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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 9, 2017
4.5 stars! I found this story so much more entertaining and interesting than the first in the series. The characters seemed to develop as the story progressed - still a bunch of angst & stupid decisions. There was great expansion on the world build, lots of interesting & exciting action and sex scenes. This story really captured my imagination. I found myself thinking about the story & world during those times I wasn't reading . Why not 5 stars? I'm still not gripped by the main characters - there's an intensity I look for that's just out of reach here. But a fun read!
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on July 7, 2014
This is a finely woven and beautifully written book. Owens is really good at weaving romance in a futuristic world. She blends well in Heart Thief the elements of romance, fantasy, and intrigue. While I enjoyed her first book in this series, Hear Mate, this book surpasses it. The story is built here retaining some of the characters from the previous book but their roles shift from major to minor or vice versa. Other significant players are introduced. Among other things, the reader learns in Heart Thief that calling Ruis Elder a thief just scratches the surface of describing all that he is. Although the powerful even forbidden love of Ruis and Ailim D'SilverFir, Supreme Judge and Heir, is at the heart of the story so much more is going on. It is a complex read with many individuals being affected by these two or affecting the two lovers. Animals, as in the case of Zanth in the first book, play a key role. The animals, usually cats or dogs, bond with their owner. They are FAMily bonded mentally and here Samba, a cat, is FAM to Ruis, calming Ruis and stopping Ruis from doing impulsive and dangerous acts. The cat is soothing and at times, a voice of reason. Many books have a villain, this one has uncle Bucus. As you will learn, if you read this book, he is not the only deadly character in the book. I worried throughout my reading whether Ruis and Ailim would survive the many attacks on their characters and their lives. I needed to find out how the story would end. I didn't peek! :)
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on November 3, 2013
Robin Owens brings us back to her futuristic world and continues to make it romantic, interesting, funny at times and even thought provoking. I have read all of her "Celta" and recently ordered this one to replace the one I dropped while reading in the tub. Only books that I can't put down do I read in the tub. Lets just say I have had to replace several of Robin Owens books.

This book shows that even in the future a person who is perceived as "different" is still treated different from other people. The hero in this book through some genetic flaw was born without the "flare" psi talent that the population of Celta has in various degrees. I do not want to give away plot details so I will only say that the hero has had a extremely hard life. The good thing is somehow he still has the capability to care about others.

This book is the first one in the series to give us insight into the first colonists of Celta and their experiences traveling to Celta to escape the prejudice of earth. You can't miss drawing parallels between the prejudice the first colonists had experienced for having PSI and the prejudice the population now shows someone who has no PSI.

The heroine is the head of a family and dedicates her life to helping her family and the people of Celta. She needs love as much as the hero.

This book would be great for a teacher to help teach high school seniors about prejudice and rising above a difficult life. It is a book that students would be interested in reading unlike a lot of the books high schools try to force students into enjoying. Of course the sex parts might raise the eyebrows of some parents, but as the parent of 4 I can assure you that any senior in High School has heard, seen or done more sexually then the characters in this book.

I could go on and on about how great this book is but I will end with this buy it any you will enjoy it.
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on October 24, 2015
Robin Owen's writes romance novels that have the best of everything. They are character driven with wonderful plots and amazing worlds. Sigh.

The hero and heroine of this book are simply awesome. An empathic judge heroine (how badass) and an outcast thief hero.

You believe the are the perfect match without even the fated mate proof.

The action is no stop in this one but the love story is tender and fierce with the lovers needing to heal themselves first and then each other.

The fams are the best here. The very best. So, funny!

Loved every moment of this one and love it everytime I reread it.
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on June 4, 2014
Ever wonder what life would be like on a different planet?
Robin Owens give a very fin and exciting glimpse of what this would be like. She brings our most beloved animals with us. And a few that just make ya laugh.
I do suggest that you start at the beginning of the series, just to help with the explanation of her (different) unique items/object and things that she talks of.
HeartMate, Heart Thief, Heart Duel, Heart Choice,Heart Quest, Heart Dance, Heart Fate, Heart Change, Heart Journey, Heart Search, Heart Secret and Heart Fortune.
Hearts & Swords is a collection of stories, sprinkled throughout that timeline, but should be read at least after Heart Fate, I think.
Hope you enjoy as much as I do.
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on March 18, 2016
flair is empathy. But to really get the most from these books it is best to read the first book in the series Heart Mate. This book also has animal companions that help or sometimes cause problems.
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on January 8, 2013
This is the first in the "Heart" series and I instantly fell in love with not just the human characters but the animal ones too. There is humor too which instantly gets my attention because reading should be fun. If you can read this book and not want to grab the following ones I'd be amazed.
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on July 26, 2003
This is a keeper (one of those rare books that I keep forever instead of give away when I'm done). I don't have much space, so a book really has to be special to keep. This is a sequel to Heart Mate released last year. Ruis and Ailim live in a fictional world where almost every one has magical powers. They've lost the art of science (which is Ruis's specialty since he is one of those very rare people who has no powers. In fact, he is a Null meaning other magic can not work in his presence). Ailim can read emotions and gets great relief in Ruis's presence. I can't begin to describe all of the ways I love this book, but I especially enjoy the science fiction and magical aspect in the amazing world Robin creates.
It was enjoyable to see again the characters from Heart Mate and see how they were doing as they blended into this story. Keep writing, Robin! You are one of the best and deserve the awards you've won.
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Heart Thief is a follow up to the brilliant HeartMate. (Heart Duel is next in the series and i hope to see a long line of Heart books ahead!!) It stands alone, but one has the purest thrill reading them in order. Owens took Ancient Celt-pagan lore & projected it on her imaginary planet of Celta. Centuries ago, Earth-travellers left on 3 ships and stumbled onto a world they called Celta. People of the original families arrived with "Flair", witchcraft or magick, and over the centuries these powers have been refined, amplified. Each person is born with power, which 'specialness' their talents that set them on their course in careers, and if lucky, reveals their HeartMate. Born of 13 royal houses, people of with Flair rule Celta.
In HeartMate, Ruis Elder was the thief who first stole, and then returned, the HeartGift T'Ash had made for his HeartMate. Ruis Elder is arrested for this and other thefts, but he was only using the gems he stole to repair machines the original settlers brought with them from Earth. Ruis finds solace and sanity in repairing these long neglected devices. He tries to pretend he does not care; he is a Null and knows his arrest could end with his death.
Ruis has been hunted by his Uncle Baucus T'Elder. Ruis was the Heir to the House of Elder, but after the death of his father and mother, it is discovered he is a Null. Baucus uses this to rob Ruis of his birthright. Baucus is a villain of the first class. He tortured Ruis as a child, and has murdered to secure his rise to Captain of the FirstFamilies. And he wants Ruis dead, for only then will he rest secure in his hold on the House of Elder.
Ailim D' SilverFir is a Judge of Celta. She assumed the head of her house upon her mother's death. She is a Telempath, who uses her ability to read others thoughts to judge those brought before her. But she has to go before the FirstFamily Council, to beg for a loan because her house is in peril. She is so tired for it's hard to always hear the thoughts of others, to know their inner most feelings. Especially when her family is so selfish, greedy and fights her in everything.
While she waits to be called concerning the status on her loan request to save her House, she is surprised by the man waiting sentencing. Ruis Elder brings her peace. She recognises he is a Null, but instead of being fearful or repulsed, she finds his Nullness gives her tranquillity. With him, she does not have to expend the vast Flair energy just to protect herself from the constant intrusion of everyone's thoughts. Since his Null void stops the powers of everyone around him, she finds a haven of peace when she is with Ruis.
With FamKitty flying around on a mini saucer, a spaceship to make HAL jealous, characters from the first novel, and a potent, sexy forbidden romance between Ruis and Ailim, Owen scores BIG with another Winner! HeartMate was just so original, so special it was hard to envision a writer pulling off a second tour de force and make it as marvellous. Most movies and books with sequels, witness the sequels rarely matching the freshness, the spark of brilliance of the original. That is NOT the case with Heart Thief. If anything, it's even better! Eagerly waiting Heart Duel ( Faster Robin! Cannot wait!!)
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on May 23, 2016
Wonderful series. I'm slowly getting copies of all the books on kindle, I have the paperbacks. This is the story of Ruin an unusual Celtan. Heart mate is the first book, and Heart dual comes after this book. Worth your time. Romantic fantasy.
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