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DropMix Music Gaming System
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Price:$55.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 20, 2017
It's really impressive how it works, both musically and technically, and at first it's a lot of fun to play with family and guests, but for the cost, I wish there'd been a couple more decks of cards included, there are many cards but some overwhelm others, and you'll be pretty sick of "Chandelier" and "Call Me Maybe" in no time (if you're not already!) We had to hide the "Down with the Sickness" card, because, ugh. (ha)

But there are a few REALLY great songs like Scenario and It's Tricky and of course no one's going to like all the songs included, the real problem is that within an hour of playing it, you'll really be wanting more cards, and they're pretty expensive, and when you look at the sets, they all have some real winners and some real duds, song-wise, and parts of the same songs are mixed between decks.

It's pretty great, but if a friend already has it, don't buy another one, they'll be happy to lend it to you a couple weeks after they get it, especially if you offer to buy some more cards.
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on December 5, 2017
This is a blast. My wife and I have a great time playing, and even with just the cards that come with the base unit you can really get a lot of different mixes out of it.

The solo mode is fun for just relaxing, but we like to play the head to head. Quick rounds, and we're super competitive so it's fun to have something we can put points towards :)

Other things of note:
- The playboard itself is high quality, it definitely feels worth the price even though it's plastic
- The app is incredibly easy to set up. I'd recommend using a tablet if you have one as it's easier to view the screen but it is super easy to get going.
- Use a bluetooth speaker if you can as the music itself is only really great with something better than what a phone or tablet can put out for audio.
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on October 10, 2017
This toy/game/gadget is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen. Every friend I've shown it to has been blown away. If you feel blasé about technology this will jolt you awake. Taking little bits from different songs and combining them together is just so fun and magical that would almost be reason enough to shell out for this admittedly expensive game. But as if that weren't enough, there's also two quite fun game modes to play as well. And I'm hoping they'll continue to explore what they can do with this setup and add more game modes in the future.

You get a good collection of songs out of the box but the business model is quite devious in it's temptations. If you want to buy more cards (which are currently very difficult to find) you'll end up paying about a buck a card, largely for a single part of a song. In an age when a whole song costs that much online that seems absurd but you're really paying for the chip in the card plus the technology and time Harmonix put into making each sample work so well with every other one. It's pretty difficult to find a bad sounding mix in this game, that's what makes it all so impressive.

I'm betting this will be a big hit this Christmas, especially if Hasbro wises up and starts marketing more towards adults. I haven't seen any advertisement of the game and NO store clerks know what it is. Moreover a lot of the songs will appeal more to adults due to their nostalgic/classic selection. Still everyone needs to try this game out!
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on December 25, 2017
Somehow, this product slipped by me. I follow lots of tech sites and never saw it. By chance, I downloaded the app and then discovered this. We bought this for our daughter who is 11. It's an awkward age - they don't really play with toys, but still kind of want to play with toys.
In comes DropMix - your pair this to your phone (I used an iPhone 7 & a 6). When you place the cards on the board, it plays samples from the songs letting you make your own mixes. It's really cool! I'm an old guy and spent an hour playing with different mixes.
My daughter loves it. I'm glad we bought this for her. It says ages 16+ - I guess some of the song mixes could have some objectionable content? It's nothing she hasn't already listened to. I also don't remember hearing any when we used it.
There are also game modes. We haven't tried this yet - it's fun just to do different mixes. Tweens to adults, this is a very cool product!
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on February 8, 2018
You need a smartphone or preferably a tablet to go along with this. You also need a bluetooth speaker. The better the speaker, the better this sounds obviously.
Real simply you have a bunch of cards that contain parts of popular songs. For example one card might be a drum beat from RUN DMC "It's Tricky" another card might be the horn section from Cake's "Short Skirt Long Jacket" another might be vocals from an Ed Sheeran song. Lay the cards on the tray and they make a song. Lay cards on top of a card already down and it overrides that card always playing the music from top card. It works surprisingly fast and flawless.
The set includes 60 music cards that are similar to a trading card like Pokemon. Out of the 60 we had one that simply did not work and one was missing. I did not feel like returning the whole kit at the time as we were having so much fun with it and they were sold out to send me a new one. Now it is simply too late and I forever will be two cards short. We bought a whole bunch of additional sets of add on cards and they have all been accounted for and worked.
This can be operated in freestyle mode or played as a game against other people.
The freestyle mode is awesome. You simply lay down cards making songs. The tone and BPM can be changed. Mixes you really like can be saved and shared. Something really satisfying about finding the perfect drum beat or guitar riff to go along with the song you are building.
Honestly, the actual game is not very fun in my opinion. We have played it multiple times but just have more fun in the freestyle mode. This kind of hurts the overall product as nobody really has any interest in using this as a competitive game. The freestyle mode is tons of fun at first but it kind of gets played out until you buy new cards to try.
Overall I am happy with the purchase and do not regret owning it.
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I've been disappointed with most of the board games that require apps. Many of them seem like the app really shouldn't be necessary and other seem like not great games that rely on the app. This is one of the first app games that I really agree that the app is necessary to the game and both completes it and makes the game better. It's really a cool game.

The card game itself is pretty simple. There are one, two, and three bar cards of four colors. The colors can only go in certain slots of the five slots. Then a one bar card can only replace a one bar card. A two bar card can replace a one or two bar card, and a three bar card can go over a one, two, or three bar card. Then there are white cards that can go on on any of the 5 slots on the board and have bonuses. You try to fill the five slots with as many of your cards while getting bonuses for certain plays.

Each of the cards will play parts from the song and mix with the rest of the cards on the board. So you can have the vocals from "Call Me Maybe" and the guitar from "Short Skirt Long Jacket" and the beat from "All About That Bass". Some of the mixes sound better than others, but most of the time it works better than expected. So every time you play a card, the music changes. Yeah, you want the most points, but I also play cards that I think make a better mix when I have a choice between two equally scoring cards. There's a good mix of music styles in the base game.

It's also really fun just to play on your own and try to make interesting music with this. My kids and I have enjoyed that about as much as playing the game. It's pretty cool to mix up songs you know and hear how they could go with other songs. It's DJ ing on easy mode, but that makes it all fun.

There are sixty cards included, but there are expansion packs already out. For the price, I wish they would have thrown in at least one expansion. But I see how they're making a big risk making this game since it might just be a niche game. There are a bunch of small 5 card packs for $5 each and larger 15 card packs for $15. The 15 card packs seem to have a bonus card. So it's about $1 a card for expansions. You can play the whole game with what comes with the game. I'm not totally sure what I think about expansion packs yet.

One issue is that they're only promising app availability through December 2019. It's possible that at some point that this game will be less useful because the app won't be available anymore. I'd assume that if you already downloaded the app, that you're good. But this game will be totally worthless without the app.

In the end, it's a great experimental game that Hasbro and Harmonix have made here. It's not the most amazing strategy or the best game, but the music makes the game fun. It also draws in people that would never play a board or card game because of how different it is. It works well, it plays well, and I really suggest it!
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on December 25, 2017
I enjoy this game very much and the first time you lay down the cards onto the game board it’s really like magic how instantaneous the music starts to play. The main game is basically about area control with deck building elements. You and your opponent are fighting to take over spaces with different color coded cards. Playing certain cards next to each other will get you more points and getting control of an entire field will score you a big bonus; the game does indeed require strategy. The app does a terrific job of explaining how to play the game and keeping track of everything from your score to the amount of cards that are supposed to be in your hand. Anyone can learn and jump in to play within minutes.

I gave the game five stars, however, I do have a major problem with the game and it’s the music aspect of it. The music does not really work into the actual gameplay of it and I wish they intergrated the music element more into the game. I could easily turn off the volume of the game and still play and from a gameplay perspective the game wouldn’t change. Now, the music does indeed make the game a lot cooler, but I am strictly talking about gameplay. Since the game requires an application to play I can see them maybe updating the gameplay or adding new modes later on.

The game at the end of the day is a unique party game that can be played with people who are more hardcore, but also be enjoyed by casual or non gamers. I could easily see this as a gateway game into other board and card games.
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on January 24, 2018
Incredible! My oldest daughter loves creating music, and I bought this on a whim for her 13th birthday... and it was a total hit! Everyone that sees this in action wants to play it. The mixes the game makes are amazing. We hooked up a Bluetooth speaker for more volume! We have had problems finding the playlist packs in stores... we did get the first two complete series of discover packs... but are hoping they will be restocked soon? Dropmix is not to be missed... if you like music, you'll love this.
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on November 24, 2017
DropMix is amazing. The game part is fun on its own but I’ve also spent hours just combining cards and adjusting mixes to create various musical atrocities, like pairing the vocals from Len’s Steal My Sunshine over the drums and bass from Ginuwine’s Pony. (From expansion sets)

I should be in music jail, and it’s this game’s fault.
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on March 22, 2018
If you have friends over, prepare to blow their minds with this masterpiece. The game switches the key as well as beats per minute depending on the cards placed down, creating on the fly mixes that no one would ever think about. Call Me Maybe with Disturbed - Down With the Sickness? Mwha *Kisses fingers.

There are 2 actual game modes to this but I wouldn't recommend it. It's more of a game they added to make it for people that require rules / goals. I personally enjoy freestyle for the adventures of mixing and matching different samples for hours on end. I will say there is a limit to how much enjoyment you get out of this so playing it by yourself would only have a few hours of game-play before you put it away and rarely use it again. But each time I have someone over and they play this game they instantly want to buy it and all expansions they can find.

The expansions come with 15 cards plus 1 bonus mystery card. The EDM pack bonus card was the Doctor Who Theme song. They also have 5 card packs. (Series 1 and 2 currently available with 6 five-card sets in each series) None of the cards are random and to determine what is inside each card set you have to look up online based off the picture on the front. I would definitely recommend the hip hop expansion as well as the pack in the first series that has a set of pink headphones (Europe - Final Countdown wildcard is inside) Unfortunately you can not select individual packs on amazon as all sets in the series are sold together (expansions can be bought online though) so you would have to go to a retail store and select them by looking at the picture.
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