi Cinema processing, which dramatically improves the quality of standard-definition video sources. Multiple HDMI inputs handle 3D with Deep Color, while plug-and-play connectivity to the supplied Harman Kardon The Bridge III accommodates a variety of music-file formats from iPod and iPhone devices. The AVR even includes multizone functionality so you can set up two different playback areas. Add in a high-definition on-screen interface system and a programmable/learning remote control, and it is easy to see – and hear – why the AVR 3600 represents a perfect next step in bringing the surround-sound experience to an entirely new level. It rewards the user with audio/video performance and ease of use that represent the ultimate in entertainment satisfaction. At a glance:HDMI interface for 3D viewingSeven-channel, 85W-per-channel amplifiersDolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio recordingDolby VolumeLogic 7 pr

Tech details:

-HDMI interface for 3D viewing
-recordingDolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
-Superior Logic 7 (5.1 and 7.1) sound processing
-Four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output and seven digital inputs
-The Bridge III docking station for iPod and iPhone (included)

This Universal dock is compatible to all versions prior to iPhone 5 release
Apple Compatibility:

• iPhone: 4GS, 4G, 3GS, 3G, 1G - "works with the iPhone 4S and earlier" or "30 pin dock"
• iPod: Classic 6th gen (video), 5th gen (video), iPod Touch (generations 1-4), iPod 4th gen (photo/color), 4th gen (click wheel), iPod nano 6th gen, iPod nano 5th gen (video camera), iPod nano 4th gen (video), iPod nano 3rd gen (video), iPod nano 2nd gen, iPod nano 1st gen
• iPad: iPad (1G), iPad 2 and iPad (3G)

From the Manufacturer

Harman Kardon AVR 3600 High Performance 7.1-Channel, iPhone-Ready Home Theater Receiver with Dolby Volume and ABUS

Designed to Entertain
For more than 50 years, Harman Kardon products have been engineered to deliver the ultimate listening experience. In 1954, Harman Kardon produced the world’s very first high-fidelity receiver, and the company has introduced many of the technologies associated with the world’s best amplifiers. One example: high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier design, which is still in use. Today, Harman Kardon leads the industry in the pursuit of the finest audio and video quality, and its commitment to performance continues with advanced high-definition A/V receivers. Delivering a complete package of performance, design, flexibility and ease of use, Harman Kardon products are perfect for enjoying everything that today’s high-definition digital content has to offer. So treat yourself to the ultimate at-home listening experience – one that only a Harman Kardon system can provide.

The AVR 3600 incorporates the Harman Kardon's acclaimed, high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier design.
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Make Your Movie Library Look and Sound Its Best
Harman Kardon receivers have earned worldwide accolades for their uncompromising sound quality, and the AVR 3600 builds upon this renowned heritage. It incorporates the brand’s acclaimed, high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier sections, which generate 80 watts for each of the receiver’s seven channels. Whether it’s the exciting sound of explosions from the latest movie or the detailed nuances of your favorite musical artist, the AVR 3600’s amplifier delivers sound with uncompromised realism, dynamics and subtlety.

And what the AVR 3600 does for audio, it also does for video. You know that the latest Blu-ray Disc™ movie or high-definition broadcast is going to look great on your high-definition display, but what about everything else? The Harman Kardon AVR 3600 improves the look of standard-definition video with advanced Faroudja Torino processing, automatically upscaling lower-resolution sources to the 1080p HD standard. You can also independently configure your display settings and specify the optimal picture quality and aspect ratio for sources such as game consoles or your DVD collection.

When it comes to surround-sound decoding, the AVR 3600 has you covered. In addition to decoding the latest Blu-ray Disc™ and surround formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD™ Master Audio, the AVR 3600 also includes proprietary Logic 7 processing, which is capable of generating discrete 5.1-channel or 7.1-channel sound from traditional two-channel sources. There is even a MP3 Music Enhancer mode, which will bring new life to any compressed digital music.

Dolby Volume makes enjoying your system at the listening level you want easy.
Set It and Forget It
Tired of constantly having to adjust the volume on your current A/V setup? Do loud commercials send you running for the remote control? Are you experiencing dramatic differences in system performance at lower volume levels? Harman Kardon and Dolby Laboratories have the solution. The Harman Kardon AVR 3600 is equipped with Dolby Volume, Dolby Laboratories’ latest sound-processing technology. Set your preferred listening volume once, and the AVR 3600 will use Dolby Volume to maintain that same volume level across all of your content, no matter what source produces it. In addition, Dolby Volume on the AVR 3600 improves surround-sound performance at low listening levels. The AVR 3600 even allows you to customize the performance of Dolby Volume to match your listening preference.

The included EzSet/EQ microphone automatically calibrates and equalizes your AVR 3600.
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Fine-Tune Your System Like a Pro
There’s an important difference between your home audio system and the systems that you hear in movie theaters and concert halls. Professional systems are precisely calibrated by audio technicians to deliver the best possible surround-sound experience. Harman Kardon’s powerful EzSet/EQ™ system gives you all the tools you need to achieve professional sound calibration at home. This proprietary, automated room-equalization and system-calibration feature simplifies system setup and achieves optimal audio quality in any listening room. It automatically measures the frequency-response dips and peaks in the listening room with an advanced, omni-directional microphone and applies a precise, compensating equalization curve to achieve extraordinary sonic accuracy. Speaker-output levels and delay times are calibrated as well. The system sounds complicated, but using it couldn’t be easier. Just connect the included microphone to your Harman Kardon AVR 3600 receiver and follow the on-screen instructions. With a few simple steps, the AVR 3600 will automatically adjust the sound to suit your exact room parameters.

The AVR 3600 makes enjoying high-quality sound in another part of the house easy.
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Listen to What You Want, Where You Want
As any family will tell you, a two-zone entertainment system can be a real crowd pleaser. While the kids watch their favorite movie on the theater system in the den, for example, you can be out listening to your favorite CD on the deck or in the back yard. The AVR 3600 makes setting up a basic multi-room system easy. First, build a high-performance, 5.1-channel home theater around your video display. Then assign the two remaining channels to a second zone, wire an extra pair of speakers to a nearby room or outdoors, and you’re done.

If you’re planning a state-of-the-art, 7.1-channel home theater, you can still take advantage of the AVR 3600’s multi-zone capabilities. Either integrate a dedicated multi-zone amplifier for a high-powered second zone, or integrate the latest A-BUS distributed audio system for more flexibility and control, and you can still enjoy sound in another part of the house. Of course, with the AVR 3600, people in each zone can choose to listen to what they want to. And with the included second-zone remote or an A-BUS keypad, local control is only a button press away.

Playback audio and video from your iPod or iPhone with complete control by adding the optional Bridge III docking station.
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Spend More Quality Time With Your iPod or iPhone
Your iPod or iPhone isn’t just a great way to take your favorite music and videos with you. It’s also a great way to simplify the entertainment experience at home. Whether you have an iPod, or an iPhone, you’ll definitely want to add the optional Bridge III iPod dock to your Harman Kardon AVR 3600.

The Bridge III is a universal dock that connects with a single cable and lets you navigate your music and video libraries with high-resolution on-screen menus using the AVR-3600’s remote control. Browse your iPod or iPhone the way you usually do, whether by artist, album or genre. Audio is played back in rich, room-filling detail that only a Harman Kardon audio system can deliver. The Bridge III can even play back the video from your device. HD videos from iTunes are played back in full high definition, while the AVR 3600 automatically upscales non-HD videos to the HD standard of 1080p by for the best picture possible. The Bridge III keeps your iPod or iPhone fully charged even when the receiver is powered off.

The AVR 3600 features advanced connectivity, simplified set-up and even future upgradibility.
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Taking the Complexity out of a Cineplex-Quality Home Theater
There’s no denying that a typical home-theater system can be challenging to set up and use, but Harman Kardon receivers are far from typical. The AVR 3600 comes with the Quick-Start Guide, which that walks you through the color-coded connections that you’ll need for even the most elaborate multichannel systems.

High definition on-screen displays makes setup and use easy.
With four HDMI™* connections for the latest high-definition sources and a host of additional possibilities, connecting the AVR 3600 to nearly any device is easy and straightforward. Once connected, you’ll discover a Harman Kardon exclusive: a newly developed, high-definition, full-color on-screen menu system that utilizes both pictures and text to guide you in setting up a home-theater system and verifying that its components are connected and configured properly. The HD-resolution graphical interface uses alpha blending, a technique that allows the menus to be partially transparent and the video image to remain visible while you use the menus. The menu system also enables you to customize the name of each source as it appears on the AVR 3600’s on-screen and front-panel displays. Complementing the interface’s unmatched ease of use, the AVR 3600 includes a newly designed, backlit remote control with an intuitive, ergonomic design.

Adding to its appeal, the AVR 3600 features Harman Kardon’s strikingly new, minimalist design. It is elegant and distinctive, with gracefully rounded corners, a gloss-black and dark-graphite lower panel, and soft-white illumination. And if that isn’t enough, the back-panel USB input for potential future software upgrades will enable you to enjoy the look and sound of your AVR 3600 for years to come. And if that isn’t enough, the back-panel USB input for potential future software upgrades will enable you to enjoy the look and sound of your AVR 2600 for years to come.

What's in the Box
One high-performance AVR 3600 Audio/Video receiver, one Bridge III docking station, one system remote control, one second zone remote control, one AM loop antenna, one FM co-axial antenna.

Receiver Feature Chart

  AVR 1600
AVR 2600
AVR 3600
AVR 7550HD
Enjoy powerful, high-current amplification 50 watts X 7 65 watts X 7 80 watts X 7 110 watts X 7
Enjoy the best HD picture quality from all sources
  • 1080p Pass through
  • Full 1080p up-scaling from all sources
  • Full control to adjust picture by source to keep picture quality consistent
  • Full 1080p up-scaling from all sources
  • Full control to adjust picture by source to keep picture quality consistent
  • Full 1080p up-scaling from all sources
  • Full control to adjust picture by source to keep picture quality consistent
Enjoy the best high definition experience when using a Blu-ray Disc® player
  • Dolby® True HD and DTS Master Audio™ decoding
  • Dolby® True HD and DTS Master Audio™ decoding
  • Deep Color
  • Dolby® True HD and DTS Master Audio™ decoding
  • Deep Color
  • Dolby® True HD and DTS Master Audio™ decoding
  • Deep Color
Have easy system setup and control
  • Text based OSD
  • 1080p User Interface with full color graphics
  • 1080p User Interface with full color graphics
  • 1080p User Interface with full color graphics
Set preferred listening volume with Dolby® Volume circuitry  
Play music and movies from your iPod® or iPhone® and stream music from the internet
  • Auxiliary Stereo Jack for headphone cable
  • Optional Bridge III™ iPod® dock for full audio / video playback and control even from and iPhone®
  • Included Bridge III™ iPod® dock for full audio / video playback even from an iPhone
  • Included Bridge II™ iPod® dock for full audio / video playback and control
  • Ethernet for internet music streaming
Have easy speaker setup and Room Correction
  • EzSet/EQ™ auto calibration microphone
  • EzSet/EQ™ auto calibration microphone
  • EzSet/EQ™ auto calibration microphone
  • EzSet/EQ II™ auto calibration microphone for near/far field & 2nd sub
Enjoy sound and/or video in another part of your house
  • EzSet/EQ™ auto calibration microphone
  • Assignable channels for Zone 2
  • Audio only
  • Assignable channels and Pre-amp out for Zone 2
  • Audio only
  • A-Bus®
  • Zone 2 Remote
  • Assignable channels and Pre-amp out for Zone 2
  • Audio and Video
  • A-Bus®
  • Zone 2 Remote

*Harman Kardon Receivers to Ship with HDMI v. 1.4 3D Compatibility
Starting in September 2010, all Harman Kardon AVR 2600, AVR 3600 and AVR 7550HD models will be shipping with HDMI v.1.4a with 3D. This will allow full compatibility with all 3D formats from either Blu-ray players or satellite and cable services.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 18.3 x 10.5 inches ; 30 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 33.5 pounds
  • Item model number: AVR3600
  • Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars 43 customer reviews
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #130,567 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)
  • Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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Customer Questions & Answers

Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

11-28-11. After returning 2 of these units to Harmon Kardon for the same issues (see below)and having to pay shipping ($44) once, HK thoughtfully upgraded me to an AVR3650, all at their cost. None of the issues with the 3600 were ever resolved, but the 3650 is a whole different animal. All problems with the 3600 are corrected to some degree. I give HK a big pat on the back for dealing with these problems and making me a satisfied customer again.


I purchased the AVR 3600 5 months ago after a long research process. My past history with HK receivers probably colored my research, as I have never had a bad one, and I have owned 3 over the years, and had them all in service for 6 years each. The 3600 directly replace an HK AVR635 that is a serious monster performer, but lacks current technology, and connectivity (hdmi etc.). Yesterday the 3600 went back to HK for repair or replacement with shipping at my cost.

From day one the hdmi has glitches. It works well playing discs, but streaming, the video drops every 10-20 seconds, accompanied by audio drops of 5-10 seconds. There is a workaround for this and that is hdmi bypass. in bypass mode the unit will not display onscreen menus.

The processing is very slow. Video takes a couple seconds to respond after coming out of pause, but the worst is audio lags for 2-5 seconds more. After a pause I will miss 3 or 4 words in the dialogue.

Most features work adequately. Firmware update is easy. I don't have an I-device so i can't comment. I miss S-video inputs, as my satellite receiver is a dinosaur, and uses them. I am forced to use composite and the quality is further reduced.
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This reciever is incredible. I am running Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) 600 series speakers with it, and it sounds amazing. You hear incredible clarity. I had an older model that the HDMI port stopped working on, and I sent it back to HK and they shipped me this model which is quite a bit nicer than the old model I had.

The video quality on this is quite nice-- I run all my video sources into the receiver with HDMI (xbox 360, PC, blu-ray, dish/tivo) and run one HDMI cable to the TV. But... you should buy this reciever for the SOUND. It does have 7.1 but nothing really uses this format, so the extra $500 or so on those 2 extra speakers isn't worth it IMHO. It also has a second zone, which I'm using for speakers that are wired to my patio.

I ordered a second unit (the 2600 model) for an additional living room. If you have small (bookshelf) speakers consider the 2600 model-- the 3600 model is great for tower speakers. It puts out plenty of power, the HK receivers are high-current, so 85 watts in an HK is way more than 100 watts in a Sony. The sound clarity is excellent, and I recommend pairing it with high-quality speakers (B&W 600 or CM series are an excellent choice).
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I've had this AVR for about a week now and am very statisfied. I updated from the HK AVR635 which I had for about 3 years. The sound is great and the new onscreen menu is a million times better than there old one. I have to say that being able to run HDMI has gotten rid of quite a few cable. The only problem I've had is some sound delay. I was having the video feed passed straight through as all my components put out 1080p or 1080i. I have since turned that off and let the processor on the reciever do it's thing and it's seemed to fix the problem. The EZ/EQ is good but still requires a little tweaking. I had to turn down my sub and raise my rear channels up. Also love the ipod bridge. I don't have an Ipod but my friends plugged in and sounded great. I plan on getting an Ipod touch and will update on how the video feed looks from that. The remote seems of good quality and is backlit at the touch of a button. I have a Univeral Remote so not much feedback other then that. Last but not least it is a very attractive looking.
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Price Paid: $[...] Shipped Free

Owned a little over a week at the time of this review:

I bought this receiver at J&R Music World to replace my Carver C1000A which was recently taken out by lightning. I wanted something that I could eventually use as a preamp like the Carver but would have more updated features. The sound of this receiver is simply amazing. I think it sounds better than the Carver actually.

The set up was fairly easy using the onscreen menu, I tweaked the speaker settings after running the room equalizer as several reviewers had done. The video settings are straight forward enough and you just have to play with the settings to suit your preferences.

I am using B&W speakers in a 5.1 configuration with my weakest link being an Acoustic Research 12" powered subwoofer. Watching movies the sound quality is clear and detailed and depending what I am watching it feels like I am in the movie. I hear sounds that I have not heard before, I am starting to wonder if my C1000A had a bad amplifier or processor section?

The Bridge works well with my iPhone 4 and I agree with other reviewers that the onscreen menu is a little hard to use if you have a large selection of music stored on your device. Again the sound quality is excellent to me, although it lacks the warmth that most digital sources do.

I have to buy a phono pre-amp still to use my Micro Seiki DD40 turntable but I have great expectations.

The remote is quite large and bulky but it's fairly well laid out. It is usable none the less but I plan on buying a Logitech Harmony One in the future because I have too many remotes now.

Given the price paid I don't think I could have found a better quality AV receiver.
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