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on October 30, 2013
It's a cheap microphone so it must have some problems right? Here is what you may not like about it:

-The headset speakers only play the voices of other players, not the sounds of the game. I don't really mind this personally but I can see how some people might.
-Compared to other headsets, the speakers are hot. The combination of the material and size of the speakers and the energy of the sound makes your ears get hot very fast which will melt any earwax and make you feel uncomfortable. Not a very severe problem but annoying.
-I was amazed at how sensitive this mic is. I was annoyed at first when my friends could easily pick up my TV, which of course is playing the noise of the game because the headset doesn't, but I turned it down a bit and it was fine...definitely not a good headset for multiplayer games where you need to hear whats happening, like a co-op story mode. It will also pick up your music and anything thats happening in the background. The plus side is obviously that you don't have to strain in the slightest for it to pick up your voice.

I just got it so I can't comment on how long it will last before breaking, but those are the downsides. The upside is that its cheap with a better quality mic and speakers than the default xbox 360 headset.
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on May 8, 2017
The headset only lasted me a week before breaking again cheap headphones. Designed to break fast to keep paying for more -_-
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on November 9, 2015
I bought these for my husband and i bought myself the same ones but in pink. The sound is good and other players claim to hear me clear as well. They fit good and are pretty comfortable as long as they're not on for a very long time. as with most headphones they start to hurt after a while but i can usually play with these on for a good 6+ hours before i can't stand it anymore. these are excellent headphones for the price.
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on October 14, 2013
1- These headphones, unlike some others, and contrary to some of these other reviews, ONLY output other player's voices. They DO NOT output any other game sounds, music, etc. This means that while you are playing you cannot hear the television, for example in a FPS, you will struggle to hear gunfire, footprints of enemies, and so on. The only way to combat this would be to turn your television up. Problem is, because these headphones cover both ears, you have to blare the television at ridiculous volumes to get the same experience you'd have with the traditional Xbox Live headset. This makes no sense to me.

2- Really adjustable

Bottom line:

If you're looking for a pair of actual "headphones" that output voice communication and game sounds, go check out pretty much any pair of real gaming headphones

For 7 bucks these are great

LAST NOTE: Fragile, but woks just for sound, so be extra careful.
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on February 22, 2013
This product was not all bad, but it wasn't at all that good, I will go over the pros and cons of this product.

Pros: the cost, moderately comfortable and durable construction

Cons: Speakers get uncomfortable and are not ventilated so your ears sweat while playing, gets rather uncomfortable. Any little bump will send an inaudible screeching to all of your friends, everyone will hate you. They do not last that long, I got mine in November and now its broken, where I can still talk through it, but cant hear anything of it, which is a problem because they muffle any incoming sound from the speakers making you have to turn it up louder and the microphone picks up everything creating a perpetual annoyance.

Overall this was a decent buy for the money, being a college student I don't have the money for the expensive turtle beaches which I am finally upgrading to. If I was in a pinch I might buy one again but they are a pain for not only the gamer but everyone in the same room or household because of having to crank up the volume to hear over the headset. YOU CANNOT HEAR THE GAME VOLUME THROUGH THESE, a mistake i made
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on April 6, 2017
I made this order years ago before the xbox one was a thing for my friend. He loved it.
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on August 5, 2015
My son goes through alot of headset due to him leaving them down where his sister can tear them apart or the cats chew them up. He likes this one, but it's not the greatest. We paid 6 bucks for it, so I am overly happy with it. If the cats chew it, it's 6 bucks and not 80 or 90 like some of the other headsets. He can hear the other players and they can hear him. So again, for 6 bucks that's a good thing.
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on April 27, 2012
I ordered these headphones after a friend of mine had spent a couple of weeks raving about what a good deal his pair had been. My turtle beaches had bit the dust, and I just wanted a replacement mic to hold me over until I could order something better. When these arrived, only the left ear piece worked and there was an odd "rattling" sound in the right ear piece, like something was loose inside. I figured for no more than I paid I couldn't really complain, and used the headset anyway because I could still hear chat fine. After a couple of days, I noticed that the point where the wire meets the base of the controller was starting to whiten like it was under stress. And within two weeks the rubber casing had broken away to expose the wires completely. 2 days later, I could no longer hear chat, but the mic still worked, and the following day the mic gave out, as well. My friend's headset is still going strong without a blip of trouble, though, so maybe I just got a bad one. I like the way the mute button is close to the head set instead of being in line, but seeing as that is the point where the wire broke through it may be that the one thing I liked about the headset most was what lead to its untimely demise.
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on October 28, 2014
These headset are OK but 1 out of 3 I bought was a little shaky. For what I paid I think they are worth the price just don't expect them to sound like Turtle Beaches.
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on July 8, 2014
This Item would have received a review of 5 Stars the item works perfectly except for one thing the fact that it plugs into the controller and if the controller is low on battery it it's real scratchy still worthy buying though.

UPDATE: Since I originally made this review the problem has persisted and new problems have arisen considering that for one it makes an obnoxiously loud ringing noise that you, yourself cannot really hear, but the people playing can hear it and according to them it is an awful sound similar to nails on a chalk board another issue is is sometimes, they cannot hear you or you get very static like if this happens you have to un plug the microphone and then plug it back in several times before it goes back to normal and then at least with my experience a few days after that happened my microphone died I would be very cautious buying this product. Considering it broke in a week. Aswell, I would caution anyone buying this product to not neccesarily listen to the 5/5 reviews look at the dates of things.
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