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on November 7, 2015
3.5 Stars! The second book is actually quite a bit different then the first book although I enjoyed them both. For those who had trouble with the Hero in Book 1 you won't in Book 2. Archimedes Fox couldn't be more different. He isn't an Alpha male and yet he is still strong. It actually worked really well, and Yasmeen's character would not have worked with an Alpha male because she is the Alpha in this book. She's tough and strong and rarely lets down her guard. She needs to be seen as capable and fierce and yet you can still see that there is more to her than that. I loved her character and thought she was extremely well written. (Especially because I wasn't sure I'd like her from the first book). Archimedes was the perfect match for Yasmeen. He was strong in his own way but didn't need to be in your face about it, he didn't need to be in control or giving orders. He respected Yasmeen for the woman she was and I adored this. However, we didn't get as much background or insight into his character and I can't help but wish there had been more because at the end I didn't feel like I fully understood his character or knew enough about him.

There is still a lot of action and plenty of zombies but it isn't as intense as the first book. The romance has some humor and it's fun to watch the woman wanting sex and the man holding back. I enjoyed the cat and mouse game between the two of them before they team up and the interactions after they do. Not a lot of suspense in this one since you know who the bad guy is and I never really worried that the characters were in danger - it just seemed they would succeed.

This was a fun read with more humor and not as much angst as the first book. The characters were engaging and the world was interesting. If you loved the world building in the first book but not so much the hero or the romance give this one a try I think you'll really like it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 28, 2014
"Don't let her go soft for a man."

THE STORY: Yasmeen is Lady Corsair, the mercenary captain of the airship by the same name. She tosses the adventurer Archimedes Fox from her airship when he makes a foolish attempt to take control. Despite his certain death, Archimedes manages to survive and makes a deal with Yasmeen to split the profits from a valuable da Vinci sketch that he had acquired from the zombie invested Venice. Yasmeen is determined to keep a cold heart because she knows that no man can accept her as his superior. Archimedes knows that he will fall in love with Yasmeen and she will break his heart. The adventure the two of them face will not only be recovering the valuable sketch, seeking revenge on the thieves but also the adventure of falling in love.

OPINION: I was not a fan of Yasmeen in THE IRON DUKE and I started out not liking her much here either. Quickly, however, I began to understand her motives and her pain and as she began to have feelings for Archimedes, I began to like her more. The relationship between the two was incredibly beautiful as it developed. Here was a woman with great pain in her past and a determination to be cold. Yet Yasmeen is not a cold woman at all. Archimedes in an incredible hero. Funny and romantic and deeply determined to feel everything in life, he is a perfect companion for the woman determined not to feel. Their romance was deeply moving and I wanted to read more. The adventure story was also quite exciting. It felt like an Indiana Jones adventure in the best way. I just kept turning the pages late into the night wanting to know how things turned out.

WORTH MENTIONING: HEART OF STEEL is followed by a companion novella TETHERED that should be mandatory reading for fans of this book. Tethered operates as an extended epilogue of HEART OF STEEL giving readers a look at the settled married life of Yasmeen and Archimedes.

FINAL DECISION: Absolutely fabulous. This love story grew on me as the book progressed. I loved both the adventure and the slow building romance between these two.

CONNECTED BOOKS: HEART OF STEEL is the second novel in the Iron Seas series. It can, however, be read apart from the first novel.

STAR RATING: I give this book 5 stars.
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on September 21, 2012
I didn't know what I would think of this book. I really liked The Iron Duke. I liked the characters created in that world, and a lot of times I don't care for it when authors switch up the main characters in each of their stories.

In this case Meljean Brook does a great job. Heart of Steel tells the story of Captain Corsaire and Archimedes Fox both featured in the Iron Duke. Archimedes's future was in question after being thrown off Lady Corsaire and left for the zombies.

I think this book was so good for me because it told it's own story. It didn't follow the same formula as the previous book. Yasmeen and Archimedes had their own chemistry and relationship.

Yasmeen was a great female character. Very strong and self-reliant. It was good to see her start to have feelings for Archinedes yet not sacrifice being strong. She didn't soften up her personality, she just made room to feel more.

Same with Archimedes. He didn't lose any of his masculinity by letting Yasmeen take the lead. I really hate it how a male character can be the most alpha until he meets the woman he falls in love with and then he loses it. I think it says more that he felt comfortable enough that he didn't worry about it in the first place.

This book seemed to move at a faster pace than the first book (which doesn't speak badly of either book), just something else to differentiate between the two.

I like this series and I look forward to continuing reading this series.
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on June 2, 2014
This novel has a great set of characters that are pushed through dire situations over and over again. The plot is solid, the personalities and habits of these wonderful and intense characters do not waver while undergoing these uncompromising events.
You're not wondering where the cut throat mercenary went after her hard fall into love with the seemingly foolish treasure hunter... she's still as deadly and steadfast in her authority as she was at the beginning of the book. She didn't go soft for a man, but because she now has someone to stand beside and weather the storms of a sky runner in this graphic, exciting and terrifying world, she is even more dangerous.
You’re also not surprised by any change in character for the fool, either. There is no secret that is revealed that makes this man any more than he is; no hidden side to him that once revealed changes his appeal. These are already laid bare to the reader…. Is discovery is how he deals with them, and then later how they deal with it together.
Overall, solid characters and a greatly imaginative world make for a wonderful read!
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on July 28, 2014
I picked up this series as discount books and haven't regretted it yet. These are intriguing characters with fresh stories in an interesting world. I want to see what happens in different parts of this world and love exploring it with each book. While I haven't read all the novellas and am waiting for the Kraken King serials to come out in a single book, I can say that this is my favorite book so far. The lead characters are so dynamic and the storyline compelling with a few good twists. Honestly, I think these two should have a series of their own. I'd love to see what they get into as the world breaks away from Horde control and to see their relationship deepen. Even if they don't get their own series, I hope to see them again I other books and maybe a novella or two. If you're getting into the series, I'd recommend reading at least the Iron Duke first.
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on April 1, 2014
I just loved the The Iron Duke so I had to read this. Do be aware unlike a lot of other alternate world/romance series Rhys and Mina from the Iron Duke are not featured in this book at all. They do get a mention now and then though. I strongly recommend reading the Iron Duke first!

Heart of Steel features Yasmeen the captain of Lady Corsair and the Adventurer Archimedes Fox whom we first met in the Iron Duke. I adored Yasmeen. She's beautiful, strong and tough. She has to be to captain a ship of mercenaries. But she is fair and totally loyal and would do anything to protect her crew.

Archimedes is back from the dead having been tossed off the Lady Corsair to a pack of zombies for trying to take control of the ship in the Iron Duke. He is not the fool he makes out to be but smart, intelligent and can get himself out of almost any dangerous situation. In fact he lives for it! He catches up with Yasmeen and manages to over power her to reclaim his Da Vinci sketch in order to pay off his debts. He has some dangerous people after him.

SPOILERS; The Lady Corsair is blown to pieces. Yasmeen barely makes it off the ship and almost all of her crew are killed. Now she and Archimedes team up to find the missing sketch and get to the bottom of who killed her crew and destroyed her ship. They have to ride aboard the Ceres to Morocco with a rival captain who hates her guts. There are a few good twists in this plot and people who appear to be friends are not at all making some very good story telling. The path to Yasmeen and Archimedes getting together is not an easy one but worth it. Again the suspense is great.

The Iron Duke is my favorite but this was a good read too!
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on May 14, 2014
How refreshing to have an actual kickass female lead who takes the lead and a leading man suitable that doesn't change who she is.
Yasmeen is a sky captain and a very good one, she also has some secrets. When the man that she threw off her airship and into a pack of zombies (in Iron Duke - book 1) returns from the dead to reclaim his find and intent on falling in love with her things start off a little bumpy. While still not impressed by some of his methods Archimedes Fox never steps over that line and gives Yasmeen every reason to love him in return. As they travel together under the guise of marriage intent on justice a mutual respect grows into love.
I love this world that Meljean has created, and I love these characters a lot. Unlike the Iron Duke I never hated Archimedes and Unlike Mina Wentworth I never thought Yasmeen was an idiot of biblical proportions.
The slave bracelet came close to crossing a line but not only did Archimedes not cross that line he was well aware of the line and his limits so as to not cross it.
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on October 15, 2015
A very sweet, slightly strange romance about letting your lover be who they are and loving them for it.
Extra points for a delightfully irrepressible hero and a badass heroine who is part cat.
While I quite enjoyed the book on the whole, I found the ending weirdly anti-climactic in several separate ways. The romance plots ends satisfyingly but the other plots threads just sort of get quickly and quietly solved without climax or even much action on the part of the protagonists. The threats threats that have been looming just sort of fizzle.
Still one of the most fun books I've read recently, though.
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on April 20, 2013
I enjoyed the Iron Duke enough to have purchased this one right after it. I haven't read any other of Ms. Brooks works, and truthfully I will purchase the third on in this series as soon as I can. The story was nice, it was fun, I enjoyed the characters, I would have loved more from Yasmeen, who was so much more interesting than more than half of the characters in the book.

Mr. Fox, oh what can I say about Mr. Fox... He brings delayed gratification to a WHOLE new level. To be completely honest, in real life I would have knocked him partially unconscious and then taken matters into my own hands. Honey there is only so much waiting a woman can stand.

These two spent a good deal of the story in the dark about way to much, but they were sweet together. So the characters pull me along to the next story. I don't know if Ms. Brook will ever be one of my must read authors but this is not a bad book. Buy the Iron Duke first and then see if you want to delve into the rest of the world.
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on April 20, 2017
Cannot say enough about the depth of plot and story here. Fantastic, romantic feminist adventures for all those who enjoy the same.
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