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on September 20, 2014
I bought this Kindle Fire version because I previously bought the book, but hadn't read it for a while. After I saw the movie, I just had to read the book again because I knew there were a lot of things changed from the book. I love this book. It is well written. It doesn't embellish facts, but tells them like they happened, the bad with the good, like Todd Burpo yelling at God because he didn't think it was fair that so many bad things were happening to his family. I enjoyed the movie, but I enjoyed reading the book so much more and I highly recommend it. It really is an astounding story.
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on May 11, 2014
The premise of a 2 to 4 year old boys experience is heart warming and encouraging, fact or fiction. I have heard first hand of "near death or death" experiences and there are some similarities in this book. The course their journey took is more unbelievable, I could never have accepted the medical malpractice they endured. Prolonged suffering that any parent would be remiss in enduring without pursuing answers more aggressively.
The references to heaven really were minimal and the story was more about the father than the boy. Did not recommend to friends.
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on November 16, 2013
Maybe because it's a true story about a young boy who was in heaven. Who wouldn't want to hear about that!?! A fine story as an article, but not so sure for a book. There seemed to be alot added to the text in order to create enough bulk to create a book, in my opinion. I would have liked to see this in a smaller format, containing just the pertinent info for the story, and in a small pocket-size. I think the impact of the story would be just as good, and make it more affordable as a hand-out.

The author seems genuine. Very quick read. I would not necessarily recommend this for all people in all situations. Use caution when sharing with young children, new believers, terminally ill etc.. and prayerfully consider whether this is a good book to share with them. In some situations, I imagine so, and in just as many others, I would say no. For example: there's a brief description of the look of death which some could find very troublesome.
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on January 29, 2014
I picked up this book because I saw the movie preview and it looked amazing. The book in my opinion is okay, it just jumps around and has a lot of filler material.

I think what I did not like about this book was the writing style. There was not a lot of "meat" to the story, there are several pages that could have been taken out. I appreciate the father wanting to give us as the readers a little knowledge about their lives surrounding the event, but in my opinion it drug out too much. There was so much information it was almost as if it made it easier to read through the actual plot without even knowing it.

I took into account this is written by the father, whom I assume has no prior experience on writing a novel- but it was still a tough read regardless.

Overall, the premise of the book is great, amazing to read things through a small child's eyes, but I wish it was written in a way that I did not enjoy.
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on September 10, 2011
This was a well written book, as it should be - from a story related by Pastor Todd Burpo to best selling conservative author Lynn Vincent, who also wrote Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue". As a Christian, I see it, like the popular book "The Shack", as a beautiful little parable on what Heaven may be like, and a pretty good synopsis of the prominent Evangelical view of Christianity. As a Christian, I also find it hard to believe that it is meant to be a true story. For one thing, the boy's stories, which came to light over a period of several years after he was miraculously saved from death by prayer (which I do believe), picture a heaven where Jesus wears a beard and sits on a throne on the right of his father, God, who sits on a larger throne. The Holy Spirit is "sort of blue", and everyone else there has wings, Angels as well as those who have died and arrived there - because "they had Jesus in their heart." While this agrees with many people's concept of heaven and angels, there would be a few problems for a serious theologian. For example, the Bible does not say angels have wings (which are useful only in air), or that people in heaven are angels. Only the cherubim and seraphim, very strange creatures and not humanlike at all, are said to have wings (six each). In other words, the child's stories are much more like Children's Bible Stories or Sunday School than they are like the multilevel Heaven that Paul tells of, where he heard and saw things that could not be described to man.

Not wanting to judge and accuse the Pastor of creating this whole thing to sell books (which he undoubtedly will), I came up with a possible explanation: The little boy obviously had an active imagination when playing with his action figures. He may not have actually remembered much of what really happened, and may have imagined much of it - possibly made up things in response to questioning - in the years following the incident, and as he heard more input from Sunday School and his father's preaching. On the other hand, maybe he did remember Heaven, and maybe we will all see heaven as we want it to be - now that really would be Heaven. In any case it is a short book, well written, containing a summary of Evangelical Christian beliefs, and I think worth reading.
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on February 26, 2015
Item arrived in good condition before ETA. The true story of a 3 year old boy with a ruptured appendix. After being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, he died and went to Heaven. He experienced several events there, including a meeting with his sister who was miscarried at 2 months old. He also met Messiah and his great grandfather, giving details of the events. Unfortunately, upon his return he was met with scoffers including his parents. For a movie intended to get folks beyond their 5 senses, it was used to stir and strengthen our faith. Besides, if you can explain [away] everything, what's left to believe in? Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT seen.
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on November 26, 2017
I found the story intriguing, and I do believe in the afterlife. I thought the book was well written, an easy read as I picked it up one night shortly after the death of my son, and read it front to back in about 3 hours. I would feel a little better about the contents and message in the book if it was not commercialized as much as it was, such as a movie, website, etc. It just leaves the taste that maybe, and I would hate to think it was, that the story and message was written for "profit", as it seems it was a, in todays world, "successful" book which generated a lot of revenue. I had a hard time getting past the fact that, the family, was struggling financially before the book was written, and then the story/book comes along providing financial security. Would love to administer a lie detector test to the child, who is now older, to test the validity of the story and contents of the book. But, I hold out hope.
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VINE VOICEon December 29, 2013
I've seen Colton Borpo on TV. I've heard the gist of his story, so why would I buy this book? I wanted to read the rest. It's a great story, and offers such encouragement to Christians and non-Christians alike. It offers explanations of the knotty questions most thoughtful people wrestle with: Why do bad things happen to good people? Does God care? Does God answer prayer? What happens when we die?

I found it refreshing that the narrator, a Christian preacher and pastor, had these same questions. He tried to be careful in gleaning the answers.

Had this Kindle edition been complete it would easily have merited 5 stars. Mangled formatting made some chapters tough to follow. But if you keep reading you can parse it out. I highly recommend this book. It's to be shared and discussed, and gifted to any friends and family you care about.
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on April 9, 2014
By far this book is the most amazing thing I've had the privilege to read in a very long time. It's definitely an eye opener and even if you're dabbling with the idea of heaven, as I was, it makes you stop and wonder. In the book it talks about those who can't believe without seeing and in many cases that is me to the letter, but truly, as it says in the book "isn't that the point of faith, to believe without seeing?" … Truly a remarkable read and I recommend this to everyone, faith or no faith...take the time and read it.
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on June 18, 2014
This book both give me strength for what lies ahead and, being a sinner, scares me terribly. I've done things in my life for which I'm not proud and know I will have to answer for those sins in the presence of God someday. I've already confessed for the most serious of my sins and feel I received absolution. Nevertheless, I continue to believe through this book that someday I will stand before God someday to atone for all my sins.

On the positive side, my Dad was a professional baseball player in his younger days. By the time I came along, Dad's knees were already too far gone for him to play catch with me. In heaven, I look forward to endless games of baseball with my Dad at Wrigley Field and to see his face when the Cubs win the World .Series.
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