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on November 13, 2013
Very good game, excellent plot, graphics, characters ... luxury! Although you can get some getting used to cost does not matter because the game's plot will wrap completely .. depending on your decisions you have many ways to get to the end ... / Muy buen juego, excelente trama, graficos, lujo! Aunque puede llegar a costarte un poco acostumbrarte no importa porque la trama del juego te envolvera por completo.. dependiendo de tus decisiones tienes muchas maneras de llegar al final....
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on June 16, 2014
I recently just purchased a ps3 after owing the 360 for years, so I missed out on all the PS exclusives. This is the third Playstation exclusive game ive played. after The Last of us and Beyond Two souls. I would have to rate it number 3 on the list of the my favorite games of all time(The Last of us being 1st and The Walking Dead Game: Season one being 2nd).

-strong story
-interesting characters
-beautiful graphics
-keeps you at the edge of your seat
-you choices truly do affect the story
-10+ hours of gameplay
-you could pick up the game again to make different choices that changes aspects of the story

- in my opinion some of the voice actors weren't very good.
-the story is slow at some points
-the camera angles are annoying when trying to walk
-characters move slow
-button mashing, lots and lots of it.
-very easy even on higher difficulty

I picked up the game for $11.75 (including shipping) so I feel it was totally worth it. if you could get it for less than $15 I totally recommend it.
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on June 14, 2015
I just want to say if you're a person who likes a mystery this is definitely the game for you. The graphics aren't the best but they're decent, but you can't expect excellent graphics from a game that came out in 2010. I haven't really played any outstanding games as of late, but this game definitely changed that. There aren't many game that I just can't stop playing after an hour or two you start getting kind of bored many think about playing a different game. I just couldn't stop playing this game, the story is great everything is amazing. The only problem I had was the controls aren't the best for moving at times but that's all. Would definitely recommend it to anybody, I can firmly say after playing this in 2015 it still has became one of my favorite games.
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on November 8, 2016
Entertaining game with multiple possible endings
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on May 4, 2013
This unique video game experience (and it is that, precisely) isn't for everyone. It's, in my humble opinion, for folks who want a little bit of novelty in their collection, and avid appreciators of the true artistry that is becoming more prevalent in the creation of new, particularly next-generation console games.

I've owned this title for about a month now, and I haven't played through but a small portion of the storyline. Why? I claim to like it, so.... Well, the reason is I really need to be in a particular head space to get into it. You've read the plot, I'm sure. The gameplay is intriguing, and the action is delightfully "daytime television" (Days of Our Lives, and the like.

Here's what it comes down to: if you plan to check out the upcoming title Beyond: Two Souls, you really should own this game, even if you don't intend to play it. It would be like owning the Lord of the Rings trilogy but not The Hobbit. (the books, people, not the movies)
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on November 26, 2012
Heavy Rain was a great game that takes the time to engage the player in a horror/detective novel. If you are looking for an all out action fest then stick to Halo or COD since this game is more like an interactive novel/movie. It starts out REALLY slow but it pays off in the long run with a unique story that draws you into the characters lives and compels you complete it. As you go through the game the decisions you make have lasting consequences as your players can actually die and you can actually fail to catch the killer. This gives you the feeling that you want to do well and isn't like most games where you don't care what you do because you can just respawn and keep going.

That being said, it has some quirks as well. Taking the time to dress, shower and shave your characters can be a little tedious and sometimes you feel like some kind of weirdo playing it. My wife laughed at me a couple of times when I was playing it because it seemed like I was neglecting my own hygiene to play the game whilst taking great care of my virtual self. Second, it can seem like just a really long QTE (quick time event where button combinations pop up on screen and you have to press it quickly/accurately), particularly as you fight for your life (which is about half of the scenes). Some of QTE's are very difficult and frustrating if you fail and have to do them multiple times.

The game is definitely an M title since it features graphic violence, sex and nudity. It's nothing you wouldn't see in an R movie I just thought I would warn any parents thinking of getting this.

Overall, this game delivers a very unique experience that every gamer should play. After you get through the slow beginning you'll meet some unique and some of the most realistic characters I've ever seen in a game. Since the game is so cheap now there really isn't a reason to pass on this one since it's well worth it
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on February 26, 2016
I wait a lot to finally buy this game. The story got my since the second scene and now I cannot play any other game until finish it jaja. I highly recommend this game since it's a different experience (you will notice it when you use the controls for first time), has a interesting story, and a lot of questions that you will answer during the game.

This is a 5 stars game for me but unfortunately the product was incomplete, the game was brand sealed but the origami piece of paper was missing, and as a game collector this bother me a lot. I think just bad look this time.
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on January 9, 2017
Great game.
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on December 27, 2012
I love playing video games, especially ones with a meaningful story, which typically are RPGs. I googled open world games and rpgs, and Heavy Rain happened to show. So I did a little research and thought what's the worst that could happen, if I hate it I can sell it. After playing for about an hour I was hooked. Truly mind blowing. The graphics are 10/10. I can not stress enough how beautifully made this game is. The attention to detail is incredible. From the blinking eyes to the creases and wrinkles in each characters skin, it is beautiful. The gameplay is addicting. There are a few angles you play, each one with a more interesting story behind it. Every character has a story. You can not play this game without feeling. It really gets into your head, and makes you think how far would you go for someone you love? I played this game and at the end of each day playing it could not help but sit and think about what I just did. It is absolute video game gold, if you want a psychological game THIS IS IT. I recommend it to everyone over 17, definitely not for children. Be ready to contemplate life after this game, and embrace every emotion it brings out in you. You decide the fate in this game, and if you screw it up you can not help but feel powerless. But if you do good, you will feel such joy and relief. I can not even explain the emotions I felt with this, completely worth every penny.
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on April 23, 2014
I loved this game although I don't think you can classify this as a game. Yes you stick it in your PS3 and play it, but it's more story telling and interactively being told what to do than just another hack n slash or platformer.

I waited a long time to play this game. When I picked it up and started playing it... I realized it was another game where you push buttons as the game tells you to. Unlike all the other games like this, Heavy Rain sticks out. It uses every possible button combination you can think of. Games that are like this should look up to Heavy Rain because Heavy Rain does it right!

Heavy Rain takes the "pushing buttons when told" to an entirely different and challenging level. I found myself totally in the action throughout this masterpiece. I'll definitely be playing through this game again in the future.
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