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on August 9, 2014
I am an ordained Episcopal priest, I found the boy's experience of heaven very similar to several other I have heard first hand. Almost always the person entering Heaven is met by someone they know or in this case someone who knows them. Most do not want to return to this life which says much about life after death. Do I think this child's experience is real. Yes! Most vary in some way to accommodate the personality of the person entering Heaven. To really understand these near death experiences we need to suspend our concept of time and space. Heaven has its own parameters which seam to change with each person. Each time I hear or read one of these near death experiences my faith is increased. I heard one that was not a good experience and he became a changed person on his second chance. As an old man, I too am looking forward to seeing life beyond death, not that I want to die now, but who, but Our Lord, knows the hour and moment of our passage?
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on April 9, 2014
I loved the book. It is a very inspiring story. There are a lot of bad reviews. People have a right to their own view of the book but how can they say it is all lies when they weren't there listening to Colton tell about his experiences in Heaven. Too many people are just too judgmental that they can't open their mind to anything that is divergent from their thinking or frame of reference. My wife and I both found our eyes watering at many points in the book. We saw Colton on TV this week an he appears to be a normal 14 year old boy. He says he can't remember the pain he went through but he does still remember Heaven, he isn't afraid to die because he knows Jesus will greet him again in Heaven and his life's goal is to help as many people as possible get to Heaven. I highly recommend this book to any Christian but also to those that on the fence about Jesus Christ. Some bad reviews talk about religions and what about them when it comes to after death experience. I personally don't worry about those of religions though I wish they would find the truth. Christianity is NOT a religion. It is FAITH in the loving God and his Son that was sacrificed on the cross for our sins. We have redemption that no religion can provide. Again if you don't like the book that is up to you but if you read those reviews at least give the book a chance. I compare the attitude where people read what others say and then speak ill of it having not read the book themselves to those people that visit only extremely liberal web sites and then criticize tv personalities when they haven't even watched their shows. That is total dishonesty.
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on May 20, 2017
Having just experienced my husband Tom's passing, I found the descriptions by Colton of the death experience to be very comforting. This little boy was able to lift me from a feeling of deep separation from Tom, to feeling Tom's comforting presence. In the Burpos' angst in the Colton's illness arose much spiritual understanding and hope in life everlasting. Colton made death as normal as getting an ice cream cone on a Saturday afternoon. We are right now planning my husband's memorial and I approach it with greater joy than I could have imagined. .
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on February 8, 2013
I read this this book; twice actually. After rupturing an aneurysm in my brain just over 15 months ago, I required emergency brain surgery and nearly died (so I've been told). I had no life altering near death experience. What I did find, during my long road to recovery (which still continues somewhat to this day), was that I needed to find peace/comfort within me. This book is the first that I have purchased about NDE and a brief trip to Heaven.

I will not lie; the story is heartwarming, but I can't decipher whether there is learned fantasy about what the afterlife is supposed to be like (ie: Sunday school teachings), vs actual NDE recollections. Granted, there are some things that I cannot explain away, ie: POP or the sister he didn't know about that he met in Heaven. That, in and of itself gives me reason to think. While I was born and raised in the Catholic religion, I am not religious in the sense that I go to Church every Sunday or what have you. I do, however, consider myself to be a spiritual person, read my Bible and believe in God. I suppose I'm just one of those who takes comfort in hearing of others who have met up and seen loved ones and have seen the glory of an afterlife.

All in all, leaving out the facts in the beginning of the book where Colton' s parents waited until he was extremely ill to take him to the hospital and it took a few years for the full experience to come out, it is an uplifting read. It was a good first choice for me.
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on September 19, 2013
Here a minister co-authors a book about what happened to his four year old son when the boy was laying on the operating table. This minister leads a small Nebraska Methodist church located in a town that is 60 miles from the nearest Walmart store. He supports himself and his family by installing garage doors and earning a meager salary from his church congregation.
As I read this book, I began to see the same pattern of issues that is present in the book PROOF OF HEAVEN. Here we see a minister whose personal life and relationships with others is convincing proof that what he writes is the absolute truth. His wife, a good Christian woman, who is for all practical purposes as important to his congregation as he is, was a full party to the events reported in this book. Whatever their son Colton told his farther, he simultaneously told his mother. And occasionally, he also made comments about what happened to him in the presence of others whose reputability cannot reasonably be questioned. And this minister's close friends include more than a few other ministers who are also leading Christian churches in western Nebraska and other nearby states. So as I read about these events, I was assured that they actually had happened, but I also observed that they seemed to be somewhat ridiculous. For example, Colton's great grandfather, who resided in heaven, had wings - wings much larger than Colton's wings. But, many of the things that he told his parents were, besides being, at times, ridiculous, also were often amazing. Colton clearly knew things he could not reasonably be expected to know. Things his mother and father had never told him: for example, they had once lost a child to a miscarriage; a little girl. Colton knew this fact and met her in heaven. Another example is that he could recognize his great grandfather by being shown a picture of him when he was in his late twenties; but he could not recognize his great grandfather when he was shown a picture of him as an elderly person.
Colton met God and the Holy Spirit. They were two separate beings. He had no trouble getting personal time with God. Colton said Satan was still alive and well and would someday have one last fight with the souls of heaven.
Now if I were to spend enough time I could list dozens of things said in this book that do not agree with my own spiritual beliefs. I will cite only a couple of them. I believe in original sin, therefore, children have sin, but Colton was easily able to enter into heaven. In my opinion, no one can enter into heaven who has any sins in his soul. Even Jesus remains outside of heaven, until the end of this age (in my opinion), because He is carrying sins of the cross. And the book I mentioned above, PROOF OF HEAVEN, presents a full-grown man who enters heaven numerous times. Again, I envision him as not able to enter into the real heaven until the end of this age when his soul will be sinless. But are we to question his honesty? Are we to question Colton's honesty, or his minster father's honesty, or his Christian mother's honesty?
And there are other accounts like these, although not always so well known to the public. They are recounted in magazine articles and books that often don't make the best sellers list. There are so many of them that it is hard for us to reject them all as bogus. Quite the contrary, we are looking, in my analysis, at a phenomena of a psychic nature that is somehow often connected with our own human spiritual evolution, and our own spiritual faith. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL is heartwarming. I do not take every word literally, but I would say that we can see clearly in the case of this book that psychic things have taken place inside of the realms of a Christian family that are below the level of absolute spiritual revelation but are far above the level of day dreams, or night dreams. Something happened to this young boy; something that was good. He knew things he should not have known. Hopefully, as millions of Christians read books like this one and as the years pass we will have men/women arise among us who will be able to make sense out of this increasingly common thing, which I think of as spiritual/ psychic phenomena.
I will also mention that I recently downloaded (free) a book that is pure interpretation of New Testament Bible scriptures. The author points out such obvious facts as that no one can go to heaven before Jesus goes to heaven and that will only happen when the end of this age arrives. We all want to think that we will be in heaven in the next few years while those behind us are still struggling with the challenges of life. Not so according to this book. Thus it contradicts HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. The circular I received gives Sunday Sept 22 and Sunday Sept 29 as the next two days that it can be downloaded free. Otherwise it is expensive. I would balance a book like HEAVEN IS FOR REAL by reading this book, it is called HEAVEN IS IN YOUR FUTURE, author David Arthur DuRocher. It will make you feel good. You will come away convinced that everybody goes to heaven (in the end). That message is not found in HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. According to the beliefs of Colton's father, many will go to hell.
I am now reading THE ZEALOT by Reza Aslan. It is a New York Times best seller. The author is a gifted writer and historian. He gives us a Jesus who is a historical figure, not a spiritual figure. Before you read this book, I strongly suggest building your spiritual fortress by reading HEAVEN IS IN YOUR FUTURE, and possibly some other books written by strong believers in the divine nature of Jesus. But, does that mean I don't like THE ZEALOT? No! I think it is going to turn out to be the best book I have ever read about the history of the middle east in the years when the New Testament was written. I will write a review about it when I am finished reading it. God speed.....
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on March 29, 2014
I love this story. I love God and reading about what He did in this family's life is just wonderful and I recommend everyone read it especially believers. However I gave it three stars because Todd isn't really a good writer. I am grateful he wrote it despite this. His story is kind of drawn out and yet not descriptive enough to bring you along for he ride. There are sections of the book where he could have taken time to really paint a picture but he rushed through it. It made it hard to keep reading or at times take it serious enough. He also has a way of writing in the last few chapters that feels like he doesn't close the story. It left me wondering "is that the end?" I felt like he could have taken a little more time to bring his point together better in the way he explains the insights of the last few chapters. Again I love the story and very glad it was written. Everyone should read I am just not fond of how the pastor writes. However, I thank him for writing it and being honest with his feelings and his thoughts through this ordeal. Further that he shared this with us all is wonderful.
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on June 3, 2014
I believe experiences with the Divine are the rule and not the exception. God is not a bully. He is not kicking down our doors, yelling in our face like a drill sergeant to make us believe in him. This young man's experience was affected by the beliefs of those around him and he saw Jesus in a way that he could relate to. The fact Jesus looked the same to this young man and a girl halfway around the world does not mean he will look that way to me, nor does it mean he doesn't have distinctly African features when somebody from Nigeria or Haiti sees him.

These encounters with the divine are not intended to be divine revelation. As the author did in this book, they must be tested against scripture because we have all the divine revelation we need in Sacred Scripture. These encounters are encouragement to build up preexisting faith. If we decide to read this book looking for "proof" I'm afraid we will have to wait until we stand before the seat of judgement but by then it will be too late. Faith is first and foremost a decision and these divine encounters are encouragements not proofs.

If you are looking for encouragement to build up preexisting faith, by all means read this book. If you are looking for proof *, perhaps you will find it depending of course on the hardness of your heart**. (* John 20:24-29; ** Psalm 95:7-8, ** Heb 3:7-9.)
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on February 10, 2014
I liked everything about this book and Colton's descriptions of Jesus, God, & the Holy Sporit. The way he described Heaven was so familiar to me because during my mother's last days she described Heaven and how the colors of Heaven were not like the colors we see here on earth. She described hearing my brother who passed away two years before her; also describing the stairway to Heaven (all what she described and what Colton described is backed up by the scriptures). Reading Heaven is For Real brought back memories of my last days with my Mom and knowing I will see her again. Thanks to the Burpo family for sharing your family to the world by writing this book. This book and Colton's experience in Heaven truly blessed me. I want to share this book with a young couple I know whose baby passed away at 2 months. They know he's in Heaven and I think the way Colton talked about the sister who was miscarried and how he met her in Heaven is very comforting.
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on September 15, 2014
I loved the book.!~!~! There are many people who did not believe that this child really went to heaven but I do. I have a friend who had a similar experience & she said that the way Colton described Heaven was all true.!~!~! I feel this happened so that they would write a book to give the world a glimpse of heaven so that hopefully the people who just weren't sure about God & were sitting in the line would see through the eyes of a child that there is a Heaven & Jesus was who he said he was.!~!~! Thank the Lord for letting a very bright little boy who was almost 4 yrs old see what Heaven is like & have him remember what he saw so he could tell his parents. He didn't just sit down with a big story right away. He took his time & when he remembered something he told his parents. That too is how a 4 yr old would do things. They may not remember everything right away but when something reminded him of something he saw or have it just come into his thoughts he told his parents. PRAISE GOD for all that he has allowed us to see.!~!~! GOD BLESS Colton & his father for sharing his story.
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on August 26, 2012
I've always been a Christian and believed in God, though like most people, had doubts at times, especially when life is coming on strong and things just don't seem to be going your way. However, due to recent events and things that have happened over the course of my years on earth, my faith is getting stronger by the day. Reading this book has also helped my faith in immense ways that I can't even explain. In this book, Colton Burpo experiences things that many people would say are circumstantial, however, being so young and explaining things beyond the realm of a child's mind are proof enough for me.

There are going to be skeptics, but I just want to thank the Burpo family for sharing this magnificent experience with the world. I recently lost three family members in a matter of two years, (one in which the 2nd year anniversary is coming up tomorrow) and it has given me good comfort in knowing that I will for sure, see them all one day again up in heaven, and as Colton has promised, I'm going to love it.

Not many books move me as emotionally as this one did. I found myself crying at certain parts, and one area that had me teary eyed the most was when people ask if their are animals and heaven, and the answer was yes. I've had so many people tell me that animals do not go to heaven because they don't have souls. I've always brushed that assumption aside and told myself they would be. My idea of heaven has always been that you will be surrounded by the things that made you happiest on the earth. Well for me, a large part of my happiness is animals. I have an 8 year old German Shepherd that I -know- will be with me in heaven, and Colton confirming that there were various types of animals up there gave me a peace so deep that I did find myself crying at that part. I stopped reading and texted my sister - I was so thrilled to hear that. Also, the twelve year old girl who paints images of heaven and things in heaven, but came from atheist family and never grew up with the bible in her house - that's FAR from coincidental and is plenty proof that HEAVEN IS FOR REAL!!

Again, I thank the Burpo family for sharing this. If you're going through a hard time, read this book. Even if you're not, read it anyway. I think everyone should read it!! If I could rate this book higher than five stars, I would!

God bless!
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