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on January 14, 2013
This is a great dice game, but probably not suitable for younger children, due to subject content. The object of the game is to "kill" the livestock (chickens, goats, oxen) of your opponents and capture their dice. The game is much more entertaining and competitive with four players.

If four people play, each of the four players rolls six (6), six-sided dice. Each of the six dice has: one side with a "Chupacabra" (demon of the night), two sides with a single goat, one side with a single chicken, one side with two chickens, and one side with a single ox/bull. Although one player is selected to start each round as the first "attacker," all players roll the dice simultaneously. Anyone rolling a Chupacabra gets to (on his turn) attack the other players' livestock. Each Chupacabra can kill up to two chickens or one goat. It takes two Chupacabras to kill an ox/bull. When killing other players' animals, the Chupacabra must be strong enough to kill the entire pack of that animal. For example, to kill five chickens belonging to a single opponent, you would need three Chupacabras. If you only have two Chupacabras, you could not kill ANY of the chickens: packs are stronger than individual animals! When you "kill" another player's livestock, you take that player's dice showing the "killed" animals, and then roll those dice as your own on future turns.

As an example, in the first round, let's say the players roll the following results:

Player A: Two Chupacabras, one double chicken, one single chicken, one goat, one ox.
Player B: One double chicken, two single chickens, one goat, two ox.
Player C: Two Chupacabras, two double chickens, one single chicken, one ox.
Player D: One Chupacabra, one double chicken, three goats, one ox.

Player A goes first. With his two Chupacabras, he decides to "kill" Player B's four chickens (one double chicken and two single chickens). He takes his two Chupacabra dice, and the three dice from Player B showing the four chickens, and puts all five dice aside. These five dice are out of the game until the next round.

Player B has no Chupacabras, so he cannot attack.

Player C, with two Chupacabras, "kills" one goat from Player A and one goat from Player B. He takes his two Chupacabra dice and the two "dead" goats and sets these four dice aside until the second round. Note that he could have also killed the double chicken and the single chicken from Player A, or any one of the other players' oxen, but chose not to.

Player D has one Chupacabra. However, since Player A has three chickens and one ox, Player B has two oxen, and Player C has five chickens and one ox, Player D cannot attack ANYONE: his single Chupacabra is not strong enough to kill either pack of chickens, and he would need at least two Chupacabras to kill the single ox of Player A or C. By killing the last two goats, Player C has therefore prevented Player D from making any attacks!

In the next round, Player B would attack first, and Player A would go last. The dice are again rolled simultaneously. Only now, Player A rolls EIGHT dice (in the first round, he lost one die, but gained three). Player B rolls two dice (he lost four in the previous round). Player C rolls eight dice (gaining two from the previous round). Player D rolls six (he neither gained nor lost any dice from the first round).

Play continues until one player controls all 24 dice. However, if any player has three or fewer dice remaining, and rolls ALL Chupacabras, then he or she automatically kills the largest single pack of any type of animal (even oxen). This is called the "Chupacabra LOCO" rule, and gives everyone a chance to make a comeback in the game, even with a single die!

In summation, a fun party game, but probably not the best to purchase for the pastor of your local fundamentalist church!
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on April 15, 2014
Chupacabra is a great, quick game that I can recommend. The eyeballs represent the evil beast that eats all of one kind of farm animal in another player's hand. Each animal has a "cost" to eat per eyeball rolled. I've played it with my 5 year old daughter who loved it. In a two player game there is very little strategy. With more people, there are more options/strategies to try to eliminate one player over another. It is a dice game, so it is still mostly chance. I've played with 4 people on lunch at work and it is entertaining, but still limited in strategy. If you want a longer game, you can institute the Chupacabra loco rules that will basically take a player from nearly out of animals to a major contender.
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on October 29, 2013
Munch on your neighbors Chickens. Gobble their goats, and Chomp down an Ox while your at it. Good family fun!
It's important to get out to a good start in this game because coming form behind really isn't an option, unless your superhuman style lucky shakin' them bones. I love a cool new dynamic on something as basic as 6 sided dice. Easy to learn, quick to play, and heck... they glow in the dark for Pete's sake!

Plus CHUPACABRA is just fun to say!
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on May 24, 2013
if you like dice at all, you should enjoy this game. you get lots of cool looking dice that glow in the dark ( anyone that plays in the dark will probably be blind by the end of the game :) it's simple, easy for kids to grasp, there's little or no strategy which isn't a minus for some games, the fun here is the fast paced nature of the game, the number of rolls, it's definitely an active dice game which makes it appealing. great quality production for the product. nice slipcase box, nice pamphlets inside , chupacabra token, and 24 fancy custom dice for less than 20$. looking forward to more themed dice games from haywire group.
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on October 31, 2015
I love this game. So easy to play and to teach. Great for when you only have a few minutes to play or don't want to explain a bunch of rules to new players.
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on February 21, 2014
Chupa Dice is a fun quick game to play with friends. We have a game night and this comes out quite often. It's a game we play a few rounds of before deciding which long game to play. If you have more people than is on the box then you can easily add another set of Chupa Dice in to the mix. The only problem then is that the amount of dice gets unwieldy towards the end of the game.

Very easy to pick up and teach others and a competitive game that won't hurt anyone's feelings.
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on April 27, 2014
I received the game in perfect, "right-out-of-the-factory" condition. Although limited to a max of four players, the game moves quickly enough to swap players in and out, and provides great entertainment throughout the entire game night. In addition, one could play with a jackpot at stake, similar to other dice games. I would definitely buy other games from this manufacturer.
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on June 30, 2014
love the packaging and concept, but gameplay gets old pretty fast. turn it into a drinking game to get more excitement out of it!
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on October 30, 2015
The limit of players is a drawback but interesting for a small group who needs to pass some time.
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on December 20, 2013
This game is great for anyone to play! Pick it up for the family or your friends!

Goes great with any game night!

Check out the video review!
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