Customer Reviews: Hart to Hart - The Complete First Season
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on September 10, 2005
For five wonderful seasons, "Hart to Hart" was about the most fun you could have in an hour without getting into any trouble. Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers were simply perfect as the rich couple with nothing to do but solve murders. They were Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, living the fun life we all wished we had. The chemistry between Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner was natural and you could always tell, especially with Wagner, that they were having a ball.

Sidney Sheldon created the characters but it was really a stroke of genius to cast Wagner and Powers. Wagner took his cool Alexander Munday persona from "It Takes a Thief" and just made him richer and happier, with a lovely companion he got to keep. Stefanie Powers always had a certain something but had never really found the right part, until Hart to Hart. Jennifer Hart came so naturally that you couldn't help thinking she wasn't really acting at all. Come to think of it, the same could be said of Robert Wagner's seemingly effortless turn as Jonathan Hart.

This was heaven for light mystery fans. There was always plenty of fun banter between Jonathan and "Mrs. H" and enough humorous situations mixed in with the latest week's adventure to keep everyone tickled pink. Not to be undervalued as the reason the show was such a big hit, was Lionel Stander's role as their butler, Max. Max was much more like family than hired help, and in the show's opening every week, you knew right away Max was an important part of the proceedings. After introducing the self-made millionaire, Jonathan, and his other boss, Mrs. H, Max always stated that he had trouble taking care of them, because their hobby was murder!

Not to be forgotten, of course, was their lovable dog, Freeway, who sometimes forgot who was the owner and who was the pet. The first season had great guest stars like Markie Post, Juliet Mills and John Hillerman. The stories were frivilous fun, as this wasn't real danger, just TV danger, and we always new our favorite husband and wife would solve the mystery and uncork some champagne at the end.


"Hart to Hart" was delightful escapist fare. Mark Snow's "Hart to Hart" theme at the opening of the show was light and breezy, and fans looked forward to hearing it every week. Snow would finally become famous for his moody theme for "The X-Files."

The domestic and mystery adventures of the self-made man, Jonathan, and his ex-journalist wife, Jennifer, made for a charming and breezy hour of pleasure. The adventures of the spohisticated couple, who it turned out were just like us, only rich, was a great way to unwind at the end of a long day, and still is. Every TV mystery fan will want to pick this one up. So pop the cork from the champagne in the limo, call ahead to make sure the private jet is waiting, and jot off to TV land, where rich and attractive couples delight us by solving murders while living the life of leisure. Great fun!
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on September 9, 2005
It's fantastic to see that Hart to Hart will finally be released on DVD. This has been one of the most anticipated entries to my DVD collection and I look forward to October, to get my hands on this great DVD set!

There were some great episodes during the first season of this show - especially the pilot episode. Wagner and Powers had a great rapport on-screen, which really added to enjoyment of watching the episodes.

This set is enhanced with fantastic extra features, with the audio commentary and featurette "Hart to Hart: The Hart Of Season One" - which features Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, Leonard Goldberg, creator Sidney Sheldon and Tom Mankiewicz - only adding to an already desirable buy, meaning that this DVD set is a must have for any Hart to Hart fan, or indeed any fan of Classic Television in general.

Thumbs up to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for putting together such a fantastic first release to DVD for this more than deserving show, which I hope will be the first of many instalments of this show on DVD!
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on November 17, 2005
As a fan of the show since it first aired in '79 (I was 7 and I think I fancied RJ even then!) I have been waiting soooo long for decent copies. Despite vowing that I would watch an episode a week and ration them, I couldn't resist and had a weekend long Hart-fest when this dvd arrived on my doorstep and finally I feel as if I can truly appreciate this wonderful series.

The programmes have scrubbed up well and, having spent years watching grainy vhs, it's a delight to see the colours as they should be, the sound loud and clear and no badly timed advert breaks!

The commentary on the pilot is fascinating. Behind the scenes gossip is always interesting but never more so when it's Powers, Wagner and Mankiewicz (by the way Tom, please stop enthusing over the pretty girls and let the other two speak once in a while... (good natured hint!)). They all obviously had a great time making the show and it comes across in their commentary. To hear the three of them laughing at Jennifer's 'what the hell, let's stay...' made my day as that's my favourite line too!

I sincerely hope that there isn't going to be a huge gap between the releases of each of the subsequent series as I'll be dead by the time they get round to the movies and I NEED decent copies and I need them now.

I'd be great to hear some more commentaries so I have my fingers crossed that RJ and Stefanie will get together for some more. It sounded like they had great fun watching the episode again. If anyone with any influence is reading, I'd like commentaries on 'What Murder', 'Murder in Paradise' 'This Lady is Murder' and 'The Murder of Jonathan Hart' from series 2 please! :o)

And please, have some pity on those of us in the UK. The series had a huge following here and we deserve the dvds as much as anybody. It's terrfic, feel-good viewing (I always find myself smiling when watching the episodes). The only downside is that I've realised my husband isn't as romantic as he should be. Hmmm...
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on August 19, 2005
I've been waiting for this dvd release for years! I can hardly wait to watch the extras (rumored to be a new behind-the-scenes program and audio commentary)!

This is a series that was great from the start. The Pilot is classic and was never shown in Europe. Bring on the next seasons - and please do it as soon as possible with lots of extra features! You'll enjoy Hart to Hart, believe me - the romance is legendary! Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner and Lional Stander as Jennifer Hart, Jonathan Hart and Max and of course sweet Freeway....and when they met -- it was murder!
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on April 21, 2008
I purchased both dvd's recently. I was feeling nostalgic after seeing one of the Hart to Hart mini-movies run on cable. I had always loved the show for its lighthearted look at love and crime. I web searched Hart to Hart and was happy to see season one and two available. Little did I know what a great purchase it would be? I had to be in bed for a week and decided to watch my new purchase. I was ready to have fun with one of my most beloved television shows and television couples. Well, first my husband came into the bedroom and wouldn't leave-- he was absolutely glued to the screen with me. He went on and on about what a great show it had been and how he would stop everything as a kid to watch the show (duh, I told him, me too, why else would I have bought the dvd's -smile). Then, he finally confessed his love of Stefanie Powers somewhere during the second episode. She is very beautiful, a rare combination of beauty, class, humor and sex appeal. RJ wasn't bad on the eye's either, and what great chemistry. Then my son and daughter wander in and won't leave. They of course had never heard of the show, or its stars, but instantly became fans. So we ended up with a family bed, ordered pizza and made a day of it. What fun we had, we laughed and enjoyed the shows together. Now my preteen son is in love with Stefanie Powers, what can I say, like father like son:-) Thanks Sony, and Hart to Hart, but what I really need are all the seasons--and the movies. Where are seasons 3, 4, and 5? My family is eagerly waiting for the next seasons.

Also, the packaging listed its special features as commentary from the cast and director for the pilot, and interviews, with the shows creator, director, and cast. I only saw the commentary for the pilot (which was a lot fun hearing them reminisce and laughing with each other), but where on the discs are the interviews?
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on October 26, 2005
First of all I must say I was very surprised that 3 of the largest retailers Best Buy, Target, and Circuit City did not carry this dvd set on the day of release, considering I wanted this long awaited dvd set in my hands on October 25th. Fortunately I was able to find the Hart to Hart dvd set at a much smaller retail chain at somewhat of a decent price, considering their prices are usually higher than the larger retail chains.

I was so delighted with the packaging of this dvd set that I could'nt wait to watch all the episodes before giving another review! First of all the dvds come in individual cases with 2 in each case. To top it off there are 3 different pictures on the cases of Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner that look dynamite!!! They really looked great together!!!

The episodes are crisp with excellent sound quality, and I truly enjoyed seeing the show's opening theme!!! Wow! TV will never be this good again!!! Unfortunately today's tv shows consist of endless CSI style dramas, Law and Order clones, bad reality shows, etc. Don't get me wrong some of these shows are good but after watching so many similar clones it can be pretty depressing, and I don't watch tv to get depressed. I watch tv to be entertained and thank goodness there are great tv shows like Hart to Hart on dvd!!!
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on April 22, 2006
"Hart to Hart" is one of my favorite TV shows from the early 80's, and this DVD box set is a welcome addition to my collection. Maybe it is a guilty pleasure, but sitting down to watch these old episodes is just as enjoyable now as it was back in the day - or maybe even better since DVD's offer the luxury of watching with NO COMMERCIAL interuptions !

While the shows might seem a bit 'dated' at times by not being quite as graphic or intense as some shows today are, thankfully those moments are few and far between, and it only goes to prove how far ahead of it's time Hart to Hart actually was. The settings and locations are beautiful, the clothes were top-of-the-line, and the lifestyle of this mega-million couple is still one to be envied.

To take a husband and wife who were positively gorgeous, ridiculously wealthy and head over hearts in love with one another, and throw them into a shady murder investigation on a weekly basis sounds as if it would get stale pretty quickly, but somehow they made it work. Week after week Jonathan and Jennifer Hart would be called upon to help find the answers as friends and acquaintences -as well as more than a few perfect strangers, got bumped off in wierd and wacky ways.

Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner and Lionel Stander are just as enjoyable today as they were back then. The brief 'bonus' material that is present here, clearly shows that the stars were -and still are- genuinely fond of one another and enjoyed every minute of working together. I look forward to the remaining seasons of this classic show to be released on DVD.

I wish there were more 'extras' like behind the scenes stuff or interviews that were done at the time, or outtakes with flubbed lines and missed cues. That kind of material always ends up being the stuff you watch the most anyway. Perhaps with the releases of the remaining seasons of Hart to Hart things like that will be added and expanded. It's still a great show and is one I can now sit back and enjoy anytime I want.
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on November 19, 2005
I Truly Enjoyed Every Episode Of This Set!!! The Cast Is Terrific And So Is The Writing...The Whole Show Is Very Entertaining!! The Show Brings Back Lots Of Great Memories, When Tv Could Be Enjoyed!!! I Can't Wait For More Seasons!!!
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on March 8, 2011
This was one of my favorite shows and I jumped at purchasing an entire season for less than $12. I am very pleased with the quality of the dvd. The show is really very good and better than I remembered. I immediately ordered season two it should arrive today. My only letdown is the fact that the other seasons are not available. I was SOOOO disappointed to find this out. Season One was released in 2005 followed by Season Two in 2006. Since then none have been released and there are four more seasons. I read online that it has something to do with some copyright issues. There are the post-series movies you can purchase.
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on July 17, 2007
I have been severely mocked for my purchase of Hart to Hart season 1 on DVD and all I can say to those people is that they don't know what they're missing.

I remember watching the show as a kid and there are worse shows (incredibly worse) that I could have learned values and life lessons from. Watching this today truly brings back memories, and the show is just as I remember it. You can easily get lost in the story lines (as corny as they are) when surrounded by the chemistry of the 3 main characters, the great scenery of the places they travel, and the fantastic perks of being a "self-made millionaire".

The only "complaint" I have is about the sound quality of the DVD's. The dialog is often so low that I have to turn the volume all the way up to hear it but then if an action scene comes on or something with music, the entire TV practically gets airborn! A small price to pay to re-live some great childhood memories.

One thing that struck me, often in life when we try to re-experience something from our past that was "great" in whatever way, be it food, a place to visit, whatever, the repeated experience many years later does not even come close to what we remember it to be. Hart to Hart, for me, honestly did live up to the memories I have.

I can't wait for the remainder of the seasons to be on DVD, plus the TV movies they did in subsequent years.
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