Customer Reviews: Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them
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HALL OF FAMEon October 7, 2003
Author Louise Hay is a teacher, lecturer, and founder of Hay House Publishing. She contends that disease is caused by mental thought patterns, especially patterns of criticism, anger, resentment, and guilt. Festering resentments eat away at the self and can ultimately lead to tumors and cancers. Anger turns into things that burn, boil, or infect the body. A pattern of criticism can turn into diseases like arthritis, and guilt seeks punishment and leads to pain. In this book, Ms. Hay outlines hundreds of diseases and conditions, alphabetically, and the mental patterns that are associated with them, including each vertebrae of the spine. She has discovered these patterns through many years of study, her own work with clients, and her lectures and workshops.
She knows the power of healing by changing mental thought patterns firsthand: she was diagnosed as having cancer of the vagina several years ago. She was already a teacher of healing for several years, and saw it as an opportunity to practice what she preached. Despite knowing the power of replacing negative thought patterns with positive and affirming beliefs, she felt panic like most would at this kind of diagnosis. However, she felt that if she allowed the doctor to operate without changing the mental pattern that created it, the cancer would just come back. In fact, she believes that when cancer comes back, it's not because the doctor "didn't get it all", but because the individual never addressed the mental patterns that created the dis-ease in the first place.
In Ms. Hay's case, she had never acknowledged the deep resentment she carried for being raped when she was 5 years old and being battered as a child. As she says, we are often blind to our own patterns--even if we're healers or teachers.
Ms. Hay bargained with her doctor and asked for 3 months to work on the deep resentments and thought patterns that created her cancer. He grudgingly agreed, warning her that she was putting her life in danger. She began working immediately with a teacher to clear up her patterns of resentment, as well as working with a nutritionist to detoxify her body. Six months later, the medical profession agreed with what she already knew: she was completely free from any form of cancer.
She still keeps the original lab report as a reminder of how negatively creative she could be.
I have to admit, I never thought I would recommend this book to anyone. My first husband was a Charismatic minister who believed that words were powerful and creative, and taught this concept to his congregation. However, he contracted leukemia at age 28, and despite a lot of positive thinking and affirmations, he suffered physically and died. Entertaining the theory that he created his suffering, especially after believing in God, healing, and the power of words, made me mad. Very mad. I scorned Ms. Hay and her theories of blame.
So what changed my mind? I had a series of physical symptoms that I knew were connected to my beliefs and thought patterns. As a former Charismatic minister, I used to teach the same thing as my deceased husband. However, deep down, I don't think I really believed in co-creation, but just wished it were true--especially in the area of prosperity and "name it and claim it." After following a different spiritual path from the one in which I was raised and upon further metaphysical study and reading while working on my own thought patterns, I began to realize, deep down, that my thoughts were powerful and that there were mental and emotional correlations to my physical symptoms. It was then that I felt to give Louise Hay another try.
First off, let me say that Ms. Hay believes in taking full responsibility for your health without self-reproach of feeling guilty. The means NO BLAME. But if you're anything like me, especially one that struggles with guilt from being brought up in a fear-based religion, it's hard not to feel blame when exploring the ideas of metaphysical causation. Some people blame God or an evil entity for dis-ease, and others blame it on the environment, poor lifestyle choices or genetics. Ms. Hay doesn't believe in participating in self-loathing and self-blame when you get ill; this is yet another destructive thought pattern.
I bought Heal Your Body a few months ago, and I have to tell you, it's really helped me pinpoint issues I needed to acknowledge and work though. I was suffering sinus trouble, and sinus trouble supposedly correlates to being irritated by one person--someone close. I began to look at the fact that I held unacknowledged resentment towards my Autistic son because of the arduousness of dealing with his behaviors, as well as wishing my situation was other than it was. What mother wants to acknowledge she may resent her son on some level--especially a precious 4 year old with Autism? Yet, this is what becoming responsible for myself and my health entails: ruthless self-examination without self-judgment and self-blame. Then, it's possible to actually work on the root of the resentment, see where I was resisting reality and wishing it to be other than it is, and changing my mind and negative thought processes.
Needless to say, after a few months of working on it, the sinus trouble disappeared. (And it was plaguing me for many months.) I've had this work for me with other ailments, as well.
If anything, this book is a great starting point for examining our beliefs and thought patterns and observe if there is truth to Ms. Hay's correlations. If it doesn't seem to fit, sit with it awhile. Be honest with yourself. Allow yourself to explore the idea that it's possible. You may find some surprising insights into your health and your life, and begin on a path to a level of health that you never imagined possible.
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on March 11, 1999
So often, patients have no idea why they have brought a certain illness into their lives. Heal Your Body A-Z is a small, easy to use reference book which explains our physical illnesses in a brand new spiritual or metaphysical light.
Each entry shows a problem, its probable mental or psychological cause, and a helpful affirmation for correction. We can then reflect or meditate in the suggested direction and eventually change our thought patterns or heal our faulty beliefs.
The book covers many specific symptoms (like anxiety, constipation, overweight, fainting); some illnesses (like AIDS, lupus, diabetes, cataracts, ulcers, arthritis); and parts of the body (like face, lower back, joints, wrists, and sinuses). Some of the more modern illnesses like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are missing -- but their components are there, i.e. fatigue, pain, skin rashes or appetite problems.
Louise Hay touches us with her true story about overcoming cancer, concisely discusses how we manifest illness, and gives us a truly wonderful meditation exercise for overall healing.
Excellent "hint book" for solving those incredibly difficult personal health mysteries.
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on April 29, 1999
This little blue book has been a constant companion over the past several years. This is apparent when you see the dog-eared, scotch taped book that might be laying around anywhere in my house. It never seems to stay on the shelf where I could easily locate it! Someone is always touting it here and there as they check up on the little "chronic ailments" that crop up from time to time. "Why do you supposed I broke the fingernail on THAT finger?" "You know that is the same vertebra that keeps going out - let's look it up and see what your body is telling you" or "You know our whole family seems to favor heart disease....we're always fighting melancholy and depression." I used to get calls from family and friends to "look up" what's happening with their various ailments. Now most of them have their own volumes. The more you understand from this book, the more you can see the patterns of communication your body is using to get you to "wake up" and change your thoughts and expectations. Louise Hay is truly a great pioneer in this effort to enlighten us about how it is really true - "As a man thinketh, so is he". I highly recommend this book and the doorway it opens into understanding how each of us can become increasingly accountable for the level of health we choose to enjoy. Most importantly, I'm grateful for the understanding that you will receive MORE of what you FOCUS on. When you think about the aches and pains - you receive an abundance of those very things! It's important to remember, as you get older, to refrain from "scuffing your feet along" and pick 'em up and put 'em down with vigor and intention! I love feeling like a powerful contributor to my own good health by seeing myself well and whole and then aligning my behavior to that deeply held vision! I am grateful for Louise sharing her insights and experiences. The affirmations are great and "cut through the confusion" about "how do I change this thought!"
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on March 12, 2006
I found out about Louise Hay's books several years ago. This famous "little blue book" has become a regular reference book in my life. I literally own 3 of them, so they are convienently scattered around the house for quick reference.

Louise Hay's theory of healing physical and mental pain is that every pain and illness that we have has some root in our mental belief system. It is important to read the text in this book, because following the process is the key to making this work for you. Then, you understand how to use the handy reference guide. There are three columns in the guide: the physical or mental problem, the probable cause (the mental or emotional thought) and the New Thought or affirmation to replace the old and help the healing process.

Hay recommends three main points to make this process work for you;

1. It is important to not judge yourself or feel guilty for your physical ailment or pain.

2. It is important for you to "be willing to release the need for the issue".

3. Then, find the corresponding affirmation to help heal your body.

I've always been surprised when I have a pain and I look up the emotional and mental thought behind it. It always relates to my life in some degree. I easily blame myself for my ailments, so I need to remind myself to not feel guilty about contributing to the problem. I just step back and work on allowing to let the problem go and then recite the affirmation in my mind.

This has really helped me to get in touch more with my body and emotions. I can see how I can help ease my pains and frustrations. It helps to relieve my anxiety when I have a physcial pain, such as a migraine or cramp.

I only gave this book 4 stars because I highly recommend that you purchase Louise Hay's full text, "You Can Heal Your Life". It goes into much more detail about Hay's life and this process. It also does include the handy guide of ailments, emotions behind the ailments and affirmations.
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on June 20, 2004
I have overcome several health issues by using this book to create new thought patterns. I thought it was a bunch of new age "Hooey" when I first heard about it. I am living proof it works. Excellent and HIGHLY recommended by this former non-believer.
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VINE VOICEon September 14, 2004
This book is a handy, concise guide to the psycho-spiritual issues commonly connected to physical symptoms and illnesses. This material is present in some of the author's other books, but is nicely organized and compiled here for easy access. Louise has done excellent work in helping collect insights from the metaphysical healing field to help readers learn to heal themselves using the clues provided by the mind-body feedback system.
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on September 28, 2003
Once you think about it, EVERYTHING begins with THOUGHT. After being in a wheelchair for 29 yrs as a paraplegic this book came into my hands. It capture the EXACT thought forms I had at the age of 14 that caused a change in my reality. I don't feel people should BLAME themselves. Just wake up and realise that your thoughts take form and take responsibility for them. Once I realise I co-created my physical reality then I realise I could change it!
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on March 1, 2008
I like Louise Hay but be careful not all of her writing is distinct. The entire contents of Heal your body is in the better more detailed You can heal your life.
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on January 29, 2004
As a massage therapist I deal with the physical body on a daily basis, and one thing is for sure... the link between our physical and emotional state of being is very powerful.
If you are interested in learning more about this, Heal Your Body is the perfect introduction to this concept.. you will be able to look up ailment from anorexia to and earache, then see what various research has shown to be a link to this. Also included are affirmations which you can repeat to yourself when you feel the effects of the ailment, thus promoting a healthy thought pattern to replace the negative one.
This book is very simple, very straight forward, including a small introduction and testimonial by Hay which is also worth reading. I have loved this book, referring to it often, and have clients reaching for it all the time. A good addition to any holistic library.
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on September 30, 2013
I have relied on this little guide for many years and was thrilled to see a Kindle version available. However, the Kindle formatting is virtually unreadable. Do Not Buy This in KINDLE! It has been scanned, making the font faint and too small to read. I couldn't change font size on the parts that don't read, and am very disappointed in my purchase. I will try to get this feedback to Hay also, but advise others to buy in hardcopy.
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