Customer Reviews: Hauppauge Broadway-HD TV Tuner and Streaming Device for Apple iPad, Android Tablets, Computers, and Smartphones - Black (1436)
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on January 1, 2012
I purchased the Hauppauge Broadway for my son for Christmas. We followed the installation guide exactly and got the box up and running on the home network via wi-fi; however, it would not work over the internet or iphone 3G. Calls and emails to Hauppauge's tech support were useless. After a lot of Google searching, I figured out the problem. Some ISPs (internet service providers), especially for residential customers, will block ports. In order for the Broadway to be fully functional requires that port 80 be forwarded to the local IP of the box. In my situation, I had to upgrade my monthly internet service plan and modem. I then had to log in to my internet account and reconfigure the setting to open port 80. I double checked my router to be sure that I had properly forwarded the port. I then used a free internet port checker to confirm that the port was open. Finally, the Broadway sent the live signal to my son's iphone via the 3G. This took several days to figure it all out. Overall, the product itself is great. My only worry is that my son will try to watch live tv while he is in class! One word of caution, be sure that your cell phone wireless account has an unlimited data plan. From what I have learned, streaming the live tv can eat up data like crazy.
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on March 11, 2012
I bought this for what is refereed as "place shifting", I have my cable box in another room and want to watch TV on my main PC, Laptop, and Android phone. It does this fairly well, but not perfectly.

On a fast Ethernet connection, it works really well, on wifi, only smaller resolutions look good, meaning wireless laptop- fair, Android phone fantastic.

The instructions stink! I configure IT hardware for a living, It still took two hours of trial and error to get it working the way I wanted. If you just accept the defaults, you will not have this device performing to it's full potential.

This product is sold overseas by PCTV Systems, I do not know if Hauppauge has a interest in this company, or is just licensing this product from them, but they are a much better source of information. I additionally emailed Hauppauge support some technical questions and have not received a response yet, not even an automated "we REALLY care".

The overseas version lists two tuners, the Hauppauge US version only has one, and only one user can access the device at a time.

Is this better then the Sling Box, Avermedia's products or the Volkano blast, I do not know, but I have been very happy with Hauppauge in the past, time will tell if they continue to develop and support this product. As of right now, I am left wondering.
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on June 7, 2013
I great idea and has potential but this falls way short of promised.
The record function does not work as promised. It has trouble detecting the USB flash drive storage. I cant get it to reformat my 32Gb Duracell flash drive and the only way I can get it to detect any USB flash drive is by doing a factory reset. There is no feature allowing you to add a channel, you only have the option to rescan the channels. Not good if you have to use a rotor to access all your channels. The record functionality is so buggy its pretty well unusable and since it only has 2.4ghz wifi the playback halts so often I had to disable wifi and use ethernet and cut the streaming rate way back to keep it from hesitating a few times per minute. Hauppauge Broadway is in sad need of a firmware update and its been well over 6 months since their last one. Almost like they have abandoned this product. And they never did respond to my tech support email. They got me all excited about what they said it could do in their ads but it doesn't come close to what they say. Mine is just sitting there now. Hopefully they come out with an update that makes it more usable! Shame on you Hauppauge!
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I bought this product in February. I read 'working Mom's review and made sure port 80 open. It is also important to have the model number of your cable/satellite box as you will need it during setup so correct drivers can be downloaded. You also need the correct cables, S-Video and audio as they are not included. I followed the instructions that came with the box. I did not care for the layout of the instructions but I found them clear. This is not a plug and play device, it takes time to setup but the box worked for me right away. **Note: on iPhone and iPad the privacy setting in Safari cannot be set or it will not work** Broadway can also be viewed on the computer. I also attached an antenna to watch local stations in case satellite goes down in bad weather. I have been able to watch TV anywhere I go and that includes across the country. If you have 3 or 4G you can watch TV without wireless connection. If you have a limited data plan this may not be advisable. I have recommended this product to others who also love it. We have different cable and satellite boxes and it works. The only thing I disliked was having to enter all the stations into the program--the local stations scan automatically.
Update -2013- Our router and providers antennae were fighthing each other which kept knocking us offline. Providers made antennae primary which caused Broadway to stop working. I called Wireless provider and they could not fix problem. While technician here I called Hauppauge support and together they fixed the issue by changing port number in wireless providers system to 7799. We use Broadway all the time.
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on December 19, 2014
I bought this to connect to an antenna at our winter home and then watch TV via the internet at our summer home in the mountains where we can't get broadcast TV or even cable. I set it up (no simple matter) and attached it to my Mohu Leaf ATSC antenna. Originally I had posted that it didn't work, but this weekend I was at our winter home which is 250 miles from the nearest broadcast transmitter in a place without cable. I was able to watch TV by logging in to the Broadway box at our winter house and connecting my laptop to the TV. It was great having access to network TV and football while at our place in the mountains. Note that it is difficult to configure, and it won't connect to a non-broadcasting SSID. Other than this and a few other minor issues, it does everything that I bought it for. I have NOT tested it's recording capability, and I may not ever need it. Now while I'm at our summer home I will be able to watch live TV without paying $150 a month for satellite. I highly recommend this box.

UPDATE ABOUT RECORDING: Be sure to use a USB stick that is 32G and formatted to FAT32. Also make sure it has FAST write capability. A cheapo stick won't work as it will miss recorded frames if it can't keep up with the write speed. I bought a Patriot high speed USB stick from Amazon, and it records great. Keep this in mind when wanting to record shows.
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on April 26, 2016
I recently bought the Broadway from Staples and I love it. It performs exceptionally well and met all my expectations. By following the user guide, it only took me 10 minutes to have it up and running out of the box. It is actually a well thought-out design, but aging technology without HDMI interface. With it, I’m basically running a streaming service straight from my house. Any tablet or phone can be my TV. I could be watching a live game on my deck or on the road. So far, I have not found any bug or issues.

- Does not use a third party server and will stream directly from your home; however initial setup will require some knowledge of port forwarding at your home router.
- Does not need a unique Android app to be installed since it plays from mobile browsers that support HTML5; however, it’s a hit-or-miss with Chrome and several other Android browsers. Able to stream with Chrome on 3G/4G, but not on wifi. It works flawlessly with Dolphin mobile web browser on any connection. On a PC, install Flash and it works.
- Simple to setup, manage, and use; however will require knowledge of port forwarding on router.
- Web interface allows the changing of codec profile for different bandwidths. This is a great feature that allows the user stream high quality when on wifi or reduce quality to reduce data usage when on 3G/4G mobile.
- Shows the Broadway’s local time as well as the player time to minimize confusion when traveling at different zones.
- Able to record to a USB drive
- Can connect Broadway to router via wifi or Ethernet cable
- Can stream at fairly high resolution over LAN or on a good wifi connection
- Reliable, so far I was able to stream from anywhere at anytime

- No HDMI interface for more updated cable boxes. It would be ideal if the units can take video from a HDMI source and stream it.
- Not closed caption
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on October 4, 2016
This product has potential, but it has too many problems to be usable for me. Got it set up with Wifi and planned to watch over the air channels on my Mac. The user interface is slow to load and was prone to crashing often. Dispite the fact that the device told me it found about 30 channels, I was only ever able to watch one or two. With a different TV Tuner I had connected to the same antenna was able to pick up watch about 30 channels with no issues.
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on October 18, 2013
Chose the Broadway over other more popular products because the Broadway was, for me, the closest thing to a studio DVR (that autonomously produces .ts files) to timeshift [children's educational program name redacted] for my baby daughter. Overly consumer "convenienced" products with expensive strings (subscriptions, online accounts, iAnything) drive me nuts; just give me record, jog and shuttle controls.

The Broadway works well enough for me, though it is not perfect. I can record manually and by time, though those who want to record from a program guide will probably be disappointed. Output to a USB stick is great because I can walk it over and ingest directly to an NLE and other tools.

The cons:
- Control reliability and speed issues. Unless I w-o-r-k c-o-n-t-r-o-l-s v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y a-n-d s-i-m-p-l-y I get a message of the form, "All system resources are in use" and I end up power cycling.
- Files are size-limited by FAT file system on USB sticks. This would be okay, except that when the Broadway rotates files, there's noticeable program loss between the end of one file and the beginning of the successor.
- Files are size-limited by FAT file system on USB sticks. This, again, would be okay, except that the Broadway doesn't have any record-rate controls, so the amount of recording time between file rotations is essentially arbitrary, and one cannot record at a lower bitrate to obtain longer record times.
- The interface doesn't provide any information about the received broadcast format (which dictates the recording format and thus recording time).

The quality of programs encoded off the air (ATSC) and played back over wifi was fair; I'd qualitatively compare the experience to that of watching an old analog VHS recording. Don't expect home theatre, but it's FINE for time shifting and for my daughter's purposes. I'm sure the quality would improve better if I had a better ATSC antenna.
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on November 25, 2012
This is a good alternative to other market choices out there such as SlingBox and with more features.

First off the Pros:

1- It lets you record to an external drive, I haven't seen any other comparable products out there (Except for Simple.TV or the new Boxee, but those do not allow you to watch your Satellite TV or security camera remotely as well as far as I know) that allows you to do just that, 2- Lets you connect either a Security Camera, Satellite box, basic cable or an off-air antenna to watch your local channels remotely, 3- Connects either through a cable Ethernet (LAN) or via Wi-Fi, so you are free to place the unit anywhere in your house where it is convenient for you, 4 - Lets you watch remotely in mobile devices as well as PCs and Macs, 5- All advertised features work as expected, no lockups, no connectivity issues etc.


1-No HD, Front Status/Power indicator can be too bright at night if not hidden or covered, 2- it does not automatically show a guide when used with Satellite boxes along with the IR, you need to create your own guide (and no program information will be displayed on that case), 3- No windows Phone support.

The only reason I don't give this product a 5 is because for some reason it won't turn off my DirecTV box when watching remotely, there's simply no OFF icon for this on the GUI, regardless of me indicating my remote control have separate ON and OFF button during the IR Blaster setup, Other than that this is a great device to watch your local TV conveniently from any room when there's no TV (even your back yard) or remotely from anywhere in the world, I will update this review if any issues arise in the upcoming days/months of use or if Hauppauge improves the experience with upcoming updates to the product.
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on August 3, 2014
I have had this product few years ago and it broke when i was moving to a new place.Decided to get it again and see if they have resolved all the issues with it.NOPE.This product has been on the market for years,but the inability of the otherwise reputable company such as HAUPPAUGE/PCTV to create a stable firmware prevent this product from being one of the top in the network tuner category.
Where do i start....
The tuner constantly freezes when switching from one channel to another and the only thing you can do to recover is to unplug the tuner.They are using Flash for the WEB interface that constantly crashes the device.The only way to watch is to use the DLNA function.It works on some devices,it doesn't work on some because of course its BETA!
If you have a weak ATSC OTA signal you are screwed.The firmware does not have a function to recover from bad/low signal.It just freezes.Unplug.
The company HAUPPAUGE/PCTV releases like 2 firmwares a year(always BETA) without any significant changes to it.For example in the last firmware update they added autoplay and changed the channel color font from orange to yellow...
Every time i was updating i was hoping they would fix the problems but no.Actually the latest firmware is worst than the previous one.
I called the support with some suggestions and reported the problems and they haven't been fixed years after that.
Sometimes there is a message that appears on top "Device not available.Tunners may be in use".Again you have to unplug.

Save your hard earned money and look somewhere else.

HAUPPAUGE/PCTV does not care about this product.They either have beginner programmers or they just don't care about this product.

I am sending it back
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