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on December 27, 2013
I am an avid Amazon shopper, and purchased at least 90% of 2013 Christmas gifts from Amazon. This is one that I should not have even considered. Amazon should be ashamed to offer this product. My grandson wanted an air hockey game in the worst way. I received the game several days before Christmas, but I did not open it until Christmas Eve. When I went to assemble it, I found that the air blower was no longer attached to the bottom of the game where is should have been. I had to glue it back on, and I am not sure how long it will stay there. There was no way that one of the legs that needed to be attached was going to fit. The holes were far from being in the proper place. With a little self repair, I was able to get it on. Once again, I am not sure how long it is going to last. After thinking about the whole experience for awhile, and after the initial anger wore off, it came to me, that this game had probably been returned by another unsatisfied customer, and a repair by either Amazon or the distributor was attempted. You could see that the blower had been glued before, and all of the parts were in plastic sandwich type bags, not sealed bags as you would expect. Also, the electric cord was not wound tightly as a new item usually is.

If it wasnt Christmas Eve, and if my grandson did not have his heart set on getting an air hockey game from Santa, I would have sent this piece of junk back. Instead I have learned a $60.00 lesson. As I stated before, Amazon should be ashamed of themselfs for selling an item like this.
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on December 6, 2013
Ordered this early for my son. Luckily I opened it early and wanted to set it up. The fan was totally detached from the bottom of the table. It was held on with glue, a few staples and 4 screws that only entered the bottom of the table about 1/8th of an inch. Very poor craftmanship. Didnt even bother to try and fix it, it got sent back immediately. I think there are other reviews about this item with fans detached.
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on December 26, 2013
The cons:
1. overall its shoddily built -- particle board, glue and small brads hold the thing together -- barely.
2. as others have mentioned, the power fan broke off during shipping. it was held on w/ glue and tacks. spent 30 minutes on Christmas Eve hot-glueing and re-stapling the fan into place.
3. the legs (which you have to screw into place) weren't square and one cracked in two when it was tightly attached to the frame. Had to re-glue the leg and retack the foot pad (which broke off when the leg cracked).
4. the goals/scorers don't quite fit into the pre-cut notches -- had to use an extaco knife to trim the notches a bit to make them fit. Also, the screws that hold the goal in place are so tiny/short they barely grip into the particle board ... had to buy new longer screws to adequately secure the goals.

The pros:
1. it's inexpensive and works well enough once you fix all the cons noted above.
2. it's small enough that my 5-year-old can play it easily.
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on December 27, 2013
I spent quite a lot of time fixing the problems with this air hockey table on Christmas Eve before Santa could deliver it. I think anyone planning to buy this table should be prepared for the repairs and certainly should have some mechanical ability.

The fan that supplies air to the table to float the puck is glued to the underside of the table. Either during shipping, or right in the basement in China where these things are made, three sides of the fan broke free causing the fan to tilt away from the table slightly under the fan’s own weight. Most of the air that makes the table work leaked through the gap created and the performance of the table really suffered because the puck wouldn’t float over the entire table’s surface. I used some hot-melt glue to secure the fan back to the table to make the game work properly.

None of the table’s legs are made square so when they are screwed to the square corners of the table, the legs actually break into pieces when the screws are tightened. I used more hot-melt glue to glue back together the leg I broke. Then I used some tapered wooden shims and, through trial and error, shimmed each leg until the table corner matched up with the leg perfectly. Each leg could then be screwed to the table corner securely without breaking it. I briefly considered just nixing the legs, but they are necessary if the game is to be played on a large flat surface like a floor. They let the fan suck in air from the bottom of the table. With the shims, the legs actually turned out quite sturdy.

The screws that hold the plastic goals to the particle board table stripped out very easily. I ended up taking small slivers of my wooden shims and pressing them into the stripped out holes in the particle board to provide some material for the screws to bite into. So far, that repair has held up OK.

Overall, I’d say this table was quite a lot of trouble to assemble. It reminds me of something bought at Harbor Freight because it requires repair before it can be used properly. After my repairs though, the game is really pretty nice for the money and my son and I have enjoyed playing with it, so I'm giving it three stars.
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on December 17, 2013
The one star is for packaging, not the product. The packaging department did an excellent job wrapping the table up. It's perfectly protected from corner to corner and wrapped in 3 boxes. Impressiv!.

Now, because everything about the packaged is nearly perfect, here the comment is all about the product quality. Firstly, like others had experienced, the fan was totally detached from the bottom of the table. They did not used screws but single-pin staples to attach the fan to the bottom board. When I measure and compare the size of the hole to the fan, it surprised me that the width of the hole is bigger than the fan. Only 3 out of 6 staples would be able to reach the board, others just hang in there. Secondly, the surface has a big scratch at the corner (2 inches) and many small ones. Thirdly, many air pinholes on the table surface are missing, I counted at least 10 of them. The result is that when the fan is on, there will be no air out at the spot and the puck will get stuck there and then you'd have to scratch the board to get it moving. Lastly, one of the gate slot is not filed to the board level but 1/8" higher. The result is you'll never get the puck into the gate.

Returned. Wish you guys better luck!
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on December 10, 2013
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!! Motor/Fan assembly had come off of table during shipping (no surprise as it was glued on?!?). I decided I could fix that, but then plugged the motor/fan unit in and turned it on, and nothing happened. No sound, no fan rotation, nothing. Tried everything I could think of but it just didn't work. Sooooo mad as this was "the BIG Christmas Gift" for my kiddos this year and now I don't know if I have time to get another before the big day. As for quality/construction, it's your standard particle board/MDF product...not superior quality in any way. The screws holding the sides together are clearly visible without any attempt to hide them with screw covers or to make them cosmetically less obvious. The graphics are on a paper that is adhered to the particle board, which was starting to come up on one end before it was even out of the box. Can't attest to the plastic goals or legs because I never even had the chance to open up the box they came in since the motor didn't work. Overall, a very cheaply made product that would not last under normal extended play conditions (if you happen to get one with a working motor that is).
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on November 8, 2012
Just wanted to post a review, because we took a chance and bought this item with no reviews. (I always hate to do that.) We are saying, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, if you are wondering. We got it as a xmas gift for our son. It being two months early, we opened it up and assembled it and gave it a test run. Everything is as pictured, solid, good quality, and works great. Amazing deal, great price, considering it is made of MDF rather than the plastic of most others in this price range. Nice and solid. Nice and BIG. Yet, nice and portable (it'll fit under bed when not being used). We got our son one of those cheap, small, battery op, plastic ones a couple xmases ago, as a last minute extra, and he LOVES it. This is a wonderful upgrade for our 12 yr old. Cannot speak to longevity and continued use, but we would totally recommend it based on assembly and a test game. :) Happy Holidays!! :)
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on December 28, 2013
As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for", or do you? I paid $80 for this table, when similar items sell for little over half of that, so I expected the quality to be at least fair. Nah, not with this table. Frankly I wasn't expecting real wood or high end plastics and finished, but you'd think at least the goals lined up. In the end I had to trim both of the edges on the particle board just so that the goals would sit flush, and had to use my own hardware to fasten them (the screws provided are too short). The rest of the table? Let's just say 'quality' is not the word I'd use to describe it. But it works, and works well. The saving grace here is that the motor does a good enough job where there are no dead spots. For that I give it three stars.

Should you buy it? There's a simple answer for that. If you don't mind modifying stuff to make it work correctly out of the box, sure. If you'd rather open it, put it together, and hope for the best... No.
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on April 2, 2014
We decided to get our son a table top air hockey game and this one looked pretty good and reviewed relatively well. Simple set up and the construction seems good overall. I would have selected plywood for some of the sections if I were engineering/building something like this but I believe that the MDF that was used (pretty sure it's MDF) should hold up well under use. Air pressure is more than adequate. The only thing I actually had to "fix" was the addition of 4 slightly longer screws to hold down the net and score slider assembly (my name for it). The screws included were way too short to hold the net in place properly so I wend to Home Depot and picked up 4 longer screws of the same thickness. The nets were popping off with the included screws, but now both nets are solidly held in place. Great fun for everyone!
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on October 28, 2016
I gave this table to my two grandsons, ages 5 and 7. My daughter-in-law tells me that very early on the legs came off, the felt came off of both hand hitters, and the black pieces where the plucks fall also came off. She hired her handyman to fix the whole thing, including replacing the nails with his own. I played the game last week with them and it all seemed quite sturdy BUT you shouldn't have to buy a toy and remake it!!
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