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This is kind of fun to look at. The series of maps shows how one can come close to traversing the country--from Chicago to Santa Monica--along the route of Route 66. This is not purely possible; some stretches of the old road are gone. At other places, what was Route 66 is not part of one interstate highway or another. But this provides an opportunity to have a little fun--tracing out Route 66.

One additional reason that I am interested in this is that, in 1977, a honeymoon car trip followed a stretch of the original Route 66 in Arizona. It was hot and uncomfortable (no air conditioning in the car), but it was cool to drive over the pavement from the old Route 66.

There is one map for each state that 66 crossed--Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. In some state, there isn't much of Route 66 left. In other states, there are some stretches left (in Arizona, it is designated as a state route 66--not US 66). One of my more enjoyable experiences was--while in Chicago--standing under the sign saying, "Begin Route 66."

There isn't great detail on these maps. They will point out businesses that had relevance when the original highway was a key link across the states. It describes how you can experience as much of the old route as possible.

Anyway, if you want some kicks regarding Route 66, take a look at these maps.
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on April 10, 2017
These maps are fun. I remember having a terrible copilot (map reader) and we circled around some gravel Texas cemetery trying to find the next route in the middle of the night. These are fun to look at. I cannot judge their accuracy as the Route 66 is always changing (due to construction, things being torn down or things going out of business) but I had good memories chasing down these spots using these maps and I still have them as they are very cool. These maps might be the only way to do the real 66 as GPS will always send you on the new parallel main highways. I didn't find any useful apps to help me with this at the time so besides these maps and books I don't think you will have much material to help you navigate. I didn't have the time to see all of these landmarks but we did drive most of the route from Chicago to Flagstaff. I will not die in peace till I continue the route West of Flagstaff AZ and do the entire drive on Americas highway. I will certainly be dusting these off and going for another round. Happy travels.
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on March 12, 2013
One map for each State Rte 66 passes through. The maps give turn-by-turn instructions to keep you on Rte 66, even where it dead-ends today. And the directions are reversed, so you can travel East- or Westbound.
The best feature, in my opinion, is the map showing some of the towns, motels, and other attractions that make (made) Rte 66 what it was in its heyday (and what it still is today). This way you won't drive past that Wigwam Motel or drive-in you've read all about, but didn't know exactly which exit to take. Just highlight the spots you know you want to see before you leave home, and as you read the maps you will know where to get off!
There are many books with photos of Rte 66 attractions; there are many maps showing the location of Rte 66; this set of maps doesn't cover everything, but it covers much that all the others don't. Use the photo books as a resource to decide what you want to see, but use the maps to find it (if its still there).
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on August 18, 2013
Pen and ink drawings basically of the current roadways with minimal drawing of the old Rt 66 crossing through states. Unfortunately when you are on the main roads, most times you can follow old Rt 66 on you own, but what you really need is something to get you through the cities. Smaller cities are not a problem, but when you get to medium or large cities (like Oklahoma City, OK which we tried once on our own) you really need a map to guide you because Rt 66 is broken up by city streets, downtown areas, malls, hospitals, airports, and a multitude of city structures. Maybe someday this guide will be done for the major cities along the route - even by the cities themselves.
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on November 7, 2017
Helped to make this our best vacation ever down the historic Route 66! This guided us to some of the best and most unusual sites, state by state. We enjoyed it so much, we want to do it again.
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on July 26, 2013
I have booked our Route 66 holiday for our 10th wedding anniversary and bought the latest up to date maps for the trip. I had been online and planned the route digitally but what I was missing was an exact 'take this left, this right' etc direction. On searching online I came across this map and thought I'd try it.

Firstly I was expecting one map, but there is a map per state which makes it much better value than I initially thought. There are precise directions in both directions which is handy because we're doing the route the opposite way from Santa Monica to Chicago.The map isn't a normal map of everywhere with Route 66 clearly marked it is iliterallty just route 66 and any relevant adjacent roads. It's also hand drawn which makes it different. After the holiday if they are still in good condition these would make great pictures on a wall. The maps have all the places to stop and see along the route with some handdrawn pictures of some of them.

These maps are exactly what I was looking for to help plan our Route 66 trip
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on March 20, 2017
It's interesting and useful for traveling
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on September 18, 2013
These maps are not what I expected. They are just "okay". I'm planning a trip west on my Harley in the spring and I wanted a comprehensive set of maps to assist with riding the Mother Road as far as possible. I would still have to purchase a road map for each state. On the upside, there is intersting and useful information on the maps I did't have before. So all in all, just okay.
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on September 16, 2012
I was looking for maps that would be a guide to the alignments of Route 66 - this expectations was met as well as the descriptions of sites along the way. However i am disappointed by the cartoon-like rendering and the lack of broader context of the alignments - imagine a modern-day road map of a State with Route 66 alignments overlaid as what i was seeking. Unfortunately these "maps" are only Triptik* -like in their portrayal of the Route 66 alignments.

Also, the paper-stock is not of a folding-map quality. Thus i anticipate that the long-term durability of the collection - if used with any regularity or while traveling - will be limited.

I simply suggest that you carefully review and understand the product's features and limitations.

* Triptik is a registered mark of the American Automobile Association (AAA) Club. As such it is used only as a reference to the concept of route-only mapping. All rights are solely those of AAA.
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on September 25, 2012
My husband and I just completed our motorcycle trip (two-up on one bike)on Route 66, and found these maps quite useful, a little confusing at times, but they helped us immensely in finding a lot of the old sites. We definitely recommend them, but they worked on the motorcycle only by continual rereading, and by a lot of patience and a few turn-arounds. As the authors state - you do need regular maps, too, and that is part of the problem on a bike.

We think the maps would be better if they had all the cross highways noted, so a traveler knows better where they are at when riding the old two-lane sections. The Interstate Mileposts and Exit numbers aren't always visible from those roads.

We do highly recommend driving Route 66 and finding all the old sections and sights. It is a wonderful experience and represents a significant part of our nation's history that undoubtedly has impacted all our lives in some manner.
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