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Hard to beat for the money. I bought this to get a speedlight off camera a bit and it does that. I would love to have seen another couple inches of height but it's off axis enough that it should work fine. The angle with the top cold shoe was slightly off parallel with the base plate but I was able to bend it just a touch to get them parallel; not really necessary, just a bit of OCD. The cold shoes are actually pretty good in that they are nice and snug without binding, this was impressive. I didn't get one with a harsh scent like others so maybe that's been addressed. My only concern is the knob; the plastic there feels cheap and may not survive long term with a camera getting put through the paces of a few events but hey, at this price it's fine. I've included a photo with a Nikon D90 (no grip), a Yongnuo speedlight and shoe mounted Yongnue trigger.
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This product will solve the problem of not having a shoe on your camera, the construction feels sturdy and the handle is rubber. It works with no issues so far but it does have 2 issues which is the part that screws onto the camera is completely plastic except for the screw (but it's only $7 remember that) and the other issue is the weird angle the handle is at, it seems as it should be more bent in as it leans away from the camera which just seems awkward. Overall this product is great and built well, the best part is it is only $7 and holds all my equipment with no issue.
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on October 7, 2017
I'd give this unit 6 stars if it had a rubber lining on the under side of where the 1/4"-20 Screw is situated so I can reverse it and rig things under the handle. excellent unit. I've used this unit in too many custom rigs to even count. the hot shoe mounting sockets just make for limitless possibility for dslr photo and video shooting. I've added a photo of one of my more odd applications. this unit saved my life during an Instagram live cast during an important event.
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on August 13, 2016
I am a wedding photographer that uses quite a bit of off camera flash. I place my trigger (with the predator dots) on the top of my camera and then use this to move my flash off axis just a few extra inches. I have purchased 3 of these and have used them hundreds of times. The overall quality of the product is better than expected but the cold shoes eventually get wobbly and need to be superglued. The bottom screw has held up longer than my camera body.

Out of the box this thing really stinks - it takes a few days to air the funk out and then it is good to go. I keep one of these in my rolling bag at all times!
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on April 12, 2017
Nice accessory to have around. Knocked off one star because on the unit I have, one of the hotshoe mounts has a burr on it that keeps some accessories from being placed in it.

It has a comfortable rubber grip that is very thick and nice to hold. Will mount any camera or accessory with a standard tripod mount hole.

You can also mount the handle on a standard tripod, which it pretty cool. The hot shoe mounts are sideways, so keep that in mind, it just depends how you want position your camera. It's a handy accessory to have around.
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I bought this to use with my Canon Vixia R40 camcorder so that I can mount a video light. The logical place for the handle is on the left side of the unit so that the right hand can be used to operate the record button of the camcorder; which is difficult to do if you place the handle on the right. The problem is you can't open the LCD screen once the handle is attached to the left of the your LCD. This makes it necessary to open the LCD, turn off the main power switch, and then attach the bracket. Then one would have to turn the power off if there were breaks when shooting. This makes it less than ideal for some small camcorders--if the bottom mount of the L-Bracket were just an inch longer it cold accommodate wider LCD screens. There are two mounts so you could do a light and a microphone if desired. If you're willing t work with that limitation it's a good bracket for the money. You could also mount it to a tripod in which case it would probably less of an issue. I might find it more useful for my Canon Powershot SX50 to get the flash off the unit or for some small DSLRs where you'd want a video light and or a microphone mount. At any rate more experimentation is needed--but overall it's a sturdy and affordable bracket for the money.
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on February 27, 2016
I use it mostly with my Sony A6000 since the latter is unbalanced when I attach my Yongnuo 568EX II with the 16 inches circular modifier I use. I use the YN-622 controller and receiver kit. It is easily stowed. The grip could be thicker especially with the combined weight of the trigger, flash and modifier. One thing to not is that the slots are too wide for the Yongnuo to be mounted directly so I have purchased an adapter, which I also use on other extension arms and brackets, to that end.

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Neewer® Black Metal Cold Shoe Flash Stand Adapter with 1/4-inch -20 Tripod Screw (5 Packs)
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on October 10, 2015
As others have stated, this is a very high quality well-constructed product and worth the small price. The bad smell issue that others have mentioned only existed for about 10 minutes after opening the package.

I bought the Fotasy SCX2 1/4-Inch 20 Tripod Screw to Hot Shoe Adapter with my order which now allows me to mount just about anything (in addition to my cameras) to the bracket -- my external flash, an LED light, my Zoom sound recorder, a GoPro, Mobius, or SJ4000, and even a Red Dot sighting device for airshow video (using an adapter from PhotoSolve.com).I love all the many options it now allows me.

The only "issue" I had was that the upper arm was not quite at the same horizontal angle (not parallel) as the longer lower arm, which was a bit of a problem with mounting another camera or a red dot sight, which you would want to be pointed at exactly the same angle. Using a bit of physical muscle, I was able to bend the bracket slightly so that both arms were at exactly the same angle -- problem solved.

I wish the rubber (silicone?) handle were more rounded than flat, for better comfort, but this is only a very minor issue and certainly would not cause me to not recommend this product to others. I do recommend it.
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on October 25, 2016
This bracket is as described. It really is "Heavy Duty". The odor that other reviews mention is not present in the one I received. This bracket allows you to add accessories to your camera or camcorder or really anything with a 1/4"x20 thread. As noted by others the neck of the turn screw is not very big and all the turning force is being placed onto a rather small area of the bracket. I remedied that by going to my local ACE store and in the aisle with all the nuts, bolts, and other fasteners they have some black nylon washers. The hole in the washer is just the right size. You will need three of them which will make them just a little taller then the neck on the turn screw. This will spread out the force over a much larger area. You do need to screw it down as tight as you can to avoid movement. There is no locator pin on the base as most people will use it turned 90° from the lens but a pin would be nice if used inline with the lens. Very satisfied with the build quality and the price.
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Not terribly amused with this one. I use a bubble level in my hot shoe and needed to move it for a flash trigger. I had hoped I could put the bubble level on this, but while it looks like it's bent at a 90* angel, it is not, it's just an arbitrary bend and so the level doesn't tell me much when attached there. Also the cheap metal of the tripod screw and the need to tighten it as much as possible worries me about it damaging my cameras threads. But with a more trustworthy screw it will probably work fine if I need to secure anything other than a level.
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