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on January 7, 2016
Watched my boyfriend play this, it was one of his Christmas presents from me. I watched about an hour and got lost in the story. The graphics are awesome and there are some pretty intense moments - I kept biting the sleeve of my shirt and was literally sitting on the edge of my seat!

It's a bit different than the usual games he plays, but I wanted to get him something unexpected this year. I also got him BEYOND: Two Souls (actually found out about Heavy Rain while reading reviews on Two Souls). He said he knew about both games and wanted them but was waiting for time to pass so they would cost less.

The interaction is slightly lacking and it gives few choices on what to do next, and it's pretty much telling you how to defeat the bad guys during fights but this type of game, it's not about having several weapons and methods to put someone down. You feel emotion while playing and it's a good story to keep it interesting. So far I've seen at least 2-3 scenes that were gripping and a bit shocking!
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on October 4, 2014
Heavy Rain has one of the very best stories ever created and written for a Video Game. The story goes like this: A criminal known as the Origami Killer has been invading the town and has kidnapped Shaun Mars, the son of the Protagonist Ethan Mars, Ethan Mars will have to do all sorts of insane tests to find and save his son. The story is so powerful, emotional, and overall just fantastic. Going into the actual game: You play as 4 characters who are shown on the front cover of the game: Ethan Mars (Main Character/Protagonist), Norman Jayden, Madison Paige, and Scott Shelby. Heavy Rain's gameplay is unlike any game, as you go through the story, you get to decide what the characters do and the choices you make affect how the story progesses. The most commonly mentioned flaw of the game is the controlling, as much as I agree that the controlling is a bit clunky, you can get used to it pretty quickly and play through the game with no problem. The version that this review is about is for the Director's Cut, which includes PlayStation Move support, DLC (The Taxidermist bonus chapter), Official Soundtrack, and Heavy Rain themes for your PS3 XMB Menu. If you have a PS3, this is one of the best games Sony has to offer for the PS3!
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on December 4, 2016
Probably my favorite game for the PS3. The story is intriguing and engaging and kept me stuck on the couch for 12 hours at a time. Highly recommend if you love games that are story-driven and not too challenging in terms of hitting buttons fast or fighting or shooting.
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on November 26, 2012
Heavy Rain was a great game that takes the time to engage the player in a horror/detective novel. If you are looking for an all out action fest then stick to Halo or COD since this game is more like an interactive novel/movie. It starts out REALLY slow but it pays off in the long run with a unique story that draws you into the characters lives and compels you complete it. As you go through the game the decisions you make have lasting consequences as your players can actually die and you can actually fail to catch the killer. This gives you the feeling that you want to do well and isn't like most games where you don't care what you do because you can just respawn and keep going.

That being said, it has some quirks as well. Taking the time to dress, shower and shave your characters can be a little tedious and sometimes you feel like some kind of weirdo playing it. My wife laughed at me a couple of times when I was playing it because it seemed like I was neglecting my own hygiene to play the game whilst taking great care of my virtual self. Second, it can seem like just a really long QTE (quick time event where button combinations pop up on screen and you have to press it quickly/accurately), particularly as you fight for your life (which is about half of the scenes). Some of QTE's are very difficult and frustrating if you fail and have to do them multiple times.

The game is definitely an M title since it features graphic violence, sex and nudity. It's nothing you wouldn't see in an R movie I just thought I would warn any parents thinking of getting this.

Overall, this game delivers a very unique experience that every gamer should play. After you get through the slow beginning you'll meet some unique and some of the most realistic characters I've ever seen in a game. Since the game is so cheap now there really isn't a reason to pass on this one since it's well worth it
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on June 16, 2014
I recently just purchased a ps3 after owing the 360 for years, so I missed out on all the PS exclusives. This is the third Playstation exclusive game ive played. after The Last of us and Beyond Two souls. I would have to rate it number 3 on the list of the my favorite games of all time(The Last of us being 1st and The Walking Dead Game: Season one being 2nd).

-strong story
-interesting characters
-beautiful graphics
-keeps you at the edge of your seat
-you choices truly do affect the story
-10+ hours of gameplay
-you could pick up the game again to make different choices that changes aspects of the story

- in my opinion some of the voice actors weren't very good.
-the story is slow at some points
-the camera angles are annoying when trying to walk
-characters move slow
-button mashing, lots and lots of it.
-very easy even on higher difficulty

I picked up the game for $11.75 (including shipping) so I feel it was totally worth it. if you could get it for less than $15 I totally recommend it.
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on June 18, 2013
This is the second time I've played through this game. The first time was when it first launched. This is still a phenomenal game and any PS3 owner owes it to themselves to play it if they haven't already.

The gameplay is a little over the top. While you feel like you're in total control of your character, sometimes it feels just a little redundant. For example, getting into a car. You first have to command your character (commands are all done via a movement on the right analog stick) to open the door, then to put on his/her seatbelt, then to turn the ignition on, then to put the car is dirve, and finally to hit the accelerator. It's cool at first, but it starts to feel like you're holding the character's hand too much.

The story is where the game shines. Throughout the game you'll be engrossed in it's mysterious story. The story in this game would have been superb for a movie. The ending of the game will have you in shock. There are also multiple different endings depending on your decisions throughout the game.

The only warning I would give to anyone looking to purchase the game, is to be cautious of the glitches. I had to return the copy I bought from Amazon last week because I had a defective disc. I kept getting constant crashes and other weird glitches that would not allow me to progress in the game. I didn't experience any of these glitches years ago when I first played the game. Amazon shipped me out a new game and I played through it with absolutely no problem.

I have to give credit to the Amazon return policy. They are very good with returns and shipped my new copy very quick with 2-day shipping. Thank you Amazon.
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on December 31, 2012
Excellent product, very good seller, my order arrived within the stipulated time, recommend to all, five stars seller, I am satisfied with my purchase since buying amazon has always been a pleasant experience. Once you have the product in your hands you can not think of anything else other than you made an excellent choice to disburse money to acquire it. The seller will behave responsibly and comply with the details and shipping details. All Perfect, All good, all amazing.

Excelente producto, muy buen vendedor, mi pedido llegó en el tiempo estipulado, lo recomiendo a todos, cinco estrellas al vendedor, estoy satisfecho con mi compra ya que comprar en amazon siempre ha sido una experiencia agradable. Una vez tienes el producto en tus manos no puedes pensar en otra cosa que no sea que hiciste una excelente elección al desembolsar dinero por adquirirlo. El vendedor se comporto responsable y cumplió con los detalles del producto y los detalles del envío. All Perfect, All good, all amazing.
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on January 11, 2017
I'm not much of a gamer, but this game is incredibly hard to play/control. I think most people would like this challenge but for me, it makes the game harder to play.
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on June 10, 2014
...2 stars for the rest. Its layout is much too rigid. Movement is awkward and clunky, difficult to adjust to, and then there's only so much freedom. Too linear for my taste, and I didn't like how it jumps from character to character. I like the characters, just not how they are set up to be played. You don't get to choose when you play them.

If the graphics weren't astonishingly beautiful, the game would suck. But...that's just my opinion. ;) You might love it.
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on November 29, 2012
first off, i enjoyed this game quite a bit even though if the controls for it are a bit different and odd. you quickly get a hang from it within the first 20 minutes (using r2 to walk forward and changing directions with the left analog, L2 shows thoughts, sometimes tapping or holding a series of button...). the game itself can be completed within 12 hours or so if you take breaks for it.

it's quick to play, the stories in them are all interesting to play as different characters, and i think this game puts the best use of the controller's full potential. it's worth the price and play through at least once.

I only liked it because a lot of the quick time events don't actually change the game at all, it is only affected during conversations and answering questions. I also love the fact that there are quite a few different endings ranging from incredulous happiness to a very low depression.
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