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on November 18, 2012
When I first played this game, though I found it entertaining, I thought playing the actual board games was more fun. I still feel that way. However, I have come to appreciate this game more since my schedule has gotten more busy. I know it sounds strange, but when I want to play a board game--taking it out and setting it up and moving the pieces just sometimes seems like too much for me when I'm very tired.

One of the major perks of this game is that you get to use your own Miis, though the game also provides some. I have a bunch of Star Wars, Tombraider, and V characters I like to have competing with each other. You can also choose to play against one to two characters provided by the game, which is great for people who don't have someone to play with. You can have up to four players with humans, so it is nice for families. There are five games: Yahtzee Hands Down, Clue, Twister, Life, and Mouse Trap. There are two modes: Original and Remix. Multiple players can share one remote, which is also nice when you consider how expensive Wii remotes are.

YAHTZEE HANDS DOWN: This game only offers Remix mode with one player. I find Remix mode irritating because the game automatically holds your cards once you match a set. You don't have a choice. With the regular game, I had a hard time getting the hang of it. They show a card of a dice set you are supposed to match (three of a kind, yahtzee, full house). You have to match the dice sort with the same colored cards. I do find seeing the numbers rather difficult with some of the cards, but it may be my middle aged eyes. There is a time limit, so the game can't go on forever.

CLUE: This game can be a little long sometimes, and I think it is better played as a group effort to solve the crime. Otherwise, you have to rely on the honor code that your opponents won't peek during the times they have to close their eyes. What I like best about this game is the mini-games you play in order to uncover clues. For example, in one, they show you the murder weapon--and you have to find all six of the same item in a picture. Landing on question marks and collecting rumor points, which lets you start a rumor, is particularly helpful--you know, "I say it was Miss Scarlett, in the Hall, with the wrench." The Remix version is my favorite. It moves faster. Before taking your regular die roll, you roll the Event die, which causes something to happen--part of the crime scene is locked off, one of the suspects are murdered, etc. Of course, it can be annoying because the murderer can also conk you on the head and make you lose a turn. This happens a lot when you are about to make an accusation, and it is also possible to get trapped in a lock room for the rest of the game. Remix mode doesn't have most of the mini-games.

TWISTER: This is not at all like original Twister. It is like Simon. They show you a combination of keys that you need to press and the order you have to press them, and then you have to do them when the blank circles hit one point in the bar. Original has all players doing this at the same time. Remix has each player doing it on their turn. Twister is also a mini-game in the Life game when you get married.

LIFE: Some people I've read reviews on were disappointed in this game the most. Admittedly, it is a more stripped down version of the board game, and yet it seems to take forever to play. You can speed it along by pressing the "A" button frequently when the car moves, the spinner, the tallying, and cut scenes. The mini-games you play at the Stop Signs are fun, and I enjoy the little cut scenes when your character marries and has babies. My only complaint really is that there are too many lawsuit spaces. My arm gets tired shaking the remote. The Remix version makes the game much shorter, but I don't think it is quite as interesting either. I think it gets rid of the mini games, and more is decided for you. In this version, it is about how many moves you get to make rather than money, and the game ends when the first person retires--and they are the winner.

MOUSETRAP: This is, in many ways, the best game of the group as far as how close it is to the actual board game and how much time it takes to play. It is superior to the board game in that its mouse trap actually works! The game moves along at a good pace. A mini game determines how many parts of the mouse trap you can build. You can build up to three parts, but you will always get to build at least one--even if you totally suck at the minigame. The Remix version can possibly take much longer. I was also a little disoriented by this game at first, though it is actually interesting. In the Remix version, the goal is to collect a full wheel of cheese. You set traps for your fellow mice to make them lose their cheese, but you also can fall into these traps. Again, sometimes seeing the screen when you are placing the traps can be hard on old eyes.

Overall, the game is entertaining for young and old alike. The games are easy enough to play for all ages. Many of the mini games actually are considered to be brain building exercises. Yes, the board games themselves are usually much more fun to play, but this is a fairly satisfactory substitute--and absolutely wonderful when you are too lazy to set them up.
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on November 21, 2012
We purchased this game recently after seeing in a store. Amazon's price could not be beat! This particular version has 5 games. I'll rate each one quickly.

Life: 5 stars! This is probably the best game of all of them on this disc! You can play a quick game, or a longer game. The longer games take awhile, so I'd recommend short games with younger children, so they don't lose interest before a game is complete.

Clue: 4 stars. We weren't sure how it was going to work, seeing as in the regular game, you can't look when someone is guessing! You have to hope you're playing with a fair opponent, who will look away from the screen when it comes time to guess. The instructions are a bit confusing. Its still fun though!

Twister: 2 stars. It has nothing to do with the actual game of Twister. Pretty lame, actually, though I think some people may find it enjoyable. You basically are trying to match the sequence of buttons after the game...its more like the game Simon, actually, though not as fun.

Yahtzee: 1 star. TERRIBLE rendition of this game. We didn't even understand how to play. DUD!

Mouse Trap: 4 stars. Its very much like the original, although watching the contraption work in real life, as opposed to a TV, is far superior. Still, not a bad game.

Overall, its worth buying if you can find it at a great price. I wouldn't pay more than $23 bucks for it.
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on August 14, 2015
This is a great game for my family. Our youngest is 5 years old and the older one is almost 8, the hubby and I are in our 30's.
Fairly good graphics, decent background music, and it's pretty cool that they incorporate your Mii character as your player. The standard and remix versions of Clue and Life are very fun and easy enough for the entire family. The one thing about Clue is you have to trust that no one is peeking when you make a guess. Twister is definitely a memory work out for us older folks, and it's a bit tricky for the 5 year old. Mouse Trap is a favorite for the little ones. We haven't tried out the Yahtzee Hands Down yet. All in all a good family game.
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on January 15, 2018
My kids absolutely love this wii game. They can play with friends and not have to worry about cleaning up the mess of the actual board game when strapped for time.
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on January 18, 2011
This collection of games (Life, Clue, Twister, Mouse Trap and Yahtzee Hands Down) is a fun, entertaining group of family games that will certainly entertain you and your family. However, don't let the first impression fool you.

(Let me preface this by saying that I am not a game designer and, therefore, I have no useful suggestions for making the games better. The following are simply my observations.)

Each game has similarities to their traditional-equivalent game, but the differences are sometimes annoying and essentially make the games completely different than their original versions. Also, the full version of each game can be VERY long and somewhat monotonous. I'll keep the summaries very brief:
Life - The most like the original game; gameplay can be slow, but so could the original.
Clue - Similar to the original game, but not exactly; gameplay is slower than the original.
Twister - NOTHING like the original, as you'd imagine for a video game; fun and challenging, but gets boring and frustrating fairly quickly.
Mouse Trap - Similar to the original game; moves fairly quickly; likely most appealing for younger kids.
Yahtzee Hands Down - Not like the original YAHTZEE at all; fairly complicated to pick-up, but moves quickly; likely most appealing to adults and older kids.

All in all, this collection of games is quite fun and enjoyable. But, if you're looking for a replacement collection of sit-down-around-the-family-table-board-games, you've come to the wrong place.
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on February 11, 2015
Really fun games from my childhood, that I could introduce to my children in digital form. The only drawback is the inability to "skip through" some of the moments of "inactivity", such as going from one players turn to another player's turn or when a level has been completed.
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on February 9, 2017
the games are fun to play if you can understand how to play them. The instruction for a couple of the games are hard to understand.
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on April 16, 2012
Got this for the kids for Christmas, so far we have not been impressed. My 7 yr old gets bored with it real fast and just can't get into it. The game of life back on the old PlayStation 2 was 100 times better than this one, whereas the other games are just not that interesting. Your much better off with the actual board games.
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on February 13, 2011
This game was alot of fun! My family and friends enjoyed playing it. Though i do not like the updated version of the Life game, where u don't get money but points. But they do let you choose the old version which is much better. Not much into the Mouse Trap game but i never was a fan. We just keep going back to the Life game and love to make fun of our 'spouses' since they randomly pick out that person for you! Its hilarious. For the price it was well worth it and i would recommend it. Haven't played yatzee yet but i am sure everyone will enjoy that as well. But like i said, you will keep going back to 'Life' cuz unlike real life, thats the most enjoyable!
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on February 21, 2018
Awesome games! My husband, son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren have played the Life game almost daily. Great investment for family entertainment*****
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