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DropMix Music Gaming System
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Price:$64.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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I've been disappointed with most of the board games that require apps. Many of them seem like the app really shouldn't be necessary and other seem like not great games that rely on the app. This is one of the first app games that I really agree that the app is necessary to the game and both completes it and makes the game better. It's really a cool game.

The card game itself is pretty simple. There are one, two, and three bar cards of four colors. The colors can only go in certain slots of the five slots. Then a one bar card can only replace a one bar card. A two bar card can replace a one or two bar card, and a three bar card can go over a one, two, or three bar card. Then there are white cards that can go on on any of the 5 slots on the board and have bonuses. You try to fill the five slots with as many of your cards while getting bonuses for certain plays.

Each of the cards will play parts from the song and mix with the rest of the cards on the board. So you can have the vocals from "Call Me Maybe" and the guitar from "Short Skirt Long Jacket" and the beat from "All About That Bass". Some of the mixes sound better than others, but most of the time it works better than expected. So every time you play a card, the music changes. Yeah, you want the most points, but I also play cards that I think make a better mix when I have a choice between two equally scoring cards. There's a good mix of music styles in the base game.

It's also really fun just to play on your own and try to make interesting music with this. My kids and I have enjoyed that about as much as playing the game. It's pretty cool to mix up songs you know and hear how they could go with other songs. It's DJ ing on easy mode, but that makes it all fun.

There are sixty cards included, but there are expansion packs already out. For the price, I wish they would have thrown in at least one expansion. But I see how they're making a big risk making this game since it might just be a niche game. There are a bunch of small 5 card packs for $5 each and larger 15 card packs for $15. The 15 card packs seem to have a bonus card. So it's about $1 a card for expansions. You can play the whole game with what comes with the game. I'm not totally sure what I think about expansion packs yet.

One issue is that they're only promising app availability through December 2019. It's possible that at some point that this game will be less useful because the app won't be available anymore. I'd assume that if you already downloaded the app, that you're good. But this game will be totally worthless without the app.

In the end, it's a great experimental game that Hasbro and Harmonix have made here. It's not the most amazing strategy or the best game, but the music makes the game fun. It also draws in people that would never play a board or card game because of how different it is. It works well, it plays well, and I really suggest it!
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on January 15, 2018
Absolutely love this game! I picked up DropMix hesitantly when it was on sale for $50 on Amazon thinking I should not have bought it as the cost of this game is much higher compared to other board games I had bought before. Nevertheless, those regrets instantly went away after playing the game for the first time with my family. The rules were initially hard for me to pick up as no rule book is provided in the box, but rather within the app itself. Even then, the rules could still be even more complicated if you plan to deck build with the playlists beyond the starter decks.

I love how the app has a built in deck builder to ensure your custom deck follows the rules such as having a power level of less than 80 while also having atleast 30 cards within the deck for clash and even identifies which DropMix cards belongs to who if you play with people who have their own decks. But for ease of play, you can make a rule-legal deck by just utilizing two of the four pre-configured playlists included as the creators of DropMix had stated within their video on Youtube. I wont go into detail of all the rules, but by playing the game one can easily pick up on the rules as the app helps the player know the rules as they play such as if a card is placed in the wrong color slot, has a too low power level to be played in that color slot, and even lets each player know how many cards they should have during their turn. My eight-year old brother easily picked up on how the game was played after the second time to put it into perspective.

Each of the cards has a built in RFID identifier which the board recognizes and displays the card to the screen of the phone. The cards are able to be stacked and still each be recognized by the game, even identifying the number and type of cards in a normal deck. This is what makes these cards unique compared to the many other card games. It is also where issues will most likely arise with the board potentially not be able to recognize a card if it is damaged internally even if it looks physically fine or having a few cards look warped or physically worn even before the first play-through. I was unfortunately one to face these problems with my first set which is the reason for my lack of a five-star rating. Only one card in my first DropMix set would not recognize out of the 60 provided despite looking physically fine and that card was "Down With the Sickness", a wild card which is vital to the game. The majority of the other 59 cards already appeared warped. Luckily Amazon understood this issue and immediately issued a speedy replacement while I returned my first DropMix set. Hasbro is understanding with replacing individual defective non-readable cards if you are past the return period, but having these issues arise with a brand new set of cards is concerning of itself with the longevity of the cards for many more years to come. The replacement set and other playlists I purchased later on still had the warped cards issue, but I did not mind as much as all the cards read just fine. I sleeved up my cards with Ultra-Pros which helped to mitigate the warping.

All in all, I love this game despite the many card issues mentioned above. It may seem as if I am too critical of the card quality, but when each of these cards costs nearly buck apiece at msrp for the 15-card playlists I expect the cards to generally be in better physical and working condition though I understand implementation of the RFID Identifier may explain the majority of the card quality issues.

TLDR Buy this game! You will not regret it!
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on November 20, 2017
It's really impressive how it works, both musically and technically, and at first it's a lot of fun to play with family and guests, but for the cost, I wish there'd been a couple more decks of cards included, there are many cards but some overwhelm others, and you'll be pretty sick of "Chandelier" and "Call Me Maybe" in no time (if you're not already!) We had to hide the "Down with the Sickness" card, because, ugh. (ha)

But there are a few REALLY great songs like Scenario and It's Tricky and of course no one's going to like all the songs included, the real problem is that within an hour of playing it, you'll really be wanting more cards, and they're pretty expensive, and when you look at the sets, they all have some real winners and some real duds, song-wise, and parts of the same songs are mixed between decks.

It's pretty great, but if a friend already has it, don't buy another one, they'll be happy to lend it to you a couple weeks after they get it, especially if you offer to buy some more cards.
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on November 10, 2017
There is a new game in store this Christmas season – DROPMIX from Hasbro and Harmonix. Essentially the game is a music mixing game which uses a mix of physical cards that possesses embedded chips. However, be warned that you will need either an Apple or Android device to play the game because you have to download the app and communicate with the board via Bluetooth.

The box comes with 60 cards and an electronic game board with five marked spaces. Each cards represent a different song. Note that you will also have the possibility to purchase new music samples by getting new cards as booster packs. Each booster packs contains different number of cards.

Each card can be used on at least one of the four colors represented on the board. Each color represent a specific aspect of a song. For example: while yellow will highlight vocals, blue on the other end would have the drum tracks. So all you have to do is drop the card in the appropriate spot in order to create a mix or make points.

Some cards (FX) will trigger special events while other ones are considered Wild Cards which means you can play them in any mix slots. You will need 15 cards to make a playlist. Oh and the cards have a different level of power from 1 to 3. A card with a power level of 3 will have more impact on the mix compared to a card of power level 1.

As mentioned before the board has five spaces to insert the cards. Three of these spaces will accept cards of two different colors while the two other spaces only accept a specific color of card.

There are three ways of playing Dropmix.
•CLASH: The goal is to reach 21 points first. You can explore a variety of combos in this version. Strategically play your cards in order to win and expect the unexpected with the music you create.
•PARTY: In this mode, you will work together to answer requests quickly in order to get the highest score.
•FREESTYLE: In this mode, you can discover new music by connecting the cards on the board. You have the possibility to customize and tweak the mix until to are satisfied with what you have. Then you can show it to your family and/or friends.

Additional cards can by purchase with the DROPMIX Discover Packs (series 1 or 2) or the DROPMIX Playlist Pack (Derby-Pop, Astro-Electric, Ouroboros – Rock, or Mirrors – Hip Hop).

If you have a budding DJ in your home or if yourself like to mix songs, I think that this game will be interesting. Not everyone is a big fan of music and mixing your own tunes so I am unsure on how this game will be received. However, I can see potential with it because you can make your own music for parties and so on. So yes, the game is in interesting concept that is worth checking if you are into music and mixing.
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on January 14, 2018
The game itself is really great! When it works, it works beautifully. However, two of my cards won't scan straight out of the box, leaving me with with incomplete collections. One of them is even my Disturbed "Down with the Sickness" wildcard, unfortunately.

Not sure what the quality assurance on these is like, but I can't imagine I'm the only person with cards that won't scan. Even more so considering it's affecting more than one card in my collection.
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on January 16, 2018
This Game is Definitely something you should have
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on October 10, 2017
This toy/game/gadget is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen. Every friend I've shown it to has been blown away. If you feel blasé about technology this will jolt you awake. Taking little bits from different songs and combining them together is just so fun and magical that would almost be reason enough to shell out for this admittedly expensive game. But as if that weren't enough, there's also two quite fun game modes to play as well. And I'm hoping they'll continue to explore what they can do with this setup and add more game modes in the future.

You get a good collection of songs out of the box but the business model is quite devious in it's temptations. If you want to buy more cards (which are currently very difficult to find) you'll end up paying about a buck a card, largely for a single part of a song. In an age when a whole song costs that much online that seems absurd but you're really paying for the chip in the card plus the technology and time Harmonix put into making each sample work so well with every other one. It's pretty difficult to find a bad sounding mix in this game, that's what makes it all so impressive.

I'm betting this will be a big hit this Christmas, especially if Hasbro wises up and starts marketing more towards adults. I haven't seen any advertisement of the game and NO store clerks know what it is. Moreover a lot of the songs will appeal more to adults due to their nostalgic/classic selection. Still everyone needs to try this game out!
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on November 19, 2017
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I've been a fan of everything Harmonix has released, so I was really excited to try DropMix.

To start, this is NOT a video game, this IS a board game. It comes in a board game sized box, and fits in well with other board games, even down to the cards and card sleeves you can purchase for your cards. I had 'video game' in my head the first few times I played it, and once I clicked and realized it was different, and more of a board game, I became much less critical of certain aspects and fell into an easier way to describe gameplay to friends.

This set comes with 60 cards, and you can purchase other 'playlists' (basically decks that center on music genres) for around $15, or $5 for blind packs. All of the playlists have oddball names, but this one basically comes with rock, rap, electronic and pop 'playlists', and can easily accommodate up to four players. The free app that is necessary to play DropMix also comes with video and written tutorials, that are pretty easy to access during gameplay. Each deck has a couple action cards that can be played at any time.

I played a few solo and two player games before trying the four player variant and it is a bit odd to get the hang of at first. It's a bit like Uno where you need cards to be the same number or color as the previous card, and a bit like solitaire where they can also be a number higher or lower. There are colored trays on the gameboard and you end up stacking your cards in the trays as you play. The game keeps track of which cards belong to which player by only allowing each player to use one 'playlist'. ie. player one can use rock, and player two can use rap, but you cannot mix them. That's a bit of a bummer. It's a bit more of a bummer when you're trying to clean up and have to sort all these cards, but there are visual icons on each card to help speed it up. The trays react fairly quickly. Drop a card and in most cases the game recognizes the card in under a second and changes the music. After another few seconds it will tally your score and play moves to the next player. You can tap your side of the screen and a number will pop up showing how many cards should be in your hand at any one time (as this number moves in some modes due to the white action cards), but I don't understand why they don't just leave that number visible at all times. It's annoying to have to tap the screen constantly when teaching new players, or if a confusing action happens. It has a small learning curve in that you must learn to react to colors, power settings and icons quickly, while NOT FIXING MISTAKES. Let's say it asks for a guitar card, and you drop a drum on accident, it will dock you 1,000 points, and for literally EVERY person we have played this with, the gut reaction is to take the 'wrong' card back, but the game prefers that you leave it, even though it 'ignores' the card (ie. it does not have an effect on the sound, and the visual art on the car does not show up). This led to confusion every time we played with someone new, and even took a couple rounds for everyone to remember.

Each card has very unique and often beautiful artwork on it. Almost like an album cover with no text. I love this aspect, and the art translates to the display for every card. A wonderful touch. You must supply your own display, running the free app. I used my iPhone, but an iPad or Android device also works. Would be nice if it had a HDMI dongle to use your TV and surround sound, but that would negate the touchscreen capabilities. It's fine as is, and you can attach to a bluetooth speaker or whatever to make the sound better. Some mixes will be AWFUL. We would scramble to remove Sia's 'Chandelier' vocal track every time because it just doesn't fit with ANYTHING apparently. (No knock on Sia, she's fine, but it just doesn't work very well). On the flipside, some mixes sound great! And in a way there are almost infinite combinations for mixes with all the different cards playing different roles each time. You can save your mix on the fly! It's really cool! We had some mix that was great, so I saved it, and then we added one more card and it got even better so I saved that too. Very easy to tap and save.

Overall, there is a lot to say about DropMix, but it makes a lot more sense when you play it. Many brick and mortar retailers have demo kiosks (saw one at Target last night), so go try it out. I didn't really touch on it, but most of the music that comes with this set is very recent. Like came-out-since-2012-recent, which is a bit of a bummer because 'classic hits' are tried and true and easier for more people to get into. The music doesn't really matter as far as rules or strategy or gameplay, but it would be nice to recognize each section of each song. I don't know any Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran, whatever long name these metal bands use, etc. Even the included Weezer song is 'King of the World' from the white album; fairly recent. There are older hits in the expansion playlists, but even out of ALL of the songs, there's only 2-3 I'd say I enjoy, which is a bummer too. Playing Rock Band, even on 'off' years there would be a dozen or more tracks I could dig into. Hopefully DropMix will pick up steam and be supported for a while to come, because it really is fun, easy to learn and play and a bit of a crowdpleaser.
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I'm a huge fan of Harmonix's rhythm games, and have been for many years. So when I heard about this new tabletop iteration of a music games, I was intrigued.

In reality, DropMix is nothing like any of those console games, and that's (mostly) fine with me.

The concept is actually very simple, though explaining it is actually tougher than you'd think. The bottom line is you're trying to match card colors with others, trying not to place cards (it's timing based) where they shouldn't go etc. There's an element of randomness where you spin a virtual wheel by hitting the DropMix button - which can have different results on the board. There's certainly some reflex speed to scoring high, since you need to be able to place cards as fast as you can to achieve high scores. The cards you place down trigger music beats, rhythms, vocals etc, and it's pretty great how well everything sounds together. Harmonix really did their homework here. It does require a phone or iPad etc, and that can slot into the DropMix controller without issue.

It's good fun. If you have a Bluetooth speaker or Apple AirPlay, PLEASE use those, as playing music out of your iPhone etc is nobody's idea of a rocking time. I'm glad to see that with Apple AirPlay to my Denon receiver, there's no audio sync issues with how the game plays out. Great stuff.

But there are some issues, so let's look at those:

1.) It's expensive. Yes, the game comes with 60 cards, but there's a bunch of extra packs you can buy, - and that ends up costing a fortune if you want to buy all of them. Licensing music is pricey, but that doesn't make it any easier of a pill to swallow, especially since you don't really own the songs in any properly playable format.

2.) The music is, in essence, pointless. You can play the game just as well with no music playing at all. It's not like playing Rock Band where the beat makes life easier and you get into a real "feel" of the game. This is ostensibly a card game with background music that happens to get tweaked as you put cards down. That almost makes it sound like what's the point? And to some degree that's a good question... I guess because as you're playing a card game it's fun to have random music playing?

Overall, it's a fun game. The musical background (and it really is just a background rather than an integral part of the gameplay) is fun. The hectic nature is fun. But it really is expensive, and I'm not sure how much of a shelf life the title will really have. Only time will tell.

3.75 stars out of 5. Good.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 19, 2017
Style: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
 This is unlike any other "board game" I've ever seen. DropMix is recommended for ages 16 and up. My 13-year old daughter and friends figured it out in short order and had fun with it until her phone battery died. Given that almost all of the music that comes with the game is post 90s, I'd say that it definitely targets a pre 40-something audience. The girls knew more of the songs than my wife and I did. Dropmix is easy to learn and after popping in 4 AA batteries and downloading the smartphone app, they were ready to jam. There are 3 ways to play, be we mostly stuck with Freestyle.

Anyway, this is a cool, fun game with lots of replay value using the provided music cards, you can be the DJ and mix your own party tracks. You get 5 slots to layer your music and can even lay cards over each for further complexity. You can also alter key and tempo. Save your favorite track mixes to the app for later playback. The music plays through your device, but you can link up speakers for bigger sound if you'd like. You can also purchase separate card collections for more musical variety. It will cost you however. The basic selection is pretty good, but chances are you'll get the bug and want more. This is a perfect party game given it's nearly endless variety and high level of player interaction.

~ Kort
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