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on September 22, 2011
The only problem with this story is that, as it must, ended. The story was so enjoyable, especially seeing the intertwine of things that have happened in the show with this read. Keeping in mind where Rick Castle's mindset would've been given the show's arc, reading "his" fiction made me feel like I was gaining better understanding into how deep his feelings are toward Kate Beckett. Loved that! Even without the romantic aspect, the thriller/suspense part of Heat Rises is captivating and altogether smartly written. The Victoria St. Clair excerpt was humorously stellar for any Castle shipper. I expect we'll be seeing the Victoria St. Clair series sometime in the future? Definitely looking forward to the next Heat book :)
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on September 24, 2011
While I very much enjoyed the first two books in the brilliantly clever Castle tie-in series of Nikki Heat novels by the fictional Richard Castle, this third one is my favorite to date. These books go beyond simple franchise merchandising and clever tie-in. They are fully worthy of comparison to any modern best selling crime novels, completely separated from their TV series origin or not. And for those like me who are huge fans of said series, Castle, it's all the more fun.

I actually finished this novel in one sitting, up all night until 5:00 AM. It's actually the first time I've done a book all in one go. Completely loved it.

I still don't think anyone has revealed who's really writing these. My bet would be Andrew Marlowe, but he has continued to perfectly play along with the whole "they are written by Richard Castle" facade. Quite frankly, I think it's more fun if they never actually admit who's ghost writing them.

I anxiously look forward to the fourth book in the series (next year, perhaps?)

Oh, and extra points for another Malcolm Reynolds reference...
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VINE VOICEon September 23, 2011
I love the concept of these books. Richard Castle, a fictitious mystery writer on the TV series, Castle, tags along with Homicide Detective Kate Beckett when investigating murders to get ideas for books and learn more about police procedure. He writes a series based on Kate, calling the character Nikki Heat. All of the characters Castle deals with on the TV show are showcased in the Heat series and they've released this fictitious series to us. His own character in the book, Jameson Rook, is an investigate journalist tagging along with Nikki Heat. They take it so far as to have the author of the book listed as Richard Castle.

This third book is a very involved mystery with so many pieces to it you wonder how it'll all pull together. But it does at the very end. It starts with the death of a priest in a sex torture club and takes you into areas and directions that totally surprised me. You'll love Nikki Heat who does her best to be true to herself even when politics become involved and she's offered what most people would gladly accept. The other characters are also well done and add a great deal of spice to the story.

The story is filled with a lot of action, twists and turns, relationships, tension, non-explicit sex and a just flat out wonderful mystery. I very much enjoyed the first two books, but this one is the best so far.

You don't need to watch the series to read these books. It's just a little more fun when you can put faces to the book's characters. I'd dearly love to know the actual author's name to see what else they've written.
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on February 17, 2017
...isn't exactly a reincarnation of Joe Wambaugh (or of Bill Caunitz, if you want to keep it NYPD). But this series is helping whoever it is develop as a writer. The first one ("Heat Wave") was what you'd expect of a film or TV novelization--bare bones narrative, he said and she replied, what have you. Just a notch above pulp. Except that these are original stories. The only way they existed on screen was the occasional allusion to the titles during the course of "Castle" episodes. But it seems like they've changed ghost writers along the way, or like I said above, it's the same one getting better as he goes along. The character development is getting better and the narrative is getting steadily less prosaic. But the chapter setup is proof that this series is a print "spinoff" of a TV series in the way chapters tend to end in cliffhangers. So just in case this "Nikki Heat" book series outlives the "Castle" TV series, it may be able to stand on its own. I wonder if a more-nostalgic publisher might be able to come up with a Robin Masters series as mentioned in the old series "Magnum PI"?
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on July 12, 2016
This book is an easy read. Nothing particularly impressive but its a fun read. If you watch castle and enjoy the cheesy-ness of the show you will love the books just as much!
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on July 19, 2015
A good fun read. There are twice as many sex scenes as Naked heat, so the titles should have been switched. Big question...why didn't Castle's daughter appear in ANY of the books? She is a main character?! I really want to know who the ghost writers are. I'd like to read their books. It's not fair that they get zero recognition for all of these best selling books. I believe there are more than one ghost writer. The Storm books are completely different from the Heat books. And each book in the Heat series has major changes and dialogue differences. Each one gets better as you go. They are still over priced though. Had I not watched the series, I wouldn't have paid this much for the books. They are very fun but they are missing a great deal of Castle' s fun personality. Too many acronyms and not enough jokes. And his mom is only mentioned twice? There was too much confusing lost book space to learning new characters that aren't even on the show. The focus should be on the main characters. Not the new detectives. I found this one very hard to read. But they do improve with each title. So keep learning whomever you are, ghost writer. Mire suspense! Less relationship drama!! More fun!
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on January 3, 2015
This will be an all-purpose review for the various Nikki Heat novels that have come my way from Amazon since Nikki appeared several years ago, a clever device of publishers and entrepreneurs and "idea guys" from TV and film surrounding the development of "Castle," now a premier serial and space filler for a TV station near you.
Stana Katic, who has the role of Lt. Kate Beckett NYPD, the gutsy, sexy, clever homicide detective and heroine of the "Castle" series, pairs with the actor Nathan Fillion, who plays the brilliant, infuriating rich boy hero. It took several years of episodes to get their romance moving in the right direction as the cast and writers developed their own skiils and objectives. Enter the idea guys to tangle up everything!
Somebody realized that the their now successful TV series has a hero who is an author. Ergo, why not "write" some of his novels and see who would buy them. And make their heroine Nikki Heat, a NYPD detective modeled on the fictitious Kate Beckett of the TV show. Suddenly these fake novels (crime and sex cliffhangers, easy-reading but with gripping plots and plenty of plot-shocks) became real-life best sellers, NYTimes-level best selllers! Now Nikki Heat, a fictional character, is "real" enough to sell novels based on the fictional Kate Beckett of the TV show, played by the real actress Stana Katic!
I suspect there are "Nikki Heat fans" who are unaware of the layers of cleverness in the process of writing the novels. and take as Gospel that the Nikki Heat novels are "real" novels--the NYTimes says so, and Stana Katic and Kate Beckett smile their enigmatic smiles as Nikki Heat joins them in this delightful fictional charade. Here's to the trio of the ladies of "Castle"--long may they seduce us as Stana or Kate or Nikki!
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on October 25, 2011
I enjoy these novels as much as I adore the televised series. This book took memories from the television show and put twists on them, making them new and exciting.

The characters are familiar and you can hear the voices in your head. A Parish Priest gets killed in a compromising situation and somehow the Captain is caught up in the crime. Our detective Nikki Heat is up for promotion to Lieutenant, but something isn't right between her and Captain. Then, to our shock the Captain gets killed or did he commit suicide and why?

Nikki and Jameson Rook work to solve the crimes from home as Nikki gets mysteriously suspended. Will the confusion ebb? Yes, but, I'm not going to tell you the cliff-hanging ending....
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on December 4, 2013
For years I've poked gentle fun at friends and family who are addicted to any particular television program, Downton Abbey being exempt, of course. Much to my own embarrassment, I now find myself absolutely hooked on "Castle". So much so, that my husband and I DVR'd the reruns and the current season, then began watching it from the first episode on DVD through Netflix. Therefore, it was with genuine delight that I found the books referenced in the program actually exist!

My sleuthing skills, being somewhat less keen than Kate Beckett's/Nikki Heat's, I have been unable to discover the ghost-writer behind this series of books. Having said that, I must now admit how much I LOVE the fact that the "Nikki Heat" books are treated as if Richard Castle is actually the author. I loved the 'author's' photo on the jacket(s) as well as the "about the author" blurb. In reading the acknowledgments, which is something I rarely, if ever do. I have been known to laugh out loud at the sly way in which the (real) author slips into his acknowledgments, the names of the actors who portray the characters in "Castle". Talk about blurring the lines between fiction and reality.......

The actual writing and story lines of the "Nikki Heat" books are about what one would expect; that is to say, not in the same league with famous author procedurals. That's OK. They're just plain fun. Personally, I am thankful that intimate 'Nikki/Jameson' scenes in the books, which could have turned into gratuitously graphic sex scenes, gently 'fade to black'. That sort of bodice ripping would ruin the fun and become, in my opinion, an 'Ick' factor lowering "Nikki Heat" into the almost-porn category.

Since the books roughly follow the formula of the television program, they provide a spark of recognition (and a frequent "ah-ha!" chuckle) when episodic elements and relationships, from the series, are used as plot devices in the novels. Sadly, I can't resist and will read them all. It's payback time for my friends and family. I am well and truly hooked!
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on March 17, 2017
I have read a lot of books about murder, jealousy and the intrigue of love thrown in. I really do like the show on TV and have most all of the seasons on Blue Ray. The books are just different enough from the show to keep me coming back for more. I will continue to read the books and watch the shows. I always seem to hear or see a part I missed before.
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