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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 21, 2014
My Nikon L 600 is a great camera but one thing they left out was a hot shoe which allows the attachment of an external light that you can use for video.

This bracket is a very simple and inexpensive workaround. It screws into your tripod socket and gives you some degree of play on how you position it.

So in bad lighting conditions or when shooting in slow-motion indoors I'm able to deploy a powerful LED light so that capture great looking video footage.

This is a simple, well-consructed device, and there's really nothing that I can see that wrong with it.
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Hard to beat for the money. I bought this to get a speedlight off camera a bit and it does that. I would love to have seen another couple inches of height but it's off axis enough that it should work fine. The angle with the top cold shoe was slightly off parallel with the base plate but I was able to bend it just a touch to get them parallel; not really necessary, just a bit of OCD. The cold shoes are actually pretty good in that they are nice and snug without binding, this was impressive. I didn't get one with a harsh scent like others so maybe that's been addressed. My only concern is the knob; the plastic there feels cheap and may not survive long term with a camera getting put through the paces of a few events but hey, at this price it's fine. I've included a photo with a Nikon D90 (no grip), a Yongnuo speedlight and shoe mounted Yongnue trigger.
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on March 3, 2013
- This is one solid piece of gear. No way can you accidentally bend this
- The paint/material is quite scratch resistant
- The screw to attach to camera mount is solid metal
- The size and weight to me are ideal

- Chemical smell: I scoffed reviews complaining about this upon first opening the package, but after holding it an hour, my hand reeked and I empathized the complaints. Then, after leaving it in a room overnight, the room reeked even worse. Now I actually got sick on the fumes. Against my better judgement, knowing chemicals can actually make things worse, I tried a few compounds to no avail. I then took someone's advice and left this in the sun for 8 hours to no avail.

- HOW TO FIX THE ODOR: I used Bath and Body Works "Sensual Amber" Soap on the grip, scrubbed with toothbrush for 5 minutes, let it sit in the sink for an hour, then rinsed off,,,,,, and VOILA! No more odor! And my hand smelled sexy after using my camera too. LOL = ) This is all true!

- I am one of those VERY practical people who have cleaned, salvaged, and reused things all my life. If I say it works, it does, so do that trick. I AVOID modern over advertised cleaning products that destroy the environment. MOST times, alcohol, mineral oil, and other NATURAL based solvents clean it all. In this case, it was a body soap that my wife gave me that I had noted was so strong after showering with it, that I smelled fresh and sensual for hours each day from one little drop. I thought, "man, if this gets rid of my body odor, than this has got to work on this camera handle"... it did!!! My wife bought it for less than on Amazon, but you can get it here for 11 bucks and it takes only one droplet per shower, so it lasts over a year. Then you can use it on this camera handle LOL = )

- Honestly, any good smelling soap will do the trick, but use a toothbrush on it too scrub, and let sit with soap on it a while. DO NOT use cleaning products as it can make it worse by breaking down the chemical materials in the handle itself and spread even stronger odor along with breaking down the material itself.

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on January 6, 2016
 GO PRO FANS!!! I love this Photography Bracket for my GoPro Hero Silver 4. I needed a bracket so I had better control over my filming, and just as importantly, had a hotshoe mount to fit my Rode microphone. Together with my Luxebell C200 housing for my GoPro (which has the ¼ attachment to the L bracket) and with my Rode Mic, it’s a solid combination for point-and-shoot scenarios. Super happy with the item. Especially love how it comes with two hotshoe mounts, so you can add an element like perhaps a cell phone holder so you can see live viewing for your GoPro (I don’t need it personally as the Hero 4 Silver has a screen). Like many have noted, it does have a plastic smell to it, but it wasn’t massively overwhelming to me or any different from any other plastic product. I’ve included some pics so you can see my GoPro set up. Happy to answer any questions people have about this product. Super happy with it.
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This product will solve the problem of not having a shoe on your camera, the construction feels sturdy and the handle is rubber. It works with no issues so far but it does have 2 issues which is the part that screws onto the camera is completely plastic except for the screw (but it's only $7 remember that) and the other issue is the weird angle the handle is at, it seems as it should be more bent in as it leans away from the camera which just seems awkward. Overall this product is great and built well, the best part is it is only $7 and holds all my equipment with no issue.
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The scent of petroleum is there, but not that bad, and I am quite sensitive to smells.

I have used this for multiple projects over the past six months and it has performed fine for the price. I typically mount a Zoom H4n to the top and a Sennheiser ew300 wireless receiver to the side, under a Canon 60D.

Single largest complaint is the most poorly thought-out screw you could possibly imagine for this application. But for the price-point, it is fixable and forgivable. The screw itself is super-low-grade cast aluminum pressed into lightweight brittle plastic. There are also steps that reduce the footprint to 1/2" on both the top and bottom (see the uploaded customer image) which makes the mount very unstable and saggy. I would not recommend trying to tighten the sag out of it, you will break either the plastic or the aluminum. I have jammed 1/4-1/2 headphone adapters between the bracket and tripod-shoe to level it back up, then found that a hard plastic garden-hose washer works for the top part. I haven't tried similar for the bottom, because my next step is to just find a 1/4-1/4 brass adapter with a long shaft at some camera store or online.
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on October 10, 2015
As others have stated, this is a very high quality well-constructed product and worth the small price. The bad smell issue that others have mentioned only existed for about 10 minutes after opening the package.

I bought the Fotasy SCX2 1/4-Inch 20 Tripod Screw to Hot Shoe Adapter with my order which now allows me to mount just about anything (in addition to my cameras) to the bracket -- my external flash, an LED light, my Zoom sound recorder, a GoPro, Mobius, or SJ4000, and even a Red Dot sighting device for airshow video (using an adapter from love all the many options it now allows me.

The only "issue" I had was that the upper arm was not quite at the same horizontal angle (not parallel) as the longer lower arm, which was a bit of a problem with mounting another camera or a red dot sight, which you would want to be pointed at exactly the same angle. Using a bit of physical muscle, I was able to bend the bracket slightly so that both arms were at exactly the same angle -- problem solved.

I wish the rubber (silicone?) handle were more rounded than flat, for better comfort, but this is only a very minor issue and certainly would not cause me to not recommend this product to others. I do recommend it.
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on September 13, 2016
-Hand grip on L-bracket is comfortable

-Hot shoe mounts fail to reliably secure Rode mic or LED light. Both accessories were loose, one fell and thank God I caught it before it hit ground.
-1/4 screw mount on bottom of L-bracket is weak despite it being tightened down firmly. There's too much play in the bracket when pressure is applied.

Disappointed in the quality and for my use, I cannot recommend this product. The shoe mounts inability to securely fasten accessories is a hard stop for reliable usage of this L-bracket.
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on October 7, 2017
I'd give this unit 6 stars if it had a rubber lining on the under side of where the 1/4"-20 Screw is situated so I can reverse it and rig things under the handle. excellent unit. I've used this unit in too many custom rigs to even count. the hot shoe mounting sockets just make for limitless possibility for dslr photo and video shooting. I've added a photo of one of my more odd applications. this unit saved my life during an Instagram live cast during an important event.
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on August 13, 2016
I am a wedding photographer that uses quite a bit of off camera flash. I place my trigger (with the predator dots) on the top of my camera and then use this to move my flash off axis just a few extra inches. I have purchased 3 of these and have used them hundreds of times. The overall quality of the product is better than expected but the cold shoes eventually get wobbly and need to be superglued. The bottom screw has held up longer than my camera body.

Out of the box this thing really stinks - it takes a few days to air the funk out and then it is good to go. I keep one of these in my rolling bag at all times!
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