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on September 30, 2012
I bought a purple one of these for my 7 yr. old daughter and a black one for my 9 yr. old son. They both loved them. But that is where the good part ends. After only 3 days, my daughter's stopped working. I thought "wow this thing really eats batteries." So I changed the batteries, Furby still dead. Tried some new batteries, these ones tested in other electronics to make sure they worked. Still no go. The Furby just inexplicably stopped working. So, I returned it and got her a white one. While we were waiting for her new Furby to arrive, my son's stopped working too! Same thing, change batteries, check batteries, change again, still no go. This time we tried 4 sets of fresh batteries, just to make sure it wasn't the batteries. I thought surely we can't have 2 defective Furbies?! Now my daughter has a working (for now) white Furby, and I have to return my son's black one. If either one breaks again, I'm giving up on Furby (sorry kids). Oh and in case you're wondering if my kids are really rough on toys, no they were both very gentle with them, even putting them back in their boxes "to sleep" at night. This toy is unacceptably cheap and break prone. Avoid this thing, at least until they fix this problem in a new revision or something.

After searching the internet, I found the fix for this issue. You just have to push the "refresh" button in the battery compartment for 2 seconds. There's a picture in the instruction manual that shows where the button is (it's kind of hidden). Don't worry, this doesn't reset the personality, it stays the same. I'm changing my star rating from 1* to 3* because I still don't like that I'm going to have to remove the battery cover (2 screws that are a pain to get to) and push a button every several days.
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on September 17, 2012
I am an owner of one of the original Furbys so I pulled it out (a couple of them actually) to give a good comparison.

A quick crash course in Furby: Furbys are interactive robotic pets with various modes of interaction to which they respond, Furbys are loud and have no off switch (You have been warned!!!) but will go to sleep if you leave them alone for a bit. To wake them simply tilt them. Furbys begin to speak in "furbish" which is their own simplistic language. As time goes on they learn English one word at a time replacing their own furbish vocabulary. These take 4 double-A batteries which are not included and have 9 methods of interaction: Shake Furby, tilt Furby, feed Furby (with your finger or a free I-pod app), pet Furby, tickle Furby, talk to Furby, pull Furbys tail, introduce two furbys to each other, and play music for Furby.

First the original gen furbys had specific differences: stripe mane or poof with tail, pitch of voice, names, eye color, etc. The new gen Furbys come in different colors but there are no real differences between them... that is until playtime starts.

How you play with Furby will change it's complete personality including the tone of it's voice and it's LED eye shape. The personalities have a huge range from a "tough guy" Furby to a "Valley girl" type, and everything in between. The personality is triggered by how you treat them, for example you can overfeed Furby and I've found that when I do so he always changes into the tough guy mode soon after, if I pet my Furby a lot it changes to a sweet and cuddly personality, and so on. Changes are very obvious, it will wiggle, close it's eyes and emit a seizure-inducing series of flashing lights while exclaiming "Me change!". When it opens it's eyes it's a whole new Furby. It shifts personality very quickly at first but seems to shift less frequently as time goes on.

So how good is it? Well it's fun! It was fun then and is arguably better now.
Some of the improvements include the new LED eyes which are very expressive and highly visible, new animatronic animations that allow it to stretch scrunch or wobble (the original could tilt back and forth only), an expanded vocabulary of furbish terms (original furbish dictionaries will still work for most basic words as those have not changed), and new interactivity such as dancing to music, and working with the I-phone app.

The materials are also very soft and Furby is surprisingly sturdy unless you're really rough with her. I think she could stand up to most heavy play just remember that electronic toys DO NO LIKE WATER. Water = dead Furby.

I would recommend for most ages as it would be very useful as a "pet" for kids, or to help develop skills in young children for translating from other languages. Also makes a good desk toy for adults as long as you're okay with the level of noise. Makes a good gift for those who grew up with one of the originals, as it has that nice level of nostalgia about it. :) It's an A+ toy and not too pricey at retail (do some research on price before you buy)
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on November 20, 2012
While I never got into or owned one of the original Furbys, after seeing these on YouTube I just had to get one.

These Furbys are so much more advanced. Just the new LCD eyes alone ensure that. They can express themselves in so many more ways. And you don't have the issue that I've heard from alot of other original Furby owners of the "blank stare" from the static eyes the old ones had.

And speaking of being emotive: these new Furbys have much more movement to them and variation in movement. Forget just the back and forth and moving their ears and eyes. These new ones can dance side to side, squish their tummy in (sorry, hard to explain. Think Pilsbury doughboy when you tickle his belly) in addition to closing their eyes and wiggling their ears.

As far as interacting, they definitely seem to react differently depending on the person that interacts with it most. And how you treat it. It seems to have a different personality depending on whether the main owner is male or female. The voice is different too.

As far as how you treat it: if you hug it alot, pet it alot, feed it moderately and don't pull it's tail or flip it upside alot, it develops a very loving personality. If you do all those things alot, expect a very grumpy Furby. Also, a friend found out that if you tickle it alot it changes into a "baby" personality.

I've only had mine for about a month or so and so have only had it change personalities a couple times. If you play it music alot it does develop "favorites". In other words, if you play it the same song alot it develops a "liking" to that song and will sing and dance to it. After a while when you start playing it different songs, it "likes" some and doesn't "like" others. You can tell this because it either sings along and dances or says "Bleh, bad song" or a negative Furbish phrase.

If you liked the old Furbys, you will absolutely fall in love with the new ones. If you're like me and thought the old ones were just too simplistic, but were still intrigued by them, check out the new ones. And don't let anyone tell you that they are for a particular age group. I'm 36 and love it and have many adult friends that got their own after seeing the one they got their kids :)
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VINE VOICEon December 19, 2012
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Furby is a mixed bag. I have a few of them and they all seem to bounce around the same 3 or so personalities. I thought I would see a wider range of personalities compared to what I have seen. I thought maybe it was the way I was treating it but I took one to work and left it on my desk. Everyone played with Furby, there is no denying the initial appeal it has. They really nailed it with the eyes. People at the office were all kinds of things to it from nice to mean and it still seemed to want to be the tough guy or the valley girl.

It is really sensitive to touch and I found how it reacted to touch on its fur to be impressive, there are no noticeable panels or clicks you have to do (other than pulling the tail, I hear a switch there) to get it react when you pet and rub it. I noticed that people trying to use the phone app have a lot of problems because Furby will start talking when they are trying to send something and it will fail so they try again and Furby will inevitably start talking again and cause it to fail again.

My 6 year old boy doesn't seem interested in Furby at all. He'd rather play with Lego blocks, army guys, or video games. My coworkers got bored with it because it seems to keep bouncing between the two personalities so they quit messing with it. I just can't really say that I would tell someone they needed to get a Furby because it seems like it has a high initial appeal but quickly looses it and it will probably end up being left alone.
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on December 11, 2014
This thing is cute but he doesn't stop talking and sometimes if you lay him on his back he still doesn't go to sleep. There is no on or off button so beware you may have to take batteries out to get some rest. He talks jibberish but my 4 year old loves it. After a while he will wear on a parents nerve but definately recommend him for small kids. I don't see why this thing is so expensive, he doesn't do anything that spectacular but his eyes do light up. You can hook him up to your ipad and download a program. It is definately for young children preschool or even supervised toddlers, I dont see why tweens would want this.
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on January 3, 2013
I sing karaoke in local clubs like the Legion, Moose and Elks. These are smaller places so the Furby gets seen by everyone there.
We put it on the table where the karaoke equipment is and when the music starts, the Furby goes into action. Just so cute and his
responses are well-timed. It brings alot of smiles to everyone who sees him.
One nite after several hours I put Furby in my tote bag to come home and it wouldn't stop chattering. I could see the lighted eyes through the
zippered top of my bag. And I swear I heard it say: "It's DARK in here!". We laughed until we cried!
After I am done playing with it I will probably turn it it over to the grandkids. But in the meantime, it sure is cute. My dogs don't like it much -
so I have to be sure he sits on a high shelf. HAVE FUN!
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on February 2, 2017
I had never owned a Furby before, so I thought I would get one, and see what it learned. As it turns out, the claim that you shape your Furby's personality turned out to be false. Your Furby's personality changes randomly at pre-determined times, to pre-programmed settings. It gives very limited responses to every sound as if you're speaking to it, and has no voice recognition. It doesn't matter what you say to it, it will respond the same. Seeing it dance to music is kinda cute, but that's it. This toy has so much potential for responding to your voice, music, touch, motion detection and so forth, but all that potential is wasted with such mindbogglingly simple programming.
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on August 19, 2015
I'm very disappointed with this Furby I thought he was new because he cost as much as one I bought in the store 3 years ago. He is suppose to be a gift to my 6 yr old granddaughter and I have no instructions on where to put the batteries it doesn't stand up straight. and the box is in bad shape. her birthday is in three days, I dont have a thing to give her all she wanted was Furby. I dont even know how to return it I've got no Address label or paper work on it
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on August 20, 2017
Furby's can only be used with a certain brand of batteries. It is very strange. I think it is Duracell. No other battery will work even Energizer. I thought ours was broken until I researched it.
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on November 21, 2014
We bought this Furby for my almost four year old son for Christmas this year. I had one when I was a kid, and couldn't wait to get my hands on it; needless to say he received an early gift. I know some reviewers have stated that their children didn't respond well to the personality son can't seem to care less and loves it no matter what 'mood' it happens to me in. I think it all depends on the child. As for the no off switch, his Furby seems to be more sleepy than most lol, it has gone to sleep easily and even when he didn't want it to so I am okay with it! All in all, I think this is a great toy and a great remake of the '98 classic I had as a kid.
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