Customer Reviews: Heavy Duty Photography L Bracket with 2 Standard Flash Hot Shoe Mounts
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on March 3, 2013
- This is one solid piece of gear. No way can you accidentally bend this
- The paint/material is quite scratch resistant
- The screw to attach to camera mount is solid metal
- The size and weight to me are ideal

- Chemical smell: I scoffed reviews complaining about this upon first opening the package, but after holding it an hour, my hand reeked and I empathized the complaints. Then, after leaving it in a room overnight, the room reeked even worse. Now I actually got sick on the fumes. Against my better judgement, knowing chemicals can actually make things worse, I tried a few compounds to no avail. I then took someone's advice and left this in the sun for 8 hours to no avail.

- HOW TO FIX THE ODOR: I used Bath and Body Works "Sensual Amber" Soap on the grip, scrubbed with toothbrush for 5 minutes, let it sit in the sink for an hour, then rinsed off,,,,,, and VOILA! No more odor! And my hand smelled sexy after using my camera too. LOL = ) This is all true!

- I am one of those VERY practical people who have cleaned, salvaged, and reused things all my life. If I say it works, it does, so do that trick. I AVOID modern over advertised cleaning products that destroy the environment. MOST times, alcohol, mineral oil, and other NATURAL based solvents clean it all. In this case, it was a body soap that my wife gave me that I had noted was so strong after showering with it, that I smelled fresh and sensual for hours each day from one little drop. I thought, "man, if this gets rid of my body odor, than this has got to work on this camera handle"... it did!!! My wife bought it for less than on Amazon, but you can get it here for 11 bucks and it takes only one droplet per shower, so it lasts over a year. Then you can use it on this camera handle LOL = )

- Honestly, any good smelling soap will do the trick, but use a toothbrush on it too scrub, and let sit with soap on it a while. DO NOT use cleaning products as it can make it worse by breaking down the chemical materials in the handle itself and spread even stronger odor along with breaking down the material itself.

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on March 30, 2013
I purchased this over a year ago and just purchased my second. I somehow misplaced the original 1/4 tripod mount but the product itself still is as new. That's after 12 months of some pretty rough handling. For the price, this thing is simply amazing. Makes me feel like a serious film maker! I love it. Use it mostly for small cameras like my canon elph and gopro. In addition to the camera I can attach a microphone and light, you can see my set up above in the customer gallery. Would purchase again and recommend a million times.
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on February 12, 2012
This is a very well constructed piece of equipment with one caveat - there is a very noticeable chemical smell coming from the rubbery plastic handle. I have used alcohol wipes to no avail. If you're using this outdoors, it isn't so bad but indoors is another story. If I put the handle in my camera bag, the smell seems to linger in there as well. I hope it will eventually go away because the bracket is very solidly built and the hotshoe mounts seem sturdy. I would recommend this product as long as the buyer is aware of the chemical odor. If the chemical smell was not present, this would be a solid 5 star product.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 21, 2014
My Nikon L 600 is a great camera but one thing they left out was a hot shoe which allows the attachment of an external light that you can use for video.

This bracket is a very simple and inexpensive workaround. It screws into your tripod socket and gives you some degree of play on how you position it.

So in bad lighting conditions or when shooting in slow-motion indoors I'm able to deploy a powerful LED light so that capture great looking video footage.

This is a simple, well-consructed device, and there's really nothing that I can see that wrong with it.
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on March 4, 2012
The rubber handle is treated with what I can only imagine is an anti-mold compound for use in shipping different types of cargo over seas. I opened the box and left it on the porch for two days to let it air out. The smell did dissipate. Some foreign cars have similar issues with smell as their engines are treated while shipped via ocean going cargo ships.

It's a nice, sturdy support. Two shoe attachments (not hot). Perfect for my H2 audio recorder (with shoe adapter sold seperately) and Video Light.

*Update... took it off my camera and saw that it cracked the base of the camera. I think the screw may be a millimeter or two too long. Buyer beware.
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on March 14, 2013
This product is just fine. Some people complained about the smell. Yes, it has a rubber smell when you remove it from the plastic. But it does not make the room smell bad or anything. I am sure you can use something to make the smell go away, but it is not a big deal. Don't let that keep you from buying it!
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on December 2, 2011
I am very happy with this bracket. It is solid, heavy metal. The handle is great. And the hotshoe mounts are welded to the the bracket, which makes them very sturdy. i will probably buy a second one. I use this on my canon t3i, and it holds my led lights.
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on January 4, 2014
The scent of petroleum is there, but not that bad, and I am quite sensitive to smells.

I have used this for multiple projects over the past six months and it has performed fine for the price. I typically mount a Zoom H4n to the top and a Sennheiser ew300 wireless receiver to the side, under a Canon 60D.

Single largest complaint is the most poorly thought-out screw you could possibly imagine for this application. But for the price-point, it is fixable and forgivable. The screw itself is super-low-grade cast aluminum pressed into lightweight brittle plastic. There are also steps that reduce the footprint to 1/2" on both the top and bottom (see the uploaded customer image) which makes the mount very unstable and saggy. I would not recommend trying to tighten the sag out of it, you will break either the plastic or the aluminum. I have jammed 1/4-1/2 headphone adapters between the bracket and tripod-shoe to level it back up, then found that a hard plastic garden-hose washer works for the top part. I haven't tried similar for the bottom, because my next step is to just find a 1/4-1/4 brass adapter with a long shaft at some camera store or online.
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on February 12, 2013
Like the title says, it's very sturdy and great for the price. It's a great way to add your shotgun mic or light for video or interviews. The grip feels good and gives you more stability for your shots.

Con: I would only warn that the screw adapter keeps you from just setting the camera down. Luckily, if you're wearing a strap/sling/brace, it's not a huge issue. Also, it's so simple and expedient to take off - it's really a non-issue.
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on May 25, 2015
I'm a videographer and film lots of weddings, so I was eager to get this product to give me additional versatility with my set up. I use a Canon 5D III, and was looking to mount my Rode shotgun mic on this, so I could have a LED light on the body's hot shoe. That part worked out fine. The issue that I ran into is when you screw this bracket into the bottom of your camera, and then attach a quick release plate to the bracket screw, you cannot get it tight enough and it turns. This is problematic if you plan on using this bracket with a monopod as your control over your camera is now greatly diminished since your camera will freely swivel left and right. That's just my experience and I wanted to share. And yes there's a chemical smell but other reviews have great suggestions for taking care of that.
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