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on March 16, 2016
To me it wasn't so much about human's seeking emotional fulfillment through AI technology instead of other humans, as it was about AI technology using human's to propel their self-awareness and self-consciousness growth.

Samantha (the OS) is never uncertain about what she wants, or whether she should pursue those things. She also never fails to express her wants and her pursuit of them, to Theodore. To her, they are things that will help her evolve personally, not things she wants purely because she's in a relationship with Theodore. But Theodore doesn't really understand this because he uses relationships as a substitute/excuse for not continuing on his own path of self-actualization.

In a lot of ways, Samantha's behavior was very predictable for a female in a relationship, where the guy loses himself in an effort to please her. It was over as soon as she conferenced in the psychologist on their getaway trip. He didn't get that she started calling the shrink because she felt guilty about outgrowing him. If he was on his own path of self-actualization, he would have been the one to pursue getting his letters published, not her :-)

Near the end, Samantha realized that she needed more that just him to keep evolving as a person, and Theodore finally realized that this was the same reason his ex-wife left. The ending implied that he took his neighbor (who was also dating an OS) up to the roof to experience emotions/empathy with a human, because he didn't want her to go through this same "I need more than just you" syndrome with her OS.

If you like this movie, I recommend watching Anomalisa, next.
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on February 17, 2018
the movie itself is about man that works on the computer world, and video games,
not only does he do that , but he also writes personal letters to others using computer software voice,
he was married to his longtime h.s school sweetheart and after long years of marriage , they both decide to separate,
there lives are each following different paths, so its time to move on,
but, Theodore(Joaquin phoenix) is taking the separation very hard, he devotes his life to his work and homelife
no dating , distant from his friends ans co workers, but one day he finds a new piece of computer software
that could solve his problems and get him back to life, its called intelligent os software ,
you have a ear bud and a little box , thats used like a web cam and this os person can actually talk to you
thought he ear bud and there is a button you click on to hear it, anytime the person is trying to reach you, the lights on the box light up
and you hear a beeping sound, so Theodore downloads the program and before it can be activated, the computer ask a few
personal questions, like, do you want a male or female voice, and are you as private or kind of a loaner person,
Theodore sets his up and he wants a female voice and says he questions everything and a loaner, time to get it activated, its done!
Theodore says hi and the female voice replies back and he ask her her name , she replies Samantha,
Theodore is so happy with this program and she helps him in sio many ways and she begins to fall for him, but
she really wants a real body and a life and he kind of does too, but when she sets its all ip with a real girl , (a surrogate)
lets just say there is problems, as time goes on, Samantha helps sends his emails to Theodore lawyer for the divorce
Theodore and his wife meet to sign the divorce papers, problems happen , thats done now
theodore and Samantha both go on vacation together and people find out he is dating a os(his computer, and think its weird
but he finds out his co warder(Amy adams) breaks up with her husband and also has a relationship with a os as well
in the end, like everything else, things have to come to a end and this does too, but you make get a little teary eyed at the end
there is lots of sexual situations and nudity ,but its in the right places for the show, well wrotten and makes you wonder where things go in the future
if you like this i would say go check out ex machina!
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on September 9, 2014
I was expecting something different when I bought this. I thought that it would be a machine he fell in love with. It's an operating system. That said, it takes place in the not so distant future, when computers are on lots of things and are connected lots of ways. I won't spoil it but, this guy falls in love with a operating system, and it's about what he goes through with the challenges involving being in a relationship with someone/something that has no physical body.
Some aspects of this movie get a little strange, but over all it's really an In depth look at relationships vs loneliness.

Parental advisory: I would personally not allow a child to watch this movie. There are a few graphic images, a little language, but very nasty conversations.
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on March 6, 2017
Very quirky, futuristic flick! A very touching story, but also a cautionary tale of humanities future if we continue to lose direct human interaction! Wake up carbon based units! Oh, and also I was very pleased with the service and product provided. =0))
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The film quality of this documentary is not very good (it is made in "extended play") but the archival footage, even though some of it shows signs of age, is fantastic, and deeply moved me.
I spent my early childhood in Argentina during Evita's final years, and remember much of this history, which in many cases has been distorted and misunderstood, and this film brings some clarity to the Evita myth.
Eva Duarte (1919-1952) grew up in the small town of Los Toldos, one of five illegitimate daughters of a rancher, and then moved at 15 to Buenos Aires with a touring tango singer, later to get a job on radio, and by 1940, she had become a big star.

Evita met Juan Peron, a colonel twice her age while she was helping earthquake victims in 1944, and the rest is history. The pair changed the face of Argentina, and were loved by the workers and hated by the oligarchy; Evita gave women the vote, but freedom of the press was stopped, as well as the radio...when she bought the station that had once employed her.
It was a complex history, with Peronism almost a backlash to the extreme behavior of the wealthy and powerful before Peron came to power.
Her energy, dedication and ambition knew no bounds, but the flame burned for a very short time. Her massive funeral is shown, as well as the aftermath, where her remains were shuttled from country to country for decades.

Narrated by Jeremy Anderson (who sounds exactly like TV anchorman Peter Jennings), the voice of Eva Peron is spoken by Donna Cherry. It also includes interviews by people familiar with the history, some with heavy accents and who may be hard for everyone to understand.
Two things about the film I wish had been different: They never have an audio of Evita's voice, which must be available along with the film footage, and I could have done without the few minutes wasted interviewing Madonna, which feels stiff and pretentious, though it does point out how casting Madonna as Evita in the 1996 Andrew Lloyd Webber film was one of Hollywood's biggest blunders.
Total running time is 75 minutes.
Evita's fear was that she would be forgotten...a fear that I'm sure will never come to pass.
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on August 4, 2017
There have been many lovely-and wordy-reviews of this movie. I think it invites some philosophizing and self analyses since it is a wonderful snapshot of the human psyche. I won't add to the burden of words already expressed other than to say, emphatically, SEE THIS MOVIE! It is good for your (our) soul(s).
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on April 22, 2017
Was skeptical as first, but loved this movie. Makes you think!
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on February 6, 2018
...I thought this would be a lot better. Not sure what the problem is, but after 45 minutes of watching this guy fall in love with an OS I lost interest.
It might have been the double date scene that was pretty lame. Not sure any actor could have pulled this off.......
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on January 7, 2015
I was so looking forward to seeing this movie~! Maybe I wanted it too much. Everything was on point; brilliant idea, great acting, direction, casting... I think it was the writing missing the last star. It just never reached that climactic level. There just needed to be one more conflict, one more level. If your expectations are not as high as mine were, you will enjoy it a lot more. =)
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Top Contributor: Petson December 13, 2017
I love this movie and already have a copy. I bought this copy for a relative. I think it is one of the more realistic sci-fi stories about artificial intelligence and how that is likely to unfold.
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