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on September 6, 2017
I bought this book a couple of years ago in paper. Since last January I have been going blind due to complications of eye surgery. I can no longer read 'real' books.. I was so happy to see this book in kindle! I LOVED this book. As a lifelong Christian I have thought a lot about what Heaven would be like. This book gives a unique perspective and a hopeful one. Heaven may not be as this sweet little guy saw it, but its a heartwarming story and you will feel really good about Heaven after you are finished with it.
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on June 1, 2014
I really did enjoy this book. I decided to read it when my mom mentioned it to me and, perhaps shamefully, when I saw that it was made into a movie. When I first purchased it, I thought it would just be an account of a little boy's exceptional experience. There are many, many stories by various people with similar tales, so I thought this book wouldn't be any different. The fact that this experience happened to a little boy may have been the driving decision to purchase this book instead of one based on an adult's experience. I do trust children more so than adults when it comes to truth-telling.

However, even though it is about a little boy's experience, the way this book is written became a source of incredible learning. I consider myself Nondenominational. I do not attend church and I have only read bits and pieces of the Bible. I am not as "devoted" as I probably should be. That's why I believe this book spoke volumes to me.

Todd Burpo includes references to the Bible that really do match up to his son's experience, but what I got most out of this book was learning about the power of God, the love He and Jesus shares for everyone, and how pure honesty is so much louder than selected prayer. You have to read the book to know what I'm talking about. The most incredible thing about this book is that I actually felt enlightened. I did not expect that from reading this. I was enlightened.

Even if you don't believe a word in this book, I do feel that there is something to learn. This book was quite surprising and I'm glad I've read it.
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on March 19, 2014
My wife and I first read this book when her 30-some year old son died three years ago. The most compelling and comforting parts of the book are the story of the little boy (Colton) seeing the grandpa HE NEVER MET - in Heaven (pg. 84 ff), and the sister he never met (stillborn) (pg. 94 ff).

There are tons of Near Death Experience books etc, out there - but I felt that most were done for the sake of profit.

Clearly this book was not.

BTW - the family was interviewed by Matt Lauer on Today - a very compelling interview.

Finally, my precious wife of 34 year died a year later. The contents of this book brought me great comfort - and I used the two excepts mentioned above in her memorial service.

This book is a blessing to anyone who is loosing or has lost a loved one.
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on January 28, 2013
This was truly such an uplifting and inspirational story that helped me get through a really tough time in my life, when it seems like nothing else could give me hope. There is so much speculation whether this could be true or not but in my opinion, true or not, it really helped open my eyes up a little bit. I believe that the Burpo's honestly believe each and every word that was written and prove to be excellent examples for how to live your life. No one will ever know the truth of the matter until your time comes, and then you won't be able to share it with others, so what does it hurt to just believe a little now?

As being a mother who has also lost a child to miscarriage, it helped me find some peace and understanding that I had not been able to find in the seven years since the miscarriage.

I think I can honestly say that there has been no book that has impacted me quite like this one, to where I can say I still think about it over a year after reading it!

In my opinion, you can't go wrong reading this book, even if it's just to give yourself a little spiritual uplifting (and I am not the most spiritual person, by far - even though I should be!)

Truly touching! There isn't one person that I would not recommend this book to!
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on May 5, 2014
While going home from work I heard the end of an interview with Todd and Colton Burpo about Colton's visit to Heaven and then back to Earth. It was so astounding that when I got home I did a search with their names and found this book. Reading the accounts of Heaven that Colton saw gave me goose bumps. How could a 4yr old child make this up??? He couldn't and that gives me renewed faith that there is a God and Heaven! And for more goose bumps, check out Akiane Kramarik's portrait of Jesus that she painted when she, too, returned from Heaven.

If you're not a reader, go see the movie Heaven is for Real. They did a really good job of getting the story right and the little boy that played Colton looks like he could be a real family member. They had to omit a few things that I wish they could have kept but overall I give the movie an A+.
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on May 12, 2014
This book was about a young boy who almost died. While he was in the realm sleep during surgery, he was taken to haven to see God and Jesus and angels and others. God puts before us what he wants us to see and experience. So, I do believe this child saw God and Heaven. He saw family members and it was just wonderful. HE SAW ALL OF THESE THINGS AS A CHILD AND GOD SAYS WE SHOULD COME TO HIM AS A CHILD. Praise the Lord for choosing this boy to see Heaven and meet God and Jesus. It's Amazing.
There will be Doubting Thomas's and Atheists who do not believe. Don't let that bother you. What you do for that is get done on your knees and PRAY for these people. Pray that Jesus will come into their lives and save their souls so that one day when its time for them to leave this earth , they too, will be able to see Haven and God and Jesus and the Angels. Just keep doing GOD's work and he will take of you and shield you. Many happy successes with this and any other books you write for the rest of your life. God and Jesus will always be with you. AMEN
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on September 20, 2014
I bought this Kindle Fire version because I previously bought the book, but hadn't read it for a while. After I saw the movie, I just had to read the book again because I knew there were a lot of things changed from the book. I love this book. It is well written. It doesn't embellish facts, but tells them like they happened, the bad with the good, like Todd Burpo yelling at God because he didn't think it was fair that so many bad things were happening to his family. I enjoyed the movie, but I enjoyed reading the book so much more and I highly recommend it. It really is an astounding story.
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on June 7, 2016
While this work is well written and most definitely an intriguing read, I found I could not get past my skepticism. While I very much consider myself a man of faith, one cannot help but wonder how coincidental it is for the child of a preacher to be lucky enough to experience the afterlife God has prepared for us firsthand.

Now, is it possible God chose this child BECAUSE he is the son of a preacher? Of course. However, my suspicions of a child growing up in what I'm assuming to be a household of very strong religious traditions to be able to experience something so life altering were not easily surmountable.

With that said, it is an interesting read and quite thought provoking. Definitely the type of book to spark a family discussion around the dinner table, or with your friends at the next holiday party.
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on May 11, 2014
The premise of a 2 to 4 year old boys experience is heart warming and encouraging, fact or fiction. I have heard first hand of "near death or death" experiences and there are some similarities in this book. The course their journey took is more unbelievable, I could never have accepted the medical malpractice they endured. Prolonged suffering that any parent would be remiss in enduring without pursuing answers more aggressively.
The references to heaven really were minimal and the story was more about the father than the boy. Did not recommend to friends.
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on April 9, 2014
We all have busy schedules but this quick read is worth your time and attention. It is amazing. Through the eyes of a child you will gain wisdom and I might add peace. God has His own timing for reaching us with His messages when he knows we are ready to receive them. If it is your time to read this book, you will be both engaged and enlightened after reading, "Heaven is for Real." I look forward to seeing the movie now.
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