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on April 21, 2015
It's a good thing I picked up and played Heavy Rain after The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead. It makes those two games look sad by comparison.

These games fall into the category of "choose-your-own-adventure". The puzzles provided per-se aren't particularly challenging, so what I evaluate these games on is the deepness and richness of the content: how often are the decisions meaningful? How many different ways can the story end? Does the story provide emotional impact? Is the story coherent?

By those standards Heavy Rain is outstanding. In fact, if you own a PS3, just stop reading, find yourself a copy, and play!

Still with me? OK. Heavy Rain is a story about parenthood. It starts with Ethan Mars' interaction with his family, and a defining incident in which he fails to save his son from a traffic collision. Years later, we find him depressed and subject to occasional blackouts. During one of those blackouts, his second son disappears, kidnapped by the "origami killer", a serial killer who focuses on killing children. The rest of the game follows Ethan's attempt to rescue his son and uncover who the origami killer is.

There are 3 other playable characters: Madison Paige, a reporter, Scott Shelby, a private detective also investigating the case, and Jayden, the FBI agent assigned to the case. The viewpoint of the game shifts between these playable characters, and you see them cross-paths, or even watch one storyline uncover clues while another storyline is oblivious.

The script is exceedingly well written. The characters are believable, and their interaction choices don't leave me frustrated. Furthermore, when the reveal happens, not only was I surprised, when I thought back to all the clues previously provided I felt that the mystery was fair: I had enough clues to figure out who the killer was, but the misdirection and setup had distracted me enough that I didn't put them together. This is exceedingly hard to do, and Heavy Rain succeeds.

What's even more amazing is the game play. In The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us, if you fail at one of the "game" section, the game restarts at a checkpoint and then you play it over until you succeed. Heavy Rain throws away such conceits. If you fail at one point, your viewpoint character can die but the game carries on! The story changes, and you can get a different ending. I'm not a great game player, so by the time I finished the game two of my characters have died, and poor Ethan Mars was a mess of injuries. But the ending still satisfied me and didn't leave me feeling as though I was cheated of storyline that I should have observed but didn't.

What's more, the game did a fantastic job making me feel what the characters were going through. Because lives were at stake and because I could fail, the story was intense. At several points I winced as the killer put Ethan Mars through trials to see how far a father would go to save his son. Whenever I failed one of those trials, I felt devastated. Some of those scenes had me shaking while pushing buttons on the controller, events that never happened in other games.

When I bought the game, I thought I'd sell it when I'd finished. Now that I'm done, I realize that like a good movie, it's a game I wouldn't mind playing again, especially since you can get different endings. (If you want to shorten the time it takes to watch all the different endings, you should save frequently so you can try both success and failure scenarios --- I wasn't aware of this feature until it was too late) I liked this game enough that I'll probably hunt down Quantic Dream's other games in the future.

What are the nits in the game? The controls are a little painful: sometimes you have to hold down multiple buttons and then shake the controller in order to get certain things to happen. If your controller is broken in that the six-axis sensor is inconsistent this can drive you nuts. This game definitely depends on a low latency screen as well. My plasma screen even in game mode made this game harder because of the induced latency. Being a PS3 game, the graphics are fantastic for that era but of course cannot compare to the PS4. I'm looking forward to Quantic Dream's future games on the PS4. Finally, the adult situations and nudity means that this game is unsuitable for pre-teens.

But despite these faults, I'd say that this game is exhibit A in why a dedicated home console (especially Sony's) makes sense. You can't get games of this quality on any other platform, and it's clear that Quantic Dream's efforts are of a level of maturity, sophistication, and emotional impact that makes other efforts on competing platforms look like they're multiple decades behind. Highly recommended!
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on January 11, 2017
I'm not much of a gamer, but this game is incredibly hard to play/control. I think most people would like this challenge but for me, it makes the game harder to play.
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on December 4, 2016
Probably my favorite game for the PS3. The story is intriguing and engaging and kept me stuck on the couch for 12 hours at a time. Highly recommend if you love games that are story-driven and not too challenging in terms of hitting buttons fast or fighting or shooting.
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on October 22, 2014
One of the best games ever, despite some of its disjointed aspects.

I'm a super casual gamer. I don't like shooters, but I do like psychological thriller games like Heavy Rain, and especially Beyond: Two Souls. I love the games that Quantic puts out.

Anyway, this game is like watching a movie, with the user hitting a series of buttons to do actions. Fight scenes are button combos, that's it. If you like full control of everything your character does, this game might not be for you. But if you like the "video game as movie" genre, then you will love this.

Buy it.
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on October 10, 2013
First off, this is not so much a game as it is an interactive movie, there is even a trophy that is called 'Interactive Drama'. So if you're expecting this to be something like Last of Us or something, you're gonna be disappointed. (minor spoilers below)

- Characters and Story -

The 'game' starts out with Ethan, a middle aged (maybe early 30's) father of two waking up in his very nice home getting ready for his son Joshua's 10th birthday. You do a few things (shower, eat, mess around before his kids and wife get back home), throughout this time, the game teaches you the controls.

After you've done all that, you go to the mall (not sure if it's the same day or a few days later, I'd assume the latter) and your wife takes Shaun, your youngest to get shoes. You eventually lose sight of Joshua and must find him, the game treats this as a very serious situation, as would any parent of a lost child and the camera is very jostling.

After a tragic event, Ethan's life crumbles (I'm sure you can guess what happened). His wife divorces him and they split custody of Shaun. Ethan begins having periods in which he blackouts and reawakens to remember nothing, this causes him to lose his Joshua, and he suspects the Origami Killer, a serial killer who's murdered 7 kids over the last 2 years, to be involved.

The game is split into a few playable characters, Ethan, Madison (a photographer), Norman (an FBI agent) and Scott (a Private Investigator). Each of which have some connection or desire to find the Killer for their own reasons.

- Graphics -

This was a middle life game, so the graphics aren't as top of the line as newer games, but they still look pretty good. Some of the textures are half-assed, but most of the things such as expressions and details to the characters faces (hair, eyes, mouth) are very well done, in fact they were motion captured, so you can expect very realistic movement and looks.

- Controls -

The controls are a bit odd and take getting used to, for example, you don't simply hold the joystick to move, you hold R2 and use the joystick to turn. When interacting with something, you'll be given a prompt (slide the stick this way or that way). The game is very QTE (Quick Time Even) oriented, you'll often have to press, mash or pull the controller/buttons quickly to execute a command. The thing that sets this game apart from other games that use QTE's (like Resident Evil for example) is that if you fail a QTE, you won't die right away, in fact you're given several chances to recover, you may miss a series of QTE's before actually dying, how fast you respond effects what happens to the character and therefore the story.

- Audio -

Most of the game is well-done, however some characters (like Ethan) are very mono tone or unenthusiastic), when he's looking for his son, he'll shout his name as if his life weren't in mortal danger, he always seems to say it in a happy way regardless of the danger.

Music is rather heart-wrenching at times and they play the right music at the right time, sometimes low and quiet and sometimes louder with more base. This helps add to the ambiance of the area you are in.

Sound effects are very realistic, especially the rain. However I was very disappointed when I shot someone, the gun sounded like a firecracker, a small one at that. Other than that one occurrence though, I've been very happy with the sounds.

- Other -

Even with the few shortcomings the game has, it is an overall enjoyable experience. If you're a fan of these types of games, I suggest buying it (for the cheap price it is now, there's no reason to not play it). If you're on the fence and need a similar game to try, I suggest Indigo Prophecy, it's much more dated, but made by the same people and also has an amazing story and similar mechanics.

+ Great Story
+ Interesting Mechanics
+ Many possible endings
+ Very emotionally driven

- On rare occasions, very poor VO
- Might be a bit too many QTE's for some
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on January 7, 2016
Watched my boyfriend play this, it was one of his Christmas presents from me. I watched about an hour and got lost in the story. The graphics are awesome and there are some pretty intense moments - I kept biting the sleeve of my shirt and was literally sitting on the edge of my seat!

It's a bit different than the usual games he plays, but I wanted to get him something unexpected this year. I also got him BEYOND: Two Souls (actually found out about Heavy Rain while reading reviews on Two Souls). He said he knew about both games and wanted them but was waiting for time to pass so they would cost less.

The interaction is slightly lacking and it gives few choices on what to do next, and it's pretty much telling you how to defeat the bad guys during fights but this type of game, it's not about having several weapons and methods to put someone down. You feel emotion while playing and it's a good story to keep it interesting. So far I've seen at least 2-3 scenes that were gripping and a bit shocking!
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on July 25, 2014
Heavy Rain, oh Heavy Rain, a name I have heard again and again throughout the years, from the same game company that tries and turns EVERY game they make into one long playable cutscene. With the recent release of Beyond: Two Souls and my own experience playing Indigo Prophecy, I have to give in and try this game (plus, it was roughly the price of the bus fare, and I biked to work that day). I'm sorry, I can certainly understand avant garde individuals enjoying these unique approaches to video games, but how far removed but gameplay mechanics get before you realize you are no longer playing a game and instead watching the dullest soap opera? Quantic Dream is a company I deeply respect for the ideas they have in crafting unconventional experiences in an industry so saturated with low hanging fruit that still make millions of dollars, but the wonderful ideas the company generates tend to fail in execution, and the second I realized that I'd spent an hour in the game performing household chores in my dirty house, I realized there is a fine line between realism and simulating the otherwise mundane actions we try to escape through entertainment
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on March 5, 2015
this game is for mature audiences.

is more of a story telling than a game honestly. but the was GOOD.

it certainly beats all the crap movies holliwood is releasing latelly.

but is not a good game in the sense of player interaction. it's mostly go from point A to point B investigate, solve puzzle and also do QTE events every once in a while on the action scenes.

some of the puzzles were quite fun to solve. but as far as action goes, there's none really. just some real-time events where you have to push the right button at the right time. kinda like boss battles from the god of war series. it gets old pretty fast.

this is more like an interactive movie, and in this sense it is a MASTERPIECE.

sort of like LA noire (great game also), but with much less interaction.

if you think of this as a game, it deserves about 2 stars.

if you think of it like an interactive movie (a la metalgear solid) it deserves 5 stars no questions.

lets just say i did not know the killer until the very end, i did not see it coming.
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on October 19, 2014
amazing.. if you're a fan of cinema or just good crime/mystery/action/awesome/dramatic stories, you will love it, besides you only get to decide the way the story evolves, and every decision feels really important, to a point where I was unsure of making whichever decision I thought was the right one.

The action sequences and animations are breath taking intense, the controls are perfect aside from the X rapid tap which represents struggle. And what a struggle, its so hard I would often had to press X with my index finger instead of my thumb which is conveniently laying on the X button, making it very uncomfortable. like it or not, that's just perfect, because you are physically experiencing struggle as in the game.

Not gonna deny it has a lot of repayable value, that if you want to go through all of its alternative stories or endings, which for me, makes no sense. I would, like to see all the alternatives though.

Other than that, graphics, voice and motion acting are fantastic really gets you into the game.

really loved it, it is definitely better written, deeper and more complex than Beyond Two Souls, but I gotta say I like BTS a little bit more just because is more action based, and Ellen Paige is in it ;)
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on June 18, 2013
This is the second time I've played through this game. The first time was when it first launched. This is still a phenomenal game and any PS3 owner owes it to themselves to play it if they haven't already.

The gameplay is a little over the top. While you feel like you're in total control of your character, sometimes it feels just a little redundant. For example, getting into a car. You first have to command your character (commands are all done via a movement on the right analog stick) to open the door, then to put on his/her seatbelt, then to turn the ignition on, then to put the car is dirve, and finally to hit the accelerator. It's cool at first, but it starts to feel like you're holding the character's hand too much.

The story is where the game shines. Throughout the game you'll be engrossed in it's mysterious story. The story in this game would have been superb for a movie. The ending of the game will have you in shock. There are also multiple different endings depending on your decisions throughout the game.

The only warning I would give to anyone looking to purchase the game, is to be cautious of the glitches. I had to return the copy I bought from Amazon last week because I had a defective disc. I kept getting constant crashes and other weird glitches that would not allow me to progress in the game. I didn't experience any of these glitches years ago when I first played the game. Amazon shipped me out a new game and I played through it with absolutely no problem.

I have to give credit to the Amazon return policy. They are very good with returns and shipped my new copy very quick with 2-day shipping. Thank you Amazon.
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