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on March 17, 2010
By the time "Here's Lucy" rolled into its third season in the fall of 1970 on CBS, many of Lucille Ball's contemporaries were slowly fading from the television landscape. Stars like Jack Benny, Ed Sullivan, Eddie Albert, and the clan on the "Beverly Hillbillies" were facing retirement as the networks thought the public became tired of seeing these stars week after week. Such was certainly not the case with Lucy. "Here's Lucy" finished its third season as the third highest rated series on network TV and came in as the #1 show on CBS. A lot of this was because by the third season the audience became accustomed to the premise of the series with Lucille acting with her real-life children. The fact too that nearly every big Hollywood star wanted to be on "Here's Lucy" surely helped with the show's ratings. Without a doubt the most popular episode in the series' history is the season opener that debut on September, 14, 1970 entitled "Lucy Meets The Burtons" in which Lucy has none other than Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as guest stars. In that episode Lucy mistakingly puts a ring on her finger owned by Liz and can't get it off. Other guest stars that year included Sammy Davis Jr., Vincent Price, Jack Benny, Carol Burnett, and Rudy Vallee. The final two episodes were also filmed in beautiful Hawaii for a two-parter. This DVD set includes all 24 episodes restored from their original master tapes. There is a wealth of bonus material in this four DVD boxset including new episode introductions by Lucy's kids Lucie and Desie Arnaz Jr.; a rare interview with Vivian Vance; syndication promos; Lucy blooper reel; Lucy's home movies from Hawaii; behind the scenes clips; and much more. The set drops in stores on June 15th, 2010. MPI, the studio releasing the "Here's Lucy" DVD's, has stated that it is dedicated in releasing all "Here's Lucy" seasons so don't be shy in purchasing these sets with the fear that future sets will not be released. Three more seasons and all 144 "Here's Lucy" episodes will be available on DVD for posterity for future generations to enjoy.

The following are Season 3's episodes along with their airdates:

1. Lucy Meets The Burtons (Sept. 14, 1970)
2. Lucy the Skydiver (Sept. 21, 1970)
3. Lucy and Sammy Davis Jr. (Sept. 28, 1970)
4. Lucy and the Drum Contest (Oct. 5, 1970)
5. Luct the Crusader (Oct. 12, 1970)
6. Lucy the Coed (Oct. 19, 1970)
7. Lucy the American Mother (Oct. 26, 1970)
8. Lucy's Wedding (Nov.2, 1970)
9. Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price (Nov. 9, 1970)
10. Lucy the Diamond Cutter (Nov. 16, 1970)
11. Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography (Nov. 23, 1970)
12. Lucy and Rudy Vallee (Nov. 30, 1970)
13. Lucy Loses Her Cool (Dec. 7, 1970)
14. Lucy: Part-Time Wife (Dec. 14, 1970)
15. Lucy and Ma Parker (Dec. 21, 1970)
16. Lucy Stops A Marriage (Dec. 28, 1970)
17. Lucy's Vacation (Jan. 4, 1971)
18. Lucy and the 20-20 Vision (Jan. 11, 1971)
19. Lucy and The Raffle (Jan. 18, 1971)
20. Lucy's Houseguest, Harry (Jan. 25, 1971)
21. Lucy and Aladdin's Lamp (Feb. 1, 1971)
22. Lucy and Carol Burnett (Feb. 8, 1971)
23. Lucy's Hawaiian Vacation Part 1 (Feb. 15, 1971)
24. Lucy's Hawaiian Vacation Part 2 (Feb. 21, 1971)
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on April 2, 2010
In my opinion "Here's Lucy" season 3 has some of the best episodes in the serie's history. Here's Lucy was the third highest rated series during the 1970-71 season ranking no. 3 with a 26.1 rating. This was the year that Lucy finally topped "Laugh-In" (which had fallen from no. 1 to no. 15; although while competing against "Laugh-In", "Here's Lucy" never fell out of the top ten shows. Season 3 of "Here's Lucy" also was CBS-TV's no. 1 rated series. The most memorable episode of season three was "Lucy Meets the Burtons" which premiered in September of 1970 and was the no. 1 show for the week and had a whopping 53% share of the television audience. This episode garnered two Emmy Award nominations; one for writer's Bob Carroll, Jr. and Madelyn Davis for Best Writing In A Comedy Series "Lucy Meets the Burtons" and one for Gale Gordon as Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series. However, I don't understand how the television academy overlooked Lucille Ball as Best Actress In A Leading Role In A Comedy Series, Best Comedy Series and Jerry Paris for directing the Burton/Taylor episode. I guess they passed over Lucy because up to that time she had already won four Emmys and had 13 nominations and since comedy was changing nominations went to Mary Tyler Moore and Jean Stapleton. This was the year Lucy should have won Emmy number five. There were so many great episodes: Lucy's Wedding, Lucy: Part-time Wife, Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography, Lucy All American Mother, Lucy The Crusader, Lucy and Carol Burnett and the two part Hawaiian episodes with Vivian Vance. Again, there is only one Lucy and in season three she really shines and is in top form. I applaud MPI for doing such a great job on this series that has been overlooked by many. I can't wait for the release of season four which opened with Lucy and Flip Wilson (another classic episode).
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on November 6, 2014
Love her shows, maybe not as great as I-Love-Lucy but still great, plus I did buy a whole bunch of DVDs of this show couple of years back and I can tell you I was furious because I couldn't even watch the DVDs shows because it was to blurry, kept stopping or kept on getting white lines on my. Screen instead of the picture and I could not hear it at all, plus just when the plot was getting interesting the DVD would not work or it would stop functioning or it will skip to the next show like nothing happen.
Now I can tell you this, NOT WITH THIS DVDs, They ca me a long way, I love it now, it's clear, crisp-Picture and it's very clear to hear. I can't even tell that it was made or created 40 to 50 Years Ago. They did a great job with them now and it's in color, so I give them credit where credit it's doooooo. I didn't think they would ever get it fixed. Thank , it was delivered fast, it was packaged great, and the picture and sound are great, the only thing you need is a clutch and popcorn, and to enjoy the show....
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on August 5, 2014
I have to say each season of Here's Lucy just gets better and better,with more fun and more unexpected antics of Lucy.The laughs are good for everyone who wants to live healthy according to Christian doctors I've seen on Christian television that say over and over."People should everyday get good laughter and good belly laughs at least 4 to 5 times a day.I know watching Here's Lucy cheers me up everytime I watch it.The Bible says:"A merry heart does good as a medicine.".So folks out there get you some good family comedy shows you like and you too can enjoy good family entertainment plus laugh your way to being healthier.Here's Lucy is timelessly great and enjoyable eveytime I play these wonderful DVDs.Thanks for giving me great customer service and helping me with my ordering my items.Thanks for being a GREAT Internet store. Watching all the guest stars is such a treat and great reliving experience!!
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on September 7, 2014
Many of us non-US viewers like to turn on the subtitles when watching classic shows like this one. Call it an auditory crutch if you like. Unfortunately, the subtitles for this entire series of DVDs must have been outsourced to someone operating at rock-bottom fees, possibly in the rural parts of a developing country, and with no access to Google. I'm not joking: Anything that can be misheard, misunderstood or misspelled is promptly mangled. "Roquefort cheese" becomes "Rugford". "David Niven" - "Nevin". "Vivien Leigh" - "Liegh". "Comme ça" - "cum sa" (??!!). The list goes on and on. After a while, these ridiculous mistakes completely distract one's attention from the actual story. It's nice to know that the production company saved itself some green, but the result - especially considering the cost of these DVDs - is a disgrace.
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HALL OF FAMEon December 19, 2010
Kicking off with what became the highest-rating show from the entire run, Season Three of HERE'S LUCY finds Lucille Ball in good form, with her usual gallery of guest stars - but none shine as brightly as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the season opener, where Lucy tries on Taylor's diamond ring-bling and cannot remove it. Despite the star wattage of Taylor and Burton, the episode's writing is sadly very thin on the ground, and the "one joke" premise of the story severely limits it's range.

Things return to zany form in "Lucy and the Diamond Cutter", where filthy-rich eccentric Mrs. Whitmark (Ruth McDevitt) asks Carter's Unique Employment Agency to find a suitable place for a cursed ancient diamond to be discreetly cut into four smaller gems - Lucy's living room seems the perfect spot. Wally Cox is the diamond cutter and he's an absolute scream. And whilst we're talking screams, Lucy literally gets tied to the rack for an unexpected audition for Vincent Price's latest chiller in "Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price". The problem? She only wanted Price to give his opinion on an antique painting!

Jack Benny returns in the lavish "Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography", one of the season's requisite "variety" episodes, where Benny re-enacts his past with various women, each one played by a certain red-headed comedienne. Filming for this particular show was especially time-consuming, and reportedly wrapped in the wee small hours of the following morning - I hope Lucy supplied coffee for the audience! Lavish production values are also evident in "Lucy, the Co-Ed", in which Lucy and the kids star in a 1920's "Good News"-esque college musical written by Harry (Gale Gordon). Marilyn Maxwell guest stars.

Art Linkletter challenges Lucy to a $500 bet in "Lucy Loses Her Cool", with Harry, Mary Jane (Mary Jane Croft) and the kids all conspiring to make sure that she loses! One of the funniest shows of the season is "Lucy, Part-Time Wife", in which Harry tries to fend off the advances of old childhood girlfriend Gertrude Krebs (Jean Willes) by pretending that Lucy is his *pregnant* wife! Lucy later welcomes another visit from Viv (Vivian Vance), leading to the 2-part season finale set in Hawaii. We're now halfway through the show's run. Let's hope Season Four isn't too far away!

Special features: As in the two earlier seasons, MPI (with the cooperation of Lucie and Desi Arnaz Jr.) has again thrown open the Desilu archives to bring out more treasures for the fans. Highlights include an episode from Danny Thomas' one-season wonder "Make Room for Granddaddy", which has a crossover appearance from Ball playing Lucy Carter. Hopefully MPI might consider releasing the whole series one day. There's also a vintage HERE'S LUCY commercial bump for Pepsodent with Lucie Arnaz, a rare audio excerpt of Ball interviewing Doris Day on the set of "Do Not Disturb" (don't forget that MPI has also released all five seasons of "The Doris Day Show"--well worth owning!), home movies from one of Lucy's real family trips to Hawaii, with Vivian Vance and Mary Wickes; and a new featurette focusing on the Taylor/Burton episode.

* Lucy Meets the Burtons
* Lucy the Skydiver
* Lucy and Sammy Davis Jr.
* Lucy and the Drum Contest (aka Lucy and Buddy Rich)
* Lucy the Crusader
* Lucy the Co-Ed
* Lucy the American Mother
* Lucy's Wedding Party
* Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price
* Lucy and the Diamond Cutter
* Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography
* Lucy and Rudy Vallee
* Loses Loses Her Cool
* Lucy, Part-Time Wife
* Lucy and Ma Parker
* Lucy Stops a Marriage
* Lucy's Vacation
* Lucy and the 20/20 Vision
* Lucy and the Raffle
* Lucy's Houseguest, Harry
* Lucy and Aladdin's Lamp
* Lucy and Carol Burnett
* Lucy Goes Hawaiian (Parts 1 & 2)
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on September 20, 2010
Man, MPI is keeping the good work up, I now have season 1-3, and they really outdid themselves with these releases, from the packaging, to the gorgeous remastering, you have to realize these shows are about 40 years old, and to look and sound as good as they do on here, is simply well done, I just started watching the second season last night, as I had just gotten done with season 1 (i know I'm late, but I didn't have the chance to get season 1 until recently) so of course I haven't watched this yet, but I've sampled it just to make sure that the episodes look as good as they do on seasons 1 and 2, and they do.

Another nice thing about this is the extras, you get the original syndication promos, original commercials, and theres a featurette on here about the episode 'Lucy Meets The Burtons' and is about a half hour long, THEN, you get the episode of 'Make Room For Granddaddy' with Danny Thomas, and special guest guessed it, Lucille Ball, and is the complete episode, very nice MPI!

TV just isn't like this anymore, that is why it's so great that companies like CBS/Paramount and MPI and so on are releasing these season sets of our old favorite shows to watch again and relive the best years on television.

Now I hear that season 4 will be released in early 2011, I hope so!, now that I'm all caught up and have the first 3 seasons finally, I will be waiting for subsequent seasons, same with 'The Lucy Show'.

Thanks again MPI, for releasing this wonderful series for us all to relive again and again!
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on June 21, 2010
What a great release Season 3 of Here's Lucy is!! Got mine last week from Amazon and have watched over half of the episodes. Trying to spread it out .... Lucille Ball was the best comedienne of all time, and knew what worked on her show. Love Gale Gordon, Vivian Vance when she guested, and of course Lucie and Desi, Jr. They are the best, too -- and thank them very much for gathering those important people to give us more insight on the episode introductions. It adds so much to the overall quality of the DVD. Loved seeing the "extra" on the making of the Burtons episode, a true Lucy classic!! and, I cannot forget Carole Cook, Lucy's long time friend and frequent guest star. Fantastic job!! Thank you all!!Here's Lucy: Season Three (4pc)
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on June 22, 2010
While Here`s Lucy is not as good as her earlier shows like The Lucy Show, it is still very good. Much better than any of the gunk that
infests tv today. Lucy is still paired with Gale Gordon. And those two had such a wonderful comedic chemistery together that they just
couldn`t help but be funny.
And this season has guest appearances by some of the truely outstanding comedians of the time like Jack Benny, Carol Burnett, and
Sammy Davis Jr.
It`s not one the outstanding comedies of all time, but it is very, very good. Watch it and remember the good old days when tv comedies
were actually funny.
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on August 4, 2010
I received my DVD collection of "HERE'S LUCY: Season Three" last week and I just finished the last episode and I am now watching the extras. This is a terrific collection. The episodes are beautifully remastered and are perfectly presented. There are great extras with Jack Benny and other stars, as well as wonderful episode introductions by Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Carole Cook, and many others. You will not be disappointed in the collection if you love Lucy. For more great laughter, be sure to buy "THE MOTHERS-IN-LAW: The Complete Series," now out by MPI Home Video as well. I hope the release of season four of HERE'S LUCY will be right around the corner.
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