Customer Reviews: Hawaii Five-0, Season 2
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on March 9, 2012
Hawaii Five-0 has made Monday a day to look forward to. Alex O'Loughlin is perfect as Steve McGarrett. Who else but Alex could step into the shoes of an iconic character - and make that character better than the original? The man can do anything on film, and the fact that Alex does most of his own stunts makes it even more exciting to watch.

Alex himself has said how he wouldn't ever want to do a "procedural" crime drama, and he and the writers have managed to make it so much more than that. The show has action, the gorgeous background of Hawaii, a stellar cast - and one of my favorite things about the show is the humor. The "carguments" between Steve and Danny never get old, I just love them.

If you want to watch a show that has everything you could ever look for in intertainment, watch and buy H5-0. You will be so glad that you did.
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The beginning of "Hawaii Five-O" Season Two finds the Five-O team disbanded, thanks to an insidious and devastating attack by the gangster Wo Fat at the end of Season One. Team leader Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) is in jail, accused of murdering the governor. Kono (Grace Park) is under investigation by HPD internal affairs and facing the loss of her badge. Danny Williams (Scott Caan) is off the force and mourning the departure from Hawaii of his former wife and child. Only Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) still has a badge and a chance to put things right.

Help comes in the form of Commander Joe White (Terry O'Quin), McGarrett's former SEAL mentor, who helps Chin Ho resurrect the team. On probation with the new governor, the team must accept a new member, former FBI agent Lori Weston (Lauren German) who is supposed to ride herd on the unorthodox McGarrett, but who may have another agenda. Meanwhile, former CIA analyst Jenna Kaye departs the team under mysterious circumstances, as the villainous Wo Fat tidies up the loose ends of his plot. And how will Kono be redeemed from her banishment?

The second season features the Five-O team tackling exciting crime-of-the-week challenges in Hawaii, while McGarrett continues to pursue the investigation initiated by his father and that resulted in his murder. However, it appears that investigation is leading to dark, dangerous, and confusing waters involving the CIA, Wo Fat, corrupt officials and perhaps even members of the Five-O team. Stay tuned for the excitement, including a couple of exciting cross-overs with NCIS-LA's agents. Season Two is highly recommended to "Hawaii Five-O" fans.
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on March 18, 2012
Hawaii 5-0 is without a doubt the best show on TV in a very long time. It has perfect casting, great drama, exciting action and wonderful comedy not to mention the most incredible back ground ever. The chemistry between the four team members is alway exiting. There is always a new storyline with the underlying backstory of McGarrett and WoFat. I think it is just the best and anxiously await the Season Two DVD. Now we know there will be a season three which is great too.
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on June 8, 2012
Season 2 of Hawaii Five-0 was just as great as season 1, with the exception of the addition of Lori. Nothing against the actress, but the character was dry and did not mesh at all with the existing team. For a while I felt as though the writers were trying to stick her in every scene, and I started to tune her out entirely. It got to the point when I was just HOPING they'd kill her off. However, scenes that excluded Lori were wonderful, strong, and just plain good entertainment.
The first episode of the season was AMAZING. It had lots of twists and turns that I never expected (the final scene actually made me gasp). The Lori-less episodes were the strongest of the season (along with the Lori-less scenes), filled with action, suspense, humor and of course the Steve and Danny carguments. They made up for the first half of the season big time. The season finale was also a big highlight of the season - just when you thought the episode was coming to a close, there were two huge cliffhangers that had us looking forward to season 3.
I liked the addition of Joe and all of the guest stars, especially James Caan. I also enjoyed the crossover episodes with NCIS: LA and hope that the NCIS: LA episode is included in the DVD so everyone can see how the crossover story concluded.
Also, big kudos to the writers and actors who were able to seamlessly put together two episodes without the main character, Steve, due to Alex O'Loughlin's temporary leave. Though his presence was missed in the episodes, the writers did such a good job with the other characters and they didn't just hastily mention Steve wasn't around - they pretty much developed a story about his absence.
All in all I can say a handful of episodes were weak, yet still good, but the rest of the episodes were even better than those in season 1. Don't base the season on the first few episodes because you'll miss out on a great show if you do.
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on December 1, 2011
Is it just me, or are they trying to attract more viewers by replacing Kono? I can't figure out if they're trying to appeal to more guys by adding a "sexy lady" type or trying to appeal to girls by putting in a love interest for McGarrett.

Either way, I don't like it. It's just too obvious a retool for ratings. Plus, it means a thin Kono story line, and I love Kono (even if she's too skinny to be legit surfer girl!). Also, I didn't much like the shows usage of Seal Team 9 here. It felt like they were taking advantage of the Team's popularity for a ratings grab as well.

Other than that, typically Hawaii Five-0: Lots of action, the occasional gaping plot hole or unreasonably illegal police acts, but fun all the same. Plus, you get to see some gorgeous shots of Hawaii.
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on January 25, 2015
WARNING...This will contain spoilers from season 1, and hints, but no major giveaways from season 2. If you have not seen season 1 yet, skip the first couple paragraphs.

The show kept the footing it established in season 1, with a case of the week for most episodes mixed in with episodes advancing the larger story arcs involving the characters. It begins shortly after the events of Season 1, with McGarrett in jail (which obviously gets resolved early on), Chin back with HPD, Kono suspended and Danny as a civilian. The team ultimately is reassembled under order of the new Governor (played by Richard T Jones), but with some revisions.

The big story arcs continues to be the investigation started by Steve's father that played out through season one. That story introduces the character of Joe White (played by the great Terry O'Quinn from Lost and Alias fame). It is hard not to see and hear Locke or Kendall when you see him, and whether by intention or coincidence, much like those characters Joe knows more than he is letting on. The big part of that story that is brought out this season is the identity of Shelburne, who Wo-Fat is trying to find. Part of that story is resolved by the end of the season and part continues on into season 3.

The other big story arc of the season involves a group of ex dirty cops, headed by Frank Delano (played by William Baldwin) and pursued by ex internal affairs head and new HPD head of detectives Vince Fryer (played by Tom Sizemore). That story heavily involves Kono and to some extent Chin (especially toward the end of the season). There is not as much of the Danny/Rachel/Grace storyline this season aside from a couple, very good, episodes. For part of the season a new member of the team, Lori Weston (played by Lauren German) is forced in by the Governor as a babysitter to make sure they do not go over the line.

Like in season 1, the show does a good job balancing the story of the week episodes with the arc centric ones. The show is definitely action heavy, and can be kind of cheesy sometimes, but they also do a good job giving the characters depth and making them likable enough that you get invested in them. This season they tied into the original series bringing in Ed Asner to reprise his role as smuggler/fence August March. The season again ends with the team fractured and in trouble with a couple cliffhangers and a big reveal. There are twists and turns throughout the season and you are not always sure of every characters intentions, but most of them worked really well, and the show did a good job wrapping up the stories that did not work as well or had just become stale or were becoming stale. There is also a great Max centric episode (Masi Oka is on as a series regular this season) as well as a pretty funny nod to the series Heroes in a scene between Masi Oka and the guest starring Greg Grunberg. There is also a cross over episode with NCIS Los Angeles where LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnel come to Hawaii and Daniel Dae Kim and Scott Caan go to Los Angeles. Both show's episodes are included so you see the entire story. The highlight of the season was probably the guest appearance by James Caan as a private detective working with the team to solve the murder of his friend.

For those who get the blu rays, the series looks and sounds great. The extras were very similar to what was included on the season 1 release. Cast and crew commentaries on select episodes, deleted scenes on select episodes a few behind the scenes and making of features and a gag reel. A lot there for those who like to go through the bonus material.

The show is definitely not everyone's "cup of tea", but if you like shows in the genre and liked season 1, then you will very likely enjoy season 2.
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on June 2, 2015
If you haven't watched Hawaii Five-0, then you're missing out on something really great. I couldn't resist buying the first four Seasons and I have not regretted it once. There are so many special episodes. I love all the characters; not only are the men strong but the women are, too. They all work so well together and bring those excellent stories together. The writing is fabulous and I enjoy the humor that's interjected and also the holidays they celebrate. The "history" lessons are great, too; they make the show even stronger. I have enjoyed watching the guests, famous stars who will be remembered again because they performed beautifully on Hawaii Five-0. (I hope Carol Burnett makes another appearance before she "dies.") I'd like very much to see Michelle Borth remain a permanent member of their elite force. And how can one not enjoy seeing Hawaii, Oahu in particular. I visited that Island about six years ago and have been wishing to return. Now I have, vicariously through watching Hawaii Five-0. The scenery is breathtaking and interesting. Not to mention educational. Everything about the show should make one want to tune in every week to watch it. And if you've missed it from the beginning and would like to catch up, don't forget the DVDs you can purchase as I did. (Hint: they make great gifts!)
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on June 24, 2012
I like to refer to McGarrett as "Supersteve," and in this episode, he earns that name! I'ts ridiculous, but fun to watch. He gets stabbed in the stomach, overpowers the EMTs in the ambulance and jumps out (while it's moving!), climbs a fence, overpowers a cop and steals his squad car, and makes it to Max's apartment before collapsing. Whew!! After a few minutes' rest, he continues to run around, trying to find the person who shot the governor. When he finds out the perpetrator might be escaping on a boat, he, Chin and Danny hop into speedboat and give chase. When they catch the yacht, Steve leaps onto it, tumbles once and plugs a bad guy. Now, that's a long day even for Supersteve!
I think the series needs the action to make up for the writing. The cast is attractive, the location is attractive, but the writing leaves much to be desired. I still watch it and I may buy the second season on DVD just so I can watch the skydiving stunt that's in a later episode over and over! Most excellent skydiving stunt ever on TV!! Supersteve flies!!
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on April 6, 2013
We can't get the channel that shows the new Hawaii Five-O since the change over to digital (we don't have cable), so we ordered this DVD, and the first season, so we could see what the remake of HF-O is like...We LOVE it!!! The actors/characters are great, the camaraderie is wonderful, and the new Steve McGarrett is a much nicer, kinder person (sometimes the original McGarrett could be rather harsh and bossy with his colleagues)...We love this new version!!! And, we highly recommend the Hawaii Five-O DVD sets to all!!!
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on June 4, 2014
They're getting there. I think season one sputtered but two is better, lots of guest stars to amp up the stories. Most shows are variations on movies like Fast and Furious, Big Trouble in Little China, any kidnap story, any drug and drug cartel story. The uber bad guy Woo Fat is the bad guy in Big Trouble and the parade of guest stars who get to go to Hawaii to shoot is immense. I still can't get behind Scott Cann, he always has a face like a walnut and a furrowed bow; it's not real good acting or reacting, oh well. Looks like they are switching out female leads. Good camera and FX work. Some funny moments between old Lost cast mates and JJimmy Buffet as an old chopper pilot is interesting. Bad guys you hate and good guys that grow on you. McGarrett and Danno regularly violate people's civil rights and enjoy doing it. Can't wait to see season3.
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